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  1. My goal for 2016 is to do a total of 12 logo sets. I started sketching around a Quebec Nordiques concept to finish for January's design but then I couldn't stop and now here we are. Logos and wordmarks first. Uniforms next. When the unused concepts make their way on to this post it'll be easier to see the evolution of this logo. My original idea was to have a Fleur-De-Lis point to a lower case n with a river running in the roundel to create a letter Q and compass (since Nordiques just means Northners) however the river made the Q look too much like a fancy O and I didn't want to do a compass point north because I felt it cribbed from Winnipeg too much. The river was shortened to better imply a Q and the fleur was moved to the top of the lower case n. The n was kept lowercase to refer to the original Quebec logo without outright copying it. Red was dropped as a color (it just didn't look good anywhere on the logo or uniforms) and the Blues are both slight modifications from the blue Quebec used to use. As with the old Nordiques, the alt logo is Quebec's styled Fleur-de-lis. On all three uniforms the fluer is white with blue outlines so no other color versions of this exist. Ironically the font I used for this is called "American Captain". The same fonts are used on the uniforms. Uniforms will be up later today/early tomorrow but how do you like the new look Quebec Nordiques?
  2. I was watching the NCAA volleyball semifinals last night, and noticed how dated and hard to read the score bug was. I tried my hand at redesigning it. I didn't change too much as far as the concept goes, just tried to clean it up and make it look nicer. Before: After:
  3. As I am sure many people have since the Chris Creamer broke the news of the Maple Leafs redesign, I took a stab at a new look for the Leafs. The design which I made is completely different than anything the Leafs have ever worn before, but still looks classic, although not in the traditional sense. I also threw together a basic centennial patch to go along with the jerseys. As always, comments and criticisms are always welcome!
  4. Hi guys, It's been a while since I've posted concepts here! The biggest issue I'd had in the past with posting here was not finishing the project I was working on. To fix this, I have already finished my designs for all 32 teams, and I'll be posting them here every couple days during the summer. Once all of the teams are posted, I'll go back and fix the designs according to your comments. I'd also like to keep this thread updated during the fall and winter by posting the uniform match ups for that week if my designs were actually in use. Also, keep in mind that I made changes to every team regardless of how I feel about their current uniform. A re-design is no fun if every team stays the same! Here's the template I'm using. It wasn't mine originally, but I made some changes to make it my own. Arizona Cardinals Atlanta Falcons New England Patriots Carolina Panthers Denver Broncos Green Bay Packers Indianapolis Colts Washington Redskins New Orleans Saints Jacksonville Jaguars Baltimore Ravens Buffalo Bills Houston Texans Philadelphia Eagles Cincinnati Bengals St. Louis Rams San Diego Chargers Detroit Lions Pittsburgh Steelers Tampa Bay Buccaneers Miami Dolphins Chicago Bears Dallas Cowboys Kansas City Chiefs Oakland Raiders Seattle Seahawks New York Giants Cleveland Browns Minnesota Vikings New York Jets San Francisco 49ers Tennessee Titans Now, let's get to the good part! Up first, the Arizona Cardinals! I took inspiration from both the Northwestern stripes on the old road uniforms and the Arizona flag to create a relatively simple uniform that fits the Cardinals.
  5. Fearless86

    NHL redesign

    Здравствуйте, друзья! Это моя первая работа, прошу строго не судить. Вот как я бы хотел, чтобы НХЛ сегодня: Дакс Анахайм вариант 1 вариант 2 .....и бонус продолжение следует....))
  6. Hello! First time poster here. Recently, I went to the Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt football game, and figured that Kentucky deserved new uniforms, on the Mach Speed template, despite their current ones being just fine. Here is my take on the Wildcats' uniforms: Home Away Alternate 1 Alternate 2 And lastly, a 3rd Alternate
  7. Hey all! I got really inspired by Connor Brandt's project over on Dribbble of redoing local high school logos. Coincidentally, he's doing a district where I grew up: Omaha, Nebraska. I thought I'd take a crack at redoing my high school alma-mater - Millard South. I'll be designing football, basketball and baseball looks with this mark, as well as merch. But for this first post, here's my redesigned mark. As always, C&C is encouraged and appreciated. Cheers!
  8. I was very inspired about derschwigg's Millard South High School rebrand, since my old high school's logo is kind of bad, I decided to try and redesign it. This is the current logo: And here is my attempt: And this is my attempt at their football uniforms Home Road C&C appreciated! Thanks for viewing!
  9. Hi guys! I've been working on this redesign for a while now and I'm just a little more than halfway done. I will be posting my uniforms 3 at a time in alphabetical order (by team name not city) so we'll start off withe the Bears, Bengals, and Bills. I decided to put all the uniforms on the new Nike Mach Speed template for something a little different. Thanks for looking and I'd love some feedback! Bears: First off, Da Bears! No bi changes here just changed the numbers to a block font and made the face mask orange. Bengals: The next team up is the Bengals. The current Bengals are a little outdated and look very early-2000's so i decided to give them a new modern twist. The current helmet is perfect IMO so I left that alone. I moved the tiger striping from the sleeve caps to the shoulders and made them a little more modern and abstract rather than as realistic as they are now. I also changed the pants striping to match the striping on the jersey and to take away the cartoonish tiger tail look they have now. Another change is the switch to a block number font. Bills: The third team is the Bills. The Bills have a great look right now so I only made a few changes. One of those changes being the switch to a white face mask and changing the pants striping to reflect the red streak(?) on their logo.
  10. I don't know how many of you here use the Opera web browser, but a new branding identity is being gradually rolled out... I think it looks pretty good, actually.
  11. UPDATED THE IMAGE URLS, I HOPE EVERYONE CAN SEE MY WORK! Hello there, don't really post much at all on this forum, however this side project seems worthy of a post. Nike-esque, Bright vibrant NFL. To me this is what the perfect modern NFL would look like. Credit to Conrad for some of the fonts, as well as SportsLogosNet for some base logos. Template was my own.
  12. Man, 200 posts. Where has time gone. I've been through 5 months on these boards and averaged 40 posts a month, and that's 1 1/3 posts per day (wait a minute, why am I doing math over summer break?), and i've learned one thing. Nobody makes solid work every time. Even me, though I do like to think so . Anyway, back to the concept. I've seen many people comment on here that my team, the Rays should relocate and they suck and it kills me seeing it every time. But, i've learned to accept the fact that it's true and they will eventually either have to get a new stadium or relocate. So as a little tribute to the Rays, here is my 200th post. I might turn this into an MLB series if it is well received. But in the meantime, let's talk about the series. 1. Each team will be getting a complete rebrand, no matter what (yes, you too, Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox and Cubs) 2. Each team will have a Home, Road and Alternate (sorry, Marlins) 3. Each team is limited to at most 2 caps (once again, sorry, Marlins) 4. And last, but not least, each team MUST have at least one promotional jersey, they will come when the full series is over. So here are the Rays, CHANGES: -Adopted a mix of past and present colors -Shortened name to Tampa Rays -Took on a whole new font, UA University -Home and Road are NOT vests, they just have colored sleeves Thanks for reading!, ECUFan25
  13. MLS REDO BY NIKE Summary of Myself Hey ladies and gentlemen, you might know me in the boards as a soccer (football) enthusiasts. Before I joined I use to watch the boards for over a year, to sum it all up I’ve been designing since I was six, but all was on paper. And when I decided to learn programs like GIMP I got more and more into these programs leading me to start a post were I would take soccer teams and imagine their jerseys as basketball ones. It got a good amount of publicity which I want to thank all who gave feedback. (Please Read This Section) I’m a very big amateur compared to others on these boards when it comes to such programs and even design as a whole, so I get limited fairly easily when it comes to my thoughts, unfortunately. I’ve been off and on the forums for a while now, because of the loads of school work and some problems with wifi. Currently I have many ideas in my head of some topics, such as redoing my whole high school’s sports teams and logos. Also as a kid I had this fictional sport in between futsal and soccer (football) with fictional teams and players and jerseys etc. which I kept going for about three years, which I want to now revive, but with a lot of things on my hands I decided to do something more simple…redoing the MLS. What this is about I don’t want to waste any more of your time, so to put simply, this is a redesign of the current MLS teams. I wanted to do other leagues but I know MLS is a bigger fuss on these boards since most of you are from North America. All I am doing is redoing the MLS jerseys and that’s all. The only twist is Nike is taking over. Adidas has been holding the MLS for quite a while now, and so what if Nike takes over. With this I will also release third/alternate kits because the league is expanding rapidly. These will still be designs from my own head, and also templates from my own head. I’m not trying to recreate how Nike would design MLS’ jerseys, since I find their jobs boring most times. All I’m doing here is replacing Adidas with Nike for some freedom through my work. Thanks and as always I appreciate a lot of feedback and reception, besides it is what drives me to keep doing these. Scheduling Some of you might know from my last topic I'm slower than usual, since I like to take my time and not pressure myself to a point where I will get bored of what I'm doing. Unlike other topics I don't finish the whole series before I post it because that would literally take me over three months to make. Instead I like to do it while I get feedback, this is because my ideas and designs don't come quickly, and because I'm using computer programs rather than sketching. Teams (In Order): Eastern Conference Chicago Fire (Home, Away, Third) Columbus Crew SC D.C. United Montreal Impact New England Revolution New York City FC Orlando City SC Philadelphia Union Toronto FC Western Conference Colorado Rapids FC Dallas Houston Dynamo LA Galaxy Portland Timbers Real Salt Lake San Jose Earthquakes Seattle Sounders FC Sporting Kansas City Vancouver Whitecaps FC So instead of leaving you hanging, which is always a bad thing to do, I’ll present to you the banners that “supposedly” got released to announce Nike is taking over MLS kits and gear. Sorry for the choppiness I would love some feedback on it tell me which you think is better… oh and I will try to release Fire’s home in a few days. Thank you for your time!
  14. Okay Guys I've Decided to a College football redesign I am going to do every FBS program oh boy so hold on. I am going in this order SEC B10 Pac12 Big 12 ACC C-USA MAC MWC SUNBELT INDP
  15. So, I basically decided to redesign the two fierce rivals Steaua and Dinamo Bucharest. After the redesign debacle of Steaua last year (their new logo is below Clippers-level, seriously), I wanted to do them something better. After a little bit of research I also found that the other big club from the City, Dinamo, could also use some refreshing. The first step was to create some new logos for them. Take a look at all the old logos of the clubs (the new, current logo of Steaua is actually missing here, but you don't want to see this anyway): Here's what I came up with. Especially Steaua has a lot of progress in it. I really wanted to eliminate the gold from the beginning. I decided to put it back just before I finished it. It just looks more like Steaua and represents the Romanian flag. I also think the fans would be happier with it. Overall the Steaua logo is influenced by their super succesfull times during the 80s (when they won the Champions League '86 and also went to the final in '89). That's why I made the royal blue navy. In these times in the 80s they basically wore either red and navy, or red and sky blue kits. They actually had a lot of sky blue in their kits, that's why I even thought about putting sky blue into the logo. Well, I decided against it and to just focus on red and navy. The shape of the logo is loosely based on the logo they had between '61 and '74. For Dinamo I really wanted to focus on the typical eastern european 'Dynamo D'. I just put it in a simple roundel and kinda integrated the star for their won championships into it. I wanted to stay simple here and I think I'll only put the D and the star on the kits without the roundel. So, up next I will create uniforms for the teams. I'm also thinking about redesigning the other club from Bucharest Rapid (they would also need it!) or even do a rebrand on Progres Bucharest (former succesfull club, but now they just play in the third or fourth tier league). Let's see.
  16. Hello all, this is my first post on and I am very excited to finally be able to share my concepts with the people on this site. I look forward to any comments and constructive criticism. The following concept is one that I came up with for the Los Angeles Clippers who as we all know received a downright awful rebrand a few weeks ago. I feel that my design better represents the Clippers motif than the design that was actually chosen. My concept includes a primary logo and a secondary logo... As well as a set of uniforms including a home jersey... A pair of road jerseys... A Back in Blue Alternate... And Finally a newly designed Court. Thank you for viewing my work and I look forward to your thoughts.
  17. Happy Memorial Day everyone! Ok, so a little background on this. I've done many NFL Redesigns in the past, I believe this is my 4th attempt. I had one going pretty strong in the late summer of last year, but the start of school interfered and I never got back to it. This year, I have many already pre-done to prevent me falling behind and now that summer is just beginning, I will have much more free time on my hands. I believe my series will be the best I've had yet and hope everyone enjoys this. I will be doing logo sets first and probably going back to uniforms after that. So for now, just be ready for logos. First up, The Arizona Cardinals. ARIZONA CARDINALS I've seen many different approaches done with the Cardinals uniform-wise, but logo-wise, not so much. This was the first one I did in this series, and did so many months ago, so it might need improvement. There's some stuff I need to fix, but I can't quite figure out what. I haven't added a wordmark, but I might soon. Suggestions Appreciated, Hope you enjoy this series that I hope and plan to finally complete. There's been a lot of NFL Redesigns on the board lately so I hope this starting with logos makes it stand out.
  18. Hey everybody, just got to making a baseball on Illustrator today. It turned out pretty well, so I decided to make a concept out of it. It looked like it would be best with the Reds, but this could go with many teams. Just did a quick logo set redesign for the Cincinnati Reds. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I'm not sure I like the font i'm using right now for the "open" roundel-style logos. Let me know as well if you have any font suggestions. This was just a spur-of-the-moment redesign, so I don't plan on making any uniforms (Plus, I know little about baseball.) Suggestions for improvement appreciated.
  19. Lately I've been working on some NHL redesigns. Like another very talented designer, Vitorio Arts (check out his work by the way), I prefer simple, yet classic and elegant uniform designs. All logos are from this site and I have Calgary in this post and should have Minnesota and possibly Colorado up tonight or tomorrow! C and C is much appreciated! Calgary Flames -removed black -simplified the striping -used 80s colours
  20. Hi guys. I have been a longtime lurker, and have finally created a concept. Like most people, I did not like where the MLS Rebrand went last year, and have created something that is hopefully better. I haven't made the MLS logo yet, but also had the idea for a word mark logo that could be applied for each team. I have made concepts for some of the teams so far, and I will continue to post the MLS logo. I modeled it after a scarf, since they are so prominent in soccer. This is my first concept, so please bare with me. C&C is greatly appreciated!
  21. This will be a series though it might take me a while to complete it. First up: my Chiefs. For KC I wanted to stay with tradition, but fix a few things that bug me as a fan. First I made all the striping consistent throughout. I also enlarged the Lamar Hunt memorial logo and added an arrowhead to the left hip of the pants. As you can see there are no tv numbers. I feel that these are unnecessary and won't use them at all in this series. The wordmark on the back is just the font that is used for the NOB. The red and white pants are exchangeable on the road uniform. Click on the image to view it larger. C&C is welcomed! Thanks for looking!
  22. Hi! I'm new to this forum, I've posted some stuff in other places and I want to start something here. I realised here that series is something done very often and since I'm from Mexico I thought the local league would be a good idea. I will be posting kits, new concepts of team's crests and a new idea for the Liga Bancomer MX logo. Sorry for my english, indeed. I will start with the new concept of the Liga Bancomer MX logo. Feedback would be amazing;)
  23. I was planning to do an all roundel NBA concept thread since that's where we're headed anyways. With that in mind I lead trying to roundel the Phoenix Suns. I quickly ran into issues trying to keep the sunburst and roundel without making it look spiky and silly. So I abandoned the full roundel and went with an implied one and from there we have: The sunburst extending longer on the P X and Ss is a carry from when this whole thing fit inside a purple circle but I didn't like any of the contrasts I was getting. Above is a full logosheet that 100% stole from the Clippers leaks. As you can see Purple hasn't been eliminated, it's just not not featured in the Primary logos. Thoughts? Comments? Need higher resolution images?
  24. Well, I think it's finally time to unveil my first ever concept, a full redesign of the NBA (with a few surprises thrown in). I have been planning on doing this series for the better part of a year, but lags with school, designer's block, occasional laziness, and learning a new program has hampered my progress on it to date. But here I am, ready to begin. Some notes on what I am trying to do with this series: -I wanted to give each team in the Association a distinctive look that would distinguish them from the other teams. As it stands now, a plethora of teams utilize similar color schemes and can be hard to tell apart. In my NBA, this would not be a problem, as each team would be unique. -I always found it odd that different teams used different jersey cuts, so here they will all use the same template: that of the v-neck. I think it is a good blend of modern yet classic and looks vastly superior to other collar designs. Before people come to bash my skull in with a tire iron because I have the beloved Bahston Celtics in v-necks, I just want to say that I think the current crew cut looks horribly dated. The move to this template league-wide would unify jersey design across the Association yet still allows for distinct collar types. Striping differences will still exist from team to team; it's not like I'm parading everyone out in single-colored collars. -I will provide each team with a home and road jersey as well as an alternate. Don't worry - no sleeves. I will not be making throwback uniforms in the truest sense, although throwbacks would still be worn from time to time and you can imagine those in your individual sinister minds. I will also not be creating courts because I don't find court designs particularly interesting. Like the throwbacks, you can use your imagination. -Also, I want to thank Conrad for his amazing sports font compendium he has posted onto this board. All fonts, unless indicated otherwise, come from this source. Okay? Okay. Let's get this underway. Thanks to the alphabet, we kick off this series with one of the most exciting teams in basketball right now, the Atlanta Hawks! ATLANTA HAWKS Of late, the Atlanta Hawks have been steamrolling their opponents and are exciting to watch. That is, until you see what they are wearing. They currently possess one of the blandest and most generic looks in the NBA. For a team that throughout its history has had fun, flashy, and unorthodox uniforms, I find their current uniforms status borderline inappropriate. The modern-day Hawks uniforms do have some redeemable characteristics, however; their font is a good thing going for them and their recent modernization of the classic "Pac-Man" logo is definitely a step in the right direction. Using these as a springboard, I began my concept. First, I altered the color scheme. Red/navy/silver does nothing to distinguish the Hawks from the bevy of other teams with similar color schemes and adds to the overall generic-ness of the uniform package. It doesn't scream "Atlanta" or "Hawks" to me. To remedy this, I selected colors harkening back to one of the more high-flying eras of their history. This would put them in the same color scheme as the plan I have for the Houston Rockets, so I changed it a bit to tie their identity into the city of Atlanta, where the Hawks have called home for over 45 years. I got the idea from pcgd's fabulous America League thread; it just seemed so perfect for this franchise (if you haven't looked at the America League yet, do it now. Right now. Drop what you are doing and look at it. I will wait). Okay, you're back? Great. Let's get to the concept. EDIT: I switched to a new presentation style for my redesign project. The home and away evoke the Wilkins era with the slanted wordmarks, but does so in a modern way. The alternate goes back to the Maravich era with the racing stripes. I'm concerned as to how the peach alternate would go over, and under the artificial lighting it may look yellow. But I think it'll be all right. So those are the Atlanta Hawks. Questions? Comments? Criticisms? Concerns? Problems? Existential Dilemmas? Any C&C would be greatly appreciated.
  25. I've always liked the space horse logo, no matter how crazy it is. However, the Idea of a classic/space-horse-ish logo has got me thinking. After multiple tries on paper and more than enough time spent on the computer in illustrator, I present to you v 1.0