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  1. Like the NFL? Like Marvel superheroes? Then this post is for you! haha I've been working on this project for a few months now, and I've finally finished all 32 teams. I'd love to know what you think! AFC NORTH AFC EAST AFC SOUTH AFC WEST NFC NORTH NFC EAST NFC SOUTH NFC WEST
  2. A couple weeks ago I started a redesign for my high school. It didn't go well. I started a new thread to show off my new progress (the old one is on page 5 or 6). I hope you all enjoy! I spent a lot of time doing this. Things to keep in mind; It's not done! I will be updating it based on what you guys think and say and choose as your favourites! I will be doing an alternate uniform for 4 sports (baseball is already up). The leaf logo symbolizes how multicultural my school is, and how different our country, Canada, is as well. The crown is our old logo and I happened to like it, so I included it! The 3 stripes is not Adidas, before you ask, it's a religious meaning referring to the Holy Trinity (God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit). Read Now in ISSUU! (This was the rough draft, the good one is below) Read the Good Copy Here
  3. Hey guys as you all know the clippers are going with a new logo and overall redesign of the team. i decided to take what they had and just add one thing to it, and that one thing was a tie in to the teams name of Clippers. i like roundel logos and i hope the entire NBA goes to or in some cases back to them that for all teams. the clippers new logo was missing the identity of the team so i i darkened the blue and lightened the red, removed the "LAC" and added an anchor to the center of the basketball logo and for a secondary logo i turned the ball on its and add a clipper and "LA" logo to the center and i really want to know what everyone thinks so without further ado... C&C always welcomed.
  4. Here's a redesign I made a while back for the Avs. I think it's better than their current set, and feedback is appreciated. Home: Away: Alternate 1 (Vote!): Alternate 2 (Vote!): Vote for which alternate looks better in the poll above!
  5. I'll be posting concepts I've been working on in this thread. I tried to make at least a few significant changes to each team's uniforms but there were some that I simply couldn't change outside of a few tweaks here and there. I know that the NFL has a "one helmet" rule, but I decided to ignore that for these designs. Teams will typically have two helmets (one that goes with their home and away uniform and one for their alternate set). Criticism and advice is always welcome. Thanks for reading and first up is the Titans. I've heard rumors that Tennessee plans on switching to dark blue as their primary home jersey, so I set their dark blue set as their home and their light blue one as their alternate. Home: Away: Alternate:
  6. DTConcepts

    Zeus' NHL

    This is a project I've been wanting to do for a while, so here are the teams and the jerseys I'd want to see in the NHL. Completed: Anaheim Ducks Arizona Coyotes Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres Calgary Flames Chicago Blackhawks Colorado Avalanche Columbus Blue Jackets Detroit Red Wings Dallas Stars Edmonton Oilers Hartford Whalers Los Angeles Kings Minnesota Wild Coming Soon: Montreal Canadiens Nashville Predators New Jersey Devils New York Islanders New York Rangers Ottawa Senators Philadelphia Flyers Pittsburgh Penguins Quebec Nordiques Seattle Totems St. Louis Blues San Jose Sharks Tampa Bay Lightning Toronto Maple Leafs Utah Rattlers Vancouver Canucks Washington Capitals Winnipeg Jets All-Star Team WESTERN CONFERENCE: Desert Division Anaheim Ducks: Main Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey Arizona Coyotes: Main Logo/Secondary Logo/Tertiary Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey Los Angeles Kings: Main Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey San Jose Sharks: Coming Soon Mountain Division Colorado Avalanche: Main Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey/Alternate Jersey Seattle Totems: Coming Soon Utah Rattlers: Coming Soon Vancouver Canucks: Coming Soon Northwest Division Calgary Flames: Main Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey Edmonton Oilers: Main Logo/Secondary Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey Minnesota Wild: Main Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey Winnipeg Jets: Coming Soon Central Division Chicago Blackhawks: Main Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey Dallas Stars: Main Logo/Secondary Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey Nashville Predators: Coming Soon St. Louis Blues: Coming Soon EASTERN CONFERENCE Metropolitan Division Boston Bruins: Main Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey New Jersey Devils: Coming Soon New York Islanders: Coming Soon New York Rangers: Coming Soon Great Lakes Division: Columbus Blue Jackets: Main Logo/Secondary Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey Detroit Red Wings: Main Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey Pittsburgh Penguins: Coming Soon Toronto Maple Leafs: Coming Soon Niagra Division: Buffalo Sabres: Main Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey Montreal Canadiens: Coming Soon Ottawa Senators: Coming Soon Quebec Nordiques: Coming Soon Atlantic Division: Hartford Whalers:Main Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey/Alternate Jersey Philadelphia Flyers: Coming Soon Tampa Bay Lightning: Coming Soon Washington Capitals: Coming Soon
  7. What's up guys? I started an NFL re-design last summer, and made it through about 3 divisions before I became sidetracked with work, and eventually lost interest. With the recent reveal of the Cleveland Browns 2015 uniforms, I was comparing what they released to my concept from nearly a year prior, and it got me thinking..."I kind of want to start fresh, and give the NFL a make over from my perspective," as many of you have done, or are planning to do. So that's exactly what this is. I will kind of be winging it as far as the order of teams goes, and taking requests along the way. Of course, any constructive criticism is fair game. Thanks for checking out this series, and I hope you enjoy it! Finished Teams: AFC North: Pittsburgh Steelers Baltimore Ravens Cleveland Browns Cincinnati Bengals AFC South: Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars Houston Texans Tennessee Titans AFC East: New England Patriots New York Jets Buffalo Bills Miami Dolphins AFC West: Oakland Raiders San Diego Chargers Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs NFC North: Green Bay Packers Chicago Bears Minnesota Vikings Detroit Lions NFC South: Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers New Orleans Saints Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFC East: Dallas Cowboys New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles Washington Redskins NFC West: Arizona Cardinals San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks St. Louis Rams
  8. first redesign of website since 2009; Info about it: Before: After:
  9. Hello everyone, I've taken a little break from the site because of school but now that its calmed down a little bit I've been able to make some more concepts. Over my little break I've changed a lot of my techniques and have gotten a lot better at creating good concepts, my biggest change have been my transition from Photoshop to Illustrator. Baseball ended a few weeks ago and I really miss it, I've been having a lot of baseball concepts in my head but I didn't want to create a MLB Concept, I wanted to create something that isn't usually seen on the Concept Thread.....College Baseball Redesigns! To show off Illustrators magic I created (not really just edited a template I found on the internet) baseball templates for Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas. I'm really excited for this thread as I can already tell its gonna be my favorite. Now unlike my NCAA Football Thread, I won't be promising that I'm gonna do X amount of teams it'll just be how I feel like making, but I will do them by Conference. So now enough talking and lets get to the concepts . My main goal is to modernize College Baseball uniforms and to stop them from looking like clones from the MLB (Like Colleges that use Old English when it doesn't match the schools wordmark), I'm also gonna use more current logos and wordmarks for teams that stick with older fonts on there uniforms for baseball only. AAC Cincinnati / Connecticut / East Carolina / Houston / Memphis / Tulane / UCF / USF ACC Atlantic Boston College / Clemson / Florida State / Louisville / NC State / Notre Dame / Wake Forest CoastalDuke / Georgia Tech / Miami / North Carolina / Schools without Teams SMU Please Give Feedback It's Greatly Appreciate!!
  10. All right, here we go. My second try at the NFL. For those who don't remember, my first one was largely a flop. I had a lot of trouble taking C&C and my concepts were too bland. That was about three months ago. Now I've got improved software, more creative ideas, and I'm willing to listen to any C&C thrown at me (unless it's like the suggestion for a black jersey for the Bills in my previous thread). I'll be going in order of division, starting with the AFC East, then the North, South, West, and then the NFC in the same order. Within the division I'll be going from the worst team to the best. The limits are: two helmets, four jerseys, four pants, and one throwback allowed for each team. Let's get started with the Jets NEW YORK JETS Combos: Green on white | Green on green | White on green | White on white | Obviously there aren't too many changes here, because the Jets already have a great look. There are only two changes here. First is the most obvious, the change from the hunter green color to the brighter green they used when they became the Jets. Second is replacing the outdated logo they currently use with a cleaner, more modern one. This is probably one of the ones I changed the least because, as I said before, the Jets have a great look. Enjoy!
  11. heres my dayton home unis
  12. I had promised an NFL series, but I got inspired for some MLB teams and decided to put that on hold and redesign the MLB. Before I show the first team, I have a few things I need to mention: Since I'm doing this in paint, I am depixelating every logo and I doubled the size of the template to make it as clean as possible.I am limiting every team to 5 jerseys and 3 capsI'm not going to create new logos, but I can use past logos and recolor any logo I see as needed.I'll be going division by divison, starting with the NL East through the AL West.Let's start this thing with the Atlanta Braves The Braves have very nice uniforms, so I didn't change much. The home and road are perfect, so I left them unchanged. The alternates, though, need some changes. The USA alternate feels very out of place. I replaced the USA script with a recolored version of the home script. The road alternate has the navy lettering replaced by red, and I removed throwback, though I am willing to bring them back if wanted. Overall they go mostly unchanged. The Marlins are next. NL East: Atlanta Braves | Miami Marlins
  13. Western Michigan Football has been dubbed the Oregon of the MAC because of their multiple uniform combinations they have pulled out this past season, I decided to create my own rendition of what I would love to see them wearing on the field. If you aren't aware, ever since PJ Fleck the youngest FBS football coach in the country arrived at WMU, things began to change. Fleck decided to creative a "new" logo for the broncos, that I think looks heck of a lot better! He also decided to utilize the colors schemes a lot better. The Broncos have had some hideous uniforms up until 2013. What do you guys think of these? Wasn't to sure what to do with the socks. What other Color Schemes would you add? Their main colors are Black, Gold, White, and Brown. I think a grayish uniform would look pretty sick too! Any ideas or critics? This is my first attempt at creating concept uniforms but I'm fairly familiar with photoshop. Ps. I don't want to go all crazy like Oregon with colors, Although I think they make some sweet uniforms, I also like tradition!
  14. This is the 2nd uniform design I put together as part of my Philadelphia Eagles rebrand. This one is more similar to the current uniforms with some slight changes aimed at making the whole uniform look more aggressive. Full Uniform Set: 3 Helmet View: Helmet Closeup:
  15. juicyj

    NBA Redesign

    Thought about doing a redesign of the NBA. Already did an Atlanta Hawks set. Although it still needs touched up a bit I figured I would get opinions before I continue the series. Also I need to find a better template. Let me know how they look!
  16. Some of you may have seen my first NFL thread, but that went bad because of lack of ideas and some trouble with taking C&C on my part - which I've gotten better on, so hopefully that won't be a problem - but before I kick it off in a couple weeks, I want to make sure I'm on the right track. So, without further ado, I give you the Washington Redskins. I don't feel the Redskins' logo is racist - I can explain that if anyone's interested. Anyways, it's obvious I'm using the Mach Speed template, which pretty much eliminates the use of sock stripes, but there wasn't an Elite 51 template, so this is my only choice. On the design itself, it's obvious I took a lot of inspiration from '79 to '99 era uniforms. Those were the best, most consistent sets they've ever used, and it used a unique striping pattern. I got rid of the gold pant too - those were a bad idea from the start. Oh, and here's feature I'll include in the series - showing which combos are available to the team. Burgundy/White White/Burgundy Okay, so that's not whole lot to explain. Please provide C&C and I'll really try to incorporate it this time.
  17. I've been designing logos and junk for a while now and I wanted to try my hand at something more design related. I chose to do something close to home and redesign the Philippine Basketball Association jerseys. I always found our league to be a bit lacking in this regard so I gave it a shot. I've also been looking for an audience to check this out for a while now 'cause I can't really gauge how decent it looks and what I could improve on. A FEW TWEAKS I barely changed anything on these jerseys. No major changes of note. Alaska Aces: Barangay Ginebra San Miguel: (I added a bit of a tribute/throwback jersey as the alternate) Kia Sorento: SAME CONCEPT REDESIGN These teams have decent concepts in my opinion so I tried not to stray too far from them. Meralco Bolts: Talk N' Text Tropang Texters: COMPLETE REDEISGN I decided that these teams needed a fresh new look complete with a logo wordmark change and color scheme. Barako Bull Energy: San Miguel Beermen: NLEX Road Warriors: Purefoods Star Hotshots: Global Port Batang Pier: Don't hold any punches. Comment away!
  18. Hey guys! I'm throwing a curveball. I'd talked about doing the NHL or the NBA next, but it turns out: I'm a big fat liar, and I've decided to take on the NFL. Just like my last league (The MLB, which you can find here), I'm more going for a refresh than a redesign. Some of the logos in the NFL are great as is, but could use a little bit of improvement. Some, on the other hand, are well overdue for an overhaul. So, without further ado, here's the New Orleans Saints (Also, I'm going in no particular order, and will try to get a logo done every 2 or 3 days, time permitting.)
  19. Completed Teams: Arizona Atlanta Baltimore Buffalo Carolina Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Dallas Denver Detroit Green Bay Houston Jacksonville It probably seems like I'm posting a lot of topics for a beginner, but I'm ready for my first series. This time I'm going to do the NFL. I'm going from A-Z. I've gotten a head start on it (I've already finished Dallas), but I'm going to post one, get feedback and update it as needed, and repeat. I'll kick this off with the Cardinals. Arizona is in serious need of a redesign. It surprises me that they still haven't got a redesign by Nike yet. The Cardinals have problems with over piping, the number font and the gray facemask. Anyway, I made the facemask white, put a faded Arizona flag pattern on the shoulders, and put TV numbers on the sleeves. The pants also feature the flag pattern. Also, I kept the black jersey. I actually like it, and it's appropriate considering the amount of black in the logo. Please leave C&C!
  20. Over a year ago I posted a layout that I did for the Raptors potential redesign. Since then, I have updated many aspects of the scheme, most notably the primary logo. There are many aspects that I feel make a perfect Raptors set for all fans of the team, and I wanted to share that with you again. So without further ado, here it is! My skyline jersey was actually made posted before Dallas introduced theirs. It had "T-DOT" on the front, but I changed it to "TORONTO" because no other jersey in the set had the full city name on it. So, how do you like it??
  21. Hey everyone! I've been a lurker on these forums for far too long, and I figured it's about time I make a post. I saw that now-viral post on reddit of a guy redesigning the NFL - so I thought I'd take a stab at the MLB. Here's what I've got so far. And yes, I'm aware the tiger looks like the Chicago Bear. I'll be revisiting it in the future. CC welcome!
  22. Finished Teams: Arizona Cardinals Atlanta Falcons Buffalo Bills Carolina Panthers Chicago Bears Cleveland Browns Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars Kansas City Chiefs Miami Dolphins Minnesota Vikings New England Patriots New Orleans Saints New York Giants New York Jets Oakland Raiders Pittsburgh Steelers San Francisco 49ers St. Louis Rams Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tennessee Titans Hey everyone, I'm back to take another stab at my NFL redesign. I have a new template I'll be using, and it seemed appropriate to start a new thread, rather than continue the old one seven pages deep with tons of broken links. Speaking of templates and why it's been a while.. I was not aware that the template I was using last time wasn't up for public use, and I felt pretty foolish for using it as long as I did. I contacted Matt to apologize, and he was really nice about the whole situation. Around that time school was drawing to a close, so I thought it best to shelve the concepts for a while and focus on finals. Now school's out, and I'm incredibly bored. So in between working on other design projects I've been working on concepts again. If you followed my last thread the first few teams will look familiar. This first post will also feature links to all the teams as they're posted so you don't have to dig around as much. I also wanted to thank Matt Willcox for making this template, Bucksfan5 for converting it .psd, and Conrad for the fonts. You all do great work. And a big thank you to everyone who followed my last thread and gave me feedback. I was floored by all the great feedback I got and it was really flattering. I hope I don't disappoint this time around. Okay, that's enough talk. My next post will have the first batch of teams.
  23. I got a wild idea to tinker with the MLB logos a bit, just for fun, to create a consistent look that's nevertheless personalized to each team. So far I've gotten the AL East + Nationals + Rockies done, and I'll update this post as I finish the others. Here's an album of the first seven. They're definitely a tad rough around the edges, but overall I'm happy with how they came out. C and C is welcome!
  24. Any good ideas that would improve a teams image? Only do MLB, NFL,NBA, and NHL teams please