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  1. Hey guys! My name is Zack and I'm gonna do a whole Canadian Baseball Association! Teams Morneau Conference Vancouver Island Orcas - Out of Victoria Vancouver Grizzlies Kamloops Caribou Calgary Outlaws Alberta Roughnecks - Out of edmonton Regina Rebels Winnepeg Goldeneyes Martin Conference London Brewers Hamilton Thunderbirds Montreal Expos Quebec Capitales - Out of Quebec City Atlantic Schooners - Out of Halifax Newfoundland Seahawks Moncton Panthers Concepts and Logos to Follow!
  2. You can check out the original logos here: Since my last post about the Reno Rink Project I haven’t felt like the logos I did were that great. So I did a redesign. I would really like to here what you guys think. What I did was recolor the original logo, and take a logo I have never shown anyone and redo it. I also have no intention on no longer using the current primary logo.
  3. These are the logos I did for the Reno rink project. You can check out the Reno rink project here:
  4. I haven't posted an official concept in a bit, but i wanted to show you guys what I'm working on.(just a week in) As we all know, the LA Rams have made their return to the NFL. I decided a few days ago to make a concept around this as many have done already. I'm still in the very early stages of this project and am in need of some critiques on what i have so far (Primary Logo). Thank you all for visiting my Post and again C&C always appreciated.
  5. Hello, Allow me to introduce myself first, my name is Matt. I know i've been pretty silent with posting comments, critiques, questions, etc. but I hope to be more vocal, and hope to get some critiques from all of you in hopes that it will help me become a better designer. You have all helped me with designs, and I want to return the favor. So, after months of designing and coming up with many concepts, i'd like to show to you all my concepts for redesigning the NBA. I have included: - New Conference logos - New Playoff and Finals logos - New logos for all 30 NBA teams All NBA logos that I redesigned are originals, except a few you will see are ones where I made alterations that I feel would make the primary marks stronger. I hope that you will take a look and give me any feedback on how I can improve on these designs. I'd love to hear from you on what your Top 5 and Bottom 5 logos are as well. If you have any questions, comments, etc. please shoot me a message. Thanks everyone, Matt My Portfolio work ( If that link doesn't work, you can go to my personal website: )
  6. Hey guys! I am back after a long break off from posting I apologize. But I have started working on some jersey concepts for 2 NBA D-League teams and I want to make concepts for all of the teams. So far like I said, I only have two teams and they are the Bakersfield Jam and the Grand Rapids Drive. More of the teams coming in separate posts. Alternate jerseys also coming soon! Bakersfield Jam: Home: Away: Grand Rapids Drive: Home: Away: Let me know what you guys think and more is to come!
  7. Howdy folks! I know everyones talking about this so I figured I'd throw in my 2 cents. So here's my take on everything we've heard about the Panthers new uniforms and logos. For my logo I took the 101st Air Born shield and applied my panther sketch to it, I like the product a lot. And for the jerseys: I like the red uni but not so much the white one. Let me know if you think anything can get better or change for the better to fix it.
  8. I've been working on some NFL Concepts since about February, inspired by the work of people on this forum. I want to share what I've been working on, as this is my first concept series. I decided not to "re-do" the NFL, so no LA relocations or expansion teams or anything is in this series. It was simply just a redesign of the current NFL uniforms. Constructive criticism and thoughts are certainly welcome. So without further ado, here is Team No. 1. New England Patriots Home Away Alternate I wanted to mix their current unis with the older ones. The red alternate definitely looks back at a classic look from the 60s-80s. Also liked adding the stars for a slight "American" effect. They are the Patriots after all.
  9. So I was thinking about how the Giants and Jets play each other every 4 years, and how one team is designated as the "home" team. I decided to make a neutral site game called the "MetLife Bowl". So thanks to Pitt6pack providing fields for everyone, I was able to crop in a Jets endzone to the Giants field and put in two MetLife Bowl logos. Here you go:
  10. Starting my first ever thread. NCAA Football "Elements" Uniform Concepts. @alksports on instagram First up: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Please leave feedback and requests!
  11. Anybody who had ever read one of my posts will not be surprised to hear that I considered Thursday night's inaugural "Color Rush" game to be a huge eyesore. IMO it failed on numerous levels. However, if this is something the NFL wants to go forward with, I thought I'd see if I could come up with something that would make me, at least, happy. One thing that gives me hope is the use of the term "historic colors" in the NFL's promotional language, and the fact that the Cowboys are doing a throwback, of sorts. (A throwback to one of their dumbest and most over rated jersey IMHO, but still...) So with that in mind, I thought I'd search the archives for some older looks that could be manipulated into this concept. I started with the NFC North because it's the best dressed division, currently, and (except for Detroit) all had monochrome uniforms in their histories. So, here we go... Thoughts?
  12. ctmokla918

    NBA Rebrands

    Hey guys, this is my first topic.. Last night I kept complaining about the Denver Nuggets branding and uniforms so I decided to create a series where I will do the entire NBA. May take a while to get all 30 teams done. Nevertheless I would love your feedback positive and negative. Thanks all! also shout out to @tbdaniel15 for creating the uniform templates I will be using. DENVER NUGGETS
  13. All concepts will be posted in spoilers to try and reduce the size of each post. Credit to Conrad for the fonts and several others as references for the Template (no, I'm not releasing it). As always, C+C is appreciated. I will have a complete and up-to-date directory for easy access to each team, their original concept, and the link to updates if there are any. Thanks for stopping by! ______________________________________________________ DIRECTORY: H = Home UniformR = Road Uniform (also referred to as "Away Uniform")ALT = Alternate UniformUH = Updated Home UniformUR = Updated Road/Away UniformTH = Throwback Uniform (Only noted as a throwback if it is a second alternate uniform).UU = Unused Options. AMERICAN LEAGUE AL WEST Anaheim Angels: H | R | ALT Houston Astros: H | R | ALT Oakland Athletics: H | R | ALT Seattle Mariners: H | R | UU SEA HELMET EXPERIMENT 10/9 | ALT | ALTU | ALTU2 Texas Rangers: H | R | ALT AL WEST UPDATES 10-3-15 ---------------- AL EAST Baltimore Orioles: H | R | O's UPDATE 10/9 | ALT Boston Red Sox: H | ROAD | BOSOX UPDATE 10/9 | ALT New York Yankees: H | R | YANKEES UPDATE 10/9 Tampa Bay Rays: H | R | UU TB RAYS OPTIONS 10/9 | ALT | UH | UR Toronto Blue Jays: H | R | ALT | ALTU ---------------- AL CENTRAL Chicago White Sox: H | R | ALT | ALTU | ALTU2 Cleveland Indians: H | R Detroit Tigers: H | R | UH Kansas City Royals: H | R | UH | UR | ALT Minnesota Twins: H | R | UH | UR ____________________________________________________________________ NATIONAL LEAGUE NL CENTRAL Chicago Cubs: H | R | ALT | UH | UR Cincinnati Reds: H | R | ALT | UUH | UUR Milwaukee Brewers: H | R | ALT | ALTU | UH | UR | UUH1 | UUH2 Pittsburgh Pirates: H | R | UH | UR | ALT St. Louis Cardinals: H | R | UH | UR | ALT NL CENTRAL UPDATES 10/17 NL WEST Arizona Diamondbacks: H | R | ALT | TH Colorado Rockies: H | R | UH | UR Los Angeles Dodgers: H | R | UH | UR San Diego Padres: H | R | UH | UR San Francisco Giants: H | R | UH | UR | UH2 | UR2 | ALT NL EAST Atlanta Braves: H | R Miami Marlins: H | R | ALT New York Mets: H | R Philadelphia Phillies: H | R | UH | UR Washington Nationals: H | R | ALT _____________________________________________________ Anaheim Angels Brought back the halo and put that on the helmet. Simple Navy-White-Navy stripe for the home and replaced the white stripe with red for the roadPrimary logo on the chest.Navy-Red-Navy Stripes for the home pants. Added the logo on the pants above the stripe on the hip.White replaces the red on the stripe for the red pants.Pants are interchangeable, however the navy socks must be worn if they choose to go with red pants. On the fence as to what I should do with the alternate. I can say for certain, though, that it will either be navy (booooo) or a throwback to the Disney era (yaaaay). Suggestions: Include gold into the color scheme... Halo?Add Logo to the helmet a la Oregon's Mirror wings
  14. UPDATED THE IMAGE URLS, I HOPE EVERYONE CAN SEE MY WORK! Hello there, don't really post much at all on this forum, however this side project seems worthy of a post. Nike-esque, Bright vibrant NFL. To me this is what the perfect modern NFL would look like. Credit to Conrad for some of the fonts, as well as SportsLogosNet for some base logos. Template was my own.
  15. So, I'm pretty much in awe of the new Dolphins throwback. It outpaces the limp uniform they just got a few years ago by a few miles. I would have very few issues with simply making it the new primary. However, I thought with a tweak or two, it could be pretty close to perfect. There are IMO two basic issues with the throwback, as is. The slightly muddled original logo, and the inconsistency between helmet and pants stripes. For the former, I went with a combination of the current cruise line logo's sun, with the cleaned up helmet-dolphin created by Ren69 in his logo thread. (Thanks, Ren... great work.) For the latter, my first thought was to copy the helmet stripe onto the pants, but the more I thought about it, I decided to do the opposite. For one thing, the aqua/orange/aqua Braiser stripes on the pants just look so classic, Also, they match the color pattern on the sleeve stripes really well, too. So, with a slight adjustment to the expected road sleeve stripes, I've got consistent color patterns overall, and a nice looking package. What do you think?
  16. Hey guys, I thought I would share with you some concepts I have been doing for a concept page on Instagram known as World of Jersey Concepts. Myself and 3 other artists are currently hard at work finishing up our first series where we are attempting to design alternate jerseys for each team in the league. I'll be posting each jersey I created for the series and maybe a handful that won't end up in the final series. To see each team go to @worldofjerseyconcepts on instagram and give us a like and some feedback. Anyways on to the concepts. First up is the Chicago Blackhawks. For this concepts I wanted to create a modern incarnation of the classic Hawks look and avoid throwbacks. What I came up with is a two-toned alternate featuring bent striping, a first for the club.Let me know what you guys think.
  17. The general consensus about the NHL ASG uniforms that were unveiled recently is that they are pretty horrible. There are plenty of ways both the NHL and Reebok could have avoided the monstrosities that they released, but I guess that is why we have these boards to come up with better solutions. For this concept, I came up with a solid solution (in my humble opinion), and fixed Reebok's mess. For starters, there are actually two sets of uniforms that I have proposed. One for the skills competition, and one for the actual All Star Game itself. My reasoning for this is that the skills comp is extremely gimmicky, which is a great chance for the NHL to showcase a "gimmicky" uniform. And while the actual ASG isn't much better, it is a long-lasting traditional game (albeit not competitive) that deserves more than a one-off gimmicky jersey that's tacky. When you look at an NHL All Star jersey, you should be able to identify it immediately as an ASG jersey, not a motocross jumpsuit. Since both the league and Reebok seem so fixated on chrome logos/neon piping/colors that stand out, there are some aspects that I kept around here. Have a look.... For the Skills Competition: And, for the actual All Star Game C&C is always appreciated! I think what I am going to do is just post my hockey concepts here in this thread from now on since I don't plan on starting any series or projects any time soon.
  18. With the possibility of Las vegas receiving an NHL franchise I came up with a few possible team logos depending on whatever they are gonna call this team. Black Knights doesn't seem like a great name in my opinion, and the NHL might no like a team with a name that is based off of gambling so even though "The Aces" may be the best option, I decided to avoid it and other gambling related names, also because many concepts for Aces have been done already. The "Bighorns" was also an option as the Bighorn sheep is the Nevada state animal but a minor league basketball team in Reno already has the name and a few concepts for that have been done as well. Here are the names of teams that I thought could be a possibility and didn't sound too terribly cliche. 1. The Nukes The Nukes pays homage to the nuclear testing that occurred north of Las Vegas during the 40s-60s Sometimes the mushroom clouds could be scene from downtown. Black Knight color scheme of black gold and silver. 2. The Silver Rattlers/Sidewinders This could be either two teams "The Sidewinders" which is a snake native to the las vegas desert, or "Silver Rattlers" as a nod to the silver mining industry. 3. The Sidewinders Another version for the Sidewinders name. 4. The Neons Nothing says Las Vegas like the flashing neon lights of the strip. Three hockey pucks line the bottom. 5. The Silver Bullets This one could carry some controversy to it due to "bullets" what do you think? 5. The Mustangs A personal favorite of mine. Nevada is home to more than half of North Americas wild horse population and can be found from southern to northern Nevada. I'll probably make more logos for other possible names and other versions in the future but for now feedback on these is much appreciated. Also let me know if you'd like to see Jerseys of these.
  19. Ok so I've been working harder on some more court concepts and chose the Mountain West Conference to create concepts for. I have the first half of the conference done, the second half and updates will come soon. Air Force- Posted and Updated Boise St.- Posted and Updated Colorado St.- Posted Fresno St.- Posted and Updated Nevada- Posted New Mexico- Posted San Diego St.- Posted San Jose St.- Posted UNLV- Coming Soon Utah St.- Coming Soon Wyoming- Coming Soon Air Force: Finally found a good wordmark! Credit to MCH925 for letting me use his concept. Boise State: Here is the one with the new court template. Colorado State: For this one, I really liked the way that Colorado State puts their word mark under the ram, so I decided to keep that concept, but with the new word marks that were released. Fresno State: Here is the one with the new court template. Nevada: I understand the wordmarks on the baselines look a little funky, but if you look closely, you will see what I am getting at. New Mexico: I tried to use a different logo for center court, but their really wasn't any other better options. San Diego State: I understand that some people think that these are old like throwback logos, but they are still modern. San Jose State: How is this? Leave Feedback! I am willing to change anything you guys think! More of the 2nd half is coming up!
  20. This is my second attempt at creating a Las Vegas expansion concept. Just after finishing my Aces concept, it was released that Las Vegas was applying for expansion with the name Black Knights. So I decided to redo my concepts with the new Las Vegas Black Knights. I kept the colour scheme pretty similar with a darker red. When I do make the jerseys, the grey may or may not be used, just to keep the amount of colours down. The knight is, of course, the primary while the sword Vegas star is the alternate. I did get most of the ideas for the alternate from another concept I saw online. I flipped the sword the other way and did a couple things different, but I liked the idea too much to do a different logo. I plan on making the uniforms soon, as I only had time to create the logos and some iPhone and computer wallpaper. Good C&C is appreciated I should say, I am not a very experienced concept creator, just a class in high school and general knowledge of logos along with my creativity, so please don't be too harsh with the comments Again, any help with putting the direct pictures up would be awesome.
  21. Hey Guys! Since Quebec is getting a NHL team again I have decided to make a concept. This logo is very similar to the shoulder patch that they previously wore. Once agin, a simplistic jersey that nods to the Nordiques past. Hope you like this one! C&C Welcome
  22. I've been creating concepts for quite some time now, but have never gotten around to posting any. Finally decided to make a thread and get some good, constructive CC on my designs. In this thread, I'll be sharing my concepts for all 32 NFL teams and what I would like to see in the NFL. Any suggestions on improvements would be great and I'll go through and tweak to get the most out of each design. There will be no particular order to teams being posted. These are just as I have an idea and once I feel each design is complete and ready for CC. Note ** All designs are done using MS Paint. Templates for the unis are from the Paint Users Paradise thread and most fonts used are from Conrad's Thread (thanks!). Eventually I'll be transferring all my ideas over to Photoshop once I learn the program better and am fully comfortable with it. The idea is to get these designs perfected here and eventually mock them up onto live player templates. All that being said, hope you enjoy!! 1/32 -- Cleveland Browns First up, on the afternoon before the big jersey reveal, is my take on the Cleveland Browns. The Browns really like sticking with tradition. The focus of this concept was to create a clean, classic design, but add a little bit of a modern touch. The helmet (inspired by Oregon State), is primarily matte orange along with an orange mask. I made the stripe fairly wide and carried it down onto the grill. The back of the stripe is inspired by their old secondary "B" logo. This striping is consistent throughout the design and is also seen on the shoulders and side of the pants. Home Set: I wanted to change things up a bit and get back to an orange look for the Browns. The primary jersey is orange with the same striping as the helmets. Nothing too fancy or modern. Numbers on the chest and back are brown with a silver accent. I thought the addition of silver was a nice touch to the design and changes their traditional look up a bit. Pants are white with consistent striping with a brown B on the hip. I contemplated bringing the stripe all the way up, but I liked the way the B fits above it. Prior to the B, I had the player number on the hip. I couldn't decide which I liked better, but eventually settled on the B. Away Set: Not too much different from the home set. Major change we see is orange numbers with a brown outline as opposed to the current brown numbers on white. Keeping with the trend in the NFL of white on white, pants are the same as the home set. I've also added a set of brown pants and orange pants which will be posted below with the white jersey. Alternate Brown Unis: The Browns wouldn't be complete without a brown jersey. Again, very similar to the home and away. Numbers are white with an orange outline. I tinkered with orange numbers, but I didn't like the contrast on the set. I have these paired with white pants as I feel that is the best combo for the look. Also noted (as with home and away) is the silver accents on the sleeve. I think it makes the design pop a little more. Other Away Options: Lastly, here is the away white jersey paired with the orange and brown pants. These can be paired with any jersey in theory, but as with the rest of the NFL, I'm not a fan of when teams do the color on color monochrome look (few exceptions).
  23. Happy Memorial Day everyone! Ok, so a little background on this. I've done many NFL Redesigns in the past, I believe this is my 4th attempt. I had one going pretty strong in the late summer of last year, but the start of school interfered and I never got back to it. This year, I have many already pre-done to prevent me falling behind and now that summer is just beginning, I will have much more free time on my hands. I believe my series will be the best I've had yet and hope everyone enjoys this. I will be doing logo sets first and probably going back to uniforms after that. So for now, just be ready for logos. First up, The Arizona Cardinals. ARIZONA CARDINALS I've seen many different approaches done with the Cardinals uniform-wise, but logo-wise, not so much. This was the first one I did in this series, and did so many months ago, so it might need improvement. There's some stuff I need to fix, but I can't quite figure out what. I haven't added a wordmark, but I might soon. Suggestions Appreciated, Hope you enjoy this series that I hope and plan to finally complete. There's been a lot of NFL Redesigns on the board lately so I hope this starting with logos makes it stand out.
  24. Lately I've been working on some NHL redesigns. Like another very talented designer, Vitorio Arts (check out his work by the way), I prefer simple, yet classic and elegant uniform designs. All logos are from this site and I have Calgary in this post and should have Minnesota and possibly Colorado up tonight or tomorrow! C and C is much appreciated! Calgary Flames -removed black -simplified the striping -used 80s colours