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  1. As a lifelong Baltimore Orioles fan and a graphic designer specializing in branding, I’m a huge fan of the organization’s decision to go back to the cartoon bird as the team’s primary cap logo two years ago. That said, when the new logo was released in November of 2011, I was disappointed that it failed in recreating a few key details of the logos from the 60s, 70s & 80s. Thus, in an effort to give my beloved O's the best logo possible, I've redesigned the logo to more accurately capture the essence of the logos of the past. Here's what I came up with: Comparison to current logo: I'd to hear your thoughts on the changes I've made. Any feedback is appreciated! Also, if you'd like to see more, and view the proposal I sent to the Orioles Director of Marketing, you can visit my site at: There's also a nice write-up on my logo over at
  2. hey guys, just finished up another project, its for a service called vet voice, essentially a resource for vet students and professionals to stay up to date in their field. i designed a logo and subsequent identity. ill post the logos but if your interested in seeing the rest of the package you can visit this behance link c&c always welcome
  3. Hi everyone, I decided to do a total rebrand of the Detroit Lions as if "bubbles" and the current branding never existed. I did it more for fun and as a challenge to myself to come up with a full branding system. I warn those who are Lions fans that this doesn't keep much of what is currently in the system or on the uniforms. It definitely has a less traditional feel to it. I mean no disrespect to the current branding or the traditions from which it came from. That being said, let's go into the project. I based my logo concept off of a 70's profile Detroit Lions Logo that I found on this very site, and made an updated version of it. I thought the profile head would look great for the helmets and be able to be used in many different applications. I then thought to do a front view to be able to be used on the uniforms, and additional logos can help merchandising. I based the typography on a black letter style since the tigers use blackletterI then did the unthinkable and darkened the Lions blue and added a surprise color into the uniforms. I felt that the orange could symbolize fire: the fires of industry found in Detroit, the rebirth of a team from the ashes etc. I also thought the new color could help be a driver for new merchandise lines. For the Uniforms I included watermarks on the shoulderpads of tire patterns representing the motor city, and a grid of the city on the silver uniform.I then decided to extend the series to include a stationary system for their corporate offices. I hope yall like them, and I'm open to your feedback. Thanks, enjoy Profile primary Profile full body front facing logo Lions script Lions Helmet Uniform front Uniform front with Lion patch Uniform back Full Uniform full uniform silver Lions Stationary Sorry forgot to say I used templates from Frasier Davidson for the helmet and uniform shot
  4. What do you think of the new logo Dontaye Draper team Real Madrid. Full presentation:
  5. I did my high school branding including athletic logos. I always thought we had an interesting mascot, but didn't have a branding system to match it. We are called the cavemen after a cave that was discovered up the canyon from our school. I used the sabretooth headdress to help differentiate from Indian logos, and at the bottom of the primary logo I put an illustration of the American Fork river and canyon (The city is named after it). The athletic branding incudes primary logo, and secondary logos.
  6. Hey everybody! Long time no post. Ive been working on a new personal brand for a while and id like to share it with the board and get some feedback. If you aren't aware, Im a landscape architecture student at Penn State and I will be graduating at the end of the spring semester so Im starting to put my final portfolio package together. This will be printed and sent to potential employers and/or included with grad school applications. I was going for refined simplicity, technical/artistic balance, and a black/white theme with hi-res full color images to accompany text, projects, etc. I feel like this theme is carried through pretty well and really speaks to who i am as a designer and communicates my personal style. The brand is also featured on my portfolio website which can be found here. My print portfolio can be found here. Behance Let me know what you think! Any comments and/or criticisms would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Hey everyone, I need your help once again! I would like some feedback as I begin my own set of branding. The first step being to create a solid monogram. I have an idea that I like a lot that I would like to post here for feedback. The idea is to have an interlocking KF which heavily relies on 45 degree angles to convey an organized, well thought out approach. Thanks for reading!
  8. Working on putting together the branding for my new business project. It's still in the early stages, so I don't want to give away too much information before I get all the legal stuff taken care of. But looking for some advice on where to go with a logo. I can tell you that the name of the business is forest/tree related. And I'm going for a minimalist look for the whole branding.
  9. Hi, I present my latest logo prepared for the professional basketball player. Marcus Ginyard is an American professional basketball player from the University of North Carolina. Full presentation: Process: http://www.behance.n...ip/67905/271857 The logo consists of three elements: The old well (Chapel Hill, UNC) Dog tags - MG Tattoo MG initials Please, constructive criticism and evaluation.
  10. New logo and identity for the WNBA: Full story here: Seems a good move forward, though I'm not sure it will help popularity of the league...good stuff from a design prospective nonetheless, imo.