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  1. Popular_Sheep


    Okay, this is my first post to this website, but I do love this website, it is amazing. Ever since I was a kid, I had a fantasy basketball team called the Columbus Wings from Columbus Ohio. if anyone is good with making logos/jerseys/etc., would you want to give making one a shot? no color preferences, other than I've always imagined it being a Blue/Gray/White combo. thanks!
  2. The life of a HS senior and preping up for college (AP classes,Studio Art) has really taking up my designing time designated for here on the boards, especially my HBCU Lacrosse series. I wanted to do something different since there has never been any hoops concepts for HBCUs here. BTW, I recall Buc doing a dynomite football series a couple years ago and it kind of inspired me to do my own set of series. The first school in my HBCU series is the Howard University Bison, located in Washington, D.C.. Howard is the only private HBCU in the District while UDC is the only public one. Many people may recognize the Bison for the sharp similarity to the Buffalo Bills logo but, in fact Howard made the logo first. Of course, Howard's colors are blue and red. Most of the athletic teams wear a navyish blue instead of what the primary athletics logo looks like. Also, they use minimal to no red in their uniforms. I wanted to put an end to this double blue identity crisis by using the correct RGB value throughout. Also, I ended up including red as an accent color on the wordmark and number outlines. Sorry if the words look slanted but the uniform is done at a certain angle. Howard's uniforms may look bland with only two colors but I believe that the template makes or breaks your look. Curse you Russelll Athletic! So, anyways here's my work. CC is welcome and strongly recomended. Road: Home: The Florida A&M Rattlers(Tallahassee, FL) are up next. SPOILER: One of the alts look like BFBS but there is a story linked to the school wearing black years ago I'll be posting later on.
  3. Sorry for being slow, but here's your NBA Edition of "Every Team's Best Look Ever." As usual, I made a "chart" of what I think every single NBA team's best look is that they've ever had (with a few exceptions). I invite you guys to post your own complete league breakdown of your favorite looks for each team. Here are the rules: If the team has moved, you cannot use their prior location (the Nets don't count because Brooklyn is close enough to New Jersey that technically it's still the same "market," so I'll allow New Jersey Nets uniforms) This is only for a team's best overall look. It's not organized by my "favorite player." In fact, I don't care what players are on here. In some cases you'll find a team's icon used as the photo because that would likely be the most abundant photo found on Google. If I put a team's home uniform up, and you prefer the road/alternate version of the same era, that's fine. That's not something I'm going to change on here. The idea is simply to get the best uniform combo that any specific team has worn for at least one season. There are some teams that have, more or less, never changed their uniforms (i.e. the Celtics), and in that case, you can put any incarnation of their uniform that you want. They're basically all the same. However, if you feel the need to justify a particular version, feel free to do so. I had room, so I added the Charlotte Hornets and Seattle SuperSonics, so you may do the same. Just don't put them in place of the New Orleans Hornets or Oklahoma City Thunder. I think, overall, you'll find I prefer bright/vibrant colors, a traditional look, and uniforms that stand out. I'm not as worried about how they look if fans were to buy them as fashion accessories. Feel free to comment on my list, and make your own lists...AND PLEASE USE PHOTOS (Each of mine is about 300x400 pixels)! When it comes to the Raptors and the Bobcats, I think every incarnation of their uniforms suck. So, I just picked what I felt was the best of the worst.
  4. Hello everyone, new to posting here at the boards. I've just started learning how to use Illustrator and am looking for some comments and constructive criticism to my work. Now on to the work.. I'm a student at NU and I can't stand our logo at all, so to practice in Illustrator, I wanted to come up with a logo for the Niagara Purple Eagles that is a change from the old.While it's a little rough I'm pretty happy with the first results
  5. okay, so for a while ive been following this forum and have been creating australian teams for an australian basketball league that I'm calling the ABA (Australian Basketball Association) which will replace the NBL. I have seven teams so far and will hopefully be making more. FOREWORNING, some of the logos used in here were taken from the site and edited i do not claim I made all logos although i did design all jumpers etc. this is a logo i made for the league which is based off of the nba's logo, i was going to make the ball green and gold for australia but overall the look didnt look good so i left it as is http://s1106.photobu...2at105300PM.png The first team i designed was the richmond rattlers http://s1106.photobu...lers-layout.jpg The next team on my list was the Melbourne Cubs http://s1106.photobu...cubs-layout.jpg Then came the Sydney Harbours http://s1106.photobu...OURS-LAYOUT.jpg Next is the Perth Pirates, taking the font and the black and yellow colours from the mlb pirates http://s1106.photobu...ATES-LAYOUT.jpg Then came the Cairns Flameshttp://s1106.photobu...AMES-LAYOUT.jpg After was the Townsville Suns http://s1106.photobu...SUNS-LAYOUT.jpg and last but not least, the Melbourne Gunships http://s1106.photobu...06at13443AM.png Hopefully you guys have liked what ive posted, and if you dont, tell me why, C&C welcome, this is my first time, be nice and ill try and make some more, next on the list, the tassie devils
  6. With the NBA presason just a week away, I figured it was time to fire up the season thread. The league announced a new anti-flopping campaign today, and will now fine players who fly all over the court in an attempt the draw a foul. It'll be interesting to see how many fines are handed out to players who take a charge, when essentially ALL players on the recieving end of a charge is guilty of a total dive.