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  1. Basically, what teams in your mind need a new Uniform, or maybe an added Alternative. The Nets need an alternative, the Bulls need a new alternative (Black with Red pinstripes looks horrible on TV)
  2. I am designing an alternate universe league, complete with a history and team names, logos, uniforms, the whole shebang. I will essentially operate as the design company for the league, working with the owners to design the teams. Like a real-life league, most decisions will be partially up to the owner and partially up to the league. For example, each owner will pick a city, but the league will vote among 4 owner-provided options for nicknames. Owner picks team colors, pending league approval. Etc. It will be 2 leagues of 8-12 teams each with a week 16 championship game between the two league winners. I’m currently building a website for the league through which everyone can follow along, and this thread will contain all the history and designs, updated as they are created. I’m likely going to add people in waves. The league will start with 8 owners and expand from there over the course of the off season. NEWS: Scheduled unveilings: Feb. 11, 2014 Denver Drillers design unveiled. Feb. 18, 2014 Mexico City Aztecs design unveiled. Feb. 25, 2014 Lincoln Zephyrs design unveiled. March 4, 2014 Fremont Trolls (Seattle) design unveiled. March 11, 2014 Kentucky Mashers design unveiled. March 18, 2014 Memphis Kings design unveiled. March 25, 2014 Toronto Tops design unveiled. April 1, 2014 New York Griffins design unveiled. Thanks for watching! We are still in the recruiting phase, so team names and branding are down the road a bit, but to kick us off... The History of the CFA, part 1: A League Unto Itself The History of the Continental Gridiron Alliance, part 1: The Continental Football Conference On January 25, 1987, the Continental Gridiron Alliance was officially chartered as the Continental Football Conference. The announcement came a day later in New Orleans in an attempt to take advantage of the media coverage of Super Bowl XX and show that the league was serious about directly competing with the NFL. After the collapse of the USFL the previous year and in anticipation of the expiration of the 1982 NFL CBA, the league was formed as a direct competitor to the NFL with an eye on eventually merging with the older league. When the announcement of the league’s formation, meant to be an event seen around the world during Super Bowl coverage, the CFC was almost entirely ignored, as the excitement surrounding Super Bowl XX and the lingering disappointment in the USFL combined into media apathy for the new league. As the owners left for their home cities and the auspicious announcement stage was torn down and packed up, the NFL’s Chicago Bears defeated the New England Patriots 46-10. It would be the last Super Bowl for more than two years, as the 1987-88 NFL season was cancelled after seven games played by non-union replacement players. Due to a combination of an expired collective bargaining agreement that lead to a labor strike, an unwillingness on the part of NFL players to cross the picket lines, in part itself because of the perceived disrespect of using replacement players, and the CFC’s willingness to negotiate with and sign star NFL players, the CFC quickly built itself as a money-losing but legitimate competitor to the NFL during the 1987-88 season. The CFC became the CFA on April 24, 1993 after merger negotiations broke down with the NFL. As evidenced by its original name, the league was intended as a third conference for the NFL and owners were confident that such a merger would come quickly once it was clear they were willing to lose money in the short term in order to compete with the NFL. With the perfect storm of the strike, the replacements, and the deep pockets of the CFC owners, respectability and competition came quickly for the league. This first major break for the league came in week 4 of the 1987 season, as CBS began airing NFL games on tape delay in a negotiation tactic. CBS claimed that the ratings for the replacement games were so low that the NFL owed restitution due to language in the broadcast contract. By week 6, CBS had negotiated a low-value but highly publicized one-year deal with the CFC to air CFC games in the time slots usually occupied by NFL games. Meant to be a negotiating tactic against the NFL, ratings were soon high enough for CFC games, featuring former NFL stars such as John Elway, Joe Montana, and Lawrence Taylor, that the contract was extended through the next season at a 300% increase, with CFC games planned to be aired that next season on Sunday evenings after the day’s NFL games. When the NFL’s week 7 games were aired on CBS at as late as 3 a.m. Monday morning in East Coast markets and it became clear that a lengthy legal struggle with the network would be extremely costly and that the striking players would not return to work without a new CBA, the NFL cancelled the rest of its season. Shots were truly fired by the CFC when CFC teams managed to sign 6 of the top 10 NFL draft picks from the 1991 draft class, though the CFC had mostly depended on signing away free agent veteran talent from the NFL to that point. The “leftovers league” reputation that had been building over several years for the CFC was subverted and negotiations immediately began in earnest between the NFL and CFC for a joint draft in order to prevent a repeat of the 1991 situation. However, the NFL’s draconian requirements for the CFC teams, such as an “admission fee” paid to the NFL and the loss of first round picks for CFC teams for the first two years of the joint draft led to the CFC rejecting the agreement for the 1992 draft. The CFC would sign 9 of the top 10 NFL draftees. When another year’s worth of negotiations for a joint draft once again broke down ahead of the 1993 draft — the NFL had lifted many of its requirements but refused to even broach the subject of a merger, despite the CFC championship game slightly outdrawing the AFC and NFC championships — the CFC abandoned the idea of merging with the NFL and rebranded itself as the Continental Gridiron Alliance with the slogan “A League Unto Itself.”
  3. Even # Super Bowl means Denver is designated as the home team as the AFC represenative. They'll likely be in their orange homes with Seattle in their road set. Field/End Zone setups, uniforms, apparel, alternate event logos, whatever. Get 'em here.
  4. Hi everyone, I decided to do a total rebrand of the Detroit Lions as if "bubbles" and the current branding never existed. I did it more for fun and as a challenge to myself to come up with a full branding system. I warn those who are Lions fans that this doesn't keep much of what is currently in the system or on the uniforms. It definitely has a less traditional feel to it. I mean no disrespect to the current branding or the traditions from which it came from. That being said, let's go into the project. I based my logo concept off of a 70's profile Detroit Lions Logo that I found on this very site, and made an updated version of it. I thought the profile head would look great for the helmets and be able to be used in many different applications. I then thought to do a front view to be able to be used on the uniforms, and additional logos can help merchandising. I based the typography on a black letter style since the tigers use blackletterI then did the unthinkable and darkened the Lions blue and added a surprise color into the uniforms. I felt that the orange could symbolize fire: the fires of industry found in Detroit, the rebirth of a team from the ashes etc. I also thought the new color could help be a driver for new merchandise lines. For the Uniforms I included watermarks on the shoulderpads of tire patterns representing the motor city, and a grid of the city on the silver uniform.I then decided to extend the series to include a stationary system for their corporate offices. I hope yall like them, and I'm open to your feedback. Thanks, enjoy Profile primary Profile full body front facing logo Lions script Lions Helmet Uniform front Uniform front with Lion patch Uniform back Full Uniform full uniform silver Lions Stationary Sorry forgot to say I used templates from Frasier Davidson for the helmet and uniform shot
  5. Hey, I've noticed that one area that's rarely explored on these boards is college basketball. Well, Christmas Break has left me with a little more free time on my hands, so I decided to make some uniform concepts for the first time in a long time. I'm not going in any particular order, although I've been starting out with most of the Top 25 teams and other schools I feel don't have a solid identity in college hoops. If I have not done a team, it's because I feel they already have solid uniforms that don't need to be improved upon. I sure hope you've read this far before looking at all the pretty pictures, because I will not be taking requests. The last thing I want is for this thread to turn into an all out request-fest. Also, I will not be giving out this template, so please do not ask for it. Thank you. Please offer up any comments or criticism you like, and enjoy! Oh and one more thing, I'm throwing all brands out the window. So no Nike, no Adidas, no UnderArmor. I don't want to have to adjust all my ideas to fit any pre-designed templates. Just think of these as all being done under my brand. Creighton ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT Butler ---- HOME // ROAD Kansas ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT Wichita St ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT Baylor ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT 1 // ALT 2 Purdue ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT 1 // ALT 2 Wisconsin ---- HOME // ROAD Oklahoma St ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT 1 // ALT 2 Oregon ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT 1 // ALT 2 // ALT 3 Syracuse ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT Louisville ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT Colorado ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT San Diego St ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT ...more coming!
  6. OK, here is another Baltimore Ravens' concept. I think this is the 3rd I've posted. To me, this team is a tough one to get myself happy with. Let me know what you think.
  7. With the recent talk about the Browns receiving a uniform update in the next few years, I decided to take a swing at the Cleveland uniform tweak myself.
  8. I just downloaded the season pass and what do you know, the toilet seat collars are still on the teams who changed. I'm expecting a patch for this eventually. Anybody else who downloaded it early or seen the uniform video, notice any other uniform errors?
  9. The NFL has had their "uniform police" for almost three decades now, if not longer, and although they have been somewhat laxed since the NIKE takeover last year ("allowing" teammates in different color shoes,etc), they still have a strong presence in regards to the way the uniforms appear on the field. Although it will likely never happen, I'm wondering what everyone would think if the NCAA adopted a similar sideline presence to make sure everyone who comes out of the locker room has matching socks, shoes, proper/authorized accessories, etc. I know this would take individuality out of the game, but I get irked at seeing little things like one guy wearing knee-high solid white socks while the rest of the team has nearly invisible ankle socks. Thoughts?
  10. Haven't found a great spot for uniform discussion on reddit, so I thought I'd give a shot at getting one started. No idea if this will have any traction at all. Check it out.
  11. Nike has officially unveiled the new uniforms for the Pro Bowl... The Red, white and blue are gone in favor of gray, lime green and highlighter orange. Source: (Yes, I know this is being discussed in the NFL thread, but something this drastic usually warrants a separate thread.)
  12. Job postings like this make me want to be 16 and have to chose a career path And to make things worst, the location is less than 5 kms (3 miles) from my house :...(;jsessionid=6BC2591E3094FECB1E4811BE23D6508F.NA10_primary_jvm?org=BAUERHOCKEY&cws=1&rid=196
  13. I was browsing on Facebook this morning when I seen an advertisement for a page called, "Uniform Critics" and I click on the link and viewed thier page. Well, if you want a laugh I suggest you check out thier page as they have no taste whatsoever. I know I have been critized as a modern uniform junkie and in the past I rightfully deserved it, but these idiots take it to a whole new level. They have a page dedicated to the Top 100 best new college uniforms and the list is hilarious as hell. You can view the page by clicking on the previous link, but here is an example of some of the "best" new unis: 1. Boise State Grey Jersey 3. Appalachian State 6. Tennessee Grey Uniform 8. Fresno State Blackout Uniform 10. Miami (Ohio) 16. Virginia Tech Grey Jersey 27. UCLA Blackout Uniform They do have some decent looking uniforms on the list, but the majority are modern with no style. Here are some of the ones I like: 5. Florida State 13. South Carolina 18. Cal
  14. Hello everyone! I'm new to this site and have had ideas of making a fake baseball league. Using paint, I am going to create teams until the league is over. Thank you for following!
  15. I've read many articles that claim that the logo/uniforms are "dated". But in your opinion, is the current Denver Broncos uniform/logo now historic/classic enough to where anything but minor tweaks would upset the Denver Broncos fanbase and/or uniform fanatics? I think so. Here are a few reasons why: Started the "modern" uniform trend in 1996Is now 17 years oldIs relatively modest compared to current "modern" uniformsBroncos won all Super Bowls in these uniformsLast uniform worn by some all-time Bronco greats (Terrell Davis, John Elway, Shannon Sharpe)Jason Elam set the longest FG record in these uniformsPeyton Manning tied the passing TD in a single game record in these uniformsSome image links:
  16. Hello everyone, I have been a HUGE fan of the NFL since the day I was born and I have also been an avid hunter for most of my life. I always thought it would be cool to have a group of jerseys for the states that are HUGE into hunting (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas, Illinois, Kansas, Colorado, and others). I would like this great community give me some ideas on how to make these uniforms awesome. Yes I do know the NFL have the wood camo jerseys but these would, hopefully, be used on game day. Here's a list of what I'm thinking: Teams: I already named off the states I feel are a large state when it comes to hunting, add more if you think there should be more. Color: Should it still be team colors or use some blaze orange and camo Style: Use the style the teams use or a new style to the jerseys Other: Just some more ideas of what I could do differently! Thank you all for the help!
  17. Hello all, I am brand new to this site, I found it last week and have been really enjoying reading the threads and looking at concepts. This past spring I redesigned the Dolphins uniforms before their latest uniform release but after their logo was leaked. So I took the leaked logo and designed a uniform set around that. I realize that this isn't good timing because they have just released their new uniforms, but since I just found this site I decided to put up my ideas and see what all of you think. At the time I submitted my ideas to Paul Lukas's ESPN/uniwatch uniform redesign challenge. (Side note: this was my first uniform design so that is why the first image is in fairly low quality. I recently did the on body jerseys. A big thank you to bigvolsfan for the template. I wasn't able to get the base layer sleeve though.) The only thing that I have changed from my original design is the sock stripes. Originally they were even more complex. Other than that, I have left the concept the same. I have some ideas about changes to make, but I wanted to hear what all of you think before making any other changes. The main design concept is the wave going down the side of the jersey. This is why I have used the original template that I did--so that I could show the wave going from the jersey to the pants. The wave is taken from the lines in the new dolphins logo, and I think that it works with the Miami oceanfront vibe. The one long stripe that needs to be in the same color on both shirt and pants, that is why I have the blue pants with the white jersey instead of the green that would feel more natural. I was just going by the logo when I designed the uniforms, and I thought that they were moving away from orange and incorporating more blue. This is why I went with blue alternates instead of orange ones (and by looking at the new helmet stripe, this did turn out to be the case.) I was quite surprised when I saw that the font they now use for their Dolphins wordmark is fairly similar to what I had designed. (I am not suggesting that they saw my font and decided to use something similar; I just found it interesting.) I know that the NFL only allows one helmet that is not a throwback helmet, but I am including an alternate helmet assuming that Nike will convince the NFL to allow an alternate helmet so long as it is similar to the main helmet. This is why I have kept it white. Let me know what you think.
  18. In my mind there are quite a few NFL uniforms that are nearly perfect, but could use some tweaks here and there to make them the best they can be. There are also some that I think are complete train wrecks and i have completely overhauled those teams to fit my vision of the perfect NFL. I have only done a primary home and road uniform and i am currently working on alternates that I will do in another thread. I am going to start with the AFC, beginning with the North division followed by the South, East and finally the West and naturally after i have fully presented the AFC I will unveil all of the NFC franchises in the same fashion. So without further ado, here it is: AFC North Baltimore Ravens The Ravens are one of the teams that I think just needs some tweaks. I added a stripe to the helmet to take up some of the huge empty black space. I got rid of the "toilet seat collar" and added a thin black stripe to the collar and cuff. Cincinnatti Bengals The Bengals got a combination of old and new that i think works very well. The tiger stripe helmet is gone and replaced with a variation of the old BENGALS script helmet. As far of the uniforms go, they definitely retain the tiger stripe motif, but in a toned downed manner compared to their most recent costumes. Updated the helmet here, Everyone was right, it looks much better. Fixed the orange numbers, too. Cleveland Browns The Browns concept is one i think you will love or hate. I really emphasized the helmet stripe because it is really the only element on the helmet and something that i think the franchise really identifies with. I think this uniform is something fresh and new but is also in line with the traditional looks from Cleveland's past. No orange pants for the Browns either. Pittsburgh Steelers I mean its the Steelers, I think their uniform is nearly perfect as is so I only made one minor tweak. I prefer the block numbers to the italic numbers so I made a swap back to those but kept the italic numbers on the helmet. Basically this uniform is a throwback Please let me know what you think. C&C would be greatly appreciated.
  19. I want this to be a joke. From the people who brought you the camo Pepsi can (thank god): Nothing, NOTHING sells mediocre Italian-style cuisine like a ghillie suit. This is the source provided by Uni-Watch:
  20. Today I am launching my new project; my attempt to make the single best concept I can. To do so I am asking for your help. Now before any of you turn away or post a response like “do you have any idea what this takes”, I am not asking for you to design the concept. What I am asking for you to do is lend your thoughts, opinions, criticism, and preferences. So what is it? I am going to create several concepts. Two by two I will post them and have you all vote on which you like best. Then through a process that I have devised I will eliminate the weaker concepts, strengthen those with potential based upon C&C, and advance the stronger concepts. This is how it will work. There will be 8 rounds. The first two rounds will run simultaneously. The first round works like this; I have identified the 4 largest cities in all 50 U.S. States, I will be reading up on each and then purposing a few team ideas for each. You guys will vote to decide which idea is the best for each. I will then take that idea into the second round, which remember will be running simultaneously meaning new cities and ideas will still be coming online as I am already advancing winning ideas into the second round. The second round is the state round, so each state remember has 4 cities I will take the winning idea for each city and draw a logo, then pit the logos against one another. This round will be a double elimination; meaning a city can afford to lose one vote but not a second. Following their one allowable loss I will make adjustments to the logo based upon your C&C. So you see by the end of this I will have 50 concepts remaining. The latter rounds will be a single elimination playoff which the number 50 dose not lend itself to. 64 would be a much better number; therefore I have also created 14 wild card groups for the first two rounds. These groups are made up of the largest U.S. cities that are not in their own states top four. These groups will operate in the first two rounds just like the state groups. This all means that I will have a third round of 64. For this round each concept will receive a home and road jersey concept. The winners will advance to the fourth round of 32 concepts. Each concept will add a secondary logo for this round. The winners will advanced to the fifth round of 16 concepts. Each concept will add a woodmark in this round. The winners will advance to the sixth round of 8 concepts. Each concept will add a field/court or mascot design in this round. The winners will advance to the seventh round of 4 concepts. Each concept will add an alternate jersey in this round. The winners will advance to the final round of 2 concepts. Each will make final adjustments based upon cumulative C&C for the final showdown. Hope you all followed that convoluted explanation. If not just follow along and you catch on as we go. The first ideas for the Alabama competition will be up shortly. To start with I will not be creating a poll, rather just post you’re thought and I will count it as a vote.
  21. Much like most of you, I am disturbed by the direction the Jaguars have gone with their helmets (and uniforms). I don't particularly hate the uniforms, but the helmet is god-awful. I think we all agree on that. I've decided to take to the [Microsoft] Paint canvas for the first time in a while to hopefully conquer the challenge of a Jags set that everyone will like. *fingers crossed* What I've done: -enlarged the helmet logo -eliminated the gold from the helmet (matte black!) -Teal is the primary home uniform -Single outline on numbers/names (for simplicity's sake) -Tried to distribute colors pretty equally among sets, with the option of having teal, white, or black-heavy sets -Simplified the alt logo, not a fan of "JAGS" in an official logo That's the jist of it, I've done a lot of simplification. Anyway... Here it is. Projected Primary home set: With black pants Projected Primary road set: White-Out: Black-Out: With white pants P.S. I'm actually very proud of this set, especially after such a long hiatus haha. I'm actually in love with the blackout (sue me!). Yes, that's a gradient. But It helped with the color balance, and it'll still be legible. Annnnd, this is a template I made from scratch, just for the hell of it. Thanks for viewing! C&C Please
  22. An interesting article from Fastcompany I figured would be relevant to the folks here. Enjoy!
  23. Really no rules. Pick ONE uniform (can be home, away, alt, throwback, fauxback, and even a past team ie Titans can be Oilers) to be the ONE primary uniform. Fairly simple. Going down the line: Arizona Cardinals Atlanta Falcons Baltimore Ravens Buffalo Bills Carolina Panthers Chicago Bears Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars Kansas City Chiefs Miami Dolphins Minnesota Vikings New England Patriots New Orleans Saints New York Giants New York Jets Oakland Raiders Philadelphia Eagles Pittsburgh Steelers San Diego Chargers San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks St. Louis Rams Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tennessee Titans Washington Redskins What do you guys think?
  24. http://the700level.c...-jersey-colors/ I love the decision personally. I hope we go for a whole new alternate as well! Go Nuggets/Rockets style and bring back a retro like 1994-1996 or 2001.