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  1. Trying to do some crests for potential canadian premier league teams, heres one for a second vancouver team, which seems like it would be pretty mandatory. Probably not finished yet, but thought I'd see what you fine folks thought.
  2. Hey guys, back again with a simpler version of a design I brought here when I first got here. Hoping it's better.
  3. Hey folks, another concept I'm kicking off, Mississuaga FC. Still alot of work to do, but I feel like there are some cool elements in here that can be used. Basically, Mississauga is known for being a very progressive, afluent, and business-oriented city. I wanted to highlight this semi-futuristic progressive vibe, as well as incorporate the Greater and Lesser Rivers that highlight the geography of the city. The city flag has a cool looking gear/cog thing that I thought could highlight this element well - I may keep the gear as is, or perhaps try something a little more tinker-y, just wanted to see what you guys thought. Also, the city logo has a very cool stylish M that I was hoping to immitate without completely ripping off So here's what I have so far. Far from done, but I think theres some potential and was just hoping for some guidance. Guys haven't steered me wrong so far so I'm putting faith in you I know it's kinda funny looking, but I really think it has potential. I was hoping to give the feel of the Rivers(blue lines) splitting the machinery of the city. Thanks guys (and gals?)
  4. Hey folks, looking to get feedback on a new one. Regina, Saskatchewan, was formerly known as Pile of Bones back around it's founding, due to scenes like this one While I realize this may not be the prettiest thing to acknowledge in a teams history, It is an essential part of the cities history, and I hope gives it kind of a wild wild west feel. The Queen of England later requested that the name be changed to Regina, which literally means the Reigning Queen. Hence the nickname of this club would be Queen of Bones. Anyways, heres what I have so far - as always appreciate your feedback
  5. Hey folks, continuing on Canadian soccer series. Did up a replacement logo for London, Ontario, also known as forest city, I included a stylized tree, along with a red cross to signify London's strong history of Medical Research. The black squirrel appears all around London's numerous parks. Current logo for comparison:
  6. Hey guys, thought I'd do a redesign for an old Toronto based team, the Toronto Blizzard. They had a few different crests throughout the years, all of which were god-awful, and theres been rumours of a second team in toronto, so I thought this was a natural choice. Thanks for the feedback as always
  7. I know this is sort of breaking the unofficial rules here, but just curious how soccer fans feel about the NY red bulls current logo(I find it super corporate and some of my eurosnob friends cite it as a reason they dislike MLS, which makes me sad) and If they see this one, which isn't that much different, as an improvement. Sorry I've been posting a ton, just have a bunch of free time. Had to get rid of the RED BULL at the top, while still paying homage to red bull and obviously keeping the bulls on it. Replaced the soccer ball with a bright red apple, to represent the whole NY is red rhetoric they've been ramping up between them and NYCFC, and then added the year, because I think they've been around long enough to show it off at this point. Happy Friday folks
  8. Hey folks, I guess you could say I'm doing a bit of a Canadian Soccer series. Hoping to get some of my ideas used if this C-league thing actually happens. Anyways, heres what I have for Victoria - often nicknamed garden city, known for its flowers(obviously), the provincial flower of pacific dogwood. Thoughts?
  9. Statue sits on top of manitoba legistlature in Winnipeg and is a symbol of prosperity and wealth, also the gateway to the west of Canada. Lines in the background represent a provencher bridge, a prominent landmark in Winnipeg(the provinces capital) C/C welcome
  10. Hey again folks - pretty simple concept here, not sure if I'll change much, but thought it wouldn't hurt to see some suggestions. Luv ya
  11. Redid and earlier concept that I butchered. Think it's getting closer. C/C? Also, sorry still having trouble imbedding images. I need to learn to internet better.