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  1.™-logo-revealed I've never seen the trademark symbol in a URL before. The Asian Cup is to take place in the United Arab Emirates in January/February of 2019 and will feature 24 national teams.
  2. This summer, I have been looking back at some of my previous concept work on this site, and this idea has been the one that has sat on my mind like a rock. I truly loved this concept, but it was far too ambitious for me to tackle. This time around, with more experience, is going to be much smaller , i.e. 8-14 kits, instead of the planned 30-ish from four years ago. For those unfamiliar to the Broadcast Soccer League, there isn't much of a lesson, just soccer kits for American TV channels. If you wish to see the original (unfinished) concepts, click here. For now, let's start out with the LEAGUE NUMERALS: Nothing too fancy, just a clean font that matches the rest of the league branding. Its called Primetime, which is a pretty apt name, don't you think?
  3. Report: Carolina RailHawks to rebrand, announce bid for MLS
  4. For those of you who don't know, the North American Soccer League (NASL) was the first major attempt to establish a professional soccer league in North America. Running from 1968-1984, it built the foundation for the United States hosting the 1994 World Cup and, subsequently, the founding of MLS and soccer's increased popularity in this country. I thought it would be fun to make a concept series combining elements from former NASL teams with current MLS teams. So here we are, with my first team: the Colorado Rapids! Colorado Rapids Soccer in the Centennial State started with the Denver Dynamos from 1974 to 1975, but it's the 1978 Caribous of Colorado that are probably most well-known. Their notorious uniforms were the height of gaudy 70's aesthetic: fringe, disco collars, and short shorts. This concept follows the general design of the original team but with those 70's elements removed and recolored for the Rapids (don't worry, those white lines on the clash won't be fringes, just a design). I also created a new badge out of the wordmark from the Caribous, placing it on an oval which gave me the impression of a beer label. In a similar vein, I have the sponsor as Coors, which just makes sense to me. Many (all?) of the uniforms in the NASL were not as, um, ambitious (?) as the Caribous, so some of these MLS concepts will be a little bit less exciting (I'll probably take some artistic liberties in those instances). Anyway, here's the Colorado Rapids and I hope you have plenty of comments about it.
  5. Well, the Timbers are the MLS Champions for 2015, and that puts a capper on the 2015 domestic season. Time to talk about 2016! I'll get it started: Sports Illustrated is reporting (from a reporter for the Davis Enterprise) that the NASL will announce a San Francisco franchise next year. This is huge because the NASL desperately needs a West Coast team (or at least a WST team) to maintain their DII status. But... downtown San Francisco? Sounds excellent, but where?
  6. Hey all. Mark Cuban has just decided to build a new stadium in Pittsburgh and start up an MLS expansion team, Pittsburgh FC! (I wish!) Soccer kits and logo design are new for me so any CC is much appreciated Only have the home jersey done for now. Let me know if I should go on with the other two jerseys. Thanks! Sorry for the AWFUL crop job. Not sure what was happening.
  7. I started a project and thought I might share it. The goal here isn´t to have a great, in depth storyline, but to progress through the years fairly quickly and make a lot of designs along the way. I will make the season summaries short and simple, especially in the beginning. Background story The year is 1930 and soccer is increasing in popularity, especially in the east. A new league is created with the goal of becoming the major soccer league in the eastern parts of the US and Canada, and maybe even more. The league is given the name North American Premier League, NAPL for short. 1930 4 teams, 3 american and 1 canadian, starts of the inaugural season. 1930 - results 1. FC New York 2. Philadelphia Brothers 3. Detroit Nationals 4. Toronto FC
  8. Hey Guys! It has been awhile since I've put up a concept, so here we go. This is a concept for the MLS Chicago Fire. I tried to make it more modern so it can fit with the new "feel" of the MLS. I kept a few touches from the old logo and some from around the MLS. I hope you guys like this one! C&C Welcome! Thanks!
  9. Colombian authorities say 76 people including members of a Brazilian soccer team were killed in a plane crash Monday night in northwestern Colombia. Six people initially survived the crash, but one of them died a short time later, authorities said. The charter aircraft took off from Bolivia and was flying over the town of La Union at around 10 p.m. when electrical flaws were reported, according to a statement from the José María Córdova International Airport in Rionegro, Colombia. The plane crashed shortly after in a mountainous area in the Antioquian municipality, about 22 miles from the airport, which serves the city of Medellin. There were 72 passengers and nine crewmembers on board, including members of Chapecoense, a Brazilian first division soccer team. The team was expected to play in the Copa Sudamerica finals against Atletico Nacional on Wednesday in Medellin.
  10. Inspired by the Nike "universal" 3rd kits (using what later would be the Challenge template in 2014/15 and the Laser III template 2015/16), I decided to create an universal template for the third/alternate kits of some clubs currently sponsored by Adidas. Given the current Adidas trend to recover retro designs for their latest football kits (Germany and Russia) I'll be going for a retro style as well, using the pattern from the Arsenal "Bruised Banana" shirt. This is the design I'll be using as base: And this is the list of the clubs I'll be doing (for the moment): AC Milan AFC Ajax FC Bayern Munich FC Shalke 04 Juventus FC Manchester United FC Olympique de Marseille Olympique Lyon Real Madrid CF Valencia CF For some teams I'll be using their traditional colours, and for others I'll use new colour schemes. I'll start uploading the designs tomorrow.
  11. Hello all! Haven't been on the boards for a while but more time is free for me to do some designing so without further aideu - MLS 2020 - A look into the future Heres a few things to note before we get into it - Posts will come somewhat regularly, but i do have to be a student, so no guarantees. Many Thanks, Asterix
  12. AHL Outdoor Classic (Whale Bowl 2010/2011)
  13. Concept done for the MLS team in Atlanta before the team name was announced Check full project here:
  14. So the reason I've been so quiet on the concepts front is because I have a regular day job designing scarves for a company called Global Scarves. Between the youth soccer teams, rugby tournaments, and breweries, sometimes I design scarves for the American Outlaws. Each chapter needs a different look, one that stands out from the others. So that's why I decided on posting all the AO scarves I've made in the last 2 months in a nice little Behance piece. Check out them all here
  15. I was thinking of a little project I could do in my free time and came up with this, the USWPL. I haven't really seen any women's concepts on here so I thought it'd be a cool thread. There are 10 teams so far, situated throughout the US. First up, Les Royales de Montreal C&C is appreciated and I'll also take into consideration some suggestions for teams.
  16. Sorry for the long wait for those wanting to see this. I have been busy working on the Europa League teams along with trying to find my first real job after graduating from college. I realized that it will take to long if I wait until I finish all of the Europa league teams. So, since I had already finished the Champions league teams I have decided to post them. I will post the 32 teams in alphabetical order and will include what country they are from. Let me know what y'all think. First up is Arsenal.(England) Arsenal- (if you have seen my EPL thread then you have seen this before) Home kit- classic all white and red kit with socks are mainly white with red cuffs and the shirt features tonal hoops Away kit- again classic colors of yellow and blue, the top features tonal pinstripes Third kit- a throwback recreation of the 1995/96 away kit, the all navy kit with white and cyan accents the top features a zig zag pattern that fades from a cyan sleeve toward the center of the jersey
  17. WHoa... what a weird name for a league. Whatssup here? A. There was an actual Southern California Trolley League. .... that lasted like 22 minutes in 1910. The name initially made me think the league was affiliated with a rail system; It wasnt, but i was intrigued.... so i will make it so. B. The Pacific Electric Co. would have done this. Profits came from the owners routing rail lines through their land holdings to facilitate their development. Passenger service alone never made a profit. Creating a sports league to provide attractions along PE routes would encourage development and fill the red cars on match days. C. Some of ye might remember this wackadoodle topic of mine. I got bored. The concepts and presentation were pretty weaksauce too. _____________________________________________________________________ Pacific Electric Football League Weeeeee!! League setup in the inaugural year 1910. Football clubs dot the PE routes. Los Angeles FC Santa Monica FC Pasadena FC Long Beach FC Santa Ana FC Redondo Beach FC
  18. Here are my designs for the 20 teams competing in the EPL in the 2016/2017 season. Each team has three kits, C&C is welcomed. FYI numbers are kept to colors that are allowed by EPL which seemed to be limited to: black,white,red,gold, and navy. Hope y'all enjoy, I am looking for a lot of feedback, I will try to explain my designs to the best of my ability so its clear the direction I intended. I will be posting in alphabetical order.
  19. Hello again, I am back trying to finally complete a series, and this will hopefully be a long one. What if, when all the major leagues (except for baseball) were being created in the late 40s, someone made a soccer league? I have done that, and named it the National Soccer League. In the beginning, there will be 18 teams, with 6 the top division, 6 in the middle, and 6 in the bottom. The league will eventually be expanded to have 60 teams - 20 in each league. In the first season, there will only be one main league, and then the divisions will be separated by standings that year. The teams for the inaugural 1949 NSL will be: (Hidden in spoiler due to size) With that here is the first team! DETROIT SOCCER CLUB Home Clash All in all a very simplistic set, but this is the 1940s. The team is known as "the greens" because of their signature all-green primary look, with green from head to toe. I made the crest a simple DSC interlock in a shield. The clash kit is all white with green socks and green sleeves. I've tried to give this team a very Chelsea-like feel to it, and with that I think I succeeded. Most teams will not have regular team colors for clash, similar to European soccer, but in Detroit's case I had to go with an inverse of the home. Anyway, C&C is greatly appreciated!
  20. Hi everybody. As some of you may know, this is my third series. The first one was about baseball, the second one was about soccer, and for this one I deicded to imagine what if the clubs from the (British) Premier League were Baseball teams. Each team will have three uniforms: a white or off-white home, a grey road and an alt one, which I will try to make close to the actual soccer kits. First of all, let's start introducing the clubs' names: -Arsenal FC: London Gunners -AFC Bournemouth: Bournemouth Cherries -Burnley FC: Burnley Clarets -Chelsea FC: Chelsea Blues -Crystal Palace FC: London Eagles -Everton FC: Merseyside Toffees -Hull City AFC: Hull Tigers -Leicester City FC: Leicester City Foxes -Liverpool FC: Liverpool Reds -Manchester City FC: Manchester Citizens -Manchester United FC: Manchester Red Devils -Middlesbrough FC: Boro Smoggies -Southampton FC: Southampton Saints -Stoke City FC: Stoke Potters -Sunderland AFC: Sunderland Black Cats -Swansea City AFC: Swansea Swans -Tottenham Hotspur FC: Tottenham Spurs -Watford FC: Watford Hornets -West Bromwich Albion FC: West Bromwich Throstles -West Ham United FC: London Hammers Alternative Name Ideas: -Sunderland: Tyneside Black Cats I'll be doing and posting the designs in alphabetical order (like the list) above. Each team will have a cap logo different to their actual crest, and this (the actual crest) will be featured on the left sleeve of the unis. I'm also thinking on featuring the league badge on the right sleeve. C&C appreciated!
  21. After my design projects for the Bundesliga, MLS and BeNe League, I always thought about doing a Premier League one, too. I'm a fan of the soccer culture, the English leagues and I even like the Three Lions (my profile pic is Beckham btw). So, what will I do? I will basically create a home, a clash and for some teams also a third jersey for every team of a future Premier League. For some teams I will also do a logo update. My future league takes place about 5-10 years from now on, so there will be some teams in the league you may not expect. I chose the 20 teams from their current situation, tradition, team colours and personal preference. I also updated the PL badge on the sleeves and worked with a new league wide font without any colour limitations.
  22. Hello everybody, my name is Lucas Carvalho, and this is my newest project. I decided to imagine how would the shirts of the First League Portugal, if they were made by Umbro. I hope you enjoy.
  23. It's been a while since I made a concept, but I got inspired recently. The majority of Napoli fans, myself included, have been very disappointed by Kappa for putting what seems like no effort or thought into our kits, so I decided I can do better. Here's what I came up with. It takes inspiration from years past while still remaining current and modern.
  24. Never been a fan of the Seattle Sounders badge - been mulling over ideas for the last few months, finally tried it out, fairly happy with the outcome but C/C always welcome. some of the wordmark looks a little clunky, but it's a draft so maybe just ignore that for now, I'm aware. Thanks guys!