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  1. I wish that some mlb teams would get rid of the white outlines on their scripts and striping, as it creates what many here describe as an "80s" look, and in some cases, causes a script to lose its organic charm and look like something designed on a computer screen. The Dodgers dropped their white outline years ago, and have never looked better (at least in LA.) Next on my hit list is the Phillies road uniform. Their current uniform came out in '92, and I guess the white outline, cuff trim, and pants stripe fit in with the aesthetic of the era (not too dissimilar to MTL's). However, among my many gripes about the current script, it (and all scripts IMO) is that it doesn't look like something that could ever be drawn by hand, which IMO is the charm of old-timey scripts (several other teams fall into this category as well.) Part of it has to do with the roundness of the letters and the precision shaping of them, but the most easily fixable part is the white outline around them which creates a "patch" effect - (which is what I'm sure they are actually intending, since it appears with a white outline in every single instance that it's used. I guess that's consistency, which is usually a good thing, but I think you can make adjustments in some cases without affecting your brand.) The 40s and 50s didn't suffer from this, and look infinitely better IMO. The Tigers are another offender. They have a great script, but it has two outlines on it, the outer which is white. I'm okay with a single colored outline, as long as it's an outline and not a "fill in the gaps" background patch. The white needs to go though. It clashes with the rest of the uniform, since they use the navy and orange caps on the road. Plus it has that "80s" style that they were moving away from when they ditched the racing stripes of their old Indians' style uniform. The white Sox fall into this category as well. For some reason though, I don't mind their script with the outline. Their pants bothered me more, but they fixed that. However they left the white on the sleeve and script. Maybe it's because gray and black is dull IMO, but it wouldn't really bother me if it remained on the script. That is inconsistent with my other opinions though. I think a better fix would be to add a second color to the black - red being the most obvious choice. That, however, is a discussion for another thread. The Yankees seem to be the most debated offenders in this category. Many want them to lose all white, many think they look "classic" even with the white, and think it should stay. Discuss.