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  1. NBA Reverse Retro Series Why hello everyone! It has been years since I've been on the boards, but it's great to be back! With my first topic back, I wanted to tackle a project I worked on for fun late last year. The NBA Reverse Retro Series. After the NHL put out their Reverse Retro series of uniforms, I wondered what it might look like if the NBA did a similar thing. Now it is way harder to bring back a classic look for some teams because they never really left their classic look. The rules I set for this project were simple. Bring back a classic uniform from sometime in each team's history, but altered to fit their current colour scheme. Just like the NHL, team's could go back in their history, even wearing a jersey from a different city. Similar to what the Avalanche did with the Nordiques uniform. To start, this is the teaser, with each team represented and the year which the uniform is based on. I found all the logos and examples of the original uniforms from right on this site, I will add, I won't be making any changes at this point, I finished this project about a month ago, but I wanted to share it here and see what people think of this idea. C&C is appreciated!
  2. This concept was started a few years ago here: . And I just went back and cleaned it up. Let me know what you think of the updates. Here is the image: And a GIF for comparison:
  3. University at Buffalo Nickname: Bulls Colors: Royal Blue and White Current and past helmets and logos: Concept 1 Note: Altered and stretched the Bull logo across the front and sides of the helmet. Concept 2 Note: Used current Buffalo logos with non-traditional stripe placement.
  4. Here is a logo concept inspired by member mattr1198's concept (if on dribbble it'd be a rebound). I meshed the Windy City Bulls' logo with my own creations: I think they both look pretty sweet, but my edge goes to the left. What about you?
  5. This is a project I'd had in my head for a long time, and I finally decided to make it happen. My concept for the NBA to be taken outdoors for the first time in history, the NBA Blacktop Series. The BS if you will. As crazy as it sounds, I think it would be possible if done right for an NBA game to be played outside. I mean if they can do it with hockey, they can do it with roundball. The more outlandish part of the idea is a proposal for the game to be played on an actual street court, Chicago's Margaret Hie Ding Lin Park Court in this case. It would fit in well with the NBA's mindset and would be kind of like bringing players back to their roots, where it all began, on a humble street court. So below are all the facets of what I think this could/should look like. LOGO The logo for the Blacktop Series is simple and uniform, but still hanging on to some uniqueness while serving as a kind of ode to Chicago's Hie Ding Park, with the underside of the El tracks center stage on the logo and court alike. Any further games would fit this same half-circle logo template. SECONDARIES UNIFORMS The matchup for the inaugural Blacktop game is Pistons/Bulls which i think is a healthy enough rivalry, esp. city wise, to kick the series off. The jerseys are noticeably button-up which will serve as a distinct icon of outdoor b-ball. Chi-Town's uni has a black base with the colors of the city's flag as bold accent colors. The Flag Shield secondary from the event logo is the sleeve patch and the flag's four six-point stars are an accent underneath the numbers. Detroit's jersey is much more understated with the D from their new logo on the left breast and the new logo itself as a sleeve patch. Motor City silver is the base. SEATING PLAN C&C hugely appreciated as this is the biggest single project I've done yet, so I'd love to hear what you think of the first installment of the NBA Blacktop Series! Thanks guys
  6. The Bulls logo, at least in my opinion, is in much need of an update, as classic as it is. With inspiration from the Windy City Bulls logo, I decided to update this classic logo into a much less dated and cooler design. Let me know what you think. OLD: NEW:
  7. I didn't get a chance to submit my Anniversary Patch for the 2016 Logolympiad. So I added a few photoshop effects to make a patch on a jersey.
  8. The elements that make up the design are... Chicago Bulls Bull minus some forehead wrinkles Kansas City Scouts circle look Scouts "KC" Font is from one of the font resource packs (I hope the uniforms will be up within the next few weeks) I do know about some of the edges looking rough... I've already fixed some and I'm already working on others.
  9. The elements that make up the design are... Chicago Bulls Bull minus some forehead wrinkles Kansas City Scouts circle look Scouts "KC" Font is from one of the font resource packs (I hope the uniforms will be up within the next few weeks)
  10. The Chicago Bulls announced today that the team has been granted the right to own and operate an NBA D-League club that will begin play in the 2016-17 season. The new team will play its home games at Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, IL. The team is running a "Name-The-Team" contest, with an interesting caveat– all team name suggestions must end in “Bulls”.
  11. Looking through my files from the past year I've noticed I created a good portion of concepts in the last 365 days. The other thing I've noticed is that the quality looks much better than previous years. So I thought I'd give CCSLC a look at what I've done over the past year. Most you've seen, but there are some that didn't fit with "sports logos" that I didn't post. We'll start off with the NBA concepts: Minnesota: Detroit: Chicago:
  12. This is IMO a simple update to a classic (yet out-dated) logo. Please share your thoughts, there are some areas I'm wondering about. NEW 2.0 SHAPE (5/6/15):
  13. I was playing around with Greek mythology and thought about making teams off of their symbols (e.g. Athena Owls, Zeus Eagles) and decided to go with Bulls for Poseidon. Since he's my favorite, I made them first. After a while I decided to shove that off and use the logo for a Bulls golden anniversary rebrand. Non-Behance bonus:
  14. After the NBA released this year's uniforms that the 10 teams will where on Christmas day, I was left wanting more. I think so much more creativity could be utilized to make these uniforms memorable. I then decided to mock up my own concepts for this year's Christmas Day games, with a strong Christmas theme displayed in each piece. Shortly after this post, I will just go ahead and post all of the match-ups at one time. I ask that you refrain from focusing on the sleeved/sleeveless discussion as it is not the focus here. Upon request I can also provide my ai. template for the uniforms that I made from scratch, I just ask that in return you give me (tbdaniel15) credit when you use it for your own work. Thanks guys, and enjoy!
  15. I was checking out letter jackets (nostalgia) and found this graphic for a patch. I'm sure it's a stock image from somewhere, but I've never seen it before. It looks like, with some tweaks, it would make a sweet Chicago Bulls update (if not for the eyes seeming too high). Anyone know anything about who may have designed it?
  16. Okay, let me preface this by saying that I am in no way a basketball fan (or a Chigaco fan for that matter), but I am a huge hat person, I wear them everywhere. Never would I really buy a Bulls hat, I just have a question about the logo choice that they use for a lot of their hats and other apparel. Why does that dammed "Windy City" logo appear on almost ALL of the Bull's hats? I believe it was once an alternate logo, but why do the Bulls not use just the regular logo on the hats that they sell? Is it just a stupid fashion thing? Does everyone just think that logo looks "cool?" All other NBA teams use their primary?\I know at this point I'm rambling, but for some reason this really bugs me. I wonder if I'm alone... It just drives me crazy. I just need some closure and if anyone can shed some light on this that would be great. For those unfamiliar with what I'm talking about, here are some (ugly) examples. These are just a few examples, I wanted to show that in every adaptation there's that stupid "Windy City" cloud. Anyway, thanks for anyone that knows why this is!
  17. One of my favorite parts of sports aesthetics (and design in general) are script logos. Also, when it comes to baseball (and other applicable sports like basketball), I like it when teams have their city/location name on their away jerseys and their team names on their homes. There are some teams that historically haven't followed this pattern like the Phillies and the Milwaukee Braves and therefore no such location name scripts exist. So I like to try and create scripts that match the home scripts for conceptual away jerseys. Bellow are a few examples. Milwaukee Braves: Durham Bulls: Improvements, changes, etc.? Let me know what you think.