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  1. I once had a Capitals fan explain to me that their current look is a football thing. It's meant to look sleek and football-like so fans can relate. Well, now that the Caps have done a lot better at gathering a fan base, I think it's time to transition to something a little more hockey-like, and take advantage of their awesome secondary logo, while not completely forgetting their roots. The look is meant to evoke the 90s teams, the most hockey-like they've looked, while still Rocking the Red, and I wanted to include the stars somewhere, and I think the shoulder effect would be unique in the league, as well as reminiscent of their original star-spangled sweaters. So, without further ado, my version of the Caps: I debated off-color shoulders, thought it might be too busy. Thought about the wordmark on the shoulders, and it doesn't shrink as well as I'd like. Thought about putting stars directly above the Weagle, but why detract from that great logo? Was I wrong in any of my debates or would you like to see some tweaks? Thoughts? C&C? I'm all ears.
  2. I think, at this point, the end of the professional football team in Washington D.C. being officially known as the Redskins is inevitable, so I decided to come up with a concept of what I would like to see when the time comes for a name change. I know Warriors has been a popular option so I took that and ran with it. I know the Redskins have very strong visual identity, so I wanted to keep the burgundy and gold, but went with the shades from the spear helmet throwbacks. So here they are: The Washington Warriors I wanted to keep the basic elements of the helmet and logo the same, so as you can see, the Native American has been replaced with another type of warrior, an American soldier. Alternate Logo This shield is based on the shoulder patch used by the 2nd Infantry Division of the U.S. Army, which is known as Indianhead and as the Warrior Division. The 2nd has fought in major battles of every major American conflict since WWI,and I thought the use of the shield would be a nice aknowlegement of the team's past, as well as a nod to the U.S. Army in America's capital. Lastly, the uniforms and wordmark So what does everybody think? Any c&c or other comments are always appreciated, thanks.
  3. Hello Sports Logos World!! I've been surfing this site for years, and I've always had some pretty great ideas for concepts/rebranding/colors/alignment(etc.). I'm an amateur at photoshop, and use the most basic sites for design, and my designs are usually recoloring, and reconfiguring already existing brand fonts/unis/logos(etc.). But I've always enjoyed it, and now want to share my ideas with you good people. I've always hated the 'Wizards' brand, and wish they reverted back to the 'Bullets'. BUT, I understand the type of b.s. that would come of that, especially in the capital... So, why don't we make some concessions and meet in the middle to create a brand identity that relates to the United States Capital, and not with Hogwarts. Actually, this name I came up with has been used before in the ABA, in Brooklyn, NY, from 1941-42. Introducing, the Washington Americans! (I hope this link works) Below is the Primary Wordmark (again, just a reconfigured image from the secondary Wizards logo) Please let me know what you think, and maybe some other ideas for a Washington rebrand that doesn't include "Sea Dogs".
  4. I am a Redskins fan, and why I like the overall aesthetics of their look, there are a few things that bother me about it, so I made a few changes. Primary Logo I went to the single season 1982 "curled feather" logo, as I feel that with the current logo with the feathers hanging vertically means the Native American head/circle part gets shrunk a little more than necessary, especially on merchandise but also on the helmet. I also recolored the skin tone to be the burgundy of the rest of the uniform as it's never made sense to me to have two colors that are so close. Now the only color in the logo not on the uniforms is black. Home Uniform It annoys me that in the current set, none of the stripes on the helmet, jersey pants or socks match. I changed that by making them all match as double stripes, as the two color stripes on the jersey and pants are the pattern I associate with all three Super Bowl wins. I moved the sleeve stripes up very slightly to restore the cuffs. I also moved the TV numbers to the shoulders as with sleeve stripes and Nike logos, sleeve real estate is at a premium. So, the sleeve numbers become shoulder numbers out of pragmatism. As an additional note, I kind of suck at GIMP with this template, which is why the "stripes" on the 3 quarter helmet view look like paint spill, when they are supposed to be simple stripes continuing the pattern from the helmet front. Road Uniform Same reasoning and changes as for the home uniform. Only major change I made was bringing back the burgundy pants, as I miss them from the current set. The socks here are to avoid the dreaded leotard look. Your thoughts?
  5. My 300th post is being used to start NHL:Project 14, which was going to be a realignment idea but returned to just a redesign. Let's get started with Anaheim The original Duck logo makes its return in a old, modernized version of what once was. The alt. is based off the striping from the Wild Wing mess, and the 4th IS the Wild Wing mess albeit the Mistral font. Boston Bruins These are based off the 1934-1936 jerseys, the first ones to feature black instead of brown. The alt is a fauxback, with the newer alternate bear logo. Buffalo Sabres This one was easy. Added more white, eliminated the pit stains, and unveiled another fauxback that minimizes white, and uses what I think is Buffalo's most underutilized logo, which looks really good in the original blue and yellow. Flames coming soon, C & C welcome.
  6. Here is a rehashing of a logo I did that was featured in the DC City Paper back in 2011. New wordmarks and secondaries and a couple edits to the primary. Their current stuff is an improvement over the previous, but is also a mish-mash of randomness and I think lacks overall cohesiveness. Trying to fix that here. *Yes, the Wizard bears resemblance to Dave Grohl, unintentional, though he is from a Virginia suburb 5 miles from DC where he went to high school and was highly influenced from bands playing at DC's best venues. Complete chance that this happened. Edit: Uniforms added
  7. What's going on everyone? Happy Friday! As you all probably know by now, the mayor of the city of Washington DC would like to the Washington Redskins to change their name, because he finds the name racist towards Indians (it's about time). Although the name has a lot of history to it, I think it would be good for Washington to change their name, one reason being because the name Redskins is a little racist, and another being because they are going into a new era under RGIII. I was planning on making a rebrand, but theres only one problem, I can't think of a name. I narrowed it down to a couple, those few being the Washington Minutemen, Washington Colonials, and Washington Generals. I am open to new names, though. I would like to do something along the lines of old military, though. I have decided on a color scheme, navy blue and gold. I have already created a player model, which is seen below. So, what do you guy's think? What do you think the name should be? What do you think about the uniform? Let me know. (Note: I left the word "Redskins" on the chest of the player model because I don't know the team name yet, I will replace it when the name is decided)