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  1. Since their is no thread about how crappy FIFA is, and how some Brazilians don't want the World Cup or Olympics to take place in Brazil. I thought I would start a thread. Since Brazilians are protesting the Brazilian government and FIFA for the Brazilians government spending on 12 World Cup Stadiums. And countless Anti-Fifa graffiti has covered the streets of Brazil and videos have surfaced of the protests of the World Cup in Brazil. Many of the protesters are protesting because of the corrupt Brazilian government and how they are spending taxpayers money on stadiums instead of on hospitals or public transportation, you know something that will actually help the people of Brazil. But no, they spend money on stadiums they will likely never use again. This is very shocking because we all know how much Brazilians love their soccer. So what is your intake on this situation, do you agree with the people of Brazil or do you side with the corrupt officials of the Brazilian government and FIFA?
  2. Alright boys, here is my idea for a new competition. I really hate doing them back to back, with the European Soccer Concept Cup, but I thought that this idea was so good, that it had to be done. This will work like the real World Cup. 8 groups of 4 play eachother to get to the knockout round, trying to get crowned the best team in the world. But here is the twist. We're doing it with concepts. The first 32 people that sign up will get teams. Those 32 people will be broken up into 4 different pots. The best 8 designers in the opinion of me and some friends will be seprated. Then the next 8, then the next 8, and the next 8. You following up to this point? Good. From there, one designer from each set will be drawn into all 8 real world cup groups. So we will have 1 great designer, 1 good, then 1 lesser designer, and 1 new designer. I hope no one will be upset regarding their ranking, it's all relative, and will assure that one group wont be stacked to heavily. Now you're saying, but what do i have to design? That's the fun part. When all 32 people are drawn into their groups, I will randomly assign a country to you. So who knows, a great designer would have to do a set for Cameroon, while a weaker designer will have the duty to deisgn Brazil. You will need to create one image of 2 uniforms, one home and one clash, that correspond to your country's colors and designs. You will also need to make a unique logo for your country. I understand some designs will carry over(Croatia and checkers), but as long as you make your own, you will be okay. You can submit your concept via PM or emailing me at I have a request, if you PM'd me for the ESCC, use the same conversation please. Saves space. The design period will last until June 23rd(we'll have the countries picked by this weekend). That is when the 3rd group games will start. On June 23-24th, the voting for Groups A B C D will be open. On June 25-26th, the voting for Groups E F G H will be open. After the 26th, the best two teams in each round will advance to a World Cup knockout tournament. The winner of Group A will match up against the runner up of Group B, and so on. Those rounds will be open for 2 days. Ultimately, the knockout tournament will be finished the 4th of July. Please ask questions because I'm sure that there will be some things that come up. 32/32 spots filled
  3. Palms Coast is a fictional Nation I made up. I made a flag, soccer crest, and kits. The presentation is here: Please check it out guys, if anyone feels like making their own country (or already has), it's okay if you post it here. Thanks!
  4. I did a bunch of Home Away Alt kits for all for all teams of Group A Brazil, Cameroun, Mexico, Croatia. I also did keeper kits in addition to the regular kits links are below if you want to check them all out if World Cup fever has set in. I am working on doing all of the groups but prob won't get to all of them. USA & England up next Cameroun Kits Brazil Kits Mexico Kits Croatia Kits Keeper Kits Keeper Kits Keeper Kits Keeper Kits
  5. I usually post my concepts once they're pretty well developed but I thought I'd try jumping in a bit earlier in the process this time. It started with a doodle. I was on a call the other day and I started doodling a soccer ball. I was zoning out and thinking about the World Cup coming up and how terrible our current crest was. As I was sketching I started turning the pentagonal panels of the ball into another 5-centric shape, a star. Now, I've since done some Google searching and I've learned that I'm clearly not the first person to make this geometric connection. However, that makes it all the more painful to me that the US Soccer logo doesn't utilize it! Today I did some more sketches and came up with a layout that I think works quite well for a crest (excuse the terrible S, I've always struggled with that letter): The star-studded ball defines the bottom shape of the crest (I've always loved crests that use this shape). Then there are red & white stripes which pay homage to the Centennial crest and fixes the dumbfounding blue stripe issue with the current crest. Lastly a bold, block USA at the top rather than the Helvetica Bold Italic they use now. Like I said, still rough but I think it has some potential. I'll update later with some vector comps. Updates: Jump to the rough crest. Jump to the updated crest. Jump to the rough roundel. Jump to the updated roundel. Jump to the change kit. Buy it on a t-shirt! Jump to the home & Captain America kits.
  6. Hi all, I've been meaning to post here for a while, and thought you guys might be interested in a project I've been working on. Using a standard template, I'm creating uniform-inspired t-shirt designs for every team in the 2014 World Cup. I'm calling the project 32 Nations, and I'm going group by group; 6 of the 8 groups are published, and the last two will be out before Christmas. If you're interested, here are a few links: Introducing: 32 Nations The Rules Group A Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon Group B Spain, The Netherlands, Chile, Australia Group C Colombia, Greece, Côte d’Ivoire, Japan Group D Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy Group E Switzerland, Ecuador, France, Honduras Group F Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iran, Nigeria - publishing Friday, Dec. 20th Group G Germany, Portugal, Ghana, USA Group H Belgium, Algeria, Russia, Korea Republic - publishing Monday, Dec. 23rd A few samples: Brazil Cameroon The Netherlands Côte d'Ivoire Switzerland Ecuador Thought you guys might appreciate. Feedback (good/critical/other) is always welcome of course. Thanks!!
  7. I have been searching everywhere on the Internet to see if any company has designed and produced a t-shirt for this year's FIFA World Cup with the groups and qualified teams on it. But to no avail, it seems like no company, not even FIFA, has designed a shirt like this. In previous World Cups (2010, 2006, and 2002) FIFA produced a t-shirt with the group participants after the Finals Draw. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to assist me in designing the shirt. I want to have the Brazil 2014 theme throughout (like on the FIFA website). The back would be a ball representing the world split into eight equal parts. Each part would be for each group (A to H) and the participants in each group. They would be in he specific 2014 World Cup font with either the country's flag or FA logo. On the front I would like to have a graphic of the country of Brazil with the 12 cities that are hosting matches. Plus have the World Cup emblem and FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 around it (with the specific font). After it is designed, I can get it produced here in the city I live so that us bloggers could have a reminder of this year's big event. Anyone who helps me would get a shirt for free (including shipping) but others would only pay a small fee. Anyone wanting to help out a novice concept maker?
  8. Come the year 2026, while in the Muggle world wars seem to have finally come to an end, in the wizarding world, Quidditch live their golden years, with Brazil surprising everyone and winning 3 of the last five World Cups. The country of South America will host the edition of this year. Let's see what we can expect from the 20 participants this year.