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  1. Alright, so I'm an aspiring graphic designer. I don't really post much on this site, but I love all the concepts and unique designs. I've been working on this project for a while, and I'm finally going to start posting it. I still haven't decided if I will separate these by conference or not. I wanted to do full alternate jerseys also, but I don't really have time for that, and I decided this was a great way to get my designs in. C & C is well appreciated. But without further ado, here it goes: SEC: Ole Miss - Page 1 Alabama - Page 3 Auburn - Page 1 LSU - Page 2 Texas A&M - Page 3 Mississippi State - Page 3 Vanderbilt - Page 1 Mizzou - Page 3 Tennessee - Page 1 South Carolina - Page 2 Arkansas - Page 1 Florida - Page 3 Georgia - Page 3 Kentucky - Page 1 / update on page 2 Pac 12: Oregon: Page 5 (chose color) Stanford: page 4 / edit on page 5 Oregon State: Washington: Page 5 Washington State: Arizona: Page 5 UCLA: Cal: Colorado: Utah: Arizona State: USC: Ole Miss: I felt like UM's "rebrand" this year was pretty boring. I understand the history of such an old school, but I didn't like the single color Jereys (by that I mean, a white jersey with red stripes, red numbers, red names, etc... with no blue) so I gave them an alternate helmet that would use all 3 of the school's colors well. I gave them a red helmet to go with their blue tops, but I used the alternate "M" logo, and I really like the outcome: striping -
  2. ****NOTE: go to page 2 for the first logo update (June 1st)****** *** Another logo update on 6-2 ******* Updated, slightly simplified logo again on 6-2 I'm gonna let my earlier Kings concept die for a little bit, it's getting towards where I want it to be as a comprehensive design, but the current updates aren't ready to show. Plus didn't really get as many comments as I was hoping (maybe that's just the concepts forum's nature these days, I'm out of practice) so hopefully y'all like this one. Another concept that's been in the works for a long time, and team close to my heart, as y'all might remember from my years of bickering with other posters about the Coyotes bankruptcy! Anyways, now that their established as moving forward (or at least 4 years) as the ARIZONA Coyotes, it's time for an update to the brand. I'd love to continue to refine this and eventually send it in to the team, but we all know those are tricky waters to navigate. Even so, this is the direction that I wish my boys would go in. First off, a color scheme that is uniquely "desert". Dark maroon, a lighter brick red, a slightly burnt looking yellow, sand, and a darker "sandstone" used strictly for logo highlights. I've messed around with versions of this concept including black and dropping the yellowish tones, but I found this to be much more distinctive and "out-there", but I love out-there concepts, as they usually lead to more discussion! The part of the concept that's the longest in the making is the reworked logos. The primary crest has gone through a few renditions, this is my favorite so far, but it absolutely needs to be refined further. I wanted it to be "wilder" and imply more forward motion than the current crest. There used to be a full-body Coyote perched above the wordmark as the "primary" logo, kind of like an NBA team uses a complicated primary that is rarely used for merchandise, but that's been shelved for now. I might post that later because there's quite a few other scrapped logos for this concept as well. The secondary is a newly shaped moon, in the form of a "C", in the negative space of the bigger circle, there is a cactus silhouette to give it a new dimension. The font is completely custom, it's inspired by the original 90s Coyotes font, but it's even blockier. I thought this very square looking design was appropriate for it's reminiscence to that original Yotes font, but also in the fact that it looks soutwestern. The straight edges complement the triangle motif that is present throughout the concept. I wanted to give the team a repeated motif that looks southwestern as well, obviously the triangles are not nearly as gaudy as the kachina jerseys of yesteryear, but they are consistent through the nose of the crest, the sticks on the wordmarks, the pattern on all of the big numbers on the back, and finally the alternate burgundy jerseys. I've given you a bunch of different versions of the wordmark, there's a lot of potential there to create something modern yet distinctive, I think. Full number and NOB sheets are here as well. Speaking about the uniforms, there aren't too many teams that effectively utilize the full shoulder stripe (IMO, the blue jackets and flyers use it well, but teams like the avalanche and panthers have that feature as more of a generic Reebok element), so I wanted to give a different spin on it here. The stripes flare out at the end of the sleeve, matching the hem stripes. Also on the sleeve, if you look at it from the bottom, it wraps around to subtly form the familiar "northwestern" stripe of the current Coyotes uniforms, so we don't completely lose that motif. The socks match this. Finally, there are two options for pants breezers, which both have the triangle motif sublimated in to the sides. Oh, and did I mention the away jersey was sand? There should be one time in the league that doesn't have a pure white road unifom. The Coyotes seem like an appropriate option for that. Couldn't completely decide on a direction for the burgundy alternate. The one on the top is the original version, but then I decided to get crazy by putting the wordmark on the front. Okay, I already know you guys are going to hate it, but what the hell, I kind of liked it (*ducks from flying debris*). Sublimated in to the front of the jersey is the radiating sunburst from the Arizona flag. The alternate on the bottom is much, much simpler, with another stab at putting the triangle motif in to the sleeve and hem stripes. Which jersey do y'all like better? These are two options here, obviously the team would only have one of these alternate uniforms. To top off the set, we have a jersey that would be worn very rarely. I see it as a marketing opportunity. Everyone knows the Coyotes tradition of a whiteout in the playoffs. But let's be honest, this team needs all the marketing interest it can get, so I was thinking that on select weekend matinee home games, there could be whiteouts as well. Also, when the team inevitably makes the playoffs in the next 4 years (haha...jokes), the problem is that for all of these awesome whiteouts, the team is wearing RED!!! I'd want them to wear there white out jerseys for one of those games in the playoffs. The moon crest is slightly altered, and the northwestern stripe returns, except the middle section is white, continuing this strongly white-balanced uniform. Breezers are sand but continue the white vertical stripe, kind of like the Flames, except it flows a little better without the horizontal hem stripe. I'm sure this uniform will generate some controversy as well, especially the pants!!!! Enough rambling. Tell me what you think. Oh, and I'm trying to get involved on Dribbble, if anyone wants to "draft" me haha (not even completely sure who gets to do that). I'm not exclusive enough yet, so i'm jealous of all the dribbblers on the board .
  3. I will give advice and also ask for advice but now how would I make this logo look better
  4. This is a project I started working on a couple weeks ago. I planned on simply redesigning each team's logo, but instead I decided I would just go ahead and redesign each team's uniform as well. Some teams will obviously need more reworking than others, but I will be changing the logo for every NFL team. I will also be completely renaming the Washington Redskins. Each team will have the following: A primary & secondary logo A custom wordmark Anywhere from 3-5 uniforms, with some having a throwback or fauxback, I'll be doing it by division, and the AFC South is first up. The first redesign is for the Tennessee Titans. I think the Titans have one of the most stale brands in the entire NFL. Since they've switched to the Titans nickname, their logo and uniform design have both been basically stagnant. This is probably the main reason why I started with them. So here's my take. Primary Logo: The primary logo is based on the mask/face of a warrior. Working under the "Titans" nickname, I think this was a good representation of the name. Although some may not like the personification of the Titan, I think it came out nice and I couldn't pass up the chance to incorporate the TT into the logo in the warrior's mask. Secondary Logo: The secondary logo is based on a shield, and it moves away from the personification of the primary logo. This is more prominent on the uniforms than the primary. Wordmark: Uniforms: To be honest, I think the Titans have some of the most stale and old uniforms in the NFL, and they're overdue for an update. I brought back a more true-to-history throwback from the Oilers era. As for the primary uniforms, I updated and simplified the look, and implemented the bevel from the word mark and logo for brand consistency. C&C Appreciated Next up: Indianapolis Colts
  5. Ok, I said I'm going to make a personal brand but this came up in my head. Its a made up design firm for my graduation project in high school. Tell me should I use it as a personal brand or do something new that actually contains my name in it. View the whole project on Behance. [EDIT:presentation with no blur crap on it]
  6. Yeah, I said it. One of my most recent project was a outfitting the schools and houses of the Potter Wizarding World with Uniforms. I'm fairly new to Uniform Design, as I've only been doing it since late last year. I'm really interested to hear what everyone has to say, hopefully it isn't all bad.
  7. Hey again! I'm revamping an idea I had for The Clink Room into a Madden idea. Here's the Omaha Thunder!
  8. It's been forever, several years actually, since I've posted a non-alternate universe concept on this board. Been wanting to do a rethinking of the Astros for a very long time, especially for the past two years since a uniform change to the old colors was announced. I figured instead of doing up the whole concept and unleashing it all at once, I'd instead post the individual elements as I go and allow for feedback and critique to steer it into territories that even I may not have conceived. So here it is, the modernized yet retro rethinking of the classic Houston Astros rainbows. Enjoy.
  9. Hello everyone. I posted a version of this logo for last years tournament and got some good feedback, so I thought I would post the 2014 version and see where it goes. Couldn't decide on a chrome version or the color version so I did both. Feedback is appreciated! Color version: Chrome version: Old logo VS New logo:
  10. As a lifelong Baltimore Orioles fan and a graphic designer specializing in branding, I’m a huge fan of the organization’s decision to go back to the cartoon bird as the team’s primary cap logo two years ago. That said, when the new logo was released in November of 2011, I was disappointed that it failed in recreating a few key details of the logos from the 60s, 70s & 80s. Thus, in an effort to give my beloved O's the best logo possible, I've redesigned the logo to more accurately capture the essence of the logos of the past. Here's what I came up with: Comparison to current logo: I'd to hear your thoughts on the changes I've made. Any feedback is appreciated! Also, if you'd like to see more, and view the proposal I sent to the Orioles Director of Marketing, you can visit my site at: There's also a nice write-up on my logo over at
  11. hey guys, just finished up another project, its for a service called vet voice, essentially a resource for vet students and professionals to stay up to date in their field. i designed a logo and subsequent identity. ill post the logos but if your interested in seeing the rest of the package you can visit this behance link c&c always welcome
  12. finished a logo and stationary design recently, just put it up on my behance. thought id share Its for a realty company, called Beacon. They sell coastal properties and seachange lifestyles. For the logo they requested a lighthouse design c&c welcome the rest in on my behance
  13. Hey guys, I decided to attempt to update the Dolphins logo. Personally, I think the logo should be a little more aggressive. I tried to make it more aggressive by making the sun design more jagged and changing the eyes. Also, I wanted to bring back the helmet. Let me know what you think!
  14. Hey guys, I actually like the Rockies logo, except it looks a little dated (in my opinion.) I decided to cut the gray out of the logo, as it seemed unnecessary to me. Let me know what you think!
  15. Hey guys! I've just finished something of a personal rebrand, I thought I'd share it here. Here's my new website - Aschwege Creative at What do you think?
  16. Hey guys, I decided to rebrand the Los Angeles Clippers. I decided to go with a nautical theme for the logo. One of the top three logos (where it says option#1, #2, and #3) would be the main logo, while the bottom two would be alternate logos. If you could, please vote on one of the top three logos. I could not decide which one I liked best, so I thought I'd leave it up to you. Leave feedback on any of these! Also, I would like to get some ideas on how to improve the court design. Especially the center court logo; it looks a little weird to me. Thanks guys!
  17. We've all got them: projects we're proud of, until we look back on it months or sometimes years later. This afternoon, I was reacquainted with this bad mamma jamma. Though yes, it's a point of pride for me to have a logo in the Database here, there's so much I would have done differently now. Sure, their direction could've been better (they required the gradients. REQUIRED them), but I could've made it work a little better. I plan on taking a little bit of time to redesign this. Just for fun, just for me. I thought it'd be cool for people to post projects they'd do differently now, and maybe an explanation of why. What do you think?
  18. derschwigg


    Hey guys! I don't know how many of you watch/have heard of Rooster Teeth or Achievement Hunter videos online, but recently, they started this new "show" called Go! that surprisingly inspired me. The gist of the show is: the crew gets a prompt to do something common in a video game. The race is then on to be the first person to do said task in ANY game. For example - in this episode, the task is: do a barrel roll. A classic in-game maneuver. So: where am I going with this? I'm suggesting that (if there's enough response) we could do something similar with logo design/concepting. The prompt/task could be a theme, a team name, a city, a specific element to be used within the logo itself. The prize would be an emblem or something you could put into your signature - more a point of pride than an actual prize. But let's say we have a solid week for each concept "task," letting as many people submit/enter as they want (limiting it to something manageable, like 2 per person) and at the end of that week, we could create a poll to let people vote on their favorites. What do you think??
  19. Hey guys, I decided to make some NBA courts. I hope you like it, more to follow! Memphis Grizzlies:
  20. I want this to be a joke. From the people who brought you the camo Pepsi can (thank god): Nothing, NOTHING sells mediocre Italian-style cuisine like a ghillie suit. This is the source provided by Uni-Watch:
  21. Today I am launching my new project; my attempt to make the single best concept I can. To do so I am asking for your help. Now before any of you turn away or post a response like “do you have any idea what this takes”, I am not asking for you to design the concept. What I am asking for you to do is lend your thoughts, opinions, criticism, and preferences. So what is it? I am going to create several concepts. Two by two I will post them and have you all vote on which you like best. Then through a process that I have devised I will eliminate the weaker concepts, strengthen those with potential based upon C&C, and advance the stronger concepts. This is how it will work. There will be 8 rounds. The first two rounds will run simultaneously. The first round works like this; I have identified the 4 largest cities in all 50 U.S. States, I will be reading up on each and then purposing a few team ideas for each. You guys will vote to decide which idea is the best for each. I will then take that idea into the second round, which remember will be running simultaneously meaning new cities and ideas will still be coming online as I am already advancing winning ideas into the second round. The second round is the state round, so each state remember has 4 cities I will take the winning idea for each city and draw a logo, then pit the logos against one another. This round will be a double elimination; meaning a city can afford to lose one vote but not a second. Following their one allowable loss I will make adjustments to the logo based upon your C&C. So you see by the end of this I will have 50 concepts remaining. The latter rounds will be a single elimination playoff which the number 50 dose not lend itself to. 64 would be a much better number; therefore I have also created 14 wild card groups for the first two rounds. These groups are made up of the largest U.S. cities that are not in their own states top four. These groups will operate in the first two rounds just like the state groups. This all means that I will have a third round of 64. For this round each concept will receive a home and road jersey concept. The winners will advance to the fourth round of 32 concepts. Each concept will add a secondary logo for this round. The winners will advanced to the fifth round of 16 concepts. Each concept will add a woodmark in this round. The winners will advance to the sixth round of 8 concepts. Each concept will add a field/court or mascot design in this round. The winners will advance to the seventh round of 4 concepts. Each concept will add an alternate jersey in this round. The winners will advance to the final round of 2 concepts. Each will make final adjustments based upon cumulative C&C for the final showdown. Hope you all followed that convoluted explanation. If not just follow along and you catch on as we go. The first ideas for the Alabama competition will be up shortly. To start with I will not be creating a poll, rather just post you’re thought and I will count it as a vote.
  22. Here is a logo that I am doing for a friend. I used purple and gold to convey royalty, along with the lion. I've done other logos but never an animal face-on. Hoping for some comments and criticism, with advice, or I could e-mail someone the Photoshop or illustrator file, if they wanted to fix it themselves. Thanks in advance
  23. Hey, I am brand new to this forum even though I have been coming to this site for years. I just figured it was about time I join the forum and share some of the concepts I create. I combine new designs and design elements with old designs and design elements. The first one I will start off with is my concept for the Brooklyn Nets. So far I have created a logo, created a new script logo for the jersey, and then designed one jersey. I used the old concept from the 1997-2012 New Jersey Nets logo where the shield has a ring around the bottom, kind of simulating the rim of a hoop. I then also took and altered the script from their final uniforms and spread it across the shield in place of the boring "Nets" script already being used. I also added a little embossing in order to created a shadowed 3D effect, and some gray in there just so the team has more than 2 colors. However, I really like the simplicity in the script for the name "Brooklyn" so I left that be because the two different scripts, in my opinion, create an image that clashes in a good way and gives it depth. This first jersey concept, started off with the black, current, Nets road jersey. I left it black, replaced the name Brooklyn with the 1997-2012 jersey script, now in White, Black, and Gray/Silver. I then removed the white side panels and replaced them with a checkerboard style look which comes directly from a design quality of their final uniforms used in New Jersey. So this way I brought an old part of the teams heritage back into the uniform but left it with the same sleek style. I also kept the same simplistic number and name font but minimized the size of the number on the front.
  24. An interesting article from Fastcompany I figured would be relevant to the folks here. Enjoy!
  25. In my beer-related travels on the internet, I came upon the Single Hop Project, a collection of prints inspired by the varieties of hops available. As a homebrewer, I think it's a pretty cool idea. I'm not completely sold with this retro-theme for the designs though. Single Hop Project