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  1. I'm not a fan of our classic logo like a lot of other people seem to be, so I tried my best to touch up some of the problems I had with the old one. It's kind of an amalgam of both Falcons logos. I also did two versions:
  2. So, after watching the game last night, it occurred to me that the Atlanta Falcons have some untapped potential with their identity, and could actually look really good. Any and all feedback welcome! Here's my fix starting with logo: Falcons Logo Concept by HuntTheJones (Based on the combination of the Throwback Logo & Current Logo) So the first is obvious. Take the old logo that's still so popular among the fanbase (at least the ones I know) and the current logo (which I think is actually pretty good) and combine them for a modernized version to make everyone happy. Up next, turf design: Falcons Turf Concept for Mercedes-Benz Stadium Last night made it clear that the throwback turf design is the look Atlanta needs. That said, there is nothing wrong with the current font style they have. So, sticking with the theme of the logo, find a happy medium. Up next, helmet design: Falcons Helmet Concept Nice and simple, just like the helmet they already have. A gloss black shell with nothing but the new logo on each side gets the job done. Up next, uniform design: Black Home Primary White Road Primary Red Home Alternate This is my favorite part. The basis is that each design is based on the throwback worn last night. Their current design is outdated, and nothing stands the test of time like the classic. So, put the current number font, new logo on the sleeves, and "ATLANTA" in small block on the chest. Keep the same pants design as well, just make the primary the old school silver. Rotate white and all black in the mix so you never get stale. Black jersey becomes primary Home, White jersey goes back to Black numbers, & Red jersey becomes alternate. C&C welcome!
  3. I think the Eagles have a great logo and I'm a big fan of their midnight green color, but I think they just have too much going on with black, charcoal gray and silver accompanying the green. In my opinion, the Eagles look best when they are wearing only green, silver and white, so this concept is more of a clean-up than a full on rebrand. I was also inspired by what the Detroit Lions did with their logo an uniforms this past season. Those are not perfect, but I really like the idea of what the Lions did. Here's my take on the logo: nothing too exciting, the green is a touch more green and the black is gone. The new wordmark is my take on a simpler, less "XTREME" version of the current wordmark and is more in line with the contemporary branding in the NFL: bold, single color lettering with some serifs and a bridge shape to give it some character. Here are the new home and road uniforms. Less is more as the uniforms are reminiscent of the current duds but are without the needless clutter of superfluous colors and embellishment. The Color Rush uniform is gray in the same style of the primary uniforms and the regular alternate uniform is a midnight green version of the classic throwback uniforms thanks to the one-helmet rule. So, thats it. Thanks for taking a look and I'm definitely open to any and all C&C and feedback.
  4. Okay, so let me give you some background before I continue: Back in early December, I was in a creative slump. I had stopped making concepts and my major Concept project involving 4 fictional sporting leagues (Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey) had become boring. With my schooling becoming busier by the day, I had decided to delete my entire project. A couple weeks later was Christmas Break and I became bored, simply because I had no school work to keep me busy. So, I restarted by leagues from scratch, each with 32 teams, many no longer having the same name they once had, while others are just simply from old and defunct franchises. While I only have logos for my football league, I still simulate some of my other series using a program called StatDisk, which can generates numbers that I use for scores. The main reason I have not posted any concepts since the reboot of my MegaSeries is because most of them are ripoffs and I am not afraid to admit it. I do hand-draw my logos, but they are based on someone else's logo. At the moment, those logos are "placeholders" until I make an original. This logo that I am sharing is a logo for my United Football Association team called the Washington Federals: While trying to make a logo for this team, I looked at many pictures of Eagles, from their heads to them swooping down to catch a fish, but none of them seemed quite right. So, I began to see how others made Eagles into logos. I saw a few decent ones, but none that could learn from. So, I started looking at pro logos. The Philadelphia Eagles logo wasn't quite right either, and neither was the Washington Federals logo from the USFL in the 80's, so I started looking at other bird logos, and there was the Atlanta Falcons logo. I wanted to make my own Falcon logo, but didn't have a team with that name. So, I decided to do a mash-up of some sort. used the basic shape of the Falcons logo and turned it into an eagle but not as abstract. I wanted the F shape to remain in tact, so I kept the claws, but tried to make them less of a hand and more like a claw. I also used the Federals color scheme of Kelly Green and Black as I thought it was unique for my league. So what do you all think? too much of a ripoff? The one thing that does bug me just a tad, though, is the tail. I feel like it's missing something. I may try to post some other, more original work later. Thanks for any C+C!
  5. NFC EAST: AFC EAST: Washington Redskins New England Patriots Philadelphia Eagles New York Jets New York Giants Buffalo Bills NFC NORTH: AFC NORTH: Green Bay Packers Baltimore Ravens Chicago Bears Pittsburgh Steelers Detroit Lions Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns NFC SOUTH: Carolina Panthers Atlanta Falcons