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  1. Any good ideas that would improve a teams image? Only do MLB, NFL,NBA, and NHL teams please
  2. Awhile back, I was doing some contract work (which I've still not been paid...) for the Palo Alto Hackers - an independent league team in California. This was what I put together for them.
  3. Here is a quick rebrand I did for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I wanted to give them a timeless look that represented the organization as a premier baseball franchise with rich history. Let me know what you think.
  4. It's me again with my 3rd try on NFL Uniform redesigns for the boards. I'm really confident that this time i've got it down. I'm making logos and uniforms for this thread. Feel free to give some feedback and suggestions. Credit to Blase for the template. Here, first up the New York Jets! Primary Logo: Home Uniform: Away Uniform: Alternate (Throwback) Uniform:
  5. So after seeing countless NFL re-designs in this forums over the past year or two -- some great, some not so great -- I have decided to throw my hat in the ring. I'm currently designing as well as modifying some existing templates to fit my needs, so the actual process may play out rather slowly. I will be releasing each team as I finish them, by division, starting with the AFC North.
  6. Well, I'm back at it again. After my first thread went belly up due to my inactive posting, I overhauled my concepts. I improved the displays and ideas, creating an MLB that mixes tweaks of current sets, modernizations of classic looks, and some completely new designs. With that said, let's get started on the American League. AMERICAN LEAGUE Baltimore Orioles (this post) Boston Red Sox New York Yankees Tampa Bay Rays (the "Stingrays" original) Toronto Blue Jays Chicago White Sox Cleveland Indians Detroit Tigers Milwaukee Brewers Minnesota Twins Kansas City Royals Los Angeles Angels Oakland Athletics Seattle Mariners Texas Rangers NATIONAL LEAGUE Atlanta Braves Miami Marlins New York Mets Philadelphia Phillies Washington Nationals Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Reds Houston Astros (alternates update) Pittsburgh Pirates St. Louis Cardinals Arizona Diamondbacks (update) Colorado Rockies (update) Los Angeles Dodgers San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants (update) AL East Baltimore Orioles I've tried to merge the O's current look with their 1960's look, namely with the dirtier-looking scripts (I like the unpolished look of the old script logos over the current slick-looking scripts) and the return of the 60's striped socks (both in stirrup and solid form). I also restored the old primary logo, replaced the "O's" logo on the cartoon bird with the block "B" logo from the 60's, and made the 1954 bird a tertiary logo. I also removed the Maryland flag patch (I love the look of the Maryland flag, but it doesn't need to be placed in every Maryland-based team's logos). The alternates have also changed, with the orange alt's scripts receiving a color flip and the black alt's scripts getting white outlines. Home and Road: Alternates: Up next, Boston and New York!
  7. First up da Bills.
  8. I've done an NFL Redesign thread in the past, and i'm gonna give it another try. Since then, I've got photoshop, illustrator, and my skills have improved. So heres my new one! This is my first time using this template, so it is kinda rough, but heres the Redskins! WASHINGTON REDSKINS: Home Away (I know the white jersey doesn't look that good, i'm trying to find a better way to apply the white.) Alternate
  9. Jordy_shore

    NY Knicks There is the knicks alternate logo and the new logo
  10. Hey everyone, new guy here. I've lurked around this forum for a bit and I finally decided to make some concepts. I'm keeping with NFL rules, each team can have one helmet, up to three jerseys, three pants, and three socks (sorry, no throwbacks). My goal is to change at least something about every team. Some are only going to get small tweaks, others will get pretty big changes, and a couple of teams are going to get new color schemes. I'm not going in any particular order, and I started with the Dolphins. I should start off by saying that I do like their new uniforms. I like the new color palette, I like the all white look, I like that Nike already got their redesign out of the way so I don't have to worry about them changing to something like the Bucs for at least a few years. I like them, but they are a bit plain. My changes: -Whenever navy and orange touch I made sure that the orange was always more pronounced. -I gave them an asymmetrical pant stripe similar to what Jacksonville currently wears, I think it'd look pretty good in Miami's colors (minus the little triangles at the top and bottom). -Add the same striping pattern to the sleeves. -Striped socks to go with the aqua pants. Their current helmet stripe would look great on a sock, dunno why Nike didn't go with that.. -Orange alt. Thought about a navy alt, but since navy isn't as pronounced anymore it didn't make much sense. Plus there's already a lot of navy out there. All white: Aqua over white: Aqua pants: Mono aqua: Orange alt: There you go. This is my first stab at a concept, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Even though I'm a very passionate Giants fan, I dislike the inconsistency in our uniform set. So I've decided to take on a redesign of the team with more unification and consistency. So far, I only have an early sketch of a wordmark and a matching cap logo: As you can see, my wordmark is greatly inspired by the retro font used on the new Orange Friday jerseys: That's all I have so far. Any comments and suggestions are appreciated. And just like my baseball series, this is gonna be hand-drawn. ~ Daryl
  12. With Arkansas' newest football unveiling I felt slightly in the minority of being a bit disappointed. While their last set wasn't perfect by any means, I really liked the uniqueness of the "razor-stripe" and thought there was something ownable about it. Much moreso than the "tusk / stadium jaw" insert color insert. Overview of what I did here: Kept razor-stripe on shoulders like their previous set, but kept it one color (i.e. no more grey/black/anthracite), which also means the capped sleeves are gone.Returned to previous wordmarks. IMO the new ones feel over designed. The old ones felt "razory" but still clean.Kept new secondary hog on neck. I think it works well there and is an improvement over the hog/shield from before.Added shoulder numbers, like the previous set had. Without any substantial shoulder / sleeve design, the absence of them feels unfinished to me.Kept new pants stripe. I think this is a certain improvement over the old fill-in-the-blank style one, and compliments the razor-stripe well.Switched the running hog to the other side of the pants so it's running forward and not backward.On white pants/helmet I used the red/black running hog instead of the reversed out red one. I think that if that's your primary logo, that's how it should appear on your uniforms. I did use the white/red version on the red helmet for traditions' sake and whatnot (and because it actually has correct shadows/highlights unlike the reversed version)Changed helmet back bumper to read "Arkansas" instead of "Razorbacks" because it seemed redundant to have "Hogs" on the front and "Razorbacks" on the back.
  13. CLICK for Original Divisions: NFC EAST // AFC EAST // NFC NORTH // AFC NORTH // NFC WEST// AFC WEST // NFC SOUTH // AFC SOUTH CLICK for Updates: UPDATE 1 (PHI, DAL, GB, CHI) // UPDATE 2 (CIN, SEA) In March of 2012, I posted the last team in my NFL Redesign thread. I was overwhelmingly busy, excruciatingly happy, and somewhat tired of the way I made my uniforms. You see, for those who remember and for those who don't, I would post each of my teams as I created the concept. As a result, my thread was littered with different templates, updates, styles, and levels of ability over the span of almost a year and a half. Even at that point, I only had completed around 20 teams. Many of you enjoyed my concepts, and I hope that you will again, because... In December of 2012, in the long lull of Winter, and not in the same ecstatic state I had been in the previous Spring, I decided that after 9 months away, I wanted to return to my uniforms. I adopted a new template, finally based in the reality of the NFL under Nike. Most importantly, I decided to complete all of the NFL teams before I would begin to post them. Every four days, starting on Friday, March 14th, I will post a new division. The schedule is as follows: NFC East: 3/15/13 || AFC East: 3/19/13 || NFC North: 3/23/13 || AFC North: 3/27/13 || NFC West: 3/31/13 || AFC West: 4/4/13 || NFC South: 4/8/13 || AFC South: 4/12/13 I'm really excited, and happy to finally be back to posting on the boards here. I hope that all of you will enjoy, "like", and of course leave your Comments & Criticisms. See you all below!
  14. There's something about smaller, lesser known conferences, that makes me excited about redesigning the uniforms for all the teams. It might be the fact that most don't have long standing uniform traditions (like Bama or Michigan's home unis), or that most of the current designs are template cut outs, or that when I start I know almost nothing about the school, but I do really like trying to create uniform concepts for smaller schools. Last summer around this time I did some MAC concepts and I really liked the exercise of trying to look at a school and football program as a whole and figure out how to communicate the brand through uniform design. I wanted to start up again this summer and I chose the Sun Belt. I plan on doing all of the schools listed on the map below but that just depends on my work schedule this summer. Really I just want this to be a fun summer project and I hope to get some good C&C. so without further ado, your new Sun Belt: COMPLETED TEAMS: IDAHO S. ALABAMA UL - MONROE IDAHO For Idaho I wanted more of a traditional feel. I unified the gold all the way through the uniform with a slightly more old gold color than Idaho usually uses. I just felt like it fit the school more than a metallic gold. I kept the pants and helmet pretty simple, no stripe. On the jersey I went with an old school drop shadow number which I really like and a sleeve design this is a modern execution of an old school sleeve hoop. All in all I like this design for them. I think it's much simpler and classier than what the Vandals currently use and just says "IDAHO" to me. S. ALABAMA South Alabama was tough because they don't have a long tenured football program and their history has been filled with templated designs like this and this. For this design I started with the helmet. The striping is similar to the Ohio State Pro Combat helmet from a few years back and also the new potential UCF helmet. The striping tapers off in the back into a crescent with a red crescent below it. This striping pattern was inspired by the logo and is also used on the pants. For the jerseys I gave them a pretty simple block font with a red outline on both (again taking the red accent from the logo) and a custom striping pattern on the sleeves. Its a relatively modern design but its also simple enough that it doesn't look over done and, again, was inspired by the logo. UL - MONROE My first decision with ULM was to use the full bodied warhawk logo because to me the current helmet logo just look incomplete. I kept the white helmet and the single red stripe the same though. I put the ULM Warhawk badge logo on the hip because I thought it really went well with the fauxback design elements also included in the jersey. Monroe has a nice palette so I wanted to included all the colors in the uniform without over-designing so I thought northwestern style stripes would look nice and keep it traditional. The number font is simple and clean but also brings a little more modern feel to the design. So thats how this starts. C&C is encouraged and hopefully over the next week I can crank out three more of these. Already have two teams in the works. Thanks guys.
  15. In this concept series I hope to keep the integrity of the NFL teams but also bring them to modern times. This means chrome/reflective materials. As a Browns fan I am expecting a lot from Nike come 2015. I expect them to keep the Browns look classic with a modern twist. With this design the face mask is chrome, and the helmet itself is a matte orange gradient. The jersey's numbers are not sown on. They are more like The Pro Bowl numbers (below)l. They have a brushed chrome look, much like Ohio States rivalry jerseys. And to give The Browns the change they need I added a number decal for the helmet. It is a brushed chrome just like the numbers on the jersey. The stripes on the shoulder sleeves are just like the numbers. They are not sown on they are more like flywire. The Pants are interchangeable with the jerseys. The browns also need a new logo which I also provided. It is the helmet in the top right corner. I will accept any CnC you have for me. Hopefully i can make more teams as well. I used the Pro Bowl uniforms as a reference because of what Joe Haden tweeted: The template I used is the .psd version (I converted) of the Nike Hypercool template that MattWillcox made. Link: Full Resolution:
  16. I see some pretty awesome and interesting designs on this forum. I want to see what type of creative (or un-creative) ideas you all have with Penn State Football's uniforms. I am interested in seeing all sorts of ideas from mild to "crazy". I want to see a home/away/third jersey. I am a Penn State Alum and lifelong fan (started going to games at 3 years old). I never thought I would want to see changes, but I have now become open to changes. Part of the reason is because of everything that went down with Sandusky. The other part is because I watch PSU sporting events and I see a terrible inconsistency amongst the "Penn State brand". According to the style guide ( gray is to be only used as an accent. However, both Men's and Women's Basketball have all gray 3rd jerseys + Men's Lacrosse has a matte gray helmet + Men's Volleyball used to wear gray shorts (with white or blue jersey's) and more. Therefore, you may use gray anyway you want (because PSU really doesn't know what they want gray to be). I also think black and pink could be used (as those are the original school colors). So, let's see what you all can do...
  17. Since my first ideas didn't work well I canceled them and came up with a new idea, a major league for video games. To avoid having to make a bunch of threads, I'll also post my shoe designs and any other uniforms I do here. I don't have the whole story together but here's the basics. Basics: The AGL is a 12 team league with plans for expansions. There isn't a draft, just a offseason for signing free agents. The season is a series of head to head battles across 10 weeks to lead up to the six team playoff. Every team has five players on a starting lineup, with two reserve players. Teams represent regions, not individual cities. Uniforms done: DC Gaming:
  18. Hey all! A collaborative effort is on it's way between ChrisCLEMENT and myself for a newly designed NFL. I'll be tackling the look and feel of the logos (which you'll still be able to see as they roll out on my thread) and Chris is going to handle the uniform design. Coming very soon. GET HYPED.
  19. I have been working for a few weeks to figure out how to use Inkscape and how to work with templates and whatnot. I had a lot of trouble with putting logos in, but a helpful fellow by the name of bkknight95 has been sending me some logos to use. (The ones i found on the internet were either not svgs or un-openable in Inkscape) So, i have begun a series of some helmets from the NFL and possibly some time in the future i may even go as far as uniforms. (What's holding me back on that is the template i downloaded freezes up my Inkscape or makes it awfully slow so it's just helmets for the time being) For the bills i wanted to keep the red helmets because i thought they looked neat. I decided to make the line coming across the logo to be white as a bit of a chance from the past. I tried making a white outline to ease the transition between the blue and the red, but it didn't look right in the horn area, so i scrapped it. With the browns helmet there's not a ton you can do, and i wanted to keep the logo-lessness as per tradition. As with any redesign, the inclusion of some new idea was necessary, and i went with a cream colored facemask because somewhere on these forums i saw a brilliant concept for the Browns that included Cream as a major color. From a young age i remember really liking the color of the Cowboys' pants. That shade of metallic blue was incredible and i wanted to make it more prominent in this redesign by adding it to the helmet shell. When the dolphins unveiled their new logo and uniforms i was blown away. They really have a well-designed logo but to me it seemed a little dark so i wanted to brighten up the teal a bit. (after all their jerseys look really bright, but that may just be the lighting in the stadiums) Here's the dilemma: If i make both shades of teal light, the helmet looks way too bright. If i make them both darker, it looks very unexciting and looks too much like the old dolphins' colors. If i make the shades both different, it seems like they are way too far apart. What should i do to get the shades to look pleasing? Jacksonville is in my opinion, my best work by far. Again, i was inspired by someone else on the forums who changed the Jaguars teal to kelly green. I also reverted to this older logo because i think it looks more intimidating. (The presence of too much white on the new one doesn't look great) I think this is much better than the poorly designed gradient helmet they have now. I have a few more to post that i am still tinkering with, stay tuned. Also feel free to make suggestions on changes for the completed designs. I like them all, but if you have a good idea, i'll try to take a look at it in Inkscape and see if the adjustment looks good.
  20. As a lifelong Baltimore Orioles fan and a graphic designer specializing in branding, I’m a huge fan of the organization’s decision to go back to the cartoon bird as the team’s primary cap logo two years ago. That said, when the new logo was released in November of 2011, I was disappointed that it failed in recreating a few key details of the logos from the 60s, 70s & 80s. Thus, in an effort to give my beloved O's the best logo possible, I've redesigned the logo to more accurately capture the essence of the logos of the past. Here's what I came up with: Comparison to current logo: I'd to hear your thoughts on the changes I've made. Any feedback is appreciated! Also, if you'd like to see more, and view the proposal I sent to the Orioles Director of Marketing, you can visit my site at: There's also a nice write-up on my logo over at
  21. The current Avalanche logos and color scheme have a lot of potential in my opinion. The uniforms, however, are just plain atrocious, and the primary logo looks a little too cartoon-ish. To improve the primary logo, I straightened out the A, got rid of the unnecessary ring, and made the tip look more like the peak of a mountain. I didn't change the secondary foot logo, because it's a very solid logo in my opinion. I completely redesigned the uniform to a more classic style, because as I said before, their current uniforms are terrible.
  22. So guys I'm redesigning (tweaking some) the American Athletic Conference. C&C always welcome. Cincinnati Connecticut (Home, Road, Home Alt, Road Alt) Houston (Home, Away, Home Alt 1, Away Alt 1, Home Alt 2, Away Alt 2) Louisville Memphis (Home, Away, Home Alt, Away Alt) Rutgers Temple SMU South Florida UCF Here is the template I will be using:
  23. After seeing the jerseys in the Toronto Star Jersey Re-branding contest, I decided to make my own. I wanted to recapture the history of the Toronto Raptors all in one jersey, while keeping it looking slick and modern. So without further ado, here they are! * First and foremost, I do want to state that I re-added the Raptor and the classic script back to the front of the jersey. Many disliked it, but I strongly believe it was only because the rest of the 1995-99 jersey was so busy. However, the Raptor doesn't need to be there, and the jersey could still work well without it. * Next on the agenda was the colour. Gone is the ruby red that the Raptors have used in the past. It is now replaced by a more sharper, darker red. * Block numbers were included to give a more pronounced, yet clean style to the jersey. * For the away jerseys, I chose to go with the black jersey as the primary. However, the red can easily be the primary as well. * Finally, the alternate home. Inspiration was drawn from the Nuggets skyline jersey and the Blazers 'RipCity' jersey. These 'cultural' jerseys are great for a fan base. It features the word 'T-Dot', which is commonly used to represent Toronto, and a Canadian leaf to the back above the player name, to represent Canada. Complete with skyline and the 'moon-claw', this would sure be a best seller! These jerseys would only be worn 2-3 times a year. The road team can choose to wear their white home jersey or a complimentary away jerseys. Other Jerseys: Holiday Jerseys Other Logos: 20th Anniversary Patch So how do you like them??