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  1. Hello everyone, I've been a long-time viewer of these boards, as I have long been interested in sports logos and design. Having had many ideas and concepts of my own, I've always been interested in sharing, but lack the computer/photoshop skills to portray them the way I'd like to. The project that I'm now sharing is about as adequate as I can get using MS Paint. So here it goes. Ever since MLB released the Twins-inspired caps for the All-Star Game in 2014, I have been interested in the idea of having the hats be in a uniform theme, based on the host city. When this year's hats were released, I'll admit I was a little disappointed. Especially considering all of the past inspiration they could have drawn from classic Padres uniforms, which they instead used for the Home Run Derby gear. However, I saw room to use that inspiration in the actual game as well as the Derby. My concept draws the wordmarks of each team straight from the Derby caps, but each are given their representative colors to match the uniform. My goal for a lot of teams was to be able to use somewhat uncommon colors, such as the green for the Red Sox and some yellow for the Cardinals. Piping was added along the front to mimic the old Padres hats even more. The logos of the teams were kept on the side of the hat in order to differentiate each of them from being too "templeted." So anyway, let me know what you all think. Edit: Above is the original concept, below is the most recently updated version with added eyelets.
  2. Here's something I put together today while watching the NHL All-Star game. I really like the idea of connecting something from the hometown team into the jerseys. So I used elements of each of the Kings uniforms into these, while using Purple, Gold, Black and Silver. And one thing the league missed on this year was not having 4 different uniforms for each division. So, C&C? Too cluttered? Too many stars? Not enough stars?
  4. The NHL All-Star Game is useless. Nobody watches, nobody cares. The NHL is clearly willing to mess with things considering the new fantasy draft format. Now with four conferences and no requirement for East/West play, things should be changed. How do you make things interesting? Make the game matter, and not in the annoying way the MLB does. I'm talking a tournament. But nobody would watch a bunch of All-Star Games. So we have a series of 30-minute games, two 15-minute periods with a 5 minute commercial break in between. Winner moves on. Games are 20 minutes apart for a break, some analysis, and commercials, leading to 90 minutes of hockey and 55 minutes of down time for all of the fanfare. If that's too much, I'm sure it could be reduced to two 10-minute periods with a break for ads and make it like a normal game's time frame. Teams made up of 2 centers, 2 left wings, 2 right wings, 4 defensemen, and 1 goalie and a coach from that conference only. Brackets are set up to match the playoff format for that year. Each conference has a color scheme and a generic jersey. These can switch up every few years, different pattern for each to encourage sales. However, these were picked specifically that no color scheme or jersey pattern would reflect one of the teams within that conference. Without further ado: