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  1. The SEC and ESPN announced the creation of the SEC network which is scheduled to start in August 2014. Not much creativity went into the logo as all they did was slap the work network below their current SEC/ESPN partnership logo. ESPN will be part owner of the network, but with the channel being called "SEC Network", having ESPN in the middle makes for a somewhat clunky logo. Despite having the ESPN logo get in the way of the natural reading progression of the channel's name, the vertical version is better looking than the horizontal one in my opinion.
  2. Welcome to the first annual Mr. Nascar's BFBS College Football Uniform Grades thread! (I'm kinda surprised that no one has posted something like this before) Here, I will be posting my opinions on college football teams, mainly at the FBS level, that are guilty for using black uniforms... well, just because they can. I actually happen to like black uniforms of any kind. But some BFBS uniforms are bad or make no sense at all (I'm looking at YOU, Stanford!) The whole point for this thread is BFBS, so please don't say your hatred towards them or questions as to why the use black; just your opinion of the overall design. Every few days, I will be posting a team that either previously or currently uses uniforms, helmets, or pants that are black that either improve or bring down the team's overall look. The first school up for debate will be The University of Washington Huskies! I give this set a B-. I kinda like the mono-black set, the purple numbers with the gold outline is pretty good, but I think the one thing that actually brings down the look is using the gold helmet. There is no black on it. I know, there was no black on it to begin with, tis not in their color palette, blah blah blah. I get that. But if you're gonna go BFBS, go head to toe. Go all out. The just went from the neck down. That's why I give it a B-. So that's my opinion. Please, feel free to post your thoughts and your grade. College Football wouldn't be the same without BFBS uniforms!
  3. I wanted to make Indiana's generic uniforms more exciting, and I thought they could take advantage of using the candy stripes without overloading on them. That's exactly what I did here. The away would just be an inverse of the home.
  4. I do not have a concept but I would love to see yours, I have no clue how to make concepts I would like to know how
  5. Made in Paint? Thoughts, Suggestions. Follow the Link
  6. Hey guys, for my latest project I decided to make white helmets for college football teams. I really like white helmets, I think they look nice, so I wanted to make alternate helmets teams could use. First up, the Pac-12: South Division Arizona Love their secondary logo so I stuck it on a helmet. Also used their main logo. Arizona State Their current white helmets have the maroon colored trident, I though it would look better with the yellow trident. I also created a shining sun for the back of the helmet. Colorado Just used their main logo, not much else for them. Utah Three different designs: 1. Main helmet with normal logo. 2. All red design. 3. Black and white design. USC Main Trojans logo with gold face mask. UCLA One of my favorite designs out of all these is the first UCLA helmet. Yellow face mask with baby blue "UCLA". I also used their Boston Red Sox looking "B" to put on the back. Also included is an all black and white design. North Division Cal Two different designs: Yellow Cal script and one with the blue Cal script. On the back I have their alternate bear logo. Stanford Mostly similar to their current helmets but instead of the stripe I put their tree logo. Oregon They have never used white helmets with yellow wings (surprisingly), so I put one together that I think would match up well with their white uni's. (although Oregon uniforms never look good). Also included is an all black and white design which is my least favorite that I made. Oregon State Used their main "OS" logo with an orange face mask and on the other helmet I used their old beaver logo. On the back is "OSU" written vertically in the Oregon State font. Washington Their husky logo is very nice so I decided to make it really big on the helmet, like some teams have done before, like Boise State with their Bronco logo. Not sure about the color of the face mask here... Washington State Simple logo with "Cougars" on the back and silver face mask. The other has a silver logo with maroon colored outline.