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  1. Due to the cluttering and lack of C&C on my previous redesign I've decided to start a new thread. This will have a slightly different format. I will post all my concepts (including the one's I have already done.) and continue to do that until all 30 teams are finished, and then apply C&C to the concepts at the end? That way, I hope to be able to have continued C&C on my concepts so that the finished one's will be better. Let me know what you think.
  2. This is actually an update to a previous concept I did about a year ago. Them being called the Astros, I naturally went with something sleek and futuristic and came up with this... I've been spending too much time at the arcade... ^^; Anyway, I think the uniform is a bit too plain, but I'm not sure what else to add. Any ideas? Also, tell me what you think of the logos, of course.
  3. Hey guys. I'm taking a graphic design class where we have to come up with a concept and I chose to create an NBA basketball team. I chose to locate them in Pittsburgh and came up with the name The Hammers (playing off the whole "Steel City" identity). Anyways, I wanted to get some constructive criticism by other sports-loving designers on my ideas. Below are a couple ideas for logos I've made. Please feel free to critique the work and also let me know if any of these work well enough to move forward with and why/why not. Here they are: Thanks again guys for your time!
  4. When the Silverbacks announced that they would be holding a contest for their new logo, I was pretty hyped. I actually had this idea swimming around in my head for some time. Here's my idea for their new badge.. The colors are bright orange, the color of a peach, and navy blue. The mascot logo was hand-drawn my me. I was going for a vintage look, something that could become a classic. I think I drew the most inspiration from this old logo I found some time ago... It belongs to Barnsley FC, a team in the FL's Championship Division. Not sure if they're still using it anymore. Anyway, I need your most honest opinions about this, because I plan on submitting this on the contest. Thanks a lot!
  5. Here is a Miami Marlins concept I whipped up. I honestly like their jersey wordmarks and cap logo, but I feel like all the extra colors are unnecessary, and I know I'm not the only member on the boards who feels that way. I am a big fan of the red-orange shade they use, but I don't for the care use of black even though they have used it since their inception in 1993. So what I did was clean up the wordmarks by removing the marlin on them, and cleaned up the colors to just two: Their orange I mentioned earlier, and teal. Except in this case I darkened up their teal to a shade similar to the Philadelphia Eagles (actually a smidge lighter), I think that shade really sets off the orange that much more. I however, did keep the marlin on the cap, as I think that looks way better then having the marlin appear multiple times on the entire jersey set (wordmarks, sleeve patch, cap logo). I also tried a new number font that matches the wordmark, and used the New Orleans Saints' NOB for the Marlins, I feel it fits very well with the whole concept. Cap logos (Top is away, bottom is home): Home: Away: Home Alternate: Away Alternate: Personally, I think removing the extra colors and ditching black for teal, basically all the unnecessary gaudiness really makes the Marlins set an easy fix. What do you guys think?
  6. I've been itching to do a concept lately, but I wanted to do something a little different. What I did was I went onto Wikipedia and hit random until I found an article that mentioned a country. Whatever country I landed on, I would make up a concept for that country's NT. I landed on Kenya, and this is what I came up with: I'll do an away and a third soon. C&C welcome.
  7. Hey guys. I was doodling around in class earlier in the week and it eventually evolved into this. I was wondering what you guys thought, and where I could improve it before I end up putting it into inkscape.
  8. I brought back the early-1970's color scheme, and I used the current piping. Let me know what you guys think. Home: Away: Home alternate (w/home pants): Away alternate (w/road pants): Is the jersey too busy or is it fine?