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  1. While I like Nike's new, relatively simple, kits for England, I made these parody 'whatmightabeen' Nike England shirts. a vision of a very possible future St. George's Cross infused with Swooshified energy The stodgy Three Lions replaced with three fresh and energetic swooshes Obey the corporate master Some have compared Nike's new England shirts to the US shirts, so why not Americanize the crest? Others have compared the new shirts to West Germany's. While others have complained that the new shirts are too plain. But they could be even plainer.
  2. I saw these a few weeks ago but never made a thread.Since I hadn't seen them talked about, here is something cool. For the African Football Cup of Nations, all the Puma teams had kits designed by artists in each country. They filmed 6 videos for them, and they're linked below
  3. Hi people! For a Design contest in Brazil, I've done this (Damn. Too Big.) Well... Nothing really much special, but Away jersey is based on the 1961 away.
  4. I just learned that the NASL's newest team, located in Loudoun County, Virginia, will be called the Cavalry. They also released a placeholder logo (I hope it's a placeholder,) which can be viewed at the mothership. Ironically, the placeholder was my main inspiration for this concept, with a horse rampant as the main element. The home kit: Their colors are chocolate and cream, which would give them a unique look in the NASL, and would be appropriate enough for a team called Cavalry. Mars Inc. is headquartered in NoVa, and I knew a candy logo would look great on an already delicious-looking jersey, so I chose M&M's as VCFC's sponsor. The change kit: Same as the home but the colors are switched around. The third kit: This one is based on Loudoun County's coat of arms, which provides another unique color scheme of red and teal-ish green. The back of the neck shows the county's motto: "I byde my tyme." So what do you guys think? C&C, please and thank you.
  5. There has been some demand for a template over in this thread which the author didn't want to release, however the template is actually based on something I made some time ago and I am quite willing to share it with everyone here as I simply have no use for it anymore. It's not the cleanest of templates but I'm sure some of you will be able to clean it up better than I have and get the most out of it. Preview DOWNLOAD (.PSD Format)
  6. My second soccer concept is finally done. The Cincinnati Kings are a team in the 4th-tier Premier Development League. They were once in the USL Second Division, but they self-relegated due to a few bad seasons. Maybe a new image will bring them back from the brink of obscurity? The first thing I did was change their crest. The one they have is on top, and my concept is below it... Nothing too extravagant here. The main attraction is that the ball, combined with the three dots, makes it look like a crown. The home kit... The colors are based on what they're wearing already, but with a few added frills. the front of the jersey has a subliminated image of Cincinnati's flag, complete with the city's motto which means "unity is strength." I didn't want the sponsor logo to block this out, so I moved it to the back of the shirt, below the number. Kroger is a grocery store chain, and since it's based in Cincinnati, it was a natural choice for a sponsor. The change kit: Basically the same thing except all pieces of the uniform are now red, to lessen the chances of a clash situation with another black team. The alternate: This special kit is a tribute to the Society of the Cincinnati. The Society of the Cincinnati is a historical, hereditary lineage organization with branches in the United States and France, founded in 1783 to preserve the ideals and fellowship of the American Revolutionary War officers. Cincinnati, which was just a small village back then, was named after the Society. Nowadays the Society promotes public interest in the American Revolution through its library and museum collections, exhibitions, programs, publications, and other activities. The colors of the kit are based on the Society's flag. The dark blue stands for America, and the white and sky blue stand for France, which played a major role in the Revolutionary War as well as the War of 1812. There you have it. What do you think? C&C, please and thank you.
  7. This is sort of an occasional thought I've had over the years (and sorry in advance if something like this is being discussed on a different topic) and it has to do with the idea of farm systems. I guess my main question why is it, after all these years, the only sport to successfully manage, maintain, and run a proper farm system for it's major league is baseball? Is a farm system good in all sports or is it better to have leagues scattered across the country so that many more cities can say they have a minor league, lets say basketball, team even if it's usually for around 5 years on average if that. If football is considered our most popular sport in this country why hasn't there been a proper farm system for the NFL ever? I know back in the hayday when the original USFL was around there was a party of owners and such that long-term wanted to turn the USFL into essentially NFL's farm league during the spring but of course Donald Trump had other plans. Personally I have an answer I wonder if anyone has thought of. What if back in its hayday, the AFL became the NFL's farm league? You wouldn't have to fill 32 teams with 56 man rosters, in terms of eye appeal 10,000 fans watching an arena football game is a much better atmosphere than having 10,000 fans for an outdoors game, and economically its cheaper to run a team playing in an arena with luxury boxes then a football stadium designed for a FCS college team (btw I'm just using 10,000 as a predictable average estimate seeing how little turnout their was in the USFL in certain markets). And in terms of basketball I guess I ask how long do you think it will take for the NBDL to have one team for every one NBA team (they're at 16 teams right now)?
  8. Hi everyone. Just found this great community and have spent hours now going through some terrific concepts. I thought I would share my idea for Ottawa's new NASL team. My proposed name is Ottawa Confederation FC. The crest was thrown together rather quickly as I was more interested in the kit/colours concept. Comments would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hey all- I've drawn up uniform concepts for my beloved Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. With the exception of the third, all of them show a return to traditional Spurs kits. The primary is very plain- a white shirt with blue shorts- because this is the most traditional look for Tottenham to wear. They are, after all, the "Lillywhites". The clash kit utilizes the traditional secondary colors of yellow and navy. The third is where I took some liberties with color. Several years ago, Tottenham wore a brown kit that I really liked the look of, so I decided to bring it back here, with the badge/sponsor/name/number in bright blue. There's not really historical precedent for this, I have just always liked those two colors together, and third kits usually feature unusual coloring. The keeper kit marks this set's return to tradition. Keepers all through Spurs' heyday wore green, and I figured that if green's good enough for Pat Jennings and the rest, it's good enough for Hugo Lloris.
  10. Saathoff

    Seattle FC

    Hey Guys I'm back, but posting a single team this time. I have three logos to share, they all vary in there text. The logo is for a fantasy soccer team I'll have when I reach 500 posts. Just need help on selecting the best version of text. Help would greatly appreciated. Once I get a general idea of what you all think I'll use. I plan to make multiple things from scarves, jerseys, the teams field with ad boards. All that jazz.
  11. When the Silverbacks announced that they would be holding a contest for their new logo, I was pretty hyped. I actually had this idea swimming around in my head for some time. Here's my idea for their new badge.. The colors are bright orange, the color of a peach, and navy blue. The mascot logo was hand-drawn my me. I was going for a vintage look, something that could become a classic. I think I drew the most inspiration from this old logo I found some time ago... It belongs to Barnsley FC, a team in the FL's Championship Division. Not sure if they're still using it anymore. Anyway, I need your most honest opinions about this, because I plan on submitting this on the contest. Thanks a lot!
  12. I've been itching to do a concept lately, but I wanted to do something a little different. What I did was I went onto Wikipedia and hit random until I found an article that mentioned a country. Whatever country I landed on, I would make up a concept for that country's NT. I landed on Kenya, and this is what I came up with: I'll do an away and a third soon. C&C welcome.