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  1. Hello CCSLC! Remember my IRBC thread from a year ago? Well, this thread answers the question of what would happen if every one of those 128 teams were given affiliate teams. Where would they put them and why? What would their team colors be and why? Over the summer, I have made complete identities of these 128 affiliate teams and I am ready to present them. Like the IRBC thread, these teams span the globe. Also, all these teams participate in a tournament for the IRBC Affiliates' Cup. The tournament works like the World Cup tournament in that: 1. Seeding in the tournament is based on overall point percentages, or OPP, for short (OPP = Points For / Points Against). 2. No regard is given to the team's location when seeding 3. There are no associations or leagues to deal with when it comes to these affiliate teams Starting tomorrow, I'll post 16 teams a day. Since this is the first post, you'll be getting a double dose of 32 teams. Before we dive into things, though, let me first explain the template I used. The team infobar has the name of the affiliate team, below that is the name of the team that the affiliate team is affiliated with, and the affiliate team's location. If you have seen my IRBC Nations Cup thread from a few months ago, I am using the same template from that thread. For each post, I'll post a link to a place where the full identities of 16 teams are displayed, like below for example: Then I'll give a brief bio for each of the teams in the link, again like below: Aarhus Bayhawks - Affiliated with the Copenhagen Swans, the team colors are based on the city coat of arms, which is also the basis for the home shirt. The nickname is a portmanteau of "Bay", which refers to Aarhus Bay, and "Jayhawks", though no relation is to be made to the Kansas Jayhawks' athletic teams. Akureyri Albatrosses - Like its Nordic cousin above, this Icelandic affiliate team (with the Reykjavik Tritons) also based its team colors and nickname on the city coat of arms (though the animal on the CoA is probably not an albatross) along with the addition of black to tie the team to the Tritons. Aleppo Highlanders - The colors for this team, affiliated with the Damascus Settlers, have no basis. However, the nickname is based on the fact that this city is not too far from Mount Simeon in Syria. Ankara Jackrabbits - Since Ankara is the capital of Turkey, the team colors are based on the Turkish flag, which is also the basis for the Istanbul Sultans' (the team that this team is affiliated with) colors. The jackrabbit mascot is based on the Angora rabbit, one of the oldest types of domestic rabbits. Annapolis Navy - The athletic colors of the US Naval Academy (navy blue and gold) almost make up the color palette for this team which is affiliated with the Baltimore Mariners. The nickname also comes from the USNA, a local institution. The addition of teal comes from the Mariners. Antwerp Stones - While the nickname has no significance, the colors of silver and white come from the Brussels Phantoms, the team with which this team is affiliated.] Arequipa Guerreros - The colors for this Lima Lobos-affiliated team come from colors found on the city flag. The nickname is based on the Spanish word for "warriors", made more significant by the fact that Arequipa was involved with the Cuzco Rebellion of 1814, which was one of many battles fought for Peru's independence from Spain. Arlington Militia - Green and gold, the colors of this team (affiliated with the Washington Quake), are found on an Army uniform. The nickname is based on the fact that Arlington's two major landmarks, the National Cemetery and the Pentagon, are tied to the military. This team is also located outside the District of Columbia due to necessity. AS Galahs - As an reward for hosting the RBAANZ tournament final, the Darwin Haze gave the outback city of Alice Springs ("AS" for short) its affiliate team. The colors (and nickname) for the team are based on the galah, a bird of the cockatoo variety that is also known as Pink and Grey. Aurora Infantry - The colors for the team affiliated with the Chicago Cavaliers have no basis, but the nickname is a loose tie to the Cavaliers. Austin RBC - The team colors are based on the nickname of the team, the "Flames", which is also a tie-in to the Houston Inferno, the team with which this team is affiliated. The star on the logo signifies that Austin is the state capital of Texas. Ballarat 51s - Affiliated with the Geelong Pelicans, the gold color on this team is a tie-in to the fact that on August 18th, 1851 (the basis for the nickname), gold was discovered at Poverty Point, which is now a suburb of Ballarat called Golden Point. This led to Ballarat being known internationally as a place to strike it rich. The green color is a tie-in to the Pelicans. Baton Rouge Dynamite - "Baton Rouge", in French, means "red stick". This refers to a discovery of a blood-stained cypress pole (which marked the boundary between two Native American tribes' hunting grounds) by Sieur d'Iberville in 1699. This translation led to the team's nickname of "Dynamite", which is almost always seen as a red stick. The red is based on the field of the city flag, and the yellow is based on the spark made when you light a stick of dynamite. Bayamón Vaqueros - Affiliated with the San Juan Gamecocks, the team's colors are based on the colors found on the city flag. The nickname is based on the Spanish word for "Cowboys", but due to a conflict with the basketball team of the same name, the team is named the "Bayamon Vaqueros" and not the basketball team name of "Vaqueros de Bayamon". Bergen Monsoon - The Oslo Storm's old team colors of purple and old gold were given to its affiliate team, the Bergen Monsoon. The "Monsoon" name is another tie-in to the Storm. Birmingham Boars - Affiliated with the England Griffins, this team is the revival of the Birmingham Wild Boars, winners of two European championships (what the two stars in the letter B signify) before the hiatus of the sport worldwide in 2009. Therefore, the colors are the same as the previous team, maroon and orange.