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  1. It's been a while since I last put together a concept series, but I have recently have had some time now that I'm out of school to work on some concepts, and figured I would start a new series for the summer. Anyways, my goal for this series is to come up with a new, unique set of uniforms for each NHL team. When I say new, I mean one that has never been worn by the team to encourage myself to be more creative. I also want to get rid of the "standard" reebok template to allow each team to have their own identity and not look too similar to other teams around the league (a la Lightning and Leafs/Wings). As of 5/28, I have completed half of the league, and will start posting one or two concepts at a time per day. I'll start by posting the teams from the Pacific Division now, followed by the Metro! C&C is always appreciated, and more than welcomed! Enjoy Pacific Division Los Angeles Kings (update) Vancouver Canucks Calgary Flames (update) Anaheim Ducks San Jose Sharks Edmonton Oilers Arizona/Phoenix Coyotes Metropolitan Division Carolina Hurricanes (update) New York Rangers Columbus Blue Jackets Pittsburgh Penguins New Jersey Devils Washington Capitals Philadelphia Flyers (update) New York Islanders Central Division Chicago Blackhawks (update) Colorado Avalanche Dallas Stars Nashville Predators Minnesota Wild (update) Atlantic Division Florida Panthers Detroit Redwings Tampa Bay Lightning 1) Los Angeles Kings 2) Vancouver Canucks
  2. Hey there, would love some feedback on some of these wallpapers that I will be making, This first one is just a rough draft-ish prototype, leave feedback, and I will be open to requests once I get the finalized product ready to go! So hopefully you can help me make it as good as possible. NOW TAKING REQUESTS
  3. Hello everyone, I am finally back on the forums after taking a bit of time off to finish my school work and I am proud to say that I am officially done and I have graduated High School. So now I have time to get back into making concepts and such. So I was watching the College World Series and I wanted to redue my College Baseball Redesigns since they weren't bad but I thought they were a bit bland. So I edited and fixed alot of the problems with my Templates and I made them alot better. Some of the concepts are going to look the same from my old Thread but alot of them will be different and I'm going to take more chances with these concepts.
  4. Logo concepts for the Nets, Pistons, and Lakers.
  5. One of my biggest uniform pet peeves is the current trend in the NFL of teams wearing dark pants with the same color dark socks, or as it's usually known around here, the "leotard look"... That is just nasty on so many levels. By my count, last season there were 15 teams that subjected us to this horrific look at least once. (I'm not entirely sure about Miami... they supposedly have a pair of socks with a contrasting blue top to break up the leotard but I don't know for sure if they were worn.) Only the Bears, Patriots, Jets, and Chiefs still have the good taste and common sense to have a second pair of socks design specifically to contrast with their dark pants. Anyway, here's my proposed fix for 14 of those teams. I didn't include Cleveland because their new uniform, besides being ridiculous any number of ways, has yet to be worn as a leotard, and based on the sock options, doesn't need to be. In my mind, all these looks would be worn with a white jersey (except Baltimore, which could be worn with the purple)... in my world monochrome wouldn't happen in the NFL, only in small time High Schools, where it belongs. These are a mixture of white socks with stripes and contrasting color dark socks... whichever I felt worked best. I avoided making solid color socks in really light colors... gold, gray, or yellow... the Lions tried that back in the 90's and it really didn't work. Also, the Cardinals, Bengals, and Texans could be doing this right now... these sock options are already available to them.
  6. ren69


    Just wanted to share a new logo design I just completed of a football fantasy league team for a member of these boards. As always C&C welcome. Thanks for checking in!
  7. I've been lurking the boards for a while, but I decided to join today and share some of my work. I wanted to take the flags of cities, and use the colours in soccer kits (somewhat inspired by Ilfhockey's NFL Flag concepts. The colours are used in the home and away, then the third is any colour I felt like using. So first up: Toronto
  8. Hey Guys! Here is my take on a LA Clippers rebrand. Hope you like it! C&C Welcome!
  9. I've been doing tweaks on the Indians uniforms so I've decided I'll tweak the other teams in the MLB including logos. I'll start with the AL East and work my way through the league. I hope you enjoy and tell me what you think. AL EAST: Baltimore Orioles For the O's primary home and away uniforms, I went with their script coloring from the 90's during the Cal Ripken Jr. Era and added the black piping. I honestly think the black script looks better and stands out more IMO. The alternate orange is unchanged except the addition of the black piping. The black alternate's script is changed Baltimore in Orange with white trim. The caps I got rid of the white and promote the away hat to the primary home and the away caps go to all black including the script O hat. UPDATE: I changed the Orioles script on the black ALT to Baltimore in orange with white trim.
  10. I have always been one to care about uniforms, logos and the general aesthetics of sports. I am a huge Hawks fan, and we pumped when the organization decided to go back to the pacman identity. Now that it is reported to be our primary identity starting next year along with some other changes, I assume our uniforms will reflect our new identity. I'll initially post rough ideas/sketches, and eventually add more polished artwork. You are welcome to post any ideas you may have and/or feedback.
  11. Hello! I've recently been creating "team motto designs" for my own enjoyment. I've made some for the branches of the military: (I accidentally cut off the outline on the navy design, that's NOT supposed to be like that) I can get the approximate colors for every team in the NHL, NBA, NFL,MLS, EPL and MLB. I will try my best to find the right colors for foreign teams and I will try to use the correct font but that isn't always doable. ( I couldn't find a navy font, so I used the air force font for the navy one) If you would like to request some designs made for you, feel free to comment in this format: Team Name Preferred Motto (If you dont know, I will try to find one) Preferred Logo Preferred Font (I use Any other requirements (Certain colors, throwbacks, etc.) This is definitely not an only-requests post. I would LOVE any constructive criticism in the comments and will take any suggestions into consideration. Please cut me some slack if they're not Hi-def 9000p, I'm just using Microsoft 1997 with Microsoft Paint on an old Windows Vista computer. I don't have the money or the material to make my first-time concepts like a professional graphics designer would. (but I sure wish I could ) I cannot guarantee when your request will be done, because I don't know how many requests I will get. The motto designs that you see above you were invented by me. I have never seen any sports motto designs ever before, so if you have seen something like this on or somewhere else, i didn't copy it. I would like to see it though, so please leave a link below if you have seen motto designs before, it would help me improve. These designs will work for your signatures, and were designed to. If you use your requested designs, I humbly ask of you to cite me in your signature. Just a "Team motto signature designed by Word02" would be great. Thanks! Instructions on adding signature images To add a image to your signature, go to your profile and click the "Edit my profile" button. So now, you should have a tab on a left for "Signature". Use the "polaroid of the tree" button on the editor toolbar to add the image and enjoy (I hope ^^) your new signature. TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR INITIAL REQUESTS (in order of request date, i will do first come first serve) 1. jaker52 (completed) 2. Sk2k (completed) 3. Wackyriderfan14 (completed) 4. FALCON6 (completed) 5. jrcollis714 (completed) 6. SSmith48 (completed) 7. 8. TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR REVISIONS (in order of request date, this is for either my own revisions or requested revisions) 1. jaker52 (completed) 2.Wackyriderfan14 (completed) 3. SSmith48 (completed) 4. 5. I would like to give DoctorHeisenberg some credit for this. I was inspired by his "All-Sports Championship Banners Signatures by requests" and decided I wanted to do my own designs over the summer. I borrowed his "table of contents" and his "instructions for adding signatures." Thank you so much!
  12. Okay so this is my first attempt at making a uniform concept. I chose the Thunder because they are my favorite sports team. I love the team itself but I am less than pleased with their current look so i decided to dabble a bit with some uniform ideas. I used Microsoft Paint because I'm not very skilled with Photoshop so they won't be the best of quality. I decided to go with a color scheme comprised of Gray, Yellow, and Orange because i felt it fit the idea of "Thunder" and i liked how the colors looked together. The only exception is the Pride jersey where i stuck with the Thunder blue because it is actually the color of the state flag for Oklahoma. Let me know what you guys think, Thanks! Home: Away: Alternate 1 Alt 2: Oklahoma Pride:
  13. Just an idea that popped into my head the other day when one of my students was wearing dark gray shorts and a bright orange tank top... Except for the helmet, which is pretty much perfect, I tried to de-emphasize the "tiger costume" aspects of the uniform. On the jersey and pants, I tried to just suggest the idea of tiger stripes, instead of illustrating them. As always... thoughts?
  14. Hey guys- My name is Stephen Smith, and I am a new member. I have stalked the boards for a little while, but finally decided to join in. My first topic I will post here is on one of my personal hockey leagues: the United League of Ice Hockey. HISTORY The ULIH was founded on April 6th, 1946, and began play on November 3rd of that year with four teams: the Pittsburgh Cougars, Detroit Bulldogs, Toronto Tigers, and the Boston Portsides. As the league grew in popularity, it expanded west then south, and by 2006 had a total of 20 teams. The most recent Williams Cup champions are the Detroit Power, with the league MVP going to Utah Scouts goalie Tyler Simmons. TEAMS The league is divided up into 2 divisions with 10 teams in each: EAST: Detroit Power Montreal Saints Toronto Tigers Boston Ports New York Knights Miami Skippers Chicago Stars Minnesota Thunderbirds Washington Eagles Tennessee Pioneers Philadelphia* WEST: Seattle Metros Vancouver Kodiaks Calgary Steers Denver Bandits Los Angeles Quakes Arizona Scorpions Houston Eclipse San Francisco Internationals Utah Scouts Las Vegas Devils Saskatchewan* *=Expansions needing names To start the series, here is the division and league logos: Now I know these are a bit big-I'll try to get that fixed. In the meantime, C&C is welcome! EDIT*: Montreal Patriotes renamed the Montreal Saints.
  15. I made some word marks for the Canadian NHL teams (and the Nordiques) C+C Appreciated.
  16. I know this has been done quite a bit, but I absolutely love a great many of the old USFL designs, so I thought I'd throw my hat in to give it a try. First, my favorite USFL uniform, and probably my favorite helmet of all time, the Boston Breakers. (Yeah, I know they were also New Orleans and Portland, but I'm sticking with the original.) For comparison, here's the 80's version... And my update...
  17. This concept series has been a long time coming, and since soccer series seem to be going strong right now I thought I would finally post mine too. Italian kits are almost always very averse to innovation,and sometimes even changing the collar color is seen as a major change. Thank you to theflakeband for his amazing templates. The first (well, last) team will be up within minutes Parma Cagliari Hellas Verona Juventus
  18. A few of you might remember a few months back I had a thread going called "DC's Justice League Football uniforms (60's version). If you didn't see it, or want to see it again, you can find it here; Anyway, I had some fun with it, and got some nice feedback, but eventually just ran out of characters. So here is an offshoot. (Kind of an obvious one, I suppose.) I'm going with characters from Marvel Comics "Avengers", but once again, only characters from the 60's and all done in 60's style football uniforms. This is the team and visuals I'm after... And here's the first few teams... ANTMAN; And the MIGHTY THOR
  19. WissX

    Brewers Concepts

    I was board so I decided to make a concept for a jersey. This is the Blue Alt Jersey plus the Gold Alt jersey. And gold pants. This is my first concept. No names on the backs cause There wont be. NOTE I MAY MAKE A SERIES ON THESE Give feedback
  20. Decided to try a rebrand for a team not far away from where I live. The Dust Devils are a Single-A Short Season affiliate of the Colorado Rockies. They play in the Northwest League. Current logo: My revision: It's not done yet, but let me what you think. A full logo sheet and uniforms soon to come.
  21. Hello again. I recently made a different topic similar to this one about the possibility of Under Armour taking over the NBA, however now we learned that Nike is the frontrunner. I have made previous concepts, but I have revised some. I have not included the brand because it is just a concept not based on previous uniforms made by other manufacturers. Revised Bucks Uniforms with Current Logos/Colors I will post my updated Supersonics and Timberwolves concepts in the near future, and also an alternate for Portland, along with redesigns for the Clippers and Raptors (Huskies). Tell me what you think! Bucks Logos, Colors, and Wordmarks Bucks Away: Bucks Home: Bucks Alternate:
  22. This is an idea I've had for a while and started working on about 2 weeks ago. Then today, somebody suggested something similar in the "ugliest matchup" thread, so I thought I'd better get mine going before somebody beat me to it. Anyway, the idea is simple (in fact its probably already been done)... take a uniform from the past and a uniform from the present and combine them. My idea was to go with the colors and logos of one team, and cram it onto the uniform of another, basically. So here goes... First, I'm taking the Seahawks... nice colors, good logo... and putting it onto the classic Oilers uniform... one of the best designs in NFL history... And getting this...
  23. All right, here we go. My second try at the NFL. For those who don't remember, my first one was largely a flop. I had a lot of trouble taking C&C and my concepts were too bland. That was about three months ago. Now I've got improved software, more creative ideas, and I'm willing to listen to any C&C thrown at me (unless it's like the suggestion for a black jersey for the Bills in my previous thread). I'll be going in order of division, starting with the AFC East, then the North, South, West, and then the NFC in the same order. Within the division I'll be going from the worst team to the best. The limits are: two helmets, four jerseys, four pants, and one throwback allowed for each team. Let's get started with the Jets NEW YORK JETS Combos: Green on white | Green on green | White on green | White on white | Obviously there aren't too many changes here, because the Jets already have a great look. There are only two changes here. First is the most obvious, the change from the hunter green color to the brighter green they used when they became the Jets. Second is replacing the outdated logo they currently use with a cleaner, more modern one. This is probably one of the ones I changed the least because, as I said before, the Jets have a great look. Enjoy!
  24. Since I finished my MLB to NFL crossover, I decided to start an NHL version. Using a different template this time and I'll be posting home and away at the same time. Up first, the Anaheim Ducks: The stripe on the pants is the same as the helmet, but for some reason when I resized the image, it made it hard to see the orange stripe on the right side. Trust me, it's there
  25. So I've been working for the Louisiana IceGators for the past two years, and they've sort of outgrown their current primary so to speak. The green they're using now does not match their logo, and Yellow has been phased out completely, I'm just learning adobe illustrator and whipped these up, it's a primary and an alternate, I just want to know what y'all think, if I'm heading in the right direction or whatever. C&C welcomed.