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  1. ACC First: Boston College Clemson Duke Florida State Georgia Tech Louisville Miami
  2. Decided to take a stab at modernizing Wisco since they are gonna be moving to a new brand, but I like Nike so I took a shot using Nike. It's just the jerseys for now, but I tried to give them an update while still keeping the traditional look, so there are just subtle updates. C&C welcome. Home Road
  3. In your opinion, what are the worst offenders of all time in the still-ongoing "black for black's sake" trend, or the newer "gray for gray's sake" trend? Current? Past? A few that get on my nerves: BFBS: West Virginia men's basketball, black alternate: They wore these in the 2010 NCAA Tournament, making it all the way to the Final Four, so I'm sure many of you remember them. With dark blue being their primary color, there simply wasn't enough contrast with the numbers. I don't know whether they still have them; I read about a GFGS alternate they were getting a couple of years ago. Temple men's basketball, late 1990s: They still have a BFBS alternate, but this one wasn't an alternate---it was their only road uniform, replacing the gorgeous and iconic cherry red they had worn for years. Kansas City Royals road/alternate, Toronto Blue Jays entire uniform set, Cincinnati Reds road, mid 2000s: All three teams have a color as their nickname, or at least in their nickname, so why would they replace it with black? The Royals' was probably the most atrocious of the three; it was dated even before its introduction and wouldn't have looked good to my eyes even when it was in style (black-heavy late 90s). The Reds' black caps should've been killed off a lot sooner than they were---honestly, I don't see why they even need it as an accent color. I actually thought the Jays' GFGS home cap from 2004 looked decent, but overall they underutilized blue in that set. I was glad to see them go back to a more traditional design. Golden State Warriors alternate, present: Would this be BFBS or GFGS? Either way, it's unnecessary. Detroit Lions, former alternate: It didn't look altogether terrible, had it been for an expansion team or something. But it was for the Lions, who have a tradition-rich (and generally very tasteful) uniform history, with an excellent one-two punch of Honolulu blue and silver. They don't need black at all, much less as a jersey color. Best BFBS: Washington Huskies football and men's basketball alternate, late-2000s to present: Like with West Virginia's, these render the numerals hard to read; unlike West Virginia's, they look cool to me, in a modern "techy" sort of way. Arizona Cardinals: Their BFBS jersey isn't amazing, but it looks much better than their awful red jersey. I do find it slightly annoying, though, because Cardinals aren't black, they're red. This team's whole set (minus perhaps the logo and helmet) is due for a redesign, but they should maintain a black alternate jersey when that happens. Butler Bulldogs men's basketball: They actually look cool. I think navy blue uniforms would also look cool, though. I'd like to see them alternate between the two. Personal pet peeve: As briefly mentioned above, teams that have colors as (or in) their nicknames but wear another color (most commonly black, but not always) instead: Duke Blue Devils men's basketball and (more recently) football: Luckily they use the black as an alternate rather than eliminating the blue altogether. It doesn't look awful, but their blue looks much better. Stanford Cardinal men's basketball and football: Looks terrible, and cardinal is a color that they wear well in addition to being their nickname. You'd think people at such a prestigious school would see the incongruity here. Harvard Crimson men's basketball: Ditto, and they actually don't wear crimson now because of it. Boo. Niagara Purple/Purple Eagles: They sported black unis a few years back when they made the NCAAs. A real head-scratcher. North Texas Mean Green: Same thing. They're not the "Mean Black," they're the "Mean Green." Best and worst GFGS: Tennessee Volunteers football alternate: Best because the gray is a unique shade, it actually looks pretty good (esp. with orange numbers), and it makes me think of Tennessee's legendary Smoky Mountains. Worst because their orange is also a unique shade and it looks great, so any chance they pass up to wear it is a mistake. Next-worst GFGS: Wichita State Shockers men's basketball: Because it denies them a chance to ever wear yellow, the main color of their logo. Anyone else's thoughts are welcome!
  4. The first ever Super Bowl was not called that. It was "The First AFL-NFL World Championship Game" before being called the Super Bowl. So I was thinking that, with this first playoff title game for College Football having a name like that, let's think of a better name for it. My suggestions: - The National Bowl - The Collegiate Bowl - The Letterman Bowl - The American Bowl Or, if they're desperate: - The [insert sponsor name here] Championship Bowl and they change it when the contract is up. Thoughts?
  5. Hey guys, I've been working on a Florida Gators concept recently but I'm having trouble deciding on the helmet. I'm going to keep it mostly the same, but I want to replace the outdated cursive script with the current wordmark on the helmet. I just can't figure out what color it should be, so I'll leave it up to you guys. I like option 1 better. Full uniforms will be up soon. EDIT: Option one wins. EDIT TWO: Option One wins so helmets removed
  6. I'm not getting the C&C I wanted with my NFL Redesign, and since I'm so far ahead in it, I thought I'd take a brake from designing those and try some college football stuff. First up, my Washington Huskies The obvious thing to do is to go back to what they had before this year. I dumped the garbage they got and went back to a classic look. Black is removed from the purple jersey. I kept the black jersey, even if it is BFBS. But the brashier striping is now on every helmet and pair of pants, except for the purple pants. It didn't look right. I also removed all the odd things about the current ones, like the arrow-tipped numbers and the "northwest frost" texture on the white helmet. Please provide a good amount of C&C! Table of Contents Washington/Alabama Ole Miss Oregon Stanford Imgur Album
  7. So let's face it. The College Football Playoff National Championship, is far short of its potential, design-wise. Of course, I started this before Oregon unveiled the gray and white uniforms this afternoon, but still, Oregon could look better than what they did in the Rose Bowl. Ohio State looked great, better than usual even, but with a few small tweaks I feel as if I created a much more solid set. Also, I haven't created a legit concept on the boards and posted it (altough there's tons on my computer) so I figured this was a good place to start. Introducing the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship game, by yours truely (made using Inkscape). First up is Rose Bowl Champs Oregon, looking for the school's first National Championship. I took inspiration from various things associated with Oregon Ducks football. First and foremost, Puddles is seen throughout the uniform, from the sleeves to the helmet. I love the logo, and changed only the color. Oregon's uniforms of the 90s were a big inspiration, as it was the set they wore when they rose to national prominence. They threw back to the set earlier in the year and I absolutely loved them. Oregon's current traditional set, as seen on Marcus Mariota in the bottom right, inspired the look as well. Autzen Stadium and Hayward Field are the inspiration of the current logo, so I included them here. The Ducks' "Win The Day" matra is included on the undershirt and on the back collar. Lastly, I took inspiration from Oregon's SCHOOL COLORS which is such a wonderful combination which isn't showcased near enough. Puddles is featured on the helmet and sleeve in all his glory, and the stripes from the 90s return. The current number font remains, and "OREGON" is represented across the chest. Puddles is at a 27 degree angle on the sleeves to represent Oregon's 27 bowl appearances. The undershirt is self explanatory, featuring the "O" logo with "WIN THE DAY" written inside it with "OREGON FOOTBALL" underneath. The gloves feature the stripes used on the uniform. A classic uniform with a bit of a twist for the Fighting Ducks. Next up, the Ohio State Buckeyes, looking for an eighth National Championship to bring back to Columbus. For Ohio State, the main inspiration was the uniforms of the 1940s. The dropshadow is present thorughout the uniform and the logos, and the Clarendon font is used on the back of the helmet. The sleeve stripes from many of Ohio State's national titles are back, as shown above in the picture from '02. The iconic Scirpt Ohio is the inspiration of one of the wordmarks, and the stained glass "O" at Ohio Stadium is featured as well. The 7 National Titles for Ohio State are represented, and the current pants remain. A bit of an oversized helmet stripe was used, albeit not as large as the Rivalry Set. The black facemask was also taken from the same helmet. And what's an Ohio State helmet without Buckeye stickers? The helmet is a traditional Buckeyes helmet, save for the black mask and green stickers. The bumper features the Script Ohio logo. The sleeves feature the traditional striping from back in the day. The numbers have a classic OSU dropshadow, outlined in black to unify the numbers and the stripes. Seven Buckeye stickers are on the back collar to symbolize the 7 national championships. The pants are, well, the same. The undershirt (which I really like) has "Ohio State Athletic Dept." again with 7 seven buckeye stickers. The gloves also feature the buckeye stickers (although 8, which for some reason I didn't think about 7...) (10, I can't count) with the new "O" Here's a sheet of all the logos used in each concept: Whew! Hope you enjoyed that write-up. Enjoy the game! O-H-
  8. I think everyone is a little disappointed with what Oregon will wear on the biggest stage they have ever played on. The Diamond Quest uniform that they released lacks school colors and is very muted in comparison to some of the better uniform combinations they have worn recently. With Ohio State, the general consensus is that they are downright beautiful, but I think they can be sightly improved. Check out my proposal on how the CFP National Championship Game can be improved aesthetically... For Oregon, I drew inspiration from several different uniforms they have worn in the past 2-3 years. Feathers are prominent (look closely at the numbers!), apple green is a secondary color to yellow, and don't forget the duck logo on the arms! (I don't understand why this could not be a color vs. color game, it would look beautiful on the field). As for Ohio State, nothing much has changed, just a few edits to what they are currently wearing, which in my biased opinion is the sharpest look in all of college football. C&C always welcome, and Go Bucks!
  9. I have decided to do a concept for all college football teams (this could get lengthy because I will post them as I finish, and will only keep making them if the feedback is good. P.S. I am making them on Paint so time consuming ha). This concept will consist of a Home uniform, Away uniform and one Alternate for that reason. That doesn't mean I won't make others for that team (for example primary may be white jersey with white pants, but there is also an option to have blue pants.). So I will post that alternate look only upon request. With that said, here is my first team: North Carolina Tar Heels Home: Carolina Blue on White Away: White on White Alternate: Navy on White
  10. As some of you know, I have taken a break from my NFL series so I can get some ideas and try using an updated version of the template. To help me take my mind off this, and give me something to do while I'm not doing the NFL, I'm starting an NCAA alternate helmet series First up, Washington It's basically the same gold helmet, but with the Husky logo. Drop your requests below! Table of Contents Washington (This post) Tulane Vanderbilt 1 Oregon Vanderbilt 1 Vanderbilt 2 Wisconsin
  11. We all knew this would be the outcome and this is hardly breaking, but it's now official Now i know this is discussed in other college football topics on this site (and lock this if it needs be), but i thought it was noteworthy for its own topic due to the fact this is the first fbs football team to shut down since Pacific in 1995 and it looking like the beginning of the end of the mid major in college football. While UAB quitting is due to both losing money and University Of Alabama Board Of Trustees and Paul Byrant Jr. putting down the program any time it could because it isn't Tuscaloosa, how far are we from the Power 5 separating completely from the mid majors or even the ncaa or not playing the mid majors for sos playoff reasons and not giving them the payout they need to run the programs? Alot of programs are losing money now, how long can the mid majors last in the top fbs level or at all, especially if without the payouts to fund the whole athletic program they receive now? They will shut down, this is just the first domino, coming earlier then we all thought. This is a landmark day. This is the start of the end of the mid major in college football, and only to me the end of college football in general. Another great thing killed by the Power 5 conferences and greed.
  12. In this series, sixteen of college football's most elite teams will each get a one-off uniform, designed especially for that team. These uniforms are meant to represent the honor and pride in which these teams play. Whether they are a service academy or level of the highest education in the world, these teams play College Football like no other. The teams uniforms will be released every four days, starting with Wisconsin.
  13. Had an idea for a slight change in Ole Miss' Road Jerseys as far as the script on the chest. Changing the "Ole Miss" to "Mississippi" since we are the University of Mississippi, and have "Ole Miss" on the Grey jerseys (bring them back). Let me know what you think. FYI: This is not a name conspiracy thing about not liking "Ole Miss" (yes that is now being debated here). Just an idea I thought was cool to embrace being Mississippi.
  14. In my most ambitious project to date, I'll be redesigning or tweaking uniforms for every team in the FBS -- that's right, all 125 of them. I'll be going conference by conference, starting with the Power 5. I'll break each conference up into its divisions (or if there are none, 2 groups) and post on Mondays and Thursdays. Some general guidelines I'll be following: - Up to 3 helmets, 3 jerseys, and 3 pants per team (sorry Oregon). - No more Russell. - No more matte or chrome helmets! All helmets will either be a glossy or satin (i.e. A&M, Seahawks) finish - One template per manufacturer (Elite 51 for Nike, tire tread for adidas, Maryland/Texas Tech for UA) - Overall, my main goal for each team is to create consistency within the look and with the rest of the athletic program. For some teams, this will mean ditching classic looks to look more like the rest of the school's teams, and for others this will mean creating a look for the other teams to adopt. ACC Atlantic: Boston College | Clemson | Florida State | Louisville | NC State | Syracuse | Wake Forest Coastal: Duke | Georgia Tech | Miami | North Carolina | Pittsburgh | Virginia | Virginia Tech Big Ten East: Indiana | Maryland | Michigan | Michigan State | Ohio State | Penn State | Rutgers West: Illinois | Iowa | Minnesota | Nebraska | Northwestern | Purdue | Wisconsin Big XII Baylor | Iowa State | Kansas | Kansas State | Oklahoma | Oklahoma State | Texas | TCU | Texas Tech | West Virginia Pac 12 North: Cal | Oregon | Oregon State | Stanford | Washington | Washington State South: Arizona | Arizona State | Colorado | UCLA | USC | Utah SEC East: Florida | Georgia | Kentucky | Mizzou | South Carolina | Tennessee | Vanderbilt West: Alabama | Arkansas | Auburn | LSU | Mississippi | Mississippi State | Texas A&M Independents Army | BYU | Navy | Notre Dame American Cincinnati | Connecticut | East Carolina | Houston | Memphis | SMU | Temple | Tulane | Tulsa | UCF | USF C-USA East: FAU | FIU | Marshall | Middle Tennessee | Old Dominion | UAB | WKU West: Louisiana Tech | North Texas | Rice | Southern Miss | UTEP | UTSA MAC East: Akron | Bowling Green | Buffalo | Kent State | Miami (OH) | Ohio | UMass West: Ball State | Central Michigan | Eastern Michigan | NIU | Toledo | Western Michigan Mountain West Mountain: Air Force | Boise State | Colorado State | New Mexico | Utah State | Wyoming West: Fresno State | Hawai'i | Nevada | San Diego State | San Jose State | UNLV Sun Belt Appalachian State | Arkansas State | Georgia Southern | Georgia State | Idaho | Louisiana-Lafayette | Louisiana-Monroe | New Mexico State | South Alabama | Texas State | Troy
  15. College football is now upon us, and I feel now is appropriate to start this thread. Same basic idea as usual, post a college team, get praise/criticism, and move on. Washington will kick us off. I personally had no major issues with the new uniforms the Huskies unveiled. That being said, I did prefer the previous set. -Jerseys were inspired by the Sonny Sixkiller era uniforms. -3 helmets, gold, white, black. Each one follows the same pattern of striping. Gold, P/W/P, White,P/G/P, Black, same as white, but chrome -Jerseys have the Northwestern striping. Also different from jersey to jersey. -Pants have same striping as helmet. Husky logo on the hip. C and C welcome. No requests please. I have several teams lined up next.
  16. hey guys with 34 days until the first college football game i decided to start up a concept thread involving a pre-season top 25 concept uniforms!! ill do 1 uniform per day 25) Missouri 24) Ole Miss 23) Texas A&M 22) Florida 21) Texas 20) Michigan 19) Nebraska 18) Wisconsin 17) USC 16) Clemson 15) LSU 14) Arizona State 13) Notre Dame 12) South Carolina 11) Michigan State 10) Baylor 9) Georgia 8) UCLA 7) Stanford 6) Ohio State 5) Auburn 4) Oklahoma 3) Oregon 2) Alabama 1) Florida State ill be starting off missouri tigers: UPDATED went with tiger striped sleeves and shoulders and a sublimated tiger stripes on the helmet tomorrow is ole miss!!!! suggestions are open thanks!
  17. I was going through my previous concepts and thinking about the up coming CFB season and came across my Buffalo Bills ( ) concept from last spring. I decided that it would make for an interesting Colorado Buffaloes concept. I know that the logo's style would be too close to the Bill's logo, but since they don't have the rights to it anyway.... what the heck. Set 1 Logo Helmet Set 2 Logo Helmet
  18. OU going all-in on their trophy collection. Only team to win every BCS bowl game + National Title. I like the color pallet on Navy's poster. I also enjoy when I see Fraser Davidson's helmet renders on these things: Florida: Baylor:
  19. Hey guys. So I've been inspired as of late to bring a new concept series to the boards. It's been awhile, and wanted something fun to do in my free time. I am completing a fun (fictional) Nike Project similar to the original Pro Combat series. I've selected 25 Nike schools that I will be completing throughout the summer. Each uniform will be designed as a one off for a big game, so keep that in mind. I already have a good start on a lot of these teams. Some of them are simple (think fauxback), others might be considered a little crazy. As always, I love hearing feedback, I just ask that you remain civil.
  20. When I was younger, I had a fictional university called Southern Michigan University. I created everything from uniforms to stadiums and rosters. Lately, I've been working on a "rebrand" so to speak to try and bring them back... I've had a lot of fun switching them from their Adidas roots to a more modern looking Nike school. This is what I came up with for the new football unis.. Enjoy!
  21. Yes, I am going to bring y'all another college football conference redesign. Last summer, I brought you my ACC redesign, which was one of my favorite concept series I've done. Now I have decided to do the Mountain West. First up is the Air Force Falcons! I wanted to keep the gray, and also add the lightning bolt back to the jerseys. I happened to do both, and I'm very pleased with the product. The pants now include a wide stripe with the lightning bolt inside it. The lightning bolt is also different, as I took it from this logo. Anyway, here are the uniforms. Enjoy!
  22. I see some pretty awesome and interesting designs on this forum. I want to see what type of creative (or un-creative) ideas you all have with Penn State Football's uniforms. I am interested in seeing all sorts of ideas from mild to "crazy". I want to see a home/away/third jersey. I am a Penn State Alum and lifelong fan (started going to games at 3 years old). I never thought I would want to see changes, but I have now become open to changes. Part of the reason is because of everything that went down with Sandusky. The other part is because I watch PSU sporting events and I see a terrible inconsistency amongst the "Penn State brand". According to the style guide ( gray is to be only used as an accent. However, both Men's and Women's Basketball have all gray 3rd jerseys + Men's Lacrosse has a matte gray helmet + Men's Volleyball used to wear gray shorts (with white or blue jersey's) and more. Therefore, you may use gray anyway you want (because PSU really doesn't know what they want gray to be). I also think black and pink could be used (as those are the original school colors). So, let's see what you all can do...
  23. I haven't seen a topic like this yet. This is topic for the college enthusiasts. NCAA, NAIA, all colleges. Post lists, rankings, opinions, thoughts, concerns, or any newsworthy ideas.
  24. While BFBS is still highly prevalent amongst college football teams, I've noticed more and more white being employed by teams unlike ever before. While it's hard to argue White for White's sake since almost every team uses white in their scheme, it seems like every big road game is being played in a stormtrooper look. Turn on the SEC game of the week and you'll see color vs. all-white. Some teams have gone stormtrooper on the road before it was cool (Texas, Auburn, etc...) but it's become the new norm. As an OU fan, every team that's come to Norman has worn a white helmet. (ULM, Tulsa, WVU, TCU and TTU today). Only one of those teams had a white helmet a few years ago. While it's more tolerable than BFBS, it's beginning to make games look bland. I'm all in favor, as I think most of CCSLC would be, in a soccer-like clash uniform system. I'd love to see OU-TTU today be Crimson vs. Black. Or Oregon's Green vs. UCLA's Powder Blue tonight. (If Oregon would ever wear green...or Adidas could actually produce a powder blue uniform...) I'm sure this isn't a revolutionary thought, but just something that's been on my mind this morning.