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  1. Will anyone be attending this year's event? I'll be going for the first time.
  2. Some football concepts , i'll be posting more teams in the next days.
  3. With the match-up set for Super Bowl 50, I figured this would be a good place to keep all of the discussion about the game's aesthetics. Anything from uniforms to ticket design to field graphics. I am hoping the NFL doesn't go too crazy with the gold and make each team's end zones Golden... The presumed uniform matchup:
  4. I was scrolling through Twitter today at sports teams profiles, and noticed one that caught my eye. I don't know why but I just had an urge to make a thread for the best Twitter profiles. I made a tournament for all the Big 4 teams. TOURNAMENT LENGTH: 2/19-3/27 (sorry for the length, it's hard to fit all 122 teams into a couple days, but hey, Veras just hit 2 years on the AFA, soooo...yeah) Matchup Schedule But, If you don't want to be involved in the tournament, what are some of your favorite team Twitter covers/profile pics?
  5. Jake3roo

    Pencil design

    Hey everyone! Recently I came up with a design for a shirt, and it is currently live on Cotton Bureau!!! Also, C&C is appreciated. I'm always looking for feedback and ways to improve my work. Link: The idea behind it was: We (graphic designers) use pencils all the time. They are one of the most useful tools in graphic design, from the freshly sharpened tip to the rubber eraser on the end, the pencil is one of the greatest things ever made. This is simply looking at it from a different view. Thank you!!!
  7. Hey Guys! Today I am sharing my Wilkes Barre Scranton Penguins logo concept. Its not that different from the logo they have now but I wanted an effective and simple logo. I hope you guys like it! C&C Welcome!
  8. Some of you may remember this Lovely inspirational design for sports logos thread. I miss it. I took 95% of the images from that thread and uploaded them to this imgur folder, but I feel like it would be nice to resurrect it in a new fashion, linking to not only inspiring images, but I will put those images into that imgur folder (which is available for download here) and will be updated frequently. Please don't hesitate to link to inspiring blogs or websites. be under maintenance) of my favorites) I'll update this as frequently as I can, or the mod team obviously may do so as well. Let's get inspired! Here's a few of my faves from the old thread to get started:
  9. So I decided to create a fictional country and soccer league as my new project. This is the 2nd fictional league that I have done, the first was a TX Super League which went well, so hopefully I get the same result with this concept. So the country is The Republic of Gedland, if you look at my profile name its not hard to figure out how I created the name for the country, and so the top league is the Gedlandian Premier League. So the country is an island with 18 cities/towns spread throughout the land. Each city has at least 1 team with two cities having two giving the league 20 teams. I went about names and locations based on my ancestry and background. So here is a map of the country along with state lines, and city locations/names. It also includes names for all the teams and their location. The league crest is a shield broken into three parts: the sky, the dog, and the ground. the league crest color changes with each team, and the dog is pointing ahead with a soccer ball at its feet The entire leagues kits are made by nike
  10. Hey Guys! It has been awhile but I am back with a new concept. The Hartford Wolfpack logo has always been out of place in the AHL for me, so I thought I can bring something new to the table. This logo I designed is very simplistic with a huge nod to their NHL affiliate, The New York Rangers. The classic shield has a little modernization with a Wolf in the center. I stuck with the current Wolfpack colors except I added Navy, to me, its a huge upgrade. As for the jerseys, I went with a very simple look, but still have that classic feel. I hope you Guys like this one! C&C Welcome!
  11. Hey guys, deciding to take a stab at the NFL after watching this years set of uniforms Im really sick of what the NFL has come up with for some of these teams. Many uniforms may be simplified a lot or some may just contain minor tweaks! Either way here is what I would like the NFL to do with Uniforms! Teams: Arizona Before you get the pitchforks out, yes I replaced grey with white. I feel like it truly represents the colors of the Bird and Makes for a unique color scheme in the league. Everything about the current uniforms (aside from the logo) I trashed. Going with the single stripe on helmet and pants I believe the grey and red creates a simple yet effective and fierce uniform. Away: Home:
  12. Can i get some feedback for a bg/wallpaper esque of Larry??
  13. So, I thought of this concept when I saw all the new third jerseys that nike and adidas made for their teams that are in champions league, and so I decided to create black third kits for all 32 champions league teams. I call these the dark side kits, the idea is that all the teams get an entirely black uniform with one significant accent color, the designs are meant to reflect the teams traditional home jersey, but a blacked out version, and the accent color should be the teams main color, for example man city's uniform would be all black with the accent color being sky blue. However there are some exceptions, some teams may have a different color then you might think and some may have a different design, the main reason for this is so that not all the jerseys are the same. First group A REAL MADRID- blacked out kit with a dark purple as the accent color, because real madrids home kit is traditional simple and plain, so to is the black kit, but instead of just making it black in white i decided on purple since its a color we have seen real wear before, and of course the ad and numbers need to be white otherwise you couldnt see them PSG- blacked out kit with dark blue accent color with the famous stripe down the middle that you see on their classic home kit, numbers and ad all in white MALMO- all black kit with light blue accents and a sublimated hoop design which comes from this years away and home kits SHAKTAR- black kit with orange accents, and dark orange stripes
  14. So, this is my first post in a good amount of time. This concept I had finished several months ago, but studying abroad and school has kept me from posting it, so here it is. This is the Texas Super League, a fictional all Texas soccer league that exists in a world where soccer became popular in the states around the beginning of the 1900s, much closer to when club football started in England. I had when I first designed these to create back stories for each team, but now I feel I will post the design each with descriptions and the thought process behind the logo and kits for each team. There are 24 teams spread around the state of Texas, I'll probably post one a day in order to keep interest. Please leave C&C and ask any questions you might have about the designs. The first team is Abilene Abilene United The name and crest stem from Abilene sitting in two counties. the blue & white stripes and the red candy cane stripes come from the town logo which is a capital "A" made up of those stripes. The idea is that each county had a separate Abilene team, but to financial issues they merged to form Abilene United. The Buffalo in the crest is a reference to Buffalo Gap which is a town in the greater Abilene area, but was named for a gap in which bison herds passed through when settlers first came there. The buffalo is nudging the soccer ball along almost as if it was a domestic animal. Home kit- predominately white kit with blue stripes, with red and dark blue accents Away kit- predominately red kit with white sleeves and white stripe sash across the jersey Third kit- "dusk on the prairie" kit, blue top fade to dark blue and back to light blue at the bottom of the shorts, self explanatory I was going for something that looked like the night right before sunrise on the prairie, a common sight for farmers and ranchers who would of been up before the sun
  15. Hey Guys! I know this is not a sports concept but I really wanted to share this with all the other designers on this forum. Vitorio Arts has a new logo and soon will have a brand new website! So since this is a big deal (to me) i wanted to give all of you an inside look to who I am and my company. My Name is Louie Vitorio, I have been doing graphic design since 2011. I started my own "company" called Louie Vitorio Design in 2012. When I went to college and met a bunch of talented people and together we formed Vitorio Arts in 2013. After a couple of hard months (and personal reasons) we abandoned Music Production, Photography, and (was in the works) a clothing line. So at the end of 2013, I was back to just doing Graphic Design. It was close to April in 2014 that I hired Matthew McElwee for Web design. And since then, we have been thriving as a company! So I'm proud to announce the new look for Vitorio Arts! Here is the Logo History. Thank you guys so much for all the great comments (and not so great) over the year I have been on this website, it has helped me grow into the designer I am today. And of course, C&C Welcome!
  16. MLS REDO BY NIKE Summary of Myself Hey ladies and gentlemen, you might know me in the boards as a soccer (football) enthusiasts. Before I joined I use to watch the boards for over a year, to sum it all up I’ve been designing since I was six, but all was on paper. And when I decided to learn programs like GIMP I got more and more into these programs leading me to start a post were I would take soccer teams and imagine their jerseys as basketball ones. It got a good amount of publicity which I want to thank all who gave feedback. (Please Read This Section) I’m a very big amateur compared to others on these boards when it comes to such programs and even design as a whole, so I get limited fairly easily when it comes to my thoughts, unfortunately. I’ve been off and on the forums for a while now, because of the loads of school work and some problems with wifi. Currently I have many ideas in my head of some topics, such as redoing my whole high school’s sports teams and logos. Also as a kid I had this fictional sport in between futsal and soccer (football) with fictional teams and players and jerseys etc. which I kept going for about three years, which I want to now revive, but with a lot of things on my hands I decided to do something more simple…redoing the MLS. What this is about I don’t want to waste any more of your time, so to put simply, this is a redesign of the current MLS teams. I wanted to do other leagues but I know MLS is a bigger fuss on these boards since most of you are from North America. All I am doing is redoing the MLS jerseys and that’s all. The only twist is Nike is taking over. Adidas has been holding the MLS for quite a while now, and so what if Nike takes over. With this I will also release third/alternate kits because the league is expanding rapidly. These will still be designs from my own head, and also templates from my own head. I’m not trying to recreate how Nike would design MLS’ jerseys, since I find their jobs boring most times. All I’m doing here is replacing Adidas with Nike for some freedom through my work. Thanks and as always I appreciate a lot of feedback and reception, besides it is what drives me to keep doing these. Scheduling Some of you might know from my last topic I'm slower than usual, since I like to take my time and not pressure myself to a point where I will get bored of what I'm doing. Unlike other topics I don't finish the whole series before I post it because that would literally take me over three months to make. Instead I like to do it while I get feedback, this is because my ideas and designs don't come quickly, and because I'm using computer programs rather than sketching. Teams (In Order): Eastern Conference Chicago Fire (Home, Away, Third) Columbus Crew SC D.C. United Montreal Impact New England Revolution New York City FC Orlando City SC Philadelphia Union Toronto FC Western Conference Colorado Rapids FC Dallas Houston Dynamo LA Galaxy Portland Timbers Real Salt Lake San Jose Earthquakes Seattle Sounders FC Sporting Kansas City Vancouver Whitecaps FC So instead of leaving you hanging, which is always a bad thing to do, I’ll present to you the banners that “supposedly” got released to announce Nike is taking over MLS kits and gear. Sorry for the choppiness I would love some feedback on it tell me which you think is better… oh and I will try to release Fire’s home in a few days. Thank you for your time!
  17. So this is my third NBA team concept and I've decided to do an NBA team that has never shied away from some funky designs. That team is the Denver Nuggets. For my design I decided to utilize some elements from the city of Denver itself as well as retouching retired designs from the franchise's past. My concept includes a primary logo, a secondary logo, a home jersey, a road jersey, and an alternate as well as some other ideas for another possible alternate jersey. C & C is always appreciated and I know that these designs are far from perfect so I appreciate it when people point things out so that I may improve this design. The Primary Logo: The Secondary Logo: Home Jersey: Road Jersey: Alternate Jersey: Alternate Concepts: If anything needs any explanation, please do not hesitate to ask. C & C appreciated!
  18. A couple weeks ago I was thinking about a roundelized MLB and what it would look like. One of my first thoughts was the Dodgers because Metro's are kind of a roundel shape, so I went back to the Brooklyn days to come up with some ideas. This won't be overly complicated because they ARE the dodgers and it's also a secondary or tertiary logo. Hope you like it and feedback appreciated!
  19. Hey Guys! Since Quebec is getting a NHL team again I have decided to make a concept. This logo is very similar to the shoulder patch that they previously wore. Once agin, a simplistic jersey that nods to the Nordiques past. Hope you like this one! C&C Welcome
  20. So like many others I started working on creating my own personal logo. Back in the day I used to have a cartoon design of myself I used & recently I've been using a cartoon pencil I drew up which can be found anywhere my work is found. I wanted to create a more professional looking mark that would also represent me, who I am, where I'm from & what I do. Here's what I've come up with. The colors and star represent the flag where I'm from, my initials are styled in the form of a "BRANDING" iron which is a tool found & used throughout Texas. The overall design represents the state seal found on the badge of my primary profession. All these elements together represent me. Still working out details, some friends have suggested I go with 1 or 2 colors to keep it simple and that's why you see the different options also can't decide on on a name that's why you see options on that as well. Going simple I lose some of the meaning behind my design but it gives it a cleaner look & using only RS branding sounds really good but I'm left with a semi empty roundel & not sure what to add there other than the line I have or stars. So feel free to voice your opinions & suggestions.
  21. Sorry Guys...I only wanted to show it for a few days. Thank you for the feedback!
  22. With all the recent contests running for the rebrand of the LA Clippers, I wanted to join in on the fun. My concept has been online for about a week now and has received some cool reviews. I originally had designed it for a contest run by the LA Times. Not saying mine is better or worse than what the Clippers are using, this was just my take on the brand and the direction I would take with it. I really respect the opinions of the community on this site. Love to hear any thoughts or general convo about any other NBA teams that could use a rebrand. Thanks!
  23. Happened to find this beauty on the Not even on a secure server. I think this means that the NFL violated their own standard in their "50th Super Bowl" gold logo. I bet you there is a separate style guide for that somewhere. Seahawks
  24. So, I meant to post this a lot sooner but I have been in the middle of a move, just got back to my computer. Here are my redesigns for both MLS and the bundesliga, with the new raysox template. I'll start off with the MLS and then bundesliga, currently I am working on moving the budesliga into the new template. Please feel free to leave feedback and C&C. For MLS, I am including teams not yet in the league: atlanta, minnesota, lafc, and miami. I'll be including the newly promoted teams in the bundesliga as well. I'll post designs in alphabetical order. First up is Atlanta, gave them the name of AFC Rise. (Atlanta Football Club Rise), going with the rise/phoenix/burning of Atlanta theme that seems to be so popular. I gave them Coke as the sponsor, the atlanta soda giant is probably a good sponsor and the red colors go together. Home kit- two tone red kit, dark red sleeves, and shorts, red torso an socks. dark red stripe gradient, and yellow and white accents Away kit- all white kit with red and yellow accents and thin red horizontal stripes Third kit- Peach kit, peach color torso, and socks, with navy blue shorts and sleeves
  25. Hi guys! I was hoping a few of you could come to my rescue and help me develop a better logo for a friend of mine. My friend recently created a company called Eye To Eye Lift, check out their website, They are a company that is creating a lift that will help wheelchair-bound/disabled Americans who cannot attain the adequate height for multiple eye examinations. This lift will be making the lives of examiners simpler and of patients as well. As a friend im going to help him revamp the entire site and logo, but im having a little of creative problem with coming up with a solid logo. I want to create a logo that will incorporate the current design ( The fish eye with the three stripes) and then add on from there and have a compelling logo. Any chance you guys can throw some ideas my way? I would really really appreciate it! Here is his current logo.. Cheers, fellas.