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  1. I had this idea for a michigan football concept, and I wanted to work on a nike-like template (because that's the template I've been currently using, and I am, above all else, fairly lazy). My thought was to work with the triple stripe motif of the iconic helmet, and carry that to other parts of the uniform. It wasn't until I was about half way done that I realized this concept has them abandoning Adidas for Nike, but adding in a triple stripe, which is of course, an Adidas trademark. I'm sure a lot of people will have a hard time getting over that. But then I though, what the hell. It isn't like Adidas truly owns the idea of three stripes side by side. A lot of teams use that. Also, the Wolverine helmet has used three stripes forever, and it is at least as iconic as Adidas' logo. But the biggest "what the hell" of all is, its not like this uniform is actually going to happen. Anyway, here it is... (On a side note, as a proud graduate of tOSU, it took a lot not to include a wide yellow stripe down the back! )
  2. Hello all! First post on this site! I've been in the uniform making game for a few years, though never anything not related to soccer ( poster over on I've joined with plans to introduce uniform concepts of mine which go beyond the realm of the football pitch, and onto various Olympic events! I'd very much like to become involved with the community here, so if anybody has requests of a random summer olympic sport uniform ( handball, womens archery, cycling ) give me a shoutout ITT and i'll make sure to create one! Here's my inaugural go at it, just the top of a basketball uniform design i'm developing. Always been a fan of the work Nike did for the Chinese teams, basketball in particular. this one uses the very new and fresh 2014 Nike Hyper Elite basketball template, which seems to be setting some sort of trend for lightweight construction, really thin printed on cuffs, etc. Please do click full-size to see the detail. Would love some C&C, and would appreciate it.
  3. I thought this might be of some interest to the community here. These are pictures of two posters that get hung on gameday in every NFL locker room. Spelling out, in amazingly minute detail, every rule and violation involved in the wearing of a profession football uniform. I guess this is what the players are supposed to be looking at when getting dressed. I'm sure to a lot of people these are a pretty damning example of the "No Fun League" in action, but I disagree. I wish baseball and college football (for instance) were equally exacting, personally. In fact, my only wish would be that the NFL were a little more hardcore in enforcing these rules. I see the sock rules, especially, get broken constantly.
  4. This thread is basically for matchups that you guys thought had two teams with horrible uniforms at the same time. The Marquette jerseys aren't that bad but Notre Dame picks up the slack
  5. So some of you might know that I have been a long time reader and recently had the guts to post things like my Florida State Football uniform concepts and I'm greatly appreciative of your support and encouragement. I've been working on the NFL and have completed the AFC. I know there have been a ton of threads with NFL concepts but I'm going to go ahead and throw my hat in the fold. I wont lie and say i didn't use a few concept images and put my own twist on them and made them my own. So in advance it is my hope if users see something resembling a concept of their own please understand I am not trying to rub it in or anything like that and i wish i could find the users responsible for some awesome concept logos and give them credit. I created a new template that has borrowed ideas from other templates but i assure you guys i made this template from scratch (Minus the back facing side of the helmet) and I'm quite proud of it. I'm going to to start with the AFC East. I'm a traditionalist but i like to throw in some innovative and sometimes daring concepts and i hope you guys like what i bring to the table. C&C is always accepted. So I'll start with my favorite team, the New England Patriots. I'll post the Logo and then a Home, Away, and Alternate Uniform. there will be more to come based on my responses. Hope you all enjoy and can be a little bit easy on me when it comes to the harsher criticisms
  6. Hey, first concept posted to these boards. Starting with the Quebec division of CIS football. To begin, the Concordia Stingers. Only redesigning the uniform, haven't reworked the logos yet. Working on this for fun, C&C welcome and appreciated!
  7. I've done an NFL Redesign thread in the past, and i'm gonna give it another try. Since then, I've got photoshop, illustrator, and my skills have improved. So heres my new one! This is my first time using this template, so it is kinda rough, but heres the Redskins! WASHINGTON REDSKINS: Home Away (I know the white jersey doesn't look that good, i'm trying to find a better way to apply the white.) Alternate
  8. (I did a search to see if a topic like this already existed and I couldn't find one, hopefully I didn't miss anything.) Are there any uniforms you associate primarily with one game, or one moment? This refers specifically to uniforms worn multiple times, because obviously we all associate Wild Wing and Burger King with the Wild Wing and Burger King Game. For example, I associate the Falcons' 1997-2002 road uniforms with the 1998 NFC Championship Game. This is the most significant victory in Falcons history to date, not to mention one of the most exciting championship games and biggest playoff upsets. But for me to associate a uniform with one game, it's important not only for the game to be significant, but for the uniforms themselves to stick out in some way. For the 1997-2002 Falcons road uniforms, it was the red numbers. The Falcons uniforms of the 90's were so dominated by black (black jersey, black logo on a black helmet) that the red numbers on the road uniforms really jumped out at me. When I think about the 1998 NFC Championship Game, the first image that comes to mind is those red numbers. Very similarly, the New York Giants' current road uniforms feature red numbers, even though very little red is present in the home uniforms, and so I associate those uniforms with the most significant game the Giants have won while wearing them: Super Bowl XLII. What about you guys? What uniforms do you associate with one game, one play, one moment?
  9. This is a project I started working on a couple weeks ago. I planned on simply redesigning each team's logo, but instead I decided I would just go ahead and redesign each team's uniform as well. Some teams will obviously need more reworking than others, but I will be changing the logo for every NFL team. I will also be completely renaming the Washington Redskins. Each team will have the following: A primary & secondary logo A custom wordmark Anywhere from 3-5 uniforms, with some having a throwback or fauxback, I'll be doing it by division, and the AFC South is first up. The first redesign is for the Tennessee Titans. I think the Titans have one of the most stale brands in the entire NFL. Since they've switched to the Titans nickname, their logo and uniform design have both been basically stagnant. This is probably the main reason why I started with them. So here's my take. Primary Logo: The primary logo is based on the mask/face of a warrior. Working under the "Titans" nickname, I think this was a good representation of the name. Although some may not like the personification of the Titan, I think it came out nice and I couldn't pass up the chance to incorporate the TT into the logo in the warrior's mask. Secondary Logo: The secondary logo is based on a shield, and it moves away from the personification of the primary logo. This is more prominent on the uniforms than the primary. Wordmark: Uniforms: To be honest, I think the Titans have some of the most stale and old uniforms in the NFL, and they're overdue for an update. I brought back a more true-to-history throwback from the Oilers era. As for the primary uniforms, I updated and simplified the look, and implemented the bevel from the word mark and logo for brand consistency. C&C Appreciated Next up: Indianapolis Colts
  10. Hi, I've started this thread to make changes to logos and uniforms. Entirely new designs are welcome, but I won't post them because I'm not that skilled.
  11. Since I couldn't find a recent thread for favorite uniform matchups, I have created my own. This thread can include our favorite uniform matchups from all sports. Here's one of mine: Buccaneers @ Oilers in 1995?
  12. I've just been trying to find a way to deal with the Steelers' oversized sleeve stripes. I've done concepts that involved basically just shrinking them down, and it never really worked IMO. It just didn't look like the Steelers anymore. So I thought about playing off the odd color choice on the NOB and using that on the TV numbers. By moving the now-gold numbers down onto what's left of the sleeve, they can visually replace the gold of the removed stripes. Also, I'm adding the gray of the logo to a few other parts of the uniform (because, facemask) and returning the traditional block numbers.
  13. I have been on the boards since 2005, and I've noticed, as time goes on, that I'm more in the minority every year. I've never considered myself that old fashioned until now, and I wonder if my age has anything to do with my uniform preferences. I'm curious to see if there's a correlation between age, music preference, overall demographic, and choice of uniforms. Just a little experiment. Here's my basic info, and let's see if you put yours down too, we can compare info. Age: 33 Music Preferences: Rock (Aerosmith, Metallica, Van Halen, etc.), 90s hip hop, Coldplay, Kings of Leon, Mumford and Sons, Carlos Vives (my girlfriend is Colombian so I listen to some of that music), Eminem, U2, etc. Music Dislikes: EDM (Electronic Dance Music), don't really dislike country but not a big fan either, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, etc. Clothing Preferences: Classic (T-shirt and jeans, polo and shorts with boat shoes, or suit if needed) Sports Uniform Preferences: Classic (Green Bay Packers, Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Cubs, Florida Gators, Wisconsin Badgers, Seattle Mariners, Montreal Canadiens, Miami Heat, Dallas Cowboys, etc.) Sports Uniform Dislikes: Wild (Miami Marlins, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Oregon Ducks, etc.)
  14. Sorry for being slow, but here's your NBA Edition of "Every Team's Best Look Ever." As usual, I made a "chart" of what I think every single NBA team's best look is that they've ever had (with a few exceptions). I invite you guys to post your own complete league breakdown of your favorite looks for each team. Here are the rules: If the team has moved, you cannot use their prior location (the Nets don't count because Brooklyn is close enough to New Jersey that technically it's still the same "market," so I'll allow New Jersey Nets uniforms) This is only for a team's best overall look. It's not organized by my "favorite player." In fact, I don't care what players are on here. In some cases you'll find a team's icon used as the photo because that would likely be the most abundant photo found on Google. If I put a team's home uniform up, and you prefer the road/alternate version of the same era, that's fine. That's not something I'm going to change on here. The idea is simply to get the best uniform combo that any specific team has worn for at least one season. There are some teams that have, more or less, never changed their uniforms (i.e. the Celtics), and in that case, you can put any incarnation of their uniform that you want. They're basically all the same. However, if you feel the need to justify a particular version, feel free to do so. I had room, so I added the Charlotte Hornets and Seattle SuperSonics, so you may do the same. Just don't put them in place of the New Orleans Hornets or Oklahoma City Thunder. I think, overall, you'll find I prefer bright/vibrant colors, a traditional look, and uniforms that stand out. I'm not as worried about how they look if fans were to buy them as fashion accessories. Feel free to comment on my list, and make your own lists...AND PLEASE USE PHOTOS (Each of mine is about 300x400 pixels)! When it comes to the Raptors and the Bobcats, I think every incarnation of their uniforms suck. So, I just picked what I felt was the best of the worst.
  15. hello there this is my first post so try to toad it easy but C&C is wanted wanted to create high school nike pro combats heres my is Columbus Cardinals if y'all have any request just reply and ill get on it
  16. Let me know what you guys think. Also, check out the Reddit thread here:
  17. I've decided to make a master thread for compiling my random NBA concepts. So...yeah, here we go. Los Angeles Clippers Logos | Home | Road | Alt | Court Phoenix Suns Logos | Home | Road | Alt | Court Dallas Mavericks Home | Road | Alt | Court Indiana Pacers Home | Road | Alt 1 | Alt 2 | Alt 3 | Court Seattle Supersonics Logos | Home | Road | Alt | Court Sacramento Kings Logos | Home | Road | Alt | Court
  18. So, I'm in the process of doing a redesign for my former high school, Clearwater High in Florida. I thought it would be cool to streamline the logos, wordmarks and uniforms for all the sports. A couple weeks ago, I redid the baseball uniforms and I've moved on to football. I included each jersey, pants & helmet and my 10 favorite combinations (obviously many more can be made as this is a Oregon/ASU/Boise style redesign). What do you guys think? What is your favorite combination? C&C is appreciated **Link to my Clearwater Baseball redesign can be found here** ******UPDATE******** Used a Concept Template which is awesome & made a couple updates, here's the realistic version (template here, it's fantastic especially for GIMP users --> )
  19. CLICK for Original Divisions: NFC EAST // AFC EAST // NFC NORTH // AFC NORTH // NFC WEST// AFC WEST // NFC SOUTH // AFC SOUTH CLICK for Updates: UPDATE 1 (PHI, DAL, GB, CHI) // UPDATE 2 (CIN, SEA) In March of 2012, I posted the last team in my NFL Redesign thread. I was overwhelmingly busy, excruciatingly happy, and somewhat tired of the way I made my uniforms. You see, for those who remember and for those who don't, I would post each of my teams as I created the concept. As a result, my thread was littered with different templates, updates, styles, and levels of ability over the span of almost a year and a half. Even at that point, I only had completed around 20 teams. Many of you enjoyed my concepts, and I hope that you will again, because... In December of 2012, in the long lull of Winter, and not in the same ecstatic state I had been in the previous Spring, I decided that after 9 months away, I wanted to return to my uniforms. I adopted a new template, finally based in the reality of the NFL under Nike. Most importantly, I decided to complete all of the NFL teams before I would begin to post them. Every four days, starting on Friday, March 14th, I will post a new division. The schedule is as follows: NFC East: 3/15/13 || AFC East: 3/19/13 || NFC North: 3/23/13 || AFC North: 3/27/13 || NFC West: 3/31/13 || AFC West: 4/4/13 || NFC South: 4/8/13 || AFC South: 4/12/13 I'm really excited, and happy to finally be back to posting on the boards here. I hope that all of you will enjoy, "like", and of course leave your Comments & Criticisms. See you all below!
  20. We all know about the Browns' upcoming rebrand in 2015. From some of the comments the people in charge have been making, I'm getting a little concerned. IMO the browns don't need much. Maybe a decent logo (not on the helmet), a few pants options, and a better way to deal with the shrinking sleeves, and they are good to go. Anyway, here's something I was messing with. Its similar to a concept I posted a few months ago in my NFL thread, but I've reworked my template sleeves so I had to change a few things. I thought I'd give a try to the antique white... still not sure if I like it. Thoughts?
  21. I've posted a few of my Eagle concepts before, always pushing to bring back the kelly green. But I've also always gotten rid of the charcoal gray as a given. But then a way to keep both the dark gray and the silver occurred to me... thanks to the recent Tampa By nightmare. And yes, this does involve dark gray pants with a kelly green jersey. Let me know what you think.
  22. I'm watching the NCAA men's basketball tournament and Baylor's highlighter yellow jerseys are irritating. They deserve to lose just because of it! IMO one of the All Time worst. What do you think are some of the all time worst jerseys? Sorry if this thread has been done before.
  23. Using the logos and template that Chris has on this site, plus some of my own limited skills, I've been tweaking some MLB team uniforms. They've been posted to Uni-Watch before, but I thought I'd polish them up and share them here specifically as well. I'll start with my concept for the Anaheim Angels. A unique font for their numbers is good, and shaving the barbs from their current one made for a really good one. Their '76-'93 jerseys were cool, so I made a button down version sans the front number. Their cap logo from that era was also cool, so I kept the spirit of it around in red.
  24. The Texas Longhorn Away Uniforms are often referred to as their "Stormtrooper Aways". It was with that thought in mind that some Longhorn friends approached me and asked me to do my own version of the Texas/Star Wars Affiliation. Thus, I present to you my Vaders and Stormtroopers. I like the set. But I'd never want Texas to go away from the Burnt Orange Primary at Home.