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  1. Anomalied

    Cubs Concept

    With the recent buzz about the Northsiders changing up their look, I threw together this quick concept. I went for a more simple, vintage feel, with the Tuscan lettering and the cream homes without names. The light blue is derived from the Chicago flag, which is worn on the sleeve. I know the color scheme is similar to Tampa, so I thought about adding more pops of red or another color to make it more unique, thoughts?
  2. So after having done a logo for the defunct Federal League and uniform designs for the fictional teams The New York Knights from the movie the Natural and The Mudville Nine from the poem Casey at the bat, I've decided that I'm going to continue making uniform designs for fictional Baseball teams as if they were all members of my new Federal League. (whoa, sorry for the run-on sentence.) Some teams I'm thinking about doing: The Hackensack Bulls (Brewster's Millions) The House of David (Not a fictional team but still and interesting one to try) The Oklahoma Dusters (Just made this one up) If you have any suggestions for teams, please send them my way. This new uniform design comes from an episode of The Twilight Zone called The Mighty Casey. The Zephyrs are a down on their luck team that just happens to have a robot for a pitcher. Anyway, I used that episode and those tacky uni designs from the late 70's and early 80's as inspiration.
  3. Here is a design for the fictional team the Oklahoma Dusters of the Federal League. Obviously I wanted to name the team something that would make sense regionally. My first choice was to go the Native American/Indian route but considering the current climate in sports regarding Native cultures as mascots I decided against it. Plus, I thought that was just too easy. I eventually decided on the Dusters for two reasons. One, this is Oklahoma after all and one thing Oklahoma is known for is the Dust Bowl during the Depression. The other reason is because my dad played on a team called the Dusters when he was in little league and I've always liked that name.
  4. I finished watching Ken Burns Baseball the other day and I got to thinking about the Dead Ball era and how it must have had a completely different feel compared to todays game. I thought it would be cool if there was a modern league that played that way ie. low scoring games and few home runs. With that in mind I started playing around with some concepts. I chose an iconic shot of Ty Cobb for the primary inspiration.
  5. Ok, so we've all heard the one about the Might Casey and the Mudville Nine but none of us have ever really seen their uniforms. So with that in mind, I came up with this. I wanted to take some design cues from the 1880's even though this template is obviously a modern design hence the pillbox hat, striped stockings and the moustache. The use of brown as the primary color, I think should be obvious...
  6. A modern take on the New York Knights uniform from the movie The Natural using a template I found here in the forums. I went back and forth on whether or not I should go with the orange sleeves/leggings or the navy on the alternate uni.
  7. Hey guys, For the past few days I've been working on my fantasy team's new identity. Last year I was called the Minnesota Mammoths, and I did win the league. However, the name got tiresome. When I was looking for places to relocate (towns/cities without MLB teams), I looked at California as an option. I remember watching a video about 3-4 months ago about the PBL in the 1940's. Anyways I love the Hollywood Stars name so I decided to give my team its namesake. So, let me introduce to you, The Hollywood Stars! Jersey Set: Cap logos: Let me know what you think, I haven't posted it to my leagues facebook group yet, I wanted some C&C first.
  8. I haven't seen this posted anywhere, and if it is sorry, but i found this on Yahoo.
  9. I'm currently working on a photoshop template for baseball uniforms. I am struggling putting pinstripes on these jerseys so I was wondering if some great minds could lend me some help. Thanks!
  10. When I heard that Great Britain would be participating in the next WBC, I wondered what that would be like if they played as four different states, like their FIFA counterparts. Here's a concept for England I just finished... I plan on doing the other ones too, Scotland, N. Ireland, and Wales. C&C appreciated, as always. Should I continue with this?
  11. This is sort of an occasional thought I've had over the years (and sorry in advance if something like this is being discussed on a different topic) and it has to do with the idea of farm systems. I guess my main question why is it, after all these years, the only sport to successfully manage, maintain, and run a proper farm system for it's major league is baseball? Is a farm system good in all sports or is it better to have leagues scattered across the country so that many more cities can say they have a minor league, lets say basketball, team even if it's usually for around 5 years on average if that. If football is considered our most popular sport in this country why hasn't there been a proper farm system for the NFL ever? I know back in the hayday when the original USFL was around there was a party of owners and such that long-term wanted to turn the USFL into essentially NFL's farm league during the spring but of course Donald Trump had other plans. Personally I have an answer I wonder if anyone has thought of. What if back in its hayday, the AFL became the NFL's farm league? You wouldn't have to fill 32 teams with 56 man rosters, in terms of eye appeal 10,000 fans watching an arena football game is a much better atmosphere than having 10,000 fans for an outdoors game, and economically its cheaper to run a team playing in an arena with luxury boxes then a football stadium designed for a FCS college team (btw I'm just using 10,000 as a predictable average estimate seeing how little turnout their was in the USFL in certain markets). And in terms of basketball I guess I ask how long do you think it will take for the NBDL to have one team for every one NBA team (they're at 16 teams right now)?
  12. I can't seem to find the old thread we did this on, but a couple of years ago, we had a draft thread where people were able to build an all time baseball team. It was a lot of dorky fun, and I'd like to do it again, this time with a couple of rules changes. RULES We will be looking for 12-15 teams. To join the draft, you need to meet fantasy requirements (6 months, 500 posts) and be in good standing. You will be drafting a 25 man roster, so consider the time involvement. C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF, DH, C, 1B/3B, 2B/SS, 2 x OF, SP x 6, RP x 5 CHANGES FOR 2012 When selecting a player, you have to declare their spot on your team, and the team you are drafting them under. You are limited to one player per team. You can game this, obviously. Let's say you have selected Nolan Ryan as a Met, Jackie Robinson as a Dodger, and you want Mike Piazza. You can draft him as a Marlin. There is no minimum requirement for team loyalty for them to be drafted. Obviously, if a team maintains lineage, you can draft a player who played in the team's prior city. So you can draft Babe Ruth as a Brave, for example. A player needs 300 games at a position (check B-Ref) to qualify for that position. So who's in? Last time, it was team names being current or former major league or negro league teams. How about when you sign up, you choose a minor league team name, past or present, as your team?
  13. This is actually an update to a previous concept I did about a year ago. Them being called the Astros, I naturally went with something sleek and futuristic and came up with this... I've been spending too much time at the arcade... ^^; Anyway, I think the uniform is a bit too plain, but I'm not sure what else to add. Any ideas? Also, tell me what you think of the logos, of course.
  14. Discrim

    Daytona Cubs

    I've been eyeing the D-Cubs since the long-overdue overhaul they did last year. Here goes nothin...home and away The home, just about the only difference from RL is the right sleeve patch being the surfing cub rather than the primary. The road, I decided to give it a bit of a different look, and traced a palm tree from the primary so as to put it on the left sleeve, kinda like the 70s Braves' feathers. Now here go the alts... You probably noticed the pinstriped alt cap. That came first, then I figured, why not make a blue jersey with powder blue pinstripes? Eh well, it'd be a conversation starter at least. Then, the vest. What can I say about it that it doesn't say by itself?
  15. Alright, on to Major League Baseball! As usual, I made a "chart" of what I think every single MLB team's best look is that they've ever had (with a few exceptions). I invite you guys to post your own complete league breakdown of your favorite looks for each team. Here are the rules: If the team has moved, you cannot use their prior location (i.e. Montreal Expos are out) This is only for a team's best overall look. It's not organized by my "favorite player." In fact, I don't care what players are on here. In some cases you'll find a team's icon used as the photo because that would likely be the most abundant photo found on Google. If I put a team's home uniform up, and you prefer the road/alternate version of the same era, that's fine. That's not something I'm going to change on here. The idea is simply to get the best uniform combo that any specific team has worn for at least one season. There are some teams that have, more or less, never changed their uniforms (i.e. the Yankees/Red Sox), and in that case, you can put any incarnation of their uniform that you want. They're basically all the same. However, if you feel the need to justify a particular version, feel free to do so. I think, overall, you'll find I prefer bright/vibrant colors, a traditional look, and uniforms that stand out. I'm not as worried about how they look if fans were to buy them as fashion accessories. Feel free to comment on my list, and make your own lists...AND PLEASE USE PHOTOS (Each of mine is about 300x400 pixels)!
  16. For this concept, the Astros go steampunk! I tried to use modern/futuristic design elements that would blend well with an early-20th century aesthetic. I know it's not great, but I can't think of anything else to do with it at the moment. If you have any suggestions on how to improve it, I'd love to hear them.