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  1. You may have seen this elsewhere on the intertubes already, but in case you haven't... Apparently this has been a long time in the making, the culmination of a season-long spat between this goalie and his coaches over playing time (he is a senior but had been relegated to backup duty most of the season behind a sophomore). So, ironically during Senior Night, he scored a game-tying own-goal and promptly left the ice, giving the coaches the one-finger salute as he did so. His team went on to lose by, you guessed it, that one goal.
  2. i talked to the athletic director at my school about redoing our hockey jerseys for this year and he has given me the all clear so this is what i have come up with. the jerseys will be sublimated so any design is possible but i wanted to go with a fairly classic striping with a twist. here is last years for comparison
  3. Never mind this post. Had to take the concepts down for personal reasons. Sorry folks.
  4. Ok, so I'm sure every Sens fan here, and most moderately inclined NHL fans, has heard about spezza getting back surgery, and will be out for at least two months. Of course, the worst news out of all of this is that he's on my team in my hockey pool. I kid, but this is bad news for Sens nation and the team. Questions come up like: Can Anderson keep up his good play as of late? Will Turris and Michalek produce without him? Can Latendresse step up? Will the poutine lines get any shorter? and will Zibanejad and Condra play well through the stretch? Keep in mind that this is not the only senators woe, with Lundin and Cowen missing from the blue-line. Which was perceived to be one of the leagues weakest, although they are showing otherwise. With especially good play from Methot, Benoit, and Boroweicki. [i know I didn't spell that right] All of those questions headlined above will affect Ottawa's point total as much as a healthy spezza; yes, including the poutine for fan moral. But Spezza keys in on a lot of those (he cooks right?) The sens might also need to shuffle their lines a bit, here's my taking: Greening - Turris - Michalek Alfredsson - O'Brien - Silferberg Condra - Smith - Neil Latendresse - Zibanejad - Regin I predict spezza misses 28 games, coming back on April 2nd against Boston. Ottawa goes 14-10-4 and stays in a playoff spot. What's your take or prediction on this?
  5. PatsFan12

    NHL Concepts

    I'm planning on doing some of the NHL here, maybe all of it. I remember when Anaheim had 2 alternates, so I'm making 4 jerseys for each team, 2 at home, 2 on the road. According to the league, teams can wear alts a maximum of 15 times a season, but I'm upping that to 16, so then the teams can wear each alternate 8 times. Edit: Check post below for concept.
  6. I recently did an IIHF Redesign for all ten teams in the World Junior Hockey Championship, and I thought I'd post them here. I'll post five today, and the other five in a day or two. As always C&C is appreciated. Canada: I used a simple striping pattern, but added Maple Leafs to the sleeves. Black is still around, but it isn't used anywhere on the striping. Czech Republic: This is inspired by their current uniforms, but I changed it up too look less like a Nike Swift template. I also made blue more prominent on the red jersey. Finland: I used some elements from their current jerseys, but changed a lot of stuff up trying to make their look better and more uniform. Germany: I really like how Germany's current uniforms use their flag as the striping pattern, so I kept that. I just changed up a few minor things that bugged me. Latvia: I wanted Latvia's flag to be the main focus of this concept. I used the flag as the sleeve and hem striping on the white jersey. For the dark jersey, I basically made the whole jersey one big flag.
  7. Well, it looks like nobody cares about this enough to make a topic about it, so I will. Who will win? Who will be the underdogs?How will Canada fare?Answer these questions however you want, because it's World Junior Time!
  8. This is sort of an occasional thought I've had over the years (and sorry in advance if something like this is being discussed on a different topic) and it has to do with the idea of farm systems. I guess my main question why is it, after all these years, the only sport to successfully manage, maintain, and run a proper farm system for it's major league is baseball? Is a farm system good in all sports or is it better to have leagues scattered across the country so that many more cities can say they have a minor league, lets say basketball, team even if it's usually for around 5 years on average if that. If football is considered our most popular sport in this country why hasn't there been a proper farm system for the NFL ever? I know back in the hayday when the original USFL was around there was a party of owners and such that long-term wanted to turn the USFL into essentially NFL's farm league during the spring but of course Donald Trump had other plans. Personally I have an answer I wonder if anyone has thought of. What if back in its hayday, the AFL became the NFL's farm league? You wouldn't have to fill 32 teams with 56 man rosters, in terms of eye appeal 10,000 fans watching an arena football game is a much better atmosphere than having 10,000 fans for an outdoors game, and economically its cheaper to run a team playing in an arena with luxury boxes then a football stadium designed for a FCS college team (btw I'm just using 10,000 as a predictable average estimate seeing how little turnout their was in the USFL in certain markets). And in terms of basketball I guess I ask how long do you think it will take for the NBDL to have one team for every one NBA team (they're at 16 teams right now)?
  9. Hey everyone! This is my fictional series where Nike takes over the NHL. I will post every team (Hopefully) one at a time to get suggestions on how to improve them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First team I did was Anaheim. I really wanted to go back to the diagonal stripe, eggplant turquoise style. This is my all time favorite look for the Ducks. Up next will probably be the Bruins. (Sorry Winnipeg fans, I might do this alphabetically.)
  10. Hey guys ! Check out my Connecticut Whale concept. If you are interested in my projects :sport identity - (will be updated soon) , all projects - Thank You.
  11. Hello everyone, new to posting here at the boards. I've just started learning how to use Illustrator and am looking for some comments and constructive criticism to my work. Now on to the work.. I'm a student at NU and I can't stand our logo at all, so to practice in Illustrator, I wanted to come up with a logo for the Niagara Purple Eagles that is a change from the old.While it's a little rough I'm pretty happy with the first results
  12. Basically north stars colors, modified star template to better match the logo ad black alt based off current uniforms. Let me know what ou think
  13. Due to the cluttering and lack of C&C on my previous redesign I've decided to start a new thread. This will have a slightly different format. I will post all my concepts (including the one's I have already done.) and continue to do that until all 30 teams are finished, and then apply C&C to the concepts at the end? That way, I hope to be able to have continued C&C on my concepts so that the finished one's will be better. Let me know what you think.
  14. Ok, so this is something different foor me here on the boards. Up until now I've only posted my jersey concepts, but I like to make logos as well. A buddy of mine, and former hockey teammate, came up to me recently saying he was going to start playing in a Roller Hockey League and needed a team name and a logo. I left the name up to him and his teammates because these hockey guys can come up with great names.... My favorite being my floor hockey team from last Spring "THE CUNNING STUNTS"... He came to me a few days later saying they were going to be the "Eskimo Brothers" I'm assuming we all know what that means. After asking more questions and finding out what he had in mind for his teams logos and colors, he told me he wanted to go with an eskimo, obviously, standing back to back with another eskimo winking. Easy enough. He also stated he wanted University of Maine colors. Before he told me the colors I already had the Pittsburgh Penguins Winter Classic double blue and cream in mind, so that is what I used in these drafts. Any comments...concerns... additional ideas? I consider these almost done but since it's not my team I await my friends final judgements and anything that is brought to my attention here...
  15. Hello everybody, I've been looking on CCSLC for awhile and I finally have decided to post some of my concepts here. All these redesigns are going on my project's site, Tyler's NHL. (Note: Not all of these are concepts, some are just tweaks or minor fixes. Some have no changes at all.) WESTERN CONFERENCE Calgary Flames - Home/Road Chicago Blackhawks - Home/Road ---> Alternate/Winter Classic Dallas Stars - Home/Road Vancouver Canucks - Home/Road ---> Update EASTERN CONFERENCE Buffalo Sabres - Home/Road New Jersey Devils - Home/Road Comment and tell me what you think! Any C&C is appreciated.