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  1. Having grown up in the region, I've always had a soft spot for the SIU Salukis. However, I've never been thrilled with the Saluki logo. After reading how we forum newbies should start smaller, I thought I would have a go at it. I've gone through several iterations of the eye, but this is where I'm at now (without making it look like he's wearing a Robin eyemask). I feel like there's more to do here, but I've been looking at it for so long, I think I'm missing the forest for the trees (and vice versa). CC welcomed and appreciated. For reference, here's the current logo: Plus a link to the SportsLogos page And an actual saluki:
  2. First off, thank you to lightning25 (wherever you are) for your basketball court template for Paint. NOTE: THIS SERIES IS FOR MID-MAJOR TEAMS...I think it's time somebody gave them the shine they deserve. #1 St. Francis Brooklyn Terriers To begin with, I picked the Catholic school in a borough I've always been fond of. The St. Francis Brooklyn Terriers are one of two Division I college basketball programs in New York City's largest borough (the other being conference archrival the LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds, who meet twice a year in the Battle of Brooklyn). Their current gym, the Lynch Gym at Generoso Pope Physical Education Center (often called "The Pope"), has character, but IMHO is WAY TOO SMALL at a capacity of only 1,200. Therefore, my design had them moving to the Barclays Center for more high-profile games (smaller ones still being at The Pope). As far as the color scheme goes, I stuck with The Pope's pattern (blue sides, red paint), however, I put the "BROOKLYN ST. FRANCIS" wordmark in front and center (similar to the Nets' "Brooklyn New York" logo placement). As for the court, I named it after Dennis McDermott, who played for the Terriers from 1971 until his graduation in 1974, held the team's all-time scoring record, and whose number 22 remains the only retired uniform number in school history. Of course, I didn't want to leave the Terriers part out, so I put the side-facing dog's head inside the paint between the 3-point line and the key. All C&C is greatly up will either be another NEC team or a MAAC team (suggestions welcome).
  3. Hey guys I haven't made a concept in a very long time and I was killing some time over break and wanted to revisit some old ones that I started back in the day. A couple years ago I started making a rivalry series of concepts that never fully materialized. I came across my Colorado State Rams draft and decided that I should finish it even though I despise them as a rival. Now some of you may be wondering why I put them on a Nike template when they are an Under Armour school, and the answer is simply when I started this concept initially they were with Russell and hadn't named a new supplier. I had all my work done on a Nike template and it was easier to transfer over for me. I apologize for being too lazy to change it, but it's just a concept. I wanted to make sure that I incorporated 2 things in the redesign that being: 1.) Bring back the yellow gold that was used from 1933-39 and 1959-1993 while keeping the lighter gold as an accent 2.) Incorporate the old bone horn that made it's debut in 1951 to separate them from St. Louis. I wanted to do a new logo that also featured the bone horn and get rid of the non athletic looking mark they currently use. I have included an Orange alternate as a throwback to when the school was named the Aggies and wore orange from 1940-1958 . They have thrown back multiple years in a row now and I thought it would be cool to keep that tradition up. Now if you took the time to read this thank you. Oh and if you like my work please take my sig into consideration. Logo (click for full size) Uniforms (click for full size) Sticker Wallpaper (click for full size) Photorealistic (click for full size)
  4. Hey, I've noticed that one area that's rarely explored on these boards is college basketball. Well, Christmas Break has left me with a little more free time on my hands, so I decided to make some uniform concepts for the first time in a long time. I'm not going in any particular order, although I've been starting out with most of the Top 25 teams and other schools I feel don't have a solid identity in college hoops. If I have not done a team, it's because I feel they already have solid uniforms that don't need to be improved upon. I sure hope you've read this far before looking at all the pretty pictures, because I will not be taking requests. The last thing I want is for this thread to turn into an all out request-fest. Also, I will not be giving out this template, so please do not ask for it. Thank you. Please offer up any comments or criticism you like, and enjoy! Oh and one more thing, I'm throwing all brands out the window. So no Nike, no Adidas, no UnderArmor. I don't want to have to adjust all my ideas to fit any pre-designed templates. Just think of these as all being done under my brand. Creighton ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT Butler ---- HOME // ROAD Kansas ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT Wichita St ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT Baylor ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT 1 // ALT 2 Purdue ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT 1 // ALT 2 Wisconsin ---- HOME // ROAD Oklahoma St ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT 1 // ALT 2 Oregon ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT 1 // ALT 2 // ALT 3 Syracuse ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT Louisville ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT Colorado ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT San Diego St ---- HOME // ROAD // ALT ...more coming!
  5. I recently got back into an old wolverine logo that I had put together in 2011. While it felt good to get a little closure on that concept I still wasn't satisfied. It needed more aggression, but with a hint of personality. So I did some research and compiled some reference photos: And this is what I came up with:
  6. I haven't seen a topic like this yet. This is topic for the college enthusiasts. NCAA, NAIA, all colleges. Post lists, rankings, opinions, thoughts, concerns, or any newsworthy ideas.

    NHL Collegiate

    Flipping threw the channels the other day I happened to find out I got CBS sports and they had college hockey on..Not going to lie I love the simple traditional jerseys that they were sporting. So I started doing the NHL if it ever went with a college hockey style jersey.
  8. Last year a college near my hometown area which is way down in south Texas, UT Brownsville to be exact formally separated itself from TSC (Texas Southmost College). In late 2012 they announced their own school mascot & introduced a new logo to go along with it. IMO it's a solid all around mark. I wasn't sure if any of you here have ever seen or even heard of them, so I wanted to post them & get fellow logo creators & enthusiasts C&C.
  9. I want to see some smaller colleges with really cool logos. I feel like smaller schools don't get the love they deserve. Just because the school doesn't have a football team, doesn't mean they can't have an awesome logo. I'll start with my school, Davenport University.
  10. I want to see some smaller colleges with really cool logos. I feel like smaller schools don't get the love they deserve. Just because the school doesn't have a football team, doesn't mean they can't have an awesome logo. I'll start with my school, Davenport University.
  11. IMO I have always thought that the TSU logo was the worst logo in all of Division 1 athletics. So I figured why not give it a try and see if I can do better (not sure if I did). I wanted to go with a less detailed version of a tiger because the current looks like clip art. And I wanted to do something different with the "TSU" word mark. Any C&C would be great still got a ways to go with this one.
  12. So I did this last year, and I really enjoyed the conversation that happened. I was waiting for us to release ours before I started it but here we go again. ACC (4/14) BC Clemson Duke FSU GT Maryland Miami NC St UNC Pitt Cuse #2 Virginia Va Tech Wake Forest Big12 (5/10) Baylor #2 ISU Kansas #2 Kansas St Oklahoma Oklahoma St TCU Texas TxTech West Va Big East (2/10) Cinncy Uconn Houston Louisville Memphis Rutgers SMU Temple UCF #2 USF B1G (4/12) Illinois Indiana Iowa #2 Michigan #2 Michigan State Minnesota Neb Northwestern Ohio State Penn State Purdue Wisconsin Pac12 (2/12) Arizona Arizona State Cal Colorado Oregon Oregon State Stanford Ucla USC Utah Washington Washington St SEC Alabama Arkansas Auburn Florida Georgia Kentucky #2 LSU Ole Miss Miss St Missouri SoCar Tennessee Tx A&M Vandy Independent Notre Dame Army Navy BYU
  13. So i’ve been following this website for quite a long time now and let me say there is some amazing work on here. Ive decided to finally go ahead and throw out some of my conceptual ideas. So I decided to make some HydroChromed helmets since this is the new fad in college football. Let me know what you guys think, all c&c is appreciated. The Arkansas helmet would be HydroChromed with the nice shine, but was hard to present with the real tree camo texture. Also the yellow helmet with the wing is not oregon it is the University of Charleston in WV, there mascot is the golden eagles. It’s a small d2 school that i attended. Texas Hydrochrome OSU Hydrochrome Cincinnati Hydrochrome Charleston Hydrochrome Arkansas Hyrdrochrome
  14. Here is a new concept of mine Quaker State University located in Philly. I will be posting a more updated version with school colors, history, diagrams of stadiums, jerseys and what ever else you guys might want me to post! With out further ado here is the Quaker State University v1 concept
  15. Hey Guys, First time poster on the boards so go easy on me. Made this logo for my College (High School for the Americans out there) as it's looking to rebrand for next year. Looking for some help in regards to what needs improving, changing and whether the font suits the logo. Any criticism is welcome Just a bit about the logo; The drip represents an odd sculpture near the school The star on the left represents West Melbourne
  16. So I've also finally decided to jump on the Yakball train. I was in Danger's NCAA tourney a few weeks ago and made the final four with my Alabama Crimson Tide concept which I will post first. Since then I've made one other Yakball concept since I really enjoyed working on something other than a hockey jersey. So I will occasionally come back to this post with new college Yakball concepts. I'm not going to form a whole league out of it though and make conferences and junk. I just want to post straight up jersey concepts. Alabama Crimson Tide - Full Set Here's the Alabama Full Set. I'll post the Georgetown Hoyas either tonight or tomorrow
  17. As most of you know, the UConn Huskies previewed their new logo on new uniforms. In this preview they included the Huskies' new hockey uniform. And oh boy, they are not so great. They feel very empty to me. The stripes are thin and the logo is small. Here is a picture of them. So I decided I would try to make a better UConn Hockey jersey. I was disappointed in the lack of grey in all the uniforms. I really liked the hint of grey in the old UConn uniforms. So I decided I would put a touch of grey in the striping. One thing I did like is the amount of red used in them. So I kept the red.
  18. lancealot

    NCAA Yakball

    ok so basically i am going to try to go through all the div one colleges in alphabetical order and make yakball uniforms for them. This will be an ongoing project over a while. First up is AIR FORCE FALCONS based on their football unis pretty self explanatory let me know what ou think
  19. I applied for AD position the NCFA my college will be called Kentucky Commonwealth University haven't really decided on a mascot yet so I don't have a primary logo but I do have a classic monogram style logo which is really the feel I want this team to have. I am looking for any C&C on this as I feel that it is lacking a lot but it does look pretty good on the helmet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Interesting design for the Mountain West basketball tournament court... Your thoughts?
  21. While there is a current season thread, there needs to be one regarding coaching changes here plus to discuss how long does a coach need to succeed. There are seven FBS openings already and since the 2008-09 season there have been an average of 24 head coaching changes per year at the FBS level (firing, retiring, taking another job). This thread is an attempt to track these changes. After the 2008 season: 22 coaching changes. Seven of those new hires are already gone (1 retire, 2 firings, 4 took other jobs). After the 2009 season: 23 coaching changes. Five already fired and one other (Vandy) was an interim coach at the start of the season. After the 2010 season: 24 coaching changes. Two coaches were interim (tOSU and UNC) and one already took another job (Ark. State) After the 2011 season: 27 coaching changes with John L. Smith already ruled out as the permanent coach. The current openings are (former coach in italics). New coaches in bold. Arkansas: John L. Smith ---------> Bret Bielema [hired 12/4] Arkansas State: Guz Malzhan [hired by Auburn 12/4]------> Bryan Harsin [hired 12/12] Auburn: Gene Chizik [fired 11/25]------> Guz Malzhan [hired 12/4] Boston College: Frank Spaziani [fired 11/25]------> Steve Addazio [hired 12/4] California: Jeff Tedford---------> Sonny Dykes [hired 12/4] Cincinnati: Butch Jones [hired by Tennessee 12/7]--------->Tommy Tubberville [hired 12/8] Colorado: Jon Embree [fired 11/25]--------->Mike MacIntyre [hired 12/10] Florida International: Mario Cristobal [fired 12/5]--------->Ron Turner [hired 1/04/2013] Georgia State: Bill Curry [announced retirement 8/15]--------->Trent Miles [hired 11/30] Idaho: Rob Akey--------------> Paul Petrino [hired 12/3] Kentucky: Joker Phillips------------> Mark Stoops [hired 11/27] Kent State: Darrell Hazell [hired by Purdue 12/5]------------>Paul Haynes [hired 12/18] Louisiana Tech: Sonny Dykes [hired by Cal 12/5]---------->Skip Holtz [hired 12/14] Nevada: Chris Ault [retired 12/28]----------> Brian Polian [hired 1/7/13] New Mexico State: DeWayne Walker [resigned 1/24]]----------> NC State: Tom O'Brien [fired 11/25]-----------> Dave Doeren [hired 12/1] Northern Illinois: Dave Doeren [hired by NC State 12/1]----------->Rod Carey [hired 12/2] Oregon: Chip Kelly [hired by Philadelphia Eagles 1/16/13]--------->Mark Helfrich Purdue: Danny Hope [fired 11/25]---------> Darrell Hazell [hired 12/5] San Jose State: Mike Macintyre [hired by Colorado 12/10]----------->Ron Caragher [hired 12/17] South Florida: Skip Holtz [fired 12/2]---------> Willie Taggart [hired 12/8] Southern Miss: Ellis Johnson [fired 11/27]----------->Todd Monken [hired 12/11] Syracuse: Doug Marrone [hired by Bills 1/7/13]----------->Scott Shafer [hired 1/11/13] Temple: Steve Addazio [hired by BC 12/4]----------->Matt Rhule [hired 12/17] Tennessee: Derek Dooley-----------> Butch Jones [hired 12/7] Texas Tech: Tommy Tubberville [hired by Cincinnati 12/8]----------->Kliff Kingsbury [hired 12/12] Utah State: Gary Andersen [hired by Wisconsin 12/20]------->Matt Wells [hired 12/20] UTEP: Mike Price [retirement]--------> Sean Kugler [hired 12/10] Western Kentucky: Willie Taggart [hired by South Florida 12/8]------->Bobby Petrino [hired 12/10] Western Michigan: Bill Cubit---------> P.J. Fleck [hired 12/17] Wisconsin: Bret Bielema [hired by Arkansas 12/4]------->Gary Andersen [hired 12/20] If you think a coach is on the hot seat, list it. IMO, the list of to be fired coaches include: Eastern Michigan: Ron English (10-38 in four seasons) New Mexico State: DeWayne Walker (career 10-39 in four seasons) South Florida: Skip Holtz (team has not improved) Southern Miss : Ellis Johnson (in a season, they went from 12-wins to 0-12) UNLV: Bobby Hauck (a late night loss @ Hawaii will make him 6-32 in three seasons) USC: Lane Kiffin (AD Pat Haden said after the UCLA game that Kiffin would return, but after losing to ND he may have his voicemail full and the bigger question is who to replace him) Washington: Steve Sarkisian (took over a o-11 team, but he is just 26-24 in four years going into a new Husky Stadium. They thought he would be better and spent $$$ for higher priced assistants and lost to a 2-win Wazzu.) Wyoming: Dave Christensen (22-27 in four years and his tirade after the Air Force game didn't help)
  22. Hello everyone, new to posting here at the boards. I've just started learning how to use Illustrator and am looking for some comments and constructive criticism to my work. Now on to the work.. I'm a student at NU and I can't stand our logo at all, so to practice in Illustrator, I wanted to come up with a logo for the Niagara Purple Eagles that is a change from the old.While it's a little rough I'm pretty happy with the first results
  23. Hey guys, for my latest project I decided to make white helmets for college football teams. I really like white helmets, I think they look nice, so I wanted to make alternate helmets teams could use. First up, the Pac-12: South Division Arizona Love their secondary logo so I stuck it on a helmet. Also used their main logo. Arizona State Their current white helmets have the maroon colored trident, I though it would look better with the yellow trident. I also created a shining sun for the back of the helmet. Colorado Just used their main logo, not much else for them. Utah Three different designs: 1. Main helmet with normal logo. 2. All red design. 3. Black and white design. USC Main Trojans logo with gold face mask. UCLA One of my favorite designs out of all these is the first UCLA helmet. Yellow face mask with baby blue "UCLA". I also used their Boston Red Sox looking "B" to put on the back. Also included is an all black and white design. North Division Cal Two different designs: Yellow Cal script and one with the blue Cal script. On the back I have their alternate bear logo. Stanford Mostly similar to their current helmets but instead of the stripe I put their tree logo. Oregon They have never used white helmets with yellow wings (surprisingly), so I put one together that I think would match up well with their white uni's. (although Oregon uniforms never look good). Also included is an all black and white design which is my least favorite that I made. Oregon State Used their main "OS" logo with an orange face mask and on the other helmet I used their old beaver logo. On the back is "OSU" written vertically in the Oregon State font. Washington Their husky logo is very nice so I decided to make it really big on the helmet, like some teams have done before, like Boise State with their Bronco logo. Not sure about the color of the face mask here... Washington State Simple logo with "Cougars" on the back and silver face mask. The other has a silver logo with maroon colored outline.
  24. Just saw these on a friends facebook page... thoughts?
  25. Back in the 90s, Valdosta State had rather cool flames on their football helmets Now, however, the Blazers represent themselves athletically with this pathetic Mississippi State ripoff Like most people, I did some doodling, and came up with a few ideas for a V-shaped flame. However, I don't have a scanner, and I wasn't able to apply my rough drafts to Inkscape as well as I like to think I usually do. I do, however, have a decent camera, so I decided to snap a picture of my rough draft, crop what I felt was the best of the bunch, copy that onto Inkscape, trace the general shape (I tend to draw rather small when I don't take my time), and then tweak from there. Like I said, this is basically a flaming V...and if you're wondering if this was influenced by the Rhein Fire, hell yeah it was. The block script is all-purpose, while the script Valdosta is mainly meant for baseball, but I'm considering using it for the basketball alt. I'd had a version of the baseball script with a non-flaming V, as well as a Blazers script, but dropped both as I felt the latter was too ugly to release as it was, and the former was outshone by the flaming V version. I'll be posting baseball and basketball uniforms a little later, right now here goes football Valdosta usually wears black, but I had red on the mind for some reason. Haven't really gotten to work on the third yet though.