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  1. Out of the three service academies, Air Force seems to be lagging the furthest behind in the football uniform arms race. The biggest problem is inconsistency. Air Force seems to slightly change their sets each year, changing helmet colors, adding and taking away sleeve caps, etc. What Air Force needs is a strong, consistent set that plays on their strengths of their recognizable, classic color scheme while also giving the team a little more pop. The helmet is a modified version of the 2016 Airpower series helmet. The Sharktooth design comes from designs painted onto P-40 fighter planes during World War II. The blue home jersey features a Seahawks style lightning bolt striping pattern above Air Force stencil numbers. The away uniform sits on a similar simple chassis as the home, except the away jersey features a World War II era Army Air Corps patch on one sleeve. The pants can be interchanged between home and away sets as seen fit.
  2. Ok so I've been working harder on some more court concepts and chose the Mountain West Conference to create concepts for. I have the first half of the conference done, the second half and updates will come soon. Air Force- Posted and Updated Boise St.- Posted and Updated Colorado St.- Posted Fresno St.- Posted and Updated Nevada- Posted New Mexico- Posted San Diego St.- Posted San Jose St.- Posted UNLV- Coming Soon Utah St.- Coming Soon Wyoming- Coming Soon Air Force: Finally found a good wordmark! Credit to MCH925 for letting me use his concept. Boise State: Here is the one with the new court template. Colorado State: For this one, I really liked the way that Colorado State puts their word mark under the ram, so I decided to keep that concept, but with the new word marks that were released. Fresno State: Here is the one with the new court template. Nevada: I understand the wordmarks on the baselines look a little funky, but if you look closely, you will see what I am getting at. New Mexico: I tried to use a different logo for center court, but their really wasn't any other better options. San Diego State: I understand that some people think that these are old like throwback logos, but they are still modern. San Jose State: How is this? Leave Feedback! I am willing to change anything you guys think! More of the 2nd half is coming up!
  3. Hello! I've recently been creating "team motto designs" for my own enjoyment. I've made some for the branches of the military: (I accidentally cut off the outline on the navy design, that's NOT supposed to be like that) I can get the approximate colors for every team in the NHL, NBA, NFL,MLS, EPL and MLB. I will try my best to find the right colors for foreign teams and I will try to use the correct font but that isn't always doable. ( I couldn't find a navy font, so I used the air force font for the navy one) If you would like to request some designs made for you, feel free to comment in this format: Team Name Preferred Motto (If you dont know, I will try to find one) Preferred Logo Preferred Font (I use Any other requirements (Certain colors, throwbacks, etc.) This is definitely not an only-requests post. I would LOVE any constructive criticism in the comments and will take any suggestions into consideration. Please cut me some slack if they're not Hi-def 9000p, I'm just using Microsoft 1997 with Microsoft Paint on an old Windows Vista computer. I don't have the money or the material to make my first-time concepts like a professional graphics designer would. (but I sure wish I could ) I cannot guarantee when your request will be done, because I don't know how many requests I will get. The motto designs that you see above you were invented by me. I have never seen any sports motto designs ever before, so if you have seen something like this on or somewhere else, i didn't copy it. I would like to see it though, so please leave a link below if you have seen motto designs before, it would help me improve. These designs will work for your signatures, and were designed to. If you use your requested designs, I humbly ask of you to cite me in your signature. Just a "Team motto signature designed by Word02" would be great. Thanks! Instructions on adding signature images To add a image to your signature, go to your profile and click the "Edit my profile" button. So now, you should have a tab on a left for "Signature". Use the "polaroid of the tree" button on the editor toolbar to add the image and enjoy (I hope ^^) your new signature. TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR INITIAL REQUESTS (in order of request date, i will do first come first serve) 1. jaker52 (completed) 2. Sk2k (completed) 3. Wackyriderfan14 (completed) 4. FALCON6 (completed) 5. jrcollis714 (completed) 6. SSmith48 (completed) 7. 8. TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR REVISIONS (in order of request date, this is for either my own revisions or requested revisions) 1. jaker52 (completed) 2.Wackyriderfan14 (completed) 3. SSmith48 (completed) 4. 5. I would like to give DoctorHeisenberg some credit for this. I was inspired by his "All-Sports Championship Banners Signatures by requests" and decided I wanted to do my own designs over the summer. I borrowed his "table of contents" and his "instructions for adding signatures." Thank you so much!
  4. I decided to take a little brake from my NFL series to try rebranding Air Force. I actually almost joined a few months ago to post an Air Force concept. But before I did, I got some feedback from my brother, who told me that if he had to wear that, he'd quit the team. Quite frankly, I agreed. It was a pixelated mess, and it wasn't anything I thought I should even try posting. Then almost a month ago I cleaned up a couple concepts and decided to join. Now, after seeing BrandMooreArt's concept, I decided to give another shot at Air Force. I made my own logo, made sure it was completely clean, and decided to post it. First are the logos. Primary: Wordmark: Air Force has a mess of an identity. Their primary logo is a generic "AF", the team name is the Falcons, yet they use a lightning bolt on the helmet. This is meant to fix that by eliminating both the falcon and the lightning bolt. The primary mark is based off the roundel of the USAF, and the secondary logo is really there just so I could justify using it on the uniforms . Anyway, here are the uniforms: The uniforms are pretty self explanatory. The helmets feature the logo on one side and the number on the other. The sleeves have the logo on a double stripe. The number font is the "USAF Ararmillo" font I found on, and yes I realize it is the same font BrandMooreArt uses in his concept, but it is an official USAF font (used on their aircraft) and it's the only official USAF font I could find, so I went with it. Then of course, the Thunderbird alternate: This alternate could be considered a Pro Combat. Of course, it based off the Thunderbirds, F-16s that are dressed for an air show. I used the blue-red striping a lot, but my favorite use of it is on the helmet, to resemble the nose of the plane. Then finally, the field: It's a pretty plain field. I didn't want anything drastic, because unless your Boise State or Eastern Washington, the field shouldn't be the center of the show of your home games. That's all I have. It's my first complete rebrand, and I don't feel like I did too bad on it. I didn't go too uncreative, either. If there's anything that bothers you about it, please let me know. But if not, enjoy!
  5. very happy to be able to wrap this one up before the end of the year, it's been my personal project for the last 4 months. you can see the whole project on Behance here: WORD MARK & TYPE the word mark is a modified version of Rush which you can get from and the supporting font Century Gothic. Amarillo (the font used by the USAF) will be the secondary choice. I felt it was important to keep the lightning bolt around and extend it into the identity in other places besides the football helmet and primary logo. it's the key element of the identity here PRIMARY LOGO This logo actually started as a concept for a client but they didn't like it. I felt it was good enough to try in the Air Force project and ended up liking it way more than any of the sketches i had at the time. again the lightning bolt makes an appearance here. FIELD DESIGN secondary logo at midfield and i always like trying some new, odd things with the end zone art. again, lightning bolt. doesnt need to be anything else. UNIFORM i hope you all like this because its one of my personal favorite uniform designs i've created. i think you can connect the pics to how i used them in the uniform design. i imagine the shoulder design changing to match whatever rank the player holds similar to how UnderArmor designed navy's latest alternate. the lightning bolt on the side has always been at a downward angle and i just done think it fits on the helmet really well that way. this rotation give a sense of upward movement (if i were a Nike copywriter i'd say "it's inspired by the angle of an F-16 taking off from an aircraft carrier before it goes hunting from the shadows"). the helmet stripe has ann F-16 at the front and the white design meant to mimic a contrail from the exhaust. ALT HELMETS I never designed any alt jerseys or pants because i had 2 other helmets i really wanted to use and wanted to keep the overall options as minimal as possible. both are inspired by AF aircraft and use the same 2 grays, Ghost Gray, and Gunship Gray. the number on the back would change with the player of course and so would the position next to it on the back. for example a RB with the no. 23 would have "AF RB 23" on the back of his helmet. THUNDERBIRDS One of the main reasons i chose to do a whole identity for Air Force was the chance to design a uniform based on the USAF Thunderbirds. looking into their history i found all kinds of great visuals. the planes have been silver for most of their history which was new to me and i might design another uni that uses silver helmets, but just the white for now. Andrew Harrington suggested doing some sort of tribute to a fallen slot pilot (number 4). the Thunderbirds used to paint the "fin" of their slot plane black but took Harry's suggestion and went with an upside down number. i felt the Tbird uni they had a couple of years ago was OK, but it took some elements from the planes and shoehorned them onto the football uniform. i designed the whole uni with the same mindset the actual planes are painted in, following the shape and curves of the uniform pieces to create something that looks like it belongs there.
  6. This set's been in the works for a while...anyways, the focal point of the main set is the modified Northwestern stripes, as one of my favorite AFA uniforms from the late 90s had em. The modification, of course, is that they look like thunderbolts. The alt...thought I'd go in this direction. Can't remember why, but here goes.