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  1. So with my latest project, I've decided to redesign the MJHL (Manitoba Junior Hockey League) For those who don't know, which will be most, the MJHL is a Junior A league in Canada apart of the CJHL for 16-20 year olds. My hometown team, the Steinbach Pistons, are apart of the league. I've been to many games, and have gotten to watch and see what kind of logos and uniforms these teams put on the ice. Some are great, classic and classy, and some are just plain ugly. This is why I've decided to redesign this league. I will post the complete redesign of each team, as well as the current logo, just to provide some background information, for the 95% of people who haven't heard of this league. I've seen a couple redesign on here, but not many. I have finished all the logos, but not the uniform set. So I will be releasing them one by one. This is probably the best option especially since there's only 11 teams in the league. I hope you enjoy this short series! On to the first team, my hometown team, the Steinbach Pistons. In my opinion, they already had one of the best logos in the league, but it was too realistic. Their current logo makes it hard to put on any merchandise like shirts and hats, because of the level of detail on the pistons. So my goal was to simplify the logo. Current logo: Redesign
  2. I know everyone on here usually only posts jerseys and logos (Me included) but I realized that the town has an absolutely awful flag, and I felt the need to redesign it. If there's any terminology or references to the city that you don't understand, feel free to Google it. The flag is for the city of Longmont, Colorado, which is located on the Front Range, roughly halfway between Fort Collins and Denver. Below is a bunch of slides from a Powerpoint I'm making. Below the pictures of the slides will be a bit of commentary based on what's on the slide, and the inspiration/thoughts behind what's on the slide. TITLE SLIDE This is the title slide. Nothing really too special here. The flag flying on the front is the current flag of Longmont, whcih I'll get to later. CURRENT FLAG I'm gonna be brutally honest with this flag. It's an abstract mess from the 80's, with two 'L's, and negative space that resembles a crack pipe. In an unscientific survey I did of 25 people around Longmont, only 1 of them knew this was the city flag, and 0 of them had any idea what it represented. I don't understand why there's two 'L's when "Longmont" only has one. I don't know what the negative space is for, and I don't know why the 'L's are so oddly placed. I've only seen this flying in front of one civic building, one business complex, and in one workplace. NEW FLAG BRANDING INSPIRATIONS Not too long ago, the State of Colorado introduced new branding, located on the left, that more citizens find welcoming than the previous Colorado 'C' from the state flag. I agree that this is a lot cleaner, more modern, and more welcoming. I used that shade of green in my flags, and tried to hint at it in each one. My second inspiration was one of Longmont's most famous attractions, Twin Peaks. That's located on the right, and is formed between the two 13,000-14,000 foot mountains, Mt. Meeker and Long's Peak. I was also inspired by the foothills, (Pictured in front of Twin Peaks) the Longmont waterways, such as MacIntosh Lake, (Pictured at right) and the city's two rivers; the St. Vrain River, and Left Hand Creek. Lastly, I tried to represent the Great Plains that seem to begin right as Longmont does. FLAG DESIGN 1 Flags should be simplistic, look good, and have meaning, which this one does. The white mountains in the middle represent Twin Peaks, the blue on the left represents Left Hand Creek, the blue on the right represents the St. Vrain River, the green on the top represents the Rocky Mountains' green trees, and the green on the bottom represents the green of the Great Plains' grasses and grains. FLAG DESIGN 2 This is essentially the simplified version of Flag Design 1. The meaning is still there, minus the blue and the rivers. The white, this time, represents the white that sprinkles over the town and the mountains every winter. FLAG DESIGN 3 This is also a simplified version of flag design 1, just without the blue and the bottom green. The Twin Peaks extend all the way to the bottom of the flag this time, giving them a new feeling of height and power. FLAG DESIGN 4 I bet you're starting to see a pattern with these flags? They're all similar, and they all represent the same things. That's mostly true, except that the final one represents MacIntosh Lake rather than the two rivers of Longmont, because MacIntosh Lake provides the local farmers with water year-round, and also provides a beautiful place to hike, and to play, and just to view the mountains from. FINAL SLIDE This is the final slide, and provides rough mockups of all the flags flying. The top flag is the current flag, and all my designs are located below it. - Well, there it is! I know they're not the best flags, but leave me your thoughts, praise, and criticism below!
  3. Hello, my name is Ignacio and about 6 months ago i've really started getting into PhotoShop. I am 15 years old and like most teens I play video games, especially NBA2K16. NBA2k16 was the first game in the NBA2k series to allow you to upload your logos and make franchises or rebrands in the game. So I have created many rebrands but this is my first serious project. I chose the Portland Trail Blazers, tell me your thoughts, and feel free to take the logos, courts, or jerseys to make tweaks. (all the logos are 100% mine and none are taken from any designer, I promise). Put down designs you would like to share. If you want any more details feel free to ask in a specific question.
  4. Alright so I'm going to start my second active topic on the boards, the other one being "NHL by Adidas 2.0" Inspired by an Atlanta Thrashers redesign on HJC, I've decided to start a series where I take any defunct NHL team, like the Nords, Whalers, or Thrashers and rebrand them. I'll have one home and one road. Here are my rules. • I must use at least one logo from their past (or update an old one) • I must keep the name of the team • I must keep one colour from their past (or slightly edit an old one) • one dark, one light, within NHL guidelines So with this being said, here's the Atlanta Thrashers. Things I kept; - alternate logo (fit identity better) - general colour scheme (without gold) - alternate inspired striping pattern Things I changed; - eliminated gold - Georgia Peach replaces white, becoming the first NHL team to have a current road uniform that isn't white - edited the striping pattern from red alternate uniform to make it more modern and consistent Might do the Whalers or Nordiques next, leave comments.
  5. With all the talk of highschools and their lack of logo originality (often ending up with some crappy drawing or logo ripoff.), I've decided to make a series where I will try to give highschool logos a fresh look. I know this kind of topic had been done before, but I wanted to take my own spin on it. I figure I will take ideas for highschools that need help, because I don't really know which ones need to be redone. (Technically, I could google highschools, but I'm to lazy for that ). Also, if you request a school, I can't guarantee how long it will take to make a logo, so hopefully you will be able to be patient. Let's start off the first two highschools with their old logos. I know some of you have already seen the tiger, so I'll be rehashing a bit. I figured it fit in this topic though (I won't talk about it much.) The Tioga Tiger's logo isn't the worst I've seen (And as far as I know they aren't ripping off someone), but is really just not a logo. Now the Horseheads Blue Raiders are obviously ripping off the Broncos. It's pretty blatant and they really need something new. I'll start with Tioga. Pretty self explanatory but if you want to hear my ideas behind the logo you can look here: Next is the Blue Raiders logo. I decided to add a few more colors than the original, although I have just a white and blue version (Not a huge fan of it.) Again, I think the logo speaks for itself. Requests and comments are welcome. Show me your ideas.
  6. Hello everybody. I am about to post my first jersey concept and logo concept on this site! The good gentlemen over at are having a contest going on right now. This contest entails redesigning the Springfield Falcons. The Falcons were recently purchased by the Arizona Coyotes and will be moving to Tucson for the 2016-17 season. So first I decided to change the name to the Mustangs to keep that desert theme and I also redesigned the logo. For the Jerseys I kept the same colour as the Coyotes. I like when the AHL teams have the same colour schemes but change the design. I added a lot of striping which I am personally a fan of! Also I added as the jersey sponsor. It is one of the biggest companies based in Arizona so i figured it fit. Please give me C+C! Im very very new to Illustrator so I would love tips to improve this logo and help me get a general knowledge of the software! Thank you.
  7. The Philadelphia Eagles have been in "talks" about Kelly green becoming their primary color and a getting a Kelly Green colored uniform but Jeffrie Lurie (eagles owner) ex-wife Cristina Lurie apparently hates the Kelly green look and thinks it should stay in the past. With the Eagles kinda needing a redesign I made a concept on what I think Nike will do based of the other nfl teams that have redesigned under Nike. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES Helmet: I changed the wing on the helmet to the back of the bird I have always wanted to see what it would look like and I think it fits with what nike has done before. The helmet has a diagonal wide stripe pattern(?) which kinda serves as the feather pattern that the Seahawks have on their jerseys and helmet. Jersey: The wings are on the shoulders of the jerseys and give the jersey very little empty space on the shoulders which is something nike has had on some of their uniforms (I.E Seahawks to an extent and the Jags) the Stripe pattern is on the sleeves of the jerseys just give it a simple but clean aesthetic. Numbers also have the striping pattern. Pants: I was debating to put the wing on the thighs because I though it would look like too much but decided to go with it anyway. The Stripes go around the back of the pants (which I debated also) and only go up 3/4 way up the pants. This is my first Computer-done concept ever so I hope you enjoy!
  8. Sorry for flooding the boards with concepts recently, but I've just been on a roll. Here's a redesign for the St. Louis Blues, which utilizes their 90's wordmark in a unique and semi-modern fashion. The 5 stripes create 6 spaces, which is for the staff used in every musical piece ever. Rip it apart!
  9. Hey Everybody i was watching a Texas a&m baseball game and we where wearing these jerseys Well it reminded me of the Aggie's Uniforms in the 1980's for football and thought wouldn't it look good if they went back to that. Then i realized that Adidas would likely f that up so i thought maybe A&M should just switch so here is my final product
  10. Everyone complains that the Senators primary logo, home and away jerseys, and essentially their entire identity is bland and Reebok cookie-cutter. I completely agree. Also, many people say that the team should go to their 'Throwback Thursday' uniforms full time, and I disagree with that. It wouldn't be bad, but I feel like using the olive branch pattern is more unique and versatile than chest stripes. For these designs, I went to their secondary logo, as it's modern, classic, and good looking all at the same time, and made more traditional jerseys with the olive branch pattern. C+C is appreciated! I also was in the midst of designing full on uniforms, and I couldn't decide on red or black pants. The two possibilities are below. RED PANTS: BLACK PANTS:
  11. With the Panthers' logo leak today, I made a mockup for it and what I expect the jerseys to look like. I think this redesign can and will go really well, but there's always that chance that Reebok screws everything up. The logo is good, but the jerseys are yet to come. Here are my concepts!
  12. Fearless86

    KHL redesign

    Здравствуйте, друзья! Пришло время пофантазировать над формой команды моей "родной" хоккейной лиги. Много примеров форма-это скучно и невкусно. Даже более раздражающей формой рекламы. Так я пытался возродить имидж команды, по эскизам НХЛ и командах АХЛ. В то же время я позволил себе мечтать о возможном расширении Лиги Владивосток Адмирал вариант 1 продолжение следует....))
  13. The new primary logo is a cleaned up and sleeker version of the Titans current (?) alt logo. The flaming thumbtack is gone and the shield is completely inspired by the Tennessee State Flag. You'll hear that again shortly. The Script logo repeats the three stars from the State Flag. Navy blue is the dominate color with Titans Blue fulfilling a secondary mark. The Secondary logo is the Shield from the State Flag and would likely go at midfield rather than the primary. I was tempted to put this on the helmet. The Tetriary mark is more of the Social Media mark as the Primary logo is more long than it is wide so a more square image would have a better presence. The social media logo originally had slightly different coloration from the primary (solid Titan Blue hilt) The helmet changes from White to Silver for a more gladiator look while the Primary Logo features on the side. The helmet striping is Navy-White-Navy Continuing the theme of referencing the State Flag, in addition to cleaning up the uniform tops, the unbalanced striping of the State Flag is reflected on the pant striping. As is standard for the NFL these days mix matching Jerseys/Pants is of course an option. But the flag references don't stop as I turn the entire tops into the flag pattern. Originally the pants were red too but I thought that was entirely too much and navy pants reminded me too much of the Texans. Here's my concept so C+C away!
  14. Hey all. I was messing around and made a Colorado Avalanche concept. I'm not sure if this would be an alt or a home jersey but I like it. I welcome all feedback and cc. Thanks guys!
  15. I decided I would redesign the entire NHL, using new or modified logos with new or the same uniforms. With many teams, I'm using old logos with new colours, or a partial logo. Some people are going to be angry because I'm touching the "untouchable" teams. But if the Maple Leafs can change their look, I can make my own little changes. There may be some teams I don't change the logos, but I'm hoping to change everything up. I will probably post them in groups of 3. Any C&C is appreciated. First up: Anaheim Ducks Arizona Coyotes: Boston Bruins:
  16. I'm not a fan of my old high school using what is essentially the University of Virginia logo. I decided to try a new look for the athletics department. Let me know what you think.
  17. With the recent news that the Pistons may be creating a new logo for the 2016-17 season, I decided to form a new logo from a concept I found. All credit goes to Michael Weinstein's original design and concept @ Terrance Kelly
  18. Hello, It is time for my 2nd Annual Concept series. My first attempt, doing each CFL team as hockey jerseys, went quite well, so I am back. This time I am the Commissioner of the NHL (move over, Buttman) and in an attempt to boost excitement around the league, I have banned white away jerseys. All 30 NHL teams will be forced to redesign their jersey sets in order to comply, and have 2 different coloured jersey as their home and away. Alternates may be the same colour as the regular home or away, or a completely different colour all together. Several teams have taken this opportunity to improve on their current designs. This is not an "NHL Color Rush" Concept. This is an idea I've had for many years, and in fact was my inspiration to finally learn how to do these jersey concepts for myself. The first concept will be posted shortly.
  19. What you see from the title is what you expect from me. The home and away are a tribute to the 1970-71 season (the Canucks' first in the NHL).
  20. Hello! Recently, I had the idea to redesign the idea to redesign every team in the FCS division of NCAA football. This division consists of 125 teams, and I plan on completing and posting all 125. Also, I will be doing all the designs on the Nike Mach Speed template, even though many of these schools are not actually Nike schools. I will be posting the concepts in alphabetical order, starting with Abilene Christian. Abilene Christian Alabama A&M Alabama State Albany Alcorn State Arkansas Pine Bluff Austin Peay Bethune-Cookman Brown Bryant Bucknell White Numbers Butler Cal Poly Campbell Without further ado, the Abilene Christian Wildcats Home & Away Alternate C&C Appreciated
  21. Hey guys. So I've had a few topics on here, but those have gone down the drain already, so I've decided to try my luck at an NHL Redesign. As I usually do, I'll start in alphapetical order with Anaheim and Arizona! The first set is the home and away and the second set is the alternate then the throwback. Anaheim Primary Alt/Throwback Arizona Primary Alt/Throwback Anaheim: Used the same sleeve stripe for sleves and added it to torso Used old Mighty Ducks logo but recolored it Throwback is the old Mighty Ducks one Arizona: Used entire coyote as logo Had triangular pattern for stripe, thanks to TrueNorth for the inspiration Alternate logo was a misc. logo that I recolored to their current color scheme Throwback uses old logo and same pattern as home and away
  22. As a fan and a designer, I like the current Home and Away uniforms the Blue Jackets wear. I decided to redesign their current set just for fun. I'd love to hear everybody's opinion on the set. Thanks for taking a look!
  23. So for a long time now, I have looked through the great ideas a lot of artists have on this forum and I figured it was about time I made something on my own. So here you have it, my attempt at a redesigned logo for the New England Revolution, who are very much overdue for a makeover. And I made some kits as a bonus. A few points about the new logo: The top of the crest is supposed to resemble the hats worn during the American revolutionFive red stripes to honour the original logoA white circle (a representation of a soccer ball) containing six stars to represent all six states that form New EnglandIn the middle is a pine tree, taken from the flag of New England that many fans wave during home gamesHope you like it! Comments & critique appreciated.
  24. It's been a long long time since I've done this, but I've really been itching to get back at this stuff! I'll just get right into it with the rules: Rules: In my series, I'll be tweaking every MLB team, going alphabetically in the AL first, then the NL. The rules for each MLB team consist of the following: 1) 3 Caps 2) 1 pair of socks 3) 3 Pants 4) 1 Belt 5) 1 Long-sleeved undershirt 6) 3 Short-sleeved undershirts 7) 6 Non-buttoned "game vests" (3 for home, 3 for road) 8) 3 Logos Home uniforms feature white, off-white, or gray game vests. Road uniforms have colored game vests. Pants can be also be colored. Teams: 1) Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Orioles Background Image Credit: / ("") For the Orioles, I kept everything a hopefully balanced mix of modern and retro. I also wanted the two main colors to have about a 55% orange and 45% black color balance. The primary logo features the current bird perched upon the "Orioles" script. The secondary logo has the "O's" logo inside the classic roundel. The tertiary logo is a slightly tweaked version of the retro oriole head logo. Too lazy to describe the 6 uniforms. Just check em out and provide C&C if you want