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  1. This is an idea I've had for a while and started working on about 2 weeks ago. Then today, somebody suggested something similar in the "ugliest matchup" thread, so I thought I'd better get mine going before somebody beat me to it. Anyway, the idea is simple (in fact its probably already been done)... take a uniform from the past and a uniform from the present and combine them. My idea was to go with the colors and logos of one team, and cram it onto the uniform of another, basically. So here goes... First, I'm taking the Seahawks... nice colors, good logo... and putting it onto the classic Oilers uniform... one of the best designs in NFL history... And getting this...
  2. Hello everyone, I received a request for my kit template and I figured I would mock it up and release it in SVG. This template is entirely custom designed. I have exported all text to paths so it should show up as the exact image below when you download it. That way you don't have to worry about having a font installed or looking goofy when you open the file. Click the image to reach the download link.
  3. Im back!!!!! After a brief hiatus I'm back this time with the Jacksonville Jaguars getting a much needed facelift
  4. I always thought it'd be amazing if the Olympic Committee added American Football to the Summer Olympics. There's no doubt that the U.S. would win gold every year. Since it seems like the USA has the best uniforms at the Olympics and other world sporting events, I wondered what our football uniforms would look like. I decided to go a little more simple on the home uniforms, but I kinda wanted to go all out on the road uniforms. I will be starting on red alternate uniforms soon. Please leave feedback. If you have ideas, don't hesitate to let me know. Every suggestion matters. Thank you. Navy (Home) White (Road) Red (Alternate)
  5. Hey everyone I have been working on a high school football uniform database for London, Ontario for a while using a generic template, but now I have decided to create my own that wasn't generic, including different stitching and piping patterns. The schools in my city use mainly Under Armour, but also use Nike, Russell, AI, and Game Tuff Athletics. I started with Russell and this is what it looks like: And this is what it looks like with a design on it. AB Lucas SS 2014 uniforms (NOTE: Helmet is not made by myself) Any feedback on the template is appreciated. I will post Under Armour and Nike next
  6. Here's the uniforms Here's the logo set For the uniforms, I kept the basic template fairly the same with the lightning bolt based design, however the obvious updates are the new color of foam green which replaces navy along with a new powder blue and yellow that are similar but not the same to what they use now, a new font which is one of Conrad's (thank you) called Tempe, a white facemask, and a return to the blue jersey/yellow pants scheme. There are yellow numbers as well. With the logos, the bolt stays but is recolored to fit the new scheme. I made a secondary based off of the old horse logo but changed some things. C&C would be awesome! Thanks!
  7. These MLB Uniforms will be a mixture of simple tweaks, concepts and a little bit of past mixed with present. Hope you like them. C and C is always welcome.
  8. OK - so word came down from the NFL meetings today that expansion of the playoffs for 2014 was tabled for more discussion. That most likely means it will be here in 2015. So, that being said, we all know that if teams want to improve (i.e., and win the Super Bowl), they go out there and change either their logo, or color scheme, or uniforms, etc. So, other than the rumored changes already coming for the Browns and Rams, does anyone else know of anything on tap? More Rams info: and
  9. Has anyone else noticed that in an overwhelming amount of football movies, teams are regularly featured in color-on-color match ups? Rarely do you see a football movie that shows the road team wearing white. I'm wondering (a) why or how this trend got started and ( why it's so prevalent? This does happen in other sports movies as well (hockey, basketball), also baseball seems to buck the trend since most teams tend to wear whites / grays / creams anyway. Also, it seems to be limited to fictional movies. Films based on real-life events like Brian's Song or Rudy, tend to have more accurate uniforms since the filmmakers can draw from photographic evidence of the actual games and seasons. Thoughts?
  10. After what happened with my Tennessee concept (four others soon came out with there own), I thought about not posting this. But nah- I'm not superstitious. That wasn't my fault. Anyways... Texas A&M comes out with a one-off alternate every year, so I thought it'd share my concept. I love the Texas logo, so I used that on the pants and on the helmet. The sleeves feature a gradient fade and so does the socks. Gray is also used as a secondary color. I realize the Aggies don't use Nike but I used the Nike hypercool template so I don't really have a choice. Enjoy!
  11. This is my first real post, hope you all like it, and would love some feed back. I am also currently working on a Seattle Mariners Rebranding concept. So I will post that as soon as I get a chance.
  12. LEWJ

    Bills Tweak

    I decided to take a stab at the Bills. And then I realized I actually really like their look. So this is moreso a tweak (and practice for me). Changes: -Modified the striping to be pretty consistent all across the board (including helmet--no tapered stripes) -Modified a block font to include slightly rounded edges as seen in the BILLS wordmark -Modified the socks... so that they make sense -Removed the wordmark from the jersey--for cleanliness' sake -Used a serif block font on the nameplate to better match other elements -Added "RCW" to rear helmet bumper (contemplated adding it to jersey in a small capacity) -Collar striping it slightly different (red trim on top and bottom of collar) All-in-all I'm actually really impressed with the quality of this concept, not necessarily the idea itself. I'm happy with the time I put into it, resulting in its cleanliness (IMO). (Made in MS Paint.) C&C?
  13. While the Hawks brought "back" the "Pac," their uniforms still reek of a generic uniform and rebrand that has been pretty unpopular with fans. I've always been a proponent of the Hawks going all the way back to their 90s color scheme, but with the new logo and a slight rebrand this past year, I wanted to give them uniforms to match. For context: The Hawks not only unveiled the pac logo, but also have pretty much phased out the Hawk head and the full-body Hawk. However, the uniforms remain similar, with logo replacements being the only changes, and the court, to me, doesn't reflect their new identity. If you check out the team's website, social media, etc., there's been a new emphasis on red, with blue becoming much more of an accent. When I think of the old brand, I think of beveled lettering where navy blue and silver stand out, and piping that also brings the blue and silver into the forefront, with red as the accent. While the team has changed its image, the uniforms remain primarily white, navy, silver and red. So here's a change that reflects their new identity, which has focused on clean and simplistic presentation and A LOT OF RED.
  14. Hi guys, I have made this concept for the Jupiter Hammerheads. In the primary logo I wanted to cue that the logo was for a baseball team through the typography rather than putting an actual baseball. I Kept the typography to a classic baseball script. I thought it kept the feeling of fluidity that was present in the shark illustration. I also liked the idea of a cap logo that incorporated both the "J" and the "H" in the same letterform without looking out of place. I also wanted to pay homage to the history of the club so I kept the lighthouse in a secondary logo that can be used for an arm patch. I would love to get feedback thanks.
  15. With Major League Baseball's minor league systems playing a critical role in their development, and the D League somewhat recently becoming a successful component of the NBA, I thought it would be fun to see what it might look like if the NFL joined this trend and created a development league themselves. So without further to do, here is a long project in the making, the PFL: The Progressive Football League. Complete with 16 franchises spanning the length of the entire country (and then some), the PFL aims to work as a competitive organization that allows athletes that are not quite ready for the professional rankings to continue their development and gain preparation for NFL. Below we get a grasp of what the league is all about, showing how the teams are organized, as well as the basic specifications for each franchise. It is important to note that these teams aren't associated with specific NFL franchises, but rather just a separate, lower league that gives athletes experience before, if deemed ready, being called up to the big time. The first franchise to be shortly introduced will be the Spokane Killer Whales. Here's a preview.
  16. very happy to be able to wrap this one up before the end of the year, it's been my personal project for the last 4 months. you can see the whole project on Behance here: WORD MARK & TYPE the word mark is a modified version of Rush which you can get from and the supporting font Century Gothic. Amarillo (the font used by the USAF) will be the secondary choice. I felt it was important to keep the lightning bolt around and extend it into the identity in other places besides the football helmet and primary logo. it's the key element of the identity here PRIMARY LOGO This logo actually started as a concept for a client but they didn't like it. I felt it was good enough to try in the Air Force project and ended up liking it way more than any of the sketches i had at the time. again the lightning bolt makes an appearance here. FIELD DESIGN secondary logo at midfield and i always like trying some new, odd things with the end zone art. again, lightning bolt. doesnt need to be anything else. UNIFORM i hope you all like this because its one of my personal favorite uniform designs i've created. i think you can connect the pics to how i used them in the uniform design. i imagine the shoulder design changing to match whatever rank the player holds similar to how UnderArmor designed navy's latest alternate. the lightning bolt on the side has always been at a downward angle and i just done think it fits on the helmet really well that way. this rotation give a sense of upward movement (if i were a Nike copywriter i'd say "it's inspired by the angle of an F-16 taking off from an aircraft carrier before it goes hunting from the shadows"). the helmet stripe has ann F-16 at the front and the white design meant to mimic a contrail from the exhaust. ALT HELMETS I never designed any alt jerseys or pants because i had 2 other helmets i really wanted to use and wanted to keep the overall options as minimal as possible. both are inspired by AF aircraft and use the same 2 grays, Ghost Gray, and Gunship Gray. the number on the back would change with the player of course and so would the position next to it on the back. for example a RB with the no. 23 would have "AF RB 23" on the back of his helmet. THUNDERBIRDS One of the main reasons i chose to do a whole identity for Air Force was the chance to design a uniform based on the USAF Thunderbirds. looking into their history i found all kinds of great visuals. the planes have been silver for most of their history which was new to me and i might design another uni that uses silver helmets, but just the white for now. Andrew Harrington suggested doing some sort of tribute to a fallen slot pilot (number 4). the Thunderbirds used to paint the "fin" of their slot plane black but took Harry's suggestion and went with an upside down number. i felt the Tbird uni they had a couple of years ago was OK, but it took some elements from the planes and shoehorned them onto the football uniform. i designed the whole uni with the same mindset the actual planes are painted in, following the shape and curves of the uniform pieces to create something that looks like it belongs there.
  17. Hi all, here's an Orca's team concept i've been working on. I'd love to get some C&C on the logos and unis.
  18. Hi guys! I’m exciting to start sharing this personal project with the community. These designs have been in the works since April and I’m finally at the point where I’m happy with all of the work that I’ve done. This is easily the concept that I’ve enjoyed working on the most during my time on these boards so I hope you guys enjoy it. Despite the fact that this concept is “finalized” in my mind I am still very open to critiques and criticism. There are always areas that can be improved and the members of this community tend to have some great ideas, so let me know what you think. Taking inspiration from Nike’s widely praised work for the Ohio State Buckeyes football program in the 2012 and 2013 seasons, the Nike VS. series aims to create modern interpretations of classic and timeless uniforms. These uniforms will be showcased and pitted against each other in some of the country’s most heated rivalry games during the 2014 season. The goal being to draw attention to the long and storied history of each rivalry while acknowledging the modern progression that has occurred. For some schools this will entail a refreshing take on a look they have worn for decades. While for others these uniforms will take their inspiration from teams of the past. Release Schedule Oregon VS Oregon State 7/28 Florida State VS Miami 8/1 Alabama VS LSU 8/4
  19. This concept is one of the few little practice projects I've started and decidedto finish. I've always hated the Penguins vegas gold. It's just nasty. Athletic gold is better suited, IMO. It always looked good. Here I decided to go with a pretty simple design that pays homage to some of their older sets. The most obvious inspiration comes from the Pens sets from the '80s. The gold sleeves aren't exactly my favorite on the white jersey, but I've always loved the black jersey (their current throwback). I switched up the striping a little bit to make the white jersey a little bit less gold-heavy. I think the color distribution is a bit more appealing in this case. I've tried out a pointed shoulder yoke seam, which accentuates the alternate logo, as well as very subtly paying homage to my favorite set (pointed yokes from the '92-'02 set). The alternate logo is just an idea I was messing around with. I wanted to use a triangular logo on the shoulder, but they've always lacked secondary logos. I wanted to stay far away from using a roundel logo. C&C Please
  20. After a few months of trolling around for a Nike Basketball Template, I have decided to make my first attempt at developing a template. This comes with a front, back, left and right side views - the side views are situated in the same spot but hidden to reduce clutter. I also added the mesh pattern. Lastly, I was hoping for some more tips and tricks from the pros here. What can I add to make the Template more realistic? Is there anyone that can help clean it up? Without further adieu, after numerous Google searches for tips and tricks, here is the finished product: I do want to give credit to vnardella5 ( for inspiring the template from the Nike catalog.
  21. It's been a long while since I've run a series through these boards. A year and a half ago I did a complete NFL overhaul, though I don't feel like I was as ambitious as I could have been. A lot of designs were run of the mill in the concept world. So, this is an evolution of my vision and concept-presentations. The old me used to like to start concept threads and not release any more than a few before getting ADD, but, just like my last NFL series, I've got a lot of time to kill in the next month and a lot of creative juices flowing. Plus, as I've continued to practice and oversee concepts on these boards, I've found it easier to make elaborate, detailed designs with more ease. Without any more walls of text, see the next post for the first concept! I'll keep a running list with links to the images so you can always take a gander through the front page of the thread. Enjoy! (Click in images for high-res) Pittsburgh Steelers | Home | Road New York Jets | Home | Road Atlanta Falcons | Home | Road | Third Pittsburgh Steelers Every time I've seen a Pittsburgh Steelers concept, the designer has abandoned the red and blue colors in the primary logo. So, my goal was to find a way to fit all of the colors in. After a lot of trial and error, I decided the best idea was to leave the logo badge on the jersey and then translate the logo badge into sock stripes. The mach-speed template was friendly to the shoulder stripes from the bumble bee uniforms, so I trimmed that design element into the template and made room for a clean presentation of the numbers and TV numbers. I decided to go back to a block font. I tried the stencil numerals, but felt that would be overkill of different elements.
  22. Alright so this is my first post on this sight, I’ve been a fan of this sight for a while and I’ve just been amazed by the stuff I have seen people create from Logos from scratch to redesigning older logos and giving them a modern twist, to people totally redesigning a league. So a few weeks ago I decided to actually start making my own concept logos and uniforms for fun when I’m bored and there’s nothing to do, this may even help me out in the future but there still are a lot of things that I need some help on. So my first concept I wanted to do kinda backfired on me because there were a few things that I couldn’t find so I dropped it and I kinda gave up almost until a few days ago I decided to give it another shot but change it from baseball to a hockey concept because I thought it would be alittle easier to start off with, the team I had in mind creating a concept with was the Winnepeg Jets, now I live in Michigan so I’m a Red Wings fan but I thought about creating a Winnepeg Jets Alternate because they don’t have one. My inspiration for my uniform was there throwback 1979-90 road uniform and there 1991-96 road uniform I was leaning more for the 1979 look more because I looked more unique than the 1991 look. 1991-96 1979-90 And heres what I got so far But there’s a problem you see the striping on the bottom of the 1979 uniform I want to add that on the uniform as well and the striping on the elbow from the 1991 uniform but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. Please help because I would like to finish this and this will help me out greatly for future projects. And if your also wondering I'm using Photoshop CS5. *UPDATE* Thanks to all the help Ive gotten since I posted this I finally finished the uniform and it was really simple actually but thanks to the community I figured it out. Here it is!!! Now its nothing too over the top but this was a good starter to get my feet wet into this, if there's any improvements you think i should work on to make my work look better feel free but keep it positive since Im just getting started
  23. The Jayhawks' football season officially ended over the weekend, and KU was easily one of the worst dressed teams in college football. The University of Kansas is known first for it's long history of college basketball, but KU also has a proud football tradition. While the program as a whole has not been as memorable as it's basketball counterparts, the football team has had it's share of on-the-field successes. The team never looked or played better than their 2007 season with culminated in an Orange Bowl victory. Since '07, the uniform has undergone a few tweaks. Mark Mangino was released as coach of the team in 2009, and the red stripe was removed from the helmet. Player names were removed from the back of the jersey and then reintroduced the following year. The occasional alternate or throwback jersey were made, but the biggest uniform changes took place for the 2013 season. Early this summer, KU and Adidas previewed a series of 5 helmets, but none of which featured the familiar Trajan font KU logo. Four of the five helmets featured KU's Jayhawk logo, while the fifth helmet was designed to be a throw-back helmet honoring the 1961 team. As KU officially unveiled the team's 2013 uniforms in September, the helmet offering was paired back. The black and powder blue helmet were removed, leaving a white and blue helmet with the current Jayhawk logo, and a red helmet with the 1941 Jayhawk. The uniforms were met with mixed reviews.
  24. It's me again with my 3rd try on NFL Uniform redesigns for the boards. I'm really confident that this time i've got it down. I'm making logos and uniforms for this thread. Feel free to give some feedback and suggestions. Credit to Blase for the template. Here, first up the New York Jets! Primary Logo: Home Uniform: Away Uniform: Alternate (Throwback) Uniform:
  25. I kind of stole this idea from myself. I just did a Tennessee Titan concept using a similar gradient, but then thought it would look nice here.