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  1. When a team changes the logo and/or uniform, it can go either way- fans love/hate the change and it either does very well in sales/popularity or not. What are some examples of this you recall? For me, some NBA ones stand out. Positive #1- 1992 Suns. Some forget that Barkley wore the old uni in the preseason, so it's not like we knew what was coming. Literally. The new logo and uniform were unveiled on opening night. The famous staburst logo/uni. It became a hot seller and it was good timing- with the Lakers in decline, Phoenix became the chic Western Conference team. Positive #2- 2001-02 Mavericks. Some forget that the Cuban era and the 50 win playoff streak actually started in the last year of the old unis. This, like the Suns, made the team come off a lot cooler. Didn't hurt that Nash/Nowitzki were thriving, giving these new duds hot-selling names for jersey sales. Negative #1- 1995 Cavaliers. Like the Suns/Mavs, new arena = new look. But this one wasn't seen quite the same. It didn't help that they lacked a big-name to sell the jerseys like Barkley, or even Malone/Stockton with the Jazz mountain unis. Negative #2- 1999 Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks previous unis were ones that most remember- the PacMan logo, the mid-90s one, and the bird uni. Again- new arena, new look. But it just fell flat IMO. And the lack of success makes it more startling- With the PacMan logo uni- made the playoffs all but twice from 1983-1992. With the other uni and then the bird one- 7 straight playoff appearances. With the 1999 uni: never made the playoffs. Switched from yellow/red to red/blue- seven straight playoff appearances. Is it a coincidence that an era of bland jerseys had the least success compared to others?
  2. In your opinion, what are the worst offenders of all time in the still-ongoing "black for black's sake" trend, or the newer "gray for gray's sake" trend? Current? Past? A few that get on my nerves: BFBS: West Virginia men's basketball, black alternate: They wore these in the 2010 NCAA Tournament, making it all the way to the Final Four, so I'm sure many of you remember them. With dark blue being their primary color, there simply wasn't enough contrast with the numbers. I don't know whether they still have them; I read about a GFGS alternate they were getting a couple of years ago. Temple men's basketball, late 1990s: They still have a BFBS alternate, but this one wasn't an alternate---it was their only road uniform, replacing the gorgeous and iconic cherry red they had worn for years. Kansas City Royals road/alternate, Toronto Blue Jays entire uniform set, Cincinnati Reds road, mid 2000s: All three teams have a color as their nickname, or at least in their nickname, so why would they replace it with black? The Royals' was probably the most atrocious of the three; it was dated even before its introduction and wouldn't have looked good to my eyes even when it was in style (black-heavy late 90s). The Reds' black caps should've been killed off a lot sooner than they were---honestly, I don't see why they even need it as an accent color. I actually thought the Jays' GFGS home cap from 2004 looked decent, but overall they underutilized blue in that set. I was glad to see them go back to a more traditional design. Golden State Warriors alternate, present: Would this be BFBS or GFGS? Either way, it's unnecessary. Detroit Lions, former alternate: It didn't look altogether terrible, had it been for an expansion team or something. But it was for the Lions, who have a tradition-rich (and generally very tasteful) uniform history, with an excellent one-two punch of Honolulu blue and silver. They don't need black at all, much less as a jersey color. Best BFBS: Washington Huskies football and men's basketball alternate, late-2000s to present: Like with West Virginia's, these render the numerals hard to read; unlike West Virginia's, they look cool to me, in a modern "techy" sort of way. Arizona Cardinals: Their BFBS jersey isn't amazing, but it looks much better than their awful red jersey. I do find it slightly annoying, though, because Cardinals aren't black, they're red. This team's whole set (minus perhaps the logo and helmet) is due for a redesign, but they should maintain a black alternate jersey when that happens. Butler Bulldogs men's basketball: They actually look cool. I think navy blue uniforms would also look cool, though. I'd like to see them alternate between the two. Personal pet peeve: As briefly mentioned above, teams that have colors as (or in) their nicknames but wear another color (most commonly black, but not always) instead: Duke Blue Devils men's basketball and (more recently) football: Luckily they use the black as an alternate rather than eliminating the blue altogether. It doesn't look awful, but their blue looks much better. Stanford Cardinal men's basketball and football: Looks terrible, and cardinal is a color that they wear well in addition to being their nickname. You'd think people at such a prestigious school would see the incongruity here. Harvard Crimson men's basketball: Ditto, and they actually don't wear crimson now because of it. Boo. Niagara Purple/Purple Eagles: They sported black unis a few years back when they made the NCAAs. A real head-scratcher. North Texas Mean Green: Same thing. They're not the "Mean Black," they're the "Mean Green." Best and worst GFGS: Tennessee Volunteers football alternate: Best because the gray is a unique shade, it actually looks pretty good (esp. with orange numbers), and it makes me think of Tennessee's legendary Smoky Mountains. Worst because their orange is also a unique shade and it looks great, so any chance they pass up to wear it is a mistake. Next-worst GFGS: Wichita State Shockers men's basketball: Because it denies them a chance to ever wear yellow, the main color of their logo. Anyone else's thoughts are welcome!
  3. Hello everyone, I am not new to these boards and have had a few series. Yet, those series have gone unfinished, Idk but whenever i start a new topic I complete about 3 concepts and then forget about it completely. I am sorry for clogging the boards with a few unfinished concept series. So for this NFL revival i will focus on completing it 100%. Lets start off with the Cardinals, victims of terrible piping right now I really wanted to take an element from past uniforms and make it new. Also aded the stripes to the helmet, and made the red lighter. The color change was an attempt to make the uniforms and logo seem more bold and aggressive. I also eliminated the monochrome red look... Leave C&C Please!!
  4. What's up guys. Finally decided to do my own uniform concepts. I'm planning on doing a set for every team but I don't know how often I'll post due to other things going on that come first. Regardless, I should be doing a set whenever I can. I've had some ideas and the itch to do this for a while. Anyways, first up is Atlanta. I love their potential for awesome uniforms as soon as next year (personally I wanna see that charcoal court but IDK if that'll actually happen.) The home/away unis are pretty straight forward. There are wings on on three uniforms on the sides and I intend for them to be the shiny material like the Hornets currently use on the side of their shorts. Going for an Oregon football vibe I guess. The alts are pretty...weird. ATLANTA across the crotch area in the same shiny material I just mentioned. Not sure how people will feel about these but oh well. Let me know what you think! (And if anyone wants me to do a specific team next please lmk)
  5. My friend was wearing a Adidas Baylor hat today and it got me thinking. I thought Baylor had Nike uniforms and not Adidas . I looked up the uniforms and realized that Baylor had Nike for football and Adidas for basketball last year. Has there been any other colleges that have more than one jersey manufacturer?
  6. Here is my first image posting to the Board. My inspiration for this project were my passions of the NFL & the Presidents of the United States. I paired each President with a team that he'd probably root for based on where he grew up or established his career.
  7. Hey everyone! I'm back in an effort to revive my high school thread I started a few weeks ago. All of these teams play in the Narrows League in Western WA. I'll accept C and C throughout, but I'm no professional, so some in-depth tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for checking it out, and enjoy!
  8. I have been working on a English Premier League to American football crossover for several weeks. I have been able to complete only about one a week, so I haven't started uploading them yet because then the series would drag on for a really long time. All teams will have a city/town crest or two on their main helmets and on their football field. Also note that every team will have the league logo in their team colors (like in the MLB). Trying to remain realistic to any league, jerseys and helmets must have the league logo on it. Football fields must have the league logo too. Here are the finalized team names (after input from this site and several others): Arsenal GunnersAston Villa LionsCardiff DragonsChelsea BluesCrystal Palace EaglesEverton ToffeemenFulham BadgersHull TigersLiverpool RedsManchester CitizensManchester Red DevilsNewcastle MagpiesNorwich CanariesSouthampton SaintsSunderland Black CatsStoke PottersSwansea SwansTottenham HotspurWest Bromwich ThrostlesWest Ham Ironworkers2014 Promoted Teams Burnley ClaretsLeicester FoxesQueens Park Rangers
  9. Hey everyone! I love this website and just recently found the forums section and have found a lot of interesting threads. However, I was unable to find a thread of retro college football uniforms (late 60s/70s/80s/90s/ even early 2000s) I love making retro uniforms on NCAA Teambuilder, but it is so hard to find retro uniforms unless you search for a specific player from that team in a given era. For example, if I want a 1984 maryland uniform, I need to look up "Boomer Esiason maryland football" in google, and even then its usually a crap shoot. But here is a chance to put some uniforms that you grew up loving in this thread So, for the greater good of the whole comunity, lets just make a thread completely devoted to college football retro uniforms! Please include the year that the uniform was worn! good luck everyone! hope this projhect is a success! I'll start us off! Vinny Testaverde, Miami U, 1989 PSU Joe Jurevicius 1997 With a little bit of late 90s USC in there too lol
  10. (Am I posting too many threads? Oh well) What do you guys think is/are the best road grey jerseys in MLB right now? Dodgers, Cubs, and Giants grey alternates count (I have a feeling the cubs won't be on here). I nominate the Athletics
  11. I'm a die-hard Packers fan, and I noticed that Green Bay doesn't have that many options for uniforms. I know they want to keep tradition, but I thought it'd be fun to change the colors around on the uniforms. My idea was to categorize them by color, and then each uniform could be mixed and matched with multiple colors. This is my first time on the forums, so I wanted to see what you guys thought. Any feedback would be great. Thanks. Green Uniforms Yellow Uniforms White Uniforms Throwback Uniforms [Actual Uniforms] I originally had a black uniform instead of the throwbacks, but I decided to change it because of the helpful feedback I have been receiving. If you would like to still see them, Click Here.
  13. Hey guys, I've been working on a Florida Gators concept recently but I'm having trouble deciding on the helmet. I'm going to keep it mostly the same, but I want to replace the outdated cursive script with the current wordmark on the helmet. I just can't figure out what color it should be, so I'll leave it up to you guys. I like option 1 better. Full uniforms will be up soon. EDIT: Option one wins. EDIT TWO: Option One wins so helmets removed
  14. I've always been a reader of these boards and this site, but never really posted anything. That being said, I wanted to share a podcast I started called Makers of Sport. it is not just a sports branding podcast, but rather anything involved at the intersection of creativity and sports. This can include designers, art directors, writers, filmmakers, fashion (street, sneaker and uniform) designers, programmers, startup entrepreneurs and more. My most recent interviews include: Matt Hernandez of Matt Hernandez Photography. Matt is a designer and photographer that recently shot the McDonald's All-American game. Joe Bosack of Joe Bosack & Co. Joe joined me to discuss the current state of sports identity and gave a behind-the-scenes of his process and approach to sports branding.Jason Feirman, Mesh Advertising + Marketing: Jason spent 13 years as the director of publications for LSU. He discusses the rebranding of LSU in the early 2000s and an inside view of working at a prominent college athletic program.Upcoming interviews: Todd Radom of Todd Radom Design. If you don't know who he is you probably are hanging at the wrong website.Steve Vollmer, Jr, Creative Designer at the NFL HQ.Jose Lopez, Creative Director of the Houston RocketsHans Anderson, Senior Concept Developer at ESPN Emerging Technology.Would love for y'all to give it a listen and if you like leave a review on iTunes. I'm new to podcasting so hopefully it gets better over time. iTunes: Soundcloud: Twitter:
  15. I'm not getting the C&C I wanted with my NFL Redesign, and since I'm so far ahead in it, I thought I'd take a brake from designing those and try some college football stuff. First up, my Washington Huskies The obvious thing to do is to go back to what they had before this year. I dumped the garbage they got and went back to a classic look. Black is removed from the purple jersey. I kept the black jersey, even if it is BFBS. But the brashier striping is now on every helmet and pair of pants, except for the purple pants. It didn't look right. I also removed all the odd things about the current ones, like the arrow-tipped numbers and the "northwest frost" texture on the white helmet. Please provide a good amount of C&C! Table of Contents Washington/Alabama Ole Miss Oregon Stanford Imgur Album
  16. Usually, I prefer colored uniforms to white, but there are some cases where the white just looks so much better than the color. Here are mine, feel free to add yours. NFL Cincinnati Bengals Both white uniforms look solid, but the white over white is far and away the best in the Bengals' subpar set. Seattle Seahawks It's not great, but at least there's no mono-blue. NBA Houston Rockets Not a huge fan of the grey in the Rocket's scheme. The red really pops off the white. San Antonio Spurs Not sure why, but I just love the Spurs' homes NHL Detroit Redwings Doesn't get much better than this, color balance is perfect. Dallas Stars The green and white just pop so well
  17. With the NFL post season approaching I decided to rank every current NFL uniform and put them through a post-season match up. Before we get started keep in mind that I am a huge fan of classics and in my opinion simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. I also look for correlation and consistency (stripes on helmet match stripes on rest of the uniform) and when there is more than meets the eye. Meaning behind a design. Lets begin. AFC East: 1-NYJ 2-MIA 3-BUF 4-NE This division is packed full of great uniform design with the exception of NE. I love white helmets and 3 of the 4 teams wear them. MIA has great colors. When I think of those colors I think of Miami. I wasn't a fan of them at first because I didn't think there was anything wrong with their old uniforms, but I've warmed up to them. Their logo on the other had is terrible. I think MIA teams are looking for that hotel look. BUF's switch back to a classic look with white helmets was a good choice. Their stripe consitentcy can be a little funky, but it's better than what they used to have. What I don't like about NE uniform design is how busy and inconsistent they are. I feel they should trash the silver and switch back to white. Last time I checked our great nations colors are red, WHITE, and blue. AFC North 1-CLE 2-BAL 3-CIN 4-PIT This division was a little lackluster. CLE ran away with this division. I don't love and I don't hate BAL. A few things I'd like to see them do is mix up the colors a bit. This is one of the teams I'd like to redesign. Ravens are completely black and I'd like to see BAL switch to black as their primary color along with a gun metal or flat black with a few hints of red and yellow to stay consistent with Maryland's colors.I'm loving the new matte helmets that have become popular in recent years and I think BAL would look sharp with matte black helmets with a shiny black decal. A love when teams use something other than their logo that goes along with their mascot on their helmets (CIN, STL, PHI, MIN) That's about all I like about CIN. Uniforms are a little too busy for my liking. I love PIT's colors and they look good on the field but I don't like the different thicknesses and amount of stripes they use. If there was a little more consistency the top of the division would have been a harder choice. AFC West 1-OAK 2-SD 3-KC 4-DEN Another pretty good division. I can't stand the Raider brand and organization, but when it comes to uniforms that's one thing they've got going on. Classic, simple, and iconic. The battle for 2 in this division was tough. If I could I'd have SD and KC tied and DEN take the 4 hole. SD baby blues are hard to dislike. No complaints with this design. If they ever look for a bit of a change I'd like to see them add maybe an electric yellow much like Oregon Univ. but only used in moderation. KC's are solid. I can't think of anything I'd change. DEN to me is meh. When they first debuted their new look I was all about it, but they're due for a change. AFC South 1-IND 2-HOU 3-TEN 4-JAC Another pretty decent division. The top spot was hard to decide. What ultimately won IND the top spot was the LSU style stripes on the shoulder. It's a different look and not used as much these days. HOU has one of the best modern designs today. TEN is much like DEN in my opinion. Loved them when they first entered, but it's time for a change. JAC used to have the best helmets until they switched to their terrible excuse for a gradient. Another team I'd like to redesign. I love the unique color scheme and this is another team I'd mess around with the matte look. NFC South 1-NO 2-CAR 3-ATL 4-TB This is one of the weakest divisions in the league. It was an easy decision for the top spot. I love gold and NO has solid uniforms. Nothing I would change except their play on the field as of late. CAR could turn it up a notch. I like that they're using their iconic Carolina blue a lot more, but I'd switch to a black helmet and enlarge the logo and have only the CAR blue highlights with no keyline. ATL's are too busy for my liking. Another modern design that is trying too hard to be different. TB used to have awesome uniforms, but they are now one of the worst in the NFL with their recent change to an alarm clock inspired design. NFC North 1-GB 2-MIN 3-DET 4-CHI This is by far the best division as far looks go. A lot of great classic designs with a well executed modern design thrown in. GB wins the top spot for me. Nothing to complain about here except for when they wear their God-awful throwbacks with the yellow circle that encases the number. Please throw those way back into the never wear again pile. MIN has one of the best modern designs. I love the matte helmet. I love gold so much that I would love to see MIN switch from there yellow to a gold. I think it would but something that would give them a little kick. The only thing I'm not loving in this design is how the white strip on the shoulder inclines upwards towards the back of the uniform. I'd like to know if there is meaning behind it or if the designer was just trying to be different. DET's are a great execution of modern meets classic. I love the update. Only thing I'd consider changing is the stripe thicknesses on the helmet. CHI is just another one of those classics. I like when they omit white from their uniforms the most. This is another team that could be turned up slightly, but I wouldn't want it to destroy their classic look. It would need to be execute the same way DET's are in my opinion. NFC East 1-WAS 2-PHI 3-NYG 4-DAL This division is so-so. Not bad, but not great. WAS wins the number one spot. I like that they've switched back to the yellow pants although I tend to like it when teams helmets and pants are the same color. They are the exception. PHI are okay. Much like BAL. They could use something new. Maybe a switch back to Kelly Green. NYG is another one that's meh. I think they could use a minor change. Where do I begin with DAL? I don't understand how one of the biggest brands in the world could have such terrible uniforms. DAL can't decide what colors they want to use. Navy blue on the helmet, Royal on their jerseys, and the silver pants don't match the silver helmets. Their dark uniforms that they hardly wear aren't bad, but "C'mon Man"! NFC West 1-SF 2-STL 3-SEA 4-ARZ This division scores a B+ in my opinion. SF wins just because I love gold. As you guys can tell, I love the gold. Maybe cause I'm a golden domer fan, but who knows. I like what I like. There switch back to the classic look was a success. The only thing I don't like about them is the black ring around the logo. Black isn't used anywhere else in their uniforms. STL has the coolest helmets in the league. I'm not a fan of their strip scheme on their dark pants though. I would love for them to go back to royal and yellow though. This is one of those rare occasions where I'm over the gold only because I love the royal and yellow look so much. I hated SEA at first, but then I did a little research. Turns out they put a lot of thought into their design. I love that they integrated the north west art style in a modern way and added something for the infamous 12th man. Although it's not Emerald green I think it's cool that the city of SEA is taking on this green that the Seahawks and Sounders use much like all the pro teams in PIT are black and yellow. I think it unites the city and makes it seem like they are all one. ARZ's are much like ATL. Too busy and I don't understand some of the choices. Maybe it's random decisions, maybe not. Love the white helmets though. Okay, time for the playoffs! AFC Wild Card CLE v. MIA - CLE OAK v. SD - SD NFC Wild Card WAS v. MIN - MIN NO v. STL - STL AFC DIVISIONAL NYJ v. CLE - NYJ SD v. IND - IND NFC DIVISIONAL MIN v. SF - MIN STL v. GB - GB AFC CONFERENCE CHAMP. NYJ v. IND - NYJ NFC CONFERENCE CHAMP. MIN v. GB - GB ( I wanted to pic MIN, but I can't get over the sleeve stripe) SUPER BOWL GB v. NYJ - GB
  18. I think I've mentioned more than a few times what a fan I am of the L. A. Rams' 1950's look... gold jerseys over white pants. I've posted 3 or 4 concepts based on that. But an offhand comment made by someone else in a different thread got me thinking. Their point was that it was unlikely the Rams would go retro to show off their return to LA. That they'd much more likely go little modern. I think maybe. But at any rate, here is a concept based on the 50's uni but with a modern flair. Comments appreciated...
  19. With Pitt finally updating back to the script I decided to create a uniform to go along with it. It seems like it needs something but I can't put my finger on it. You guys can decide that for me. Might do an away later if I have time. Hail 2 Pitt
  21. Alrighty I made these a few weeks ago and totally forgot about them, i tweaked them a little bit before posting but I like what I did with them, I may make this a continuing thing with other schools that are branded by Russell because I am not a big fan of there's. And I will be using other brands like Under Armour and Adidas if I do but for now its just for Georgia Tech. *Football Home Away Alternate Now for these uniforms I wanted them to be bold but not crazy, I love the Mustard Yellow shoulders and sleeves. And for the pants stripes I wanted them to be alittle simple, so i went to the mid 2000's Washington Redskins stripes, and for the sleeves I absolutely had to take advantage of the names "Yellow Jackets" and I had to put honeycomb on the sleeves. *Basketball Home Away Alternate Home Alternate Away (I had to does these, and yeah they look like the ones West Virginia wears but) Now bare with me these were my first time messing with basketball template but I love what I did here, I was going with a simple look mainly because Nike Basketball aren't actually "too" flashy, but like I said with the Football uniforms I had to take advantage of the honeycomb so I actually put it in the mesh and it looks really nice to me. Now I wanted to make a Baseball concept but I couldnt find a good baseball template to use :| , but bare with me I'll try to either find one or just make one because I really want to make some baseball concepts. But give me feedback Id love to see what everyone thinks.
  22. Hey All, Posted my first concept a while back which was a hand-drawn jersey for my high school baseball team. I'm back, but this time it's with a full league that spans all of the U.S. and southern (border) parts of Canada. The Confederacy The Can-Am Baseball Confederacy (CABC) is made up of two leagues, northern and southern, with five divisions in each. Each division contains four teams, making up a total of 40 for the entire CABC. Yes, this is most likely too many, but I did this really so I could have more concepts to draw up. The Map The map of teams is displayed below along with a list. The divisions are very local, making for easy play within the division. I've talked with a few people about the names of the divisions, but please feel free to give suggestions based on their location or region. Not sure if I'm going to put a team in Las Vegas (gray circle), but if I did they would be the Las Vegas Valley Kings (up for another name). For now, the team they would replace is in Salt Lake City, creating the Four Corners Division. Upon a relocation the division would be renamed to Southwest (due to the lack of a better idea). The Divisions Northern League Cascadia Prairie Great Lakes Northeast Midland Calgary Stampede Chicago Gusts Detroit Motors Montreal Caribou Cincinnati Portland Pioneers Minnesota White Tails Ottawa New England Colonials Indianapolis Raceways Seattle Emeralds Winnipeg Mounties Pittsburgh Smokies New York Liberty Kansas City Vancouver Ports Wisconsin Curds Toronto Philadelphia Founders St. Louis Southern League California Four Corners Midwest South Appalachia Los Angeles Stars Arizona Cacti Dallas Atlanta Baltimore Crabs Oakland Anchors (v.2) Colorado Bighorns El Paso Dust Devils Miami Palms Carolina Flyers San Diego Whitecaps (v.2) New Mexico Flames Oklahoma Storm New Orleans Tennessee Walking Horses San Francisco Rails (v.2) Salt Lake Saints San Antonio Bull Riders Tampa Shine DC Revolution Team names will appear as links to their post in this concept when they are complete. Updates or other versions will be linked as well.
  23. Hi all, Over this summer, I have been working on a few things to build up my design portfolio. In the past, I have extensively worked on uniform concepts that have been posted here on this board, but I would like to expand my horizons a bit and give logos, wordmarks and branding a shot. My goal for this thread is to be able to post my designs and get some constructive criticism on what I can do better so I can learn more about creating some nice designs and what is acceptable in the eyes of consumers (i.e. you guys). I have a few things in the works right now, but I am going to start things off by sharing a personal logo that I have created. Problem is, I cannot decide what color combination works best! So I have worked up some mockups of different combos that I think could work well with each other, as well as two basic, simplified versions. C&C is always appreciated! Simplified...
  24. It's me again with my 3rd try on NFL Uniform redesigns for the boards. I'm really confident that this time i've got it down. I'm making logos and uniforms for this thread. Feel free to give some feedback and suggestions. Credit to Blase for the template. Here, first up the New York Jets! Primary Logo: Home Uniform: Away Uniform: Alternate (Throwback) Uniform: