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  1. This is a league I made up back in october in the boredom filled wake of Superstorm Sandy, the uniforms were really crummy so ive been updating them ever since. Any constructive critisim will be taken into play as I further update these uniforms -Grant
  2. Hi everybody, new member here. Just thought I'd post this and see if anyone had any thoughts on it. (By the way, please forgive the poor image quality; this was a fairly quick-and-dirty effort.) To start, here's the Hawks' current look. Great lines and curves, but the red-white-and-blue color scheme has become a bit boring and generic now that five different NBA teams are using it. Here's my new color scheme concept, designed to sort of resemble the colors of an actual red-tailed hawk: Updated logos: New court design possibilities: Retro-style uniforms for throwback nights:
  3. When colour television was introduced to Australia in 1975, the Victorian Football League gave all clubs permission to use coloured shorts, instead of sticking to the traditional black and/or white shorts. One of the few clubs to change was Essendon, who used red shorts instead of black for the season: They returned to black shorts for the 1976 season, and continue wearing them today. With colour television becoming reasonably popular in the mid 1960's in the United States, did many American teams change their uniforms around this time so that they would stand out more on colour TV?
  4. This conversation sprung out of the Vikings uniform thread where we started comparing helmets. Which DIVISION do you think has the best helmets as a group?
  5. Well it's been awhile, but I'm finally back with some new material. This Los Angeles Clippers Identity Concept has been in the works for a few months now...between looking for an internship and moving to London for four months to study abroad I haven't had a ton of free time. But that's enough of my personal the concept! I tried to mix the different eras of Clippers basketball. The primary logo is obviously inspired by the team's original logo, back when they were in San Diego. The script is similar to their current one, but a little cleaner and not slanted. The LAC secondary (or tertiary here) remains, but with some tweaks for beater readability. The number and NOB font stays the same. As for the uniforms, I wanted to go for simplicity. A single, thin stripe down the sides, similar to their previous set, that flares out slightly at the ends. The primary logo (sans-script) appears on both sides of the shorts. Now, my big problem is choosing a color scheme. I started out with their current red and blue with a little silver added in for a little extra depth, but then tried out the powder blue and orange color scheme they wore originally. So I'll post both and see what everyone thinks. So, without further adieu... Red/Blue: Logos | Home | Road | Alternate Powder/Orange: Logos | Home | Road | Alternate
  6. On Saturday I was at the Cardinals game in St Louis and they wore their new alternate uniforms. The piping is similar to the piping on the uniforms of the 40's. These alts would be worn on Sunday home games instead of Saturday. Since they wear the bird on bat hat on Sundays now I regretfully replace it with a similar hat that I think goes better with this new alt. Please feel free to offer any critiques and comments, thanks.
  7. Just wondering for you guys that do tons of concepts, I'm looking for the 2D Nike style uniforms that many of you use, as well as some helmet templates. I've had the idea to create some concepts for a while now, but I've never come across any good templates. Can anyone help me out? Much appreciated!
  8. I'm painfully new here, so hear me out. While browsing, I've seen multiple concepts for the Jaguar's new unis and, frankly, I've yet to see one I was really into (Too many prints for my taste). However, I decided that I ought not really open my mouth until I put my own contribution on the table, so I bring you 2013 new Jaguars Nike uniforms using HVF's Nike 51 Elite template.Basing off of the new secondary logo's paying tribute to the city's military heritage, I tried to make the unis innovative, but serious Since they were my favorite looks the Jags brought out last season, the home and away will be all-black and all-white respectively. Here is the new home look. I gave them a pretty minimal motif based on thick, adjacent stripes (I know they kind of look like flags for flag football on the pants. Bear with me). While not directly related to the military, their usage seems to make me think of "army" and the like. While it was said they would be mostly black and gold with "little teal," I couldn't help but play with the numbers (I know, they're a bit small) a bit, which came out to be new Nike experimental color-shifting numbers that are consistent with the new team font. On the homers, they shift between teal and grey (a very Nike color) depending on lighting and perspective (think Oregon). The homer's socks complete the all-black look, though added are some gold stripes to cancel the "leotard" look.The cuffs and collar were kept black to keep with the overall seriousness and to avoid the "toilet seat" neck. Also, I kept the all-black helmet with the teal sparkle (no matte, chrome, or any of that ) from the past few years because I still like the idea, though I'd like to see Nike make it better and more visible. And, of course, the bad-ass new shield logo will obligatorily go on the sleeves. [ The aways feature a black-and-white them, if anything, to almost form a concept that the colors belong at home. Not much else to say here except that the numbers now shift between black and grey. (Please excuse the unprofessional splotches. Long story.) Here serves as a bit of a clarification on what the underarm/pants stripes ought to look like from a side view. Since it was confirmed that there will always be a teal uni to be worn as a tradition for one game a year, I mock up an edition with a teal jersey. It is very much like the white unifrom save its teal base (reminiscient of the recent teal unis). Of course, why should Nike stop at recolor? Why not every year rotate in a different or new version of the teal each year. They could introduce new throwbacks or Pro Combats each year.For simplisity's sake, I've started with a throwback. But I couldn't just go the easy way out. No, I threw all the way back. I present to you the Jaguars first throwback: the 1993 Pre-franchise unis that never saw a game (or, as I like to call them, the "Lawsuits"). These come complete with the full 90's look that was proposed then scrapped over controversy with Jaguar motor company over the logo back when Jax was granted a franchise, featuring the Jaguar jumping across the shoulders, silver helmet and pants, and only one colored sleeve cuff. I couldn't necessarily find an aesthetically pleasing way around it without going full-Texan, so, for now, you get toilet seat collar. My condolences go out to those affected. (Reference: http://www.sportslog...vhxgf4q5ts53hvy) If Jaguar still has a problem with it, then the helmet could easily be subbed with the one that GotPixels made that is the same but with the new Jag head logo. C/C is appreciated (though time may restrict me from making small adjustments), though I'd really like to hear if you could really see these on a field, realistically buy one, or if it would even fit better on a different team. Thank you for your kindness.
  9. October Home Uniform October Road Uniform Home Uniform Road Uniform Alternate Uniform Logos on the way, the quality of my logo is bad, so I need to fix it. It may take a while.
  10. This is my first post - excited to get some internet criticism. Plan on completely redesigning or simply tweaking each NFL team, based on my own personal preference and C&C. Starting with the NFC East with the Washington Redskins, far and away the most drastic change I plan on making. It's ridiculous that we still carelessly throw around a racial slur when we talk about football in Washington, so the 'Skins are getting re-branded. Hold onto your skirts, ladies, because here are your Washington Federals: Stay tuned for the rest of the NFC East and (eventually) the entire NFL.
  11. With the new re-branding (ReBeaved) of Oregon State University, I wanted to create some new concepts for the baseball team using the new logos, fonts, etc. Nike has made uniforms for many of the athletic teams at Oregon State but the baseball ones are still in the work, which is why I decided to make them. Tell me what you guys think! Also, here is an alternate uniform with the a new "Beavers" script that Nike created.
  12. **UPDATES POSTED FURTHER BELOW** Home - Black, w/ Digital Camo Sleeves. Shield logo on each sleeve. A Bold Gold Stripe begins at the front armpit and slightly curves throught the back side of the hip and ends in a sharp point just above the knee. Teal is absent in the Home design other than on the Jaguar head logo. Considered having the US Flag on one sleeve instead having both sleeves having the shield. Away - White, with Digital Camo Sleeves. I need to change the Nike swoosh to black. London Home Alternate - word is the Shield logo cannot be used while in london. This made sense to me, you wouldnt want to go into another country with a military theme... So for London, the theme is Peace. Teal is used as the Primary color, the bold Stripe remains consistant on all three jerseys but instead of camo sleeves, the alternate has black collar and cuffs, Uses the primary logo in place of the shield on the sleeves and on the upper chest the wordmark is used with US and UK flags beside it. Number font* Decided on a basic varsity block look... the sharp edge font used in the wordmark didnt fit well on the uniforms. like with the previous branding, there will likely be seperate style for the logos and marketing purposes and one used soley on the jerseys. Helmets... think oregon state, boise state matte black... no glare, shimmer or shine. helmet variations.
  13. I saw this article in the Des Moines Register today, and thought it was interesting. The Iowa Hawkeyes men's basketball team honorer the late Chirs Street during their game last Saturday. The team wanted to where jerseys with "STREET" nameplates, but the NCAA denied the request. I personally think the idea was kinda dumb, but its too bad the NCAA denied the request. Also, the article said that Powers Manufacturing in Waterloo, IA makes team's game uniforms, I always assumed they were made in a sweatshop somewhere in Asia. The article is below. IOWA CITY, Ia. – Iowa’s basketball staff wanted to do something special to honor the late Chris Street during Saturday’s game against Wisconsin. It was Iowa coach Fran McCaffery’s idea to have every player on his team wear “STREET’ on the back of their gold game jerseys, where their last names are. The 20th anniversary of Street’s death was Saturday. Street, a standout forward, died in an automobile accident in the middle of his junior season. Strom also checked with the NCAA to get approval, since that body has rules in place regarding uniforms. The NCAA denied Iowa’s request.Jerry Strom, Iowa’s director of basketball operations, contacted Powers Manufacturing in Waterloo, the company that makes the Hawkeyes’ game uniforms, to see if they could produce “STREET” nameplates to be sewn on the back of the existing jerseys. “If you read the rule itself it’s pretty self explanatory,” McCaffery said today. “In that case it would have to be an exception granted. And I think the issue was there have been so many exception requests, I think they decided, “The rule stands as it is.’ And that’s pretty much what it was. If you start granting exceptions, then every game somebody wants to do something for some other reason, some other legitimate cause. They just didn’t want to do that.” So Strom and McCaffery started to kick around other ideas. It was Strom who thought to put Street’s gold No. 40 jersey on the first chair of the Iowa bench. McCaffery was all for it. So when the lights in Carver-Hawkeye Arena were dimmed as Iowa’s starting lineup was introduced, Strom pulled Street’s jersey out of a bag and draped it over the chair. That seat, next to assistant coach Kirk Speraw, was kept empty during the game. “I did rub the jersey a few times for good luck,” Speraw said after Iowa’s 70-66 victory. After the game, McCaffery and his team gave the Street family the game ball in an emotional ceremony inside the Iowa locker room
  14. I do not have a concept but I would love to see yours, I have no clue how to make concepts I would like to know how