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  1. When I was putting this concept together, I wanted to merge the modern and the classic styles. The helmet, jerseys, and pants all have similar striping. This 5-stripe is 100% Cleveland Browns. I decided to go with the chest striping for a modern twist on a classic. Rather than heavily-outlining the numbers to make them stand out I set them to stop with enough room for numbers. The script logo is one I created out of a downloaded font. I uploaded this a while back so I don't remember the font name. The numbers are obviously from the Minnesota Golden Gophers, but I thought they fit the overall aesthetic. I have a few more concepts and may (since I'm busy with possibility of traveling) look at doing the whole league.
  2. Some notable differences from last year: Center court logo now has an outline and shadowPerimeter of court is now navy blue2-tone courtCity skyline silhoutteNo more C/Sword logos inside 3 points arc"CLEVELAND" word mark
  3. I took a break from my MLB Combination of Eras thread to do the Cavs redesign contest that was on's Uni Watch page. Paul Lukas has now gone through them and highlighted some of them, so I thought I would put my submission to the contest on these boards for some feedback. Since I have been combining eras in my MLB thread, I decided to do the same with the Cavaliers. Here is my result: (click to enlarge) First of all, thanks to Tim E O'Brien for the template. I combined every era except their inaugural set. The only thing I felt was salvageable from their 94-03 look was the different colored line in the wordmarks and numbers. Obviously, I updated the font. I also updated the side striping by making it more narrow than what they wore back in the 70s.
  4. Been a lurker for a bit here; great stuff all around. As a Cleveland fan, I'd like to see the team move farther and farther from Chief Wahoo. The problem is the Block C alternative is a bit meh. I've tried my hand at a few newer iterations trying to combine an uppercase C with the contours/features of chief wahoo. This first is an attempt at combining the 1920's Indians C with the Chief: The notch comes from the 1920's logo but mirrors the curvature and placement of Chief Wahoo's cheeks. Same for the serif at the tail of the C. Take 2 tried to work with the team's current Block C: It's pretty much the same, only with the 1920's notch (again placed with respects to Chief Wahoo's face) and the top serif echoing the Chief's feather. My final go scraps any previous template and aims to create an Old-English styled C, again using "feathered" serifs and the 1920s/Wahoo hybrid Notch. This also includes an "le" inside the C to disambiguate Cleveland from the Bevy of other C teams: I think I prefer the last iteration; any other opinions? I have the .xcf source files for each if anyone wishes to poke around with them.
  5. Here is a new concept; this time, I'm going to take my crack at fixing what is presently a very inconsistent Cleveland Indians Identity. I therefore decided to center the new package around two things: A new wishbone C....and the feather (or two as you will see). My primary motive is to take the feathered C and make it the new central identifier for the Indians franchise, much like the tomahawk is for the Braves. The primary logo is a wishbone C that is based off of the cap the Tribe wore throughout the 70's. Attached to the C from the top and falling toward the right are two feathers. Below it is the text script "Cleveland Indians" arched. Logo: Cap: Alternate Cap: The Alternate cap will be used with the 1948 Inspired Home Alternate uniforms, which does indeed use the Indians cursive script on Cream. Home Script: The script is inspired by both the current Alternate script and the Serif'd Indians scripts the team used throughout the 80's into the 90's. Uniforms: I felt that using a navy belt with what already is a lot of navy would be redundant, so I switched it up a tiny bit and decided to use a red belt. I like the way it looks. Hope you enjoy this.
  6. I had a hockey concept league going, but have had to take an extensive break. I'll dive back into it after I finish up my exams, for now I've done a mock-up of the Browns jersey that was described on a Reddit post: Any suggestions on what route you think the Browns will take? I'm trying to recreate the description, NOT create a concept. I'm going to wait until we have the jersey design down before I start making the other sets
  7. In this concept series I hope to keep the integrity of the NFL teams but also bring them to modern times. This means chrome/reflective materials. As a Browns fan I am expecting a lot from Nike come 2015. I expect them to keep the Browns look classic with a modern twist. With this design the face mask is chrome, and the helmet itself is a matte orange gradient. The jersey's numbers are not sown on. They are more like The Pro Bowl numbers (below)l. They have a brushed chrome look, much like Ohio States rivalry jerseys. And to give The Browns the change they need I added a number decal for the helmet. It is a brushed chrome just like the numbers on the jersey. The stripes on the shoulder sleeves are just like the numbers. They are not sown on they are more like flywire. The Pants are interchangeable with the jerseys. The browns also need a new logo which I also provided. It is the helmet in the top right corner. I will accept any CnC you have for me. Hopefully i can make more teams as well. I used the Pro Bowl uniforms as a reference because of what Joe Haden tweeted: The template I used is the .psd version (I converted) of the Nike Hypercool template that MattWillcox made. Link: Full Resolution:
  8. For my first project on CCSLC I figured I would take one a Cleveland Browns refresh concept in anticipation of their Nike redesign slated for 2015. I've always thought that they had a pretty solid logo that was severely underused and I wanted to tweak it and use it as the primary logo for my redesign concept. Here is what I came up with so far: As you can see I didn't change much, but I reshaped it slightly, added striping that more resembles the striping on their jerseys, updated the "B", and went with a vintage white. I wanted to keep it classic looking but spruce it up a bit.
  9. So, with already speculation about the Browns getting a uniform revamp... I had already began on an overhaul a few months ago. The Browns are in a difficult position when it comes to rebranding. They are a team with rich heritage (one of the best franchises in history) but have a recent history of absolute unmatched futility. They are a franchise that fought to keep their colors, names, and logos in town during an unnecessary selling of the franchise to another City. With all this in mind, I tried to develop a helmet that ACTUALLY "linked to the past" but still upgraded significantly enough to cause a buzz in the City and League wide: As you can see, I went with a more modern approach to the helmet that Nike has slowly been developing (Navy, Ohio State Pro Combat, Oregon). This helmet obviously incorporates the gray facemask (which looks infinitely better than the white facemask) and then carried the gray to the helmet stripe (which will eventually be carried to the uniforms). The addition of gray will delineate a new era in the franchise, as well as capitalize on the growing popularity of gray uniforms in College and the Pros. I believe this helmet style could actually connect the rich history of the Browns and usher in a new era, a modern era. The helmet will have an aggressive look, both when viewed up close or from far away on TV. For reference, this was the Ohio State Pro Combat helmet used as inspiration: It is my intent to post the full uniform overhaul later... and by later, I mean sometime between now and NFL opening day.
  10. With the recent talk about the Browns receiving a uniform update in the next few years, I decided to take a swing at the Cleveland uniform tweak myself.
  11. Got a little bored so I decided to mix the 90's colors with the Lebron era script. Got the idea from the cavfanatic jersey a couple years ago. as always c+c greatly appreciated Home Jersey Road Jersey Alternate Court