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  1. Welcome to the first annual Mr. Nascar's BFBS College Football Uniform Grades thread! (I'm kinda surprised that no one has posted something like this before) Here, I will be posting my opinions on college football teams, mainly at the FBS level, that are guilty for using black uniforms... well, just because they can. I actually happen to like black uniforms of any kind. But some BFBS uniforms are bad or make no sense at all (I'm looking at YOU, Stanford!) The whole point for this thread is BFBS, so please don't say your hatred towards them or questions as to why the use black; just your opinion of the overall design. Every few days, I will be posting a team that either previously or currently uses uniforms, helmets, or pants that are black that either improve or bring down the team's overall look. The first school up for debate will be The University of Washington Huskies! I give this set a B-. I kinda like the mono-black set, the purple numbers with the gold outline is pretty good, but I think the one thing that actually brings down the look is using the gold helmet. There is no black on it. I know, there was no black on it to begin with, tis not in their color palette, blah blah blah. I get that. But if you're gonna go BFBS, go head to toe. Go all out. The just went from the neck down. That's why I give it a B-. So that's my opinion. Please, feel free to post your thoughts and your grade. College Football wouldn't be the same without BFBS uniforms!