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  1. Hi all, I wasn't sure I'd get this done with family visiting, and little rug rats running around but I think I made it before the Round of 64 starts. My annual bracket wallpaper is here. Details on Creation process below image. Round of 32 Initial Bracket Size: 3840x2160 Notes: Since I've gone with a wood floor background every installation I've done these, I decided it was time for a change. The dark blue, golden gray and green were chosen because the Final Four and Championship Game is in Minnesota and it went with the Final Four logo. - I kept the format from last year as it was the best format to read the schools. - School logos are uniformed on the same background. Partially because I liked the aesthetic, but really to cut down on creation time. - New font that is hopefully easier to read, hopefully not comic-sans-y. - Records in Minnesota Green to stand out. Thinking scores will be green for the wining team and navy blue for the losing team, but haven't really decided. - Fog in front of the blue background because I think it looks cool. The added Logo to look like it was rising out of fog wasn't really planned, but I'll take it. I've more than triple-checked my work for spelling errors, etc. However, I've been working on this for a while, I may have missed something, let me know if you notice anything. Will do my best to update the bracket in a timely manner. Enjoy!!
  2. I'd like to share these Golden Knights wallpapers I've made for my fan account. Hopefully by posting these here they can get in the hands of like minded creatives and fellow VGK fans. Mobile versions can be found at
  3. Updated 3/31: Elite 8 Complete/Final Four Set Elite 8 Complete/Final Four Set: First Four: On Off Sweet 16 Complete: First Four On First Four Off Round of 32 Complete: First Four On First Four Off Round of 64 Complete: First Four On First Four Off First Four Round of 64 with First Four off Release (3840x2160) A new year, a new theme and look. Info after the photo. - A clean look, optimized for larger, hopefully easier to read school/team name and overall record text. - Tournament Title in white and black trim, with an orange shadow - Round of 64 teams will have smaller logos than in last years first round. In addition, Round of 64 team records will be replaced with that Team's game score. - Round of 32 through the Elite Eight features a slightly smaller pod, but a more vertical logo. Above the divider will be the school name, and below will be the Team's game score. - Round of 32 through the Elite Eight orange end caps will be changed to the team's color once they advance. - The Final Four, black team pod with orange gradient trim. - National Championship matchup features black team pods with gold gradient trim. Note: The "First Games" are at the bottom center of the bracket, but may be covered by a app dock or other apps. I've turned on dock hiding and that fixes the issue. But once the First Four is complete, I'll remove the first four pods for a cleaner bracket. C&C: I thought about lightening the background, as it's a little darker here than I anticipated, then again it might just be the perfectionist in me.
  4. I am almost finished with a project that I have been working on for the 16 team fantasy league that I run. It is called the CHL (Custom Helmet League) I worked individually with each owner to come up with a custom design for their team and created Helmets, Word Marks, Owner Profiles and Uni Concepts. Now I have created a Desktop/Laptop wallpaper displaying all 16 teams and have almost finished with the screen savers that represent the Projected 1st round picks in our Live On Line Draft. So far I am pleased with how the work is coming but would like your CC. I will start with the actual wall paper itself. My intent was to leave blank space for the display of desktop icons without muddying thing up. How did I do with this?
  5. Here are some NFL Jersey Backgrounds with a Nike Vapor Untouchable Template. Leave comments and requests! Arizona Cardinals Seattle Seahawks Atlanta Falcons New England Patriots
  6. Just finished an 8 team fantasy hockey league using head to head scoring and wanted to share some of the work that I did to bring realism to fantasy sports. All of the work done was with photoshop. I think it turned out nicely. I will use this to promote an expansion to 10 teams instead of 8. Click here to view the slideshow of the Hardware that was won this season. The name of the league is "Ice Breakers FHL"
  7. It’s back!! Here we go with another year of March Madness. I plan to update on Friday night and Sunday night and will try to include scores. Enjoy!! Edit 3/18: Fixed a regional site error. 2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket: Championship Final Four Elite 8 Sweet 16!! Round 2 Round 1 Size: 3840x2160
  8. So I decided after the All Star Weekend to create a John Scott inspired wallpaper. I posted this in one of my other threads, but I wanted one dedicated to just this, to hopefully get a wider range of comments from people who aren't following my other silhouettes thread. I don't see the need for John Scott's role as an enforcer in the NHL, but teammates really seem to like him. I gained a lot of respect for him this weekend and I was glad to see him enjoy his time. Plus his goal celebration is now an image no hockey fan will forget. So I just wanted to share this little project I did for fun. I put more detail in than I usually do, because I think John Scott deserves it after the treatment from the NHL. Leave any comments that you would like
  9. I was planning to post these for a while, but I wasn't sure where to put this topic, so I waited for similar ones to pop up before I posted this. I've been making wallpapers in Powerpoint, and figured I'd show them off. I might take requests, we'll see.
  10. Over the last couple months, I have played around with creating silhouette wallpapers, mostly for me. One of them was a birthday gift for a family member, but they were mostly just for me. I create them by taking a photo, and tracing the outline, creating a silhouette. I started with just minor details, but for some of them, I went a little far with the detail. I've added quotes to some of them as well, just for the sake of making a cool wallpaper I would use. I decided to share them to see what people think of them. This was the birthday gift for a family member. I took out the name for the sake of privacy. This is the first wallpaper I created. My favourite NHL player as well. I chose this quote from Russell Wilson because I'm a Christian. Like I said before, I created it for my use. This is the captain from my local Junior A hockey team, the Steinbach Pistons. This is also from the Steinbach Pistons. The silhouette is the head coach, Paul Dyck, who is from my hometown. He was drafted into the NHL as well. The motto is what is in their dressing room. This is pretty self explanatory. And the last of these, is one I created for a radio and tv show in Toronto, Leafs Lunch. I made this purely for the sake of experimenting with silhouettes of non-athletes. If people like these, I MIGHT take requests, but I probably won't get to them too quickly. I don't do this for a job, it's just something I do in my spare time. Any C&C is appreciated.
  11. A couple years ago, a website called used to send out computer wallpapers after every single Florida State game, recapping the weekend. My dad used to save them and put them in a rotation is his desktop background. I thought this was a great idea and it inspired me to put my own spin on it. I try to make wallpapers for every big FSU event (and some just general Noles ones). With a kind-of big game against Miami coming up this weekend, here's what I came up with! P.S. Not sure if I should post this here because it's not a concept but what the hell. For more, check out the comments! Or the link to my album here --->
  12. Here is a Pac 12 football wallpaper, pretty much just players that I removed the background on and posted on a Pac 12 stock wallpaper. It is Marcus Mariota, Ka'Deem Carey, Jaelen Strong, Devontae Booker, and Brett Hundley
  13. Hey guys! I've been seeing a lot of amazing works come through my Twitter feed, and it really struck me that I need to always be refining my techniques. So I put this together this weekend in probably a couple hours time. What do you think?
  14. I played baseball with an organization for the spring this year, and they made a 12U Travel Team that is affiliated with little league. Long story short, they're in the state championship. I wanted to do something for them, so, (using Conrad.'s Fonts), I made a wallpaper, and here it is. Let me know what you think! P.S. I know the dimensions wouldn't fit on any computer.
  15. I made these two images to celebrate Germany's World Cup win. They're based on the Brazilian national flag and "Das Schone Spiel" translates as "The Beautiful Game"
  16. Figured I'd start a thread for any 2014 schedule wallpapers and posters that come out. This could potentially be in the Sportslogos Forum but I tossed it in Concepts in case anyone wanted to add their own work into the thread. Here's one I've been working on. Not completely satisfied with it, but it'll work for now. The helmets came from MGHelmets. Not trying to profit from his work, just liked the design and plan on using this for my personal PC.
  17. I was looking to update Everton's look. As a fan, I don't find myself liking what they came up with for next season, and obviously I wasn't a fan of what they used this season. What I wanted to do was bring the elements from the old crest that I liked, as well as keep some of the streamlined compact style of crest that the club seems to want to brand themselves with. (Just for reference if your not familiar: OLD - CURRENT - FUTURE) The shade of blue used was used by the team of the 80's that won two championships and a FA cup. The interlocking EFC is homage to the club's first official crest, worn in 1920. C&C is appreciated. I know there are some small errors in the crest, and I'm going to work to get those fixed as well. (mea culpa ) I'm going to try to get some different teams up by the weekend. I'd be glad to do any requests.
  18. I am new to posting on the board, but have been a long time fan. I am a huge Tennessee Vols fan, and recently 6 former Vols made the Pro Bowl(Peyton Manning, Arian Foster, Eric Berry, Jason Witten, Jerod Mayo, and Dustin Colquitt) and I plan on making designs for all except Dustin Colquitt(Since he is a punter). So without further ado here is the most famous Vol: Peyton Manning Comments and Criticisms are welcome, but I am not sure if ill go back make changes. Just depends on my schedule.