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  1. Ive been lurking on the forums admiring the work you all do. Today, Atlanta officially got the MLS franchise and Arthur Blank has said that team name and logo will be up wfor suggestion/discussion. He did reveal the colors would be red, black, and gold and that they would stay away from the Chiefs name from our NASL days. Any one interested in creating a logo/kit for a team with no identity yet? One of my greatest fears as an Atlantan is that our team gets a horrible logo/name/identity. I was an avid Thrashers fan but that was one of the worst logos in pro sports history.
  2. Arthur Blank the owner of the Atlanta Falcons is adding and Atlanta MLS team to his portfolio. Both teams will be sharing the New Falcons stadium in 2017. I thought it could be cool if Blank combined Atlanta soccer history with the future, while showing the Falcons relationship. I feel like the logo would need some adjustments, but I ran out of ideas.
  3. From what is being reported Atlanta will be announced as the newest MLS expansion team on April 16th. As of right now I have not heard of any discussions of the Atlanta Silverbacks (NASL) moving into the MLS, especially since the ownership groups are different. I was just wondering what a Silverbacks kit would look like designed for the MLS. Last week as well the SIlverbacks released their new kits for the upcoming NASL season. They were no longer sporting the hoops which I personally liked, and have no character at all. I would love to hear some feedback, as this is the first uniform design I have tried.
  4. Today marks the tenth anniversary that I joined the boards here at the CCSLC. I'd actually been a daily viewer/reader for a few months prior but had yet to post, as my membership was tied to this site's old home over on the boards at, as were most of the members who joined here in the site's early days. Actually, I should correctly say that it wasn't yet a site at all, but rather just message boards. The website of would come later. As I was joining this board, I had been bed-ridden for exactly a month, having been smashed head-on in a car accident by a car who was running from police after a bust on a crystal meth lab. He suffered a broken foot and was in and out of the E.R. in a few hours. I spent 3 days in I.C.U. and another 8 weeks at home recovering from a trip through my truck's windshield. During that time I obviously had plenty of time to lay around and play on the computer, and so I made the move from the dying Fanhome over to this site on March 4th, 2004. While I was already adept at illustrator I'd never really applied it outside of work applications (designing signs and billboards), so my first concepts here were actually done in MS Paint until I learned the in and outs of every illustrator tool that was NOT the text feature. I was blown away by some of the talent here and I knew I wanted to be a part of it, from the brilliance of Nitroseed, to the bizarre I-cant-look-away stylings of Discrimihater, to the MS Paint mastery of Steve-O and Against All Odds (later known as AAO), this board was where a sports fanatic artist like myself needed to be. Through 10 years I've amazing artists come along and shine and later pass the mantle down to others...guys like Nitroseed, AAO, PCGD, Buc, AndrewHarrington, Davidson...even myself for a short time, so it's amazing and fills me with joy to see guys like Conrad and ren69 reaping the praise currently. I've seen knotheads like Mojoto and JamesCraven mouth their way right out of here, and I've seen BringBackTheVet live up to the widely held belief that Philly sports fans are probably the most knowledgeable on the planet. Most importantly I've enjoyed the brethren and camaraderie that this fraternity has provided. It helped me recover from a life-threatening car wreck, and has helped me become a better artist both independently and commercially. Over the next few days I'm going to post a retrospective of my concepts through the years, from 2004 to 2014, not that any of them are any good, but most of them have been sitting locked away in photobucket for many years and just want to come out for some air again. With that said as I've said many times here...enjoy! This was my first concept here, originally done in paint and originally posted on the old Fanhomes board to no response (because the board was dead at this point). The Atlanta Falcons announced in training camp before the 2002 season that they would be changing things up for 2003, and this was my concept. I originally drew this concept in my sketchpad, before later doing a full "technical" rendering in full color on paper much like this one here, and also drawing Michael Vick in the uniform in action. Not knowing how pro sports teams actually go about selecting new logos and uniforms, I actually packaged this all up and sent it to the Falcons front office, and as you can imagine I never heard a response. A guy named James Craven, who would soon become a banned member here and never made concepts, posted a thread in the concepts forum asking for people to submit their concepts for the Falcons, Titans, Bills, and Bengals, which were the last 4 uniform hauls in the NFL at that time. Since I had this one sitting around I pulled it out here, and thus began my concept posting here on the CCSLC. A quick note: The custom font shown here is one that I have used many times in concepts since, and ironically is very, very similar to the current Arkansas Razorbacks font, though it pre-dates it by around 10 1/2 years. It should also be noted that I've re-used this jersey/pants template on several concepts as well.
  5. Rehashing and oldie. Tweaked some elements. Bringing back the gold and black, but with metallic gold as opposed to yellow-gold. New secondaries, Atlanta and ATL script. The claw holding the ball is from the current primary but can also serve as a nice secondary.
  6. Hi everybody, new member here. Just thought I'd post this and see if anyone had any thoughts on it. (By the way, please forgive the poor image quality; this was a fairly quick-and-dirty effort.) To start, here's the Hawks' current look. Great lines and curves, but the red-white-and-blue color scheme has become a bit boring and generic now that five different NBA teams are using it. Here's my new color scheme concept, designed to sort of resemble the colors of an actual red-tailed hawk: Updated logos: New court design possibilities: Retro-style uniforms for throwback nights:
  7. I took one of the Braves' current alternate uniforms and used it as the basis for a new uniform set, mixing a pair of eras in the concept. What do you think? To clarify: the one on the upper left is NOT a concept -- it is a current alternate jersey.
  8. Simplifying the Atlanta Falcons without reinventing the wheel. What do you think?
  9. When the Silverbacks announced that they would be holding a contest for their new logo, I was pretty hyped. I actually had this idea swimming around in my head for some time. Here's my idea for their new badge.. The colors are bright orange, the color of a peach, and navy blue. The mascot logo was hand-drawn my me. I was going for a vintage look, something that could become a classic. I think I drew the most inspiration from this old logo I found some time ago... It belongs to Barnsley FC, a team in the FL's Championship Division. Not sure if they're still using it anymore. Anyway, I need your most honest opinions about this, because I plan on submitting this on the contest. Thanks a lot!
  10. I brought back the early-1970's color scheme, and I used the current piping. Let me know what you guys think. Home: Away: Home alternate (w/home pants): Away alternate (w/road pants): Is the jersey too busy or is it fine?