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  1. After seeing the jerseys in the Toronto Star Jersey Re-branding contest, I decided to make my own. I wanted to recapture the history of the Toronto Raptors all in one jersey, while keeping it looking slick and modern. So without further ado, here they are! * First and foremost, I do want to state that I re-added the Raptor and the classic script back to the front of the jersey. Many disliked it, but I strongly believe it was only because the rest of the 1995-99 jersey was so busy. However, the Raptor doesn't need to be there, and the jersey could still work well without it. * Next on the agenda was the colour. Gone is the ruby red that the Raptors have used in the past. It is now replaced by a more sharper, darker red. * Block numbers were included to give a more pronounced, yet clean style to the jersey. * For the away jerseys, I chose to go with the black jersey as the primary. However, the red can easily be the primary as well. * Finally, the alternate home. Inspiration was drawn from the Nuggets skyline jersey and the Blazers 'RipCity' jersey. These 'cultural' jerseys are great for a fan base. It features the word 'T-Dot', which is commonly used to represent Toronto, and a Canadian leaf to the back above the player name, to represent Canada. Complete with skyline and the 'moon-claw', this would sure be a best seller! These jerseys would only be worn 2-3 times a year. The road team can choose to wear their white home jersey or a complimentary away jerseys. Other Jerseys: Holiday Jerseys Other Logos: 20th Anniversary Patch So how do you like them??
  2. This is a concept series that I will be doing periodically over the next few months. Teams like the Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers have pretty vintage-looking uniforms. This can be attributed to their early establishment. Other teams, like Miami Marlins and Arizona Diamondbacks are the opposite, featuring more modernized looks. Which brings us to the Official MLB Random Year Expansion!!! In this series, I will be randomizing the year of expansion of major league teams, and displaying how their jerseys would've looked IN that year. I can use any year from 1869 to present. The only rule is that the team nickname must remain the same. I will be starting off with the American League, then going to the National League after. Teams will be posted by division, in no particular order. If you are new to this thread, I suggest just scrolling though to see all of the jerseys, and feedback from other members. Otherwise, you can use the quick links to get straight to the jersey of your choice! I hope you all enjoy! American League Quick Links: AL EAST: Baltimore Orioles 1997, Boston Red Sox 1978, New York Yankees 2005, Tampa Bay Rays 1905, Toronto Blue Jays 1942 AL CENTRAL: Chicago White Sox 1991, Cleveland Indians 2011, Detroit Tigers 2002, Kansas City Royals 1955, Minnesota Twins 1931 AL WEST: Houston Astros 2013, LA Angels of Anaheim 1948, Oakland Athletics 1870, Seattle Mariners 1913, Texas Rangers 1927 National League Quick Links: NL EAST: NL CENTRAL: NL WEST: Arizona Diamondbacks 1982, Colorado Rockies 1973, Los Angeles Dodgers 1994, San Diego Padres TBA, San Francisco Giants TBA
  3. Hey guys, I haven't been pumping out many concepts lately, mainly since I've been busy with school, and also I've been drawing the different templates that are used by (as you can see in my latest post). I started a little project that will get posted someday in the future here, so look for that! But in the mean time, with the info that was posted on these boards about the Blackhawks' stadium series unis, here is my guess for what they will wear. C&C appreciated, and let me know what you think of the new template! side note: this is based off of what we have seen from the other jerseys released, so please don't say "oh man, the weird angled striping, elongated numbers and chrome logos have to go!" ---- I think we all feel this way. But enjoy.
  4. Thoughts?
  5. Any of you members a fan of American football jersey sleeve styles? If so, which do you prefer the best? wide-spreaded mid-sized loose sleeve jerseys (which are common for most quarterbacks like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Phillip Rivers, Kirk Cousins, Christian Ponder, Matt Hasselback, Kurt Warner, John Elway, Vinny Testaverde, Brett Favre, Dan Marino, Jake Plummer, etc. (NFL) or Zac Taylor, Joey Harrington, Scott Frost (NCAA)), the wide baggy-ish, mid-sized tight sleeve jerseys (which are mostly common to most offensive/defensive skill position players (i.e.: running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, linebackers, defensive backs) and to some quarterbacks like Ken Dorsey or Chris Weinke) or short, tight micro-sleeve jerseys (which are mostly common for specifically offensive/defensive linemen)? Too bad that I couldn't make a poll for you guys to discuss and stuff, but feel free to reply your answers here. In my case, I top-personally like the wide-spreaded loose sleeves and the baggy-like mid-sized tight sleeves. It's just me.
  6. I'm making a Michigan State team on EA Sport Teambuilder. I'm stuck on these jerseys so I made a bunch of them. Here are all my Michigan State Concepts, including blackout, green out, grey alt, freedom, classic, cancer awareness, home, away, and a gold. EX- Name of Jersey- (main color used, secondary color, third color) Home- (Green, White, Grey) Green Out Jersey- (Green) Classic Jersey-(Green, White) Grey Alt- (Grey, Green, White) Gold Alt- (Gold, Green, White, Grey) Green Away- (White, Green, Grey) White Away- (White, Green) Black Out- (Black, Green) Black Out w/ Green- (Black, Green) Black Out w/ gold- (Black, Gold, Green) Freedom/Patriotic- (Red, Blue, White) Breast Cancer Awareness-(Hot Pink, Pink, White) Practice Jersey/Colorful- (Orange, Green)
  7. First off C&C is definitely welcomed! This is a series I currently just started. I noticed Oregon enjoys to pick one game a year to go white out, or STORMTROOPER, so I thought I'd carry that idea over to an NFL branding. FIRST THREE UP: 1. VIKINGS 2. STEELERS 3. EAGLES
  8. Hello all! Given the Pats changing their Script Logo I wanted to give a concept for a new home jersey a try, let me know what you think! --Travisimo
  9. Here is my take at a new re-branding effort for the Dallas Mavericks. I think this set retains the overall simplicity of the old logo and color scheme, but gives it a crisp new look that would hopefully stand the test of time if selected. I've seen this approach more and more lately with the 76ers, Wizards, Jazz etc., and it seems to be successful. I designed that new custom typeface as the foundation and then everything was driven by that. And since Texans love their great state I included some alternate logo options with the state and lone star in there. Comments and feedback are very welcome. Thanks Uploaded with
  10. I have a blank road jersey from 1998 like this (although this photo is of Marquis Grissom's jersey). I'm trying to figure out which player to put on it, considering the entire team pretty much sucked. I was thinking maybe Cal Eldred since he was one of the longer tenured players on the team, and Jeff Cirillo went on to be a fan favorite. Thoughts? Here is the team roster that year. Who should I do? # Pitchers Height Weight Throws Bats Date Of Birth 52 Bobby Chouinard 6-01 188 Right Right 1972-05-01 58 Valerio de los Santos 6-02 180 Left Left 1972-10-06 21 Cal Eldred 6-04 235 Right Right 1967-11-24 40 Chad Fox 6-03 175 Right Right 1970-09-03 53 Rod Henderson 6-04 195 Right Right 1971-03-11 43 Joe Hudson 6-01 175 Right Right 1970-09-29 43 Doug Jones 6-02 195 Right Right 1957-06-24 14 Jeff Juden 6-08 265 Right Right 1971-01-19 42 Scott Karl 6-02 195 Left Left 1971-08-09 41 Jose Mercedes 6-01 180 Right Right 1971-03-05 57 Greg Mullins 5-10 160 Left Left 1971-12-13 28 Mike Myers 6-03 200 Left Left 1969-06-26 31 Bronswell Patrick 6-01 237 Right Right 1970-09-16 39 Eric Plunk 6-05 217 Right Right 1963-09-03 46 Bill Pulsipher 6-03 210 Left Left 1973-10-09 47 Al Reyes 6-01 195 Right Right 1971-04-10 52 Rafael Roque 6-04 189 Left Left 1972-01-01 89 Travis Smith 5-10 170 Right Right 1972-11-07 46 Paul Wagner 6-01 202 Right Right 1967-11-14 49 David Weathers 6-03 205 Right Right 1969-09-25 27 Bob Wickman 6-01 240 Right Right 1969-02-06 48 Brad Woodall 6-00 175 Left Both 1969-06-25 37 Steve Woodard 6-04 225 Right Left 1975-05-15 # Catchers Height Weight Throws Bats Date Of Birth 25 Brian Banks 6-03 200 Right Both 1970-09-28 33 Bobby Hughes 6-04 229 Right Right 1971-03-10 23 Marcus Jensen 6-04 195 Right Both 1972-12-14 16 Jesse Levis 5-09 180 Right Left 1968-04-14 22 Mike Matheny 6-03 205 Right Right 1970-09-22 # Infielders Height Weight Throws Bats Date Of Birth 11 Ronnie Belliard 5-10 214 Right Right 1975-04-07 26 Jeff Cirillo 6-02 190 Right Right 1969-09-23 30 Bob Hamelin 6-00 235 Left Left 1967-11-29 32 John Jaha 6-01 205 Right Right 1966-05-27 8 Mark Loretta 6-00 175 Right Right 1971-08-14 7 Dave Nilsson 6-03 215 Right Left 1969-12-14 2 Jose Valentin 5-10 175 Right Both 1969-10-12 1 Fernando Vina 5-09 170 Right Left 1969-04-16 # Outfielders Height Weight Throws Bats Date Of Birth 20 Jeromy Burnitz 6-00 190 Right Left 1969-04-15 9 Marquis Grissom 5-11 190 Right Right 1967-04-17 24 Darrin Jackson 6-00 185 Right Right 1962-08-22 5 Geoff Jenkins 6-01 204 Right Left 1974-07-21 50 Greg Martinez 5-10 168 Right Both 1972-01-27 10 Marc Newfield 6-04 205 Right Right 1972-10-19 39 Eric Owens 6-01 185 Right Right 1971-02-03
  11. what do you think about my basic 76ers alternat concept
  12. I was wondering how to make a mock NBA Jersey. Do you make the outline of the jersey yourselves or is there a template? What is the process like? Etc...Thanks.
  13. dey

    Concept to China

    I saw this concept on the internet for the Flyers 2012 Winter Classic Jersey Then i saw jerseys selling that looked like the concept, but it wasn't the Flyers actual jersey during the Winter Classic game. Did China turn a concept into sales? Is this the new goal? Found this pretty cool. Lmk what you guys think. PS This might be old news I have no idea. Just found it interesting
  14. This image was just posted on Iman Shumpert's instagram just over half an hour ago. New orange alternate it seems for the Knicks:
  15. Over the past few months when I was looking at my plethora of soccer jerseys, I started to notice somethings hidden elements that you couldn't see when the jersey was being worn. The most interesting I thought was writing inside of the crests. For example, Australia has "Never say Never" and PSV Eindhoven has "eendracht maakt macht" or unity is strength. It's not limited to soccer though as there are obvious ones in hockey like the flags inside the Hurricanes sweater and the Keyboard inside the Predators sweater. I was wondering if anyone else found this interesting and if they know or have found out any of these hidden elements.
  16. Touching and Untouchable....but really? This is my entry to contest for the Toronto Maple Leafs Untouchable Contest. Heres the thing, is Toronto's jerseys really an untouchable? I truly don't think so, but it was hard to come up with something for them that is original. So here it is. Tell me what you think.
  17. I created an Oilers alternate jersey which focuses primarily on the orange rather than the blue. Please let me know what you think and what I could improve on. *For updated jersey, please scroll down to 10th post* ↓
  18. Below you'll see three button types on three different authentic MLB jerseys (Chicago Cubs Home, Arizona Diamondbacks Alternate, Chicago White Sox Alternate). Each one has slightly different buttons. The Cubs appear to use a "Cat Eye" shaped button. The White Sox use a traditional, pearl colored, "4-Hole" button. The D-Backs (at least in 1999) used same-color-as-jersey "4-Hole" buttons. So, I'm curious if anyone out there has any knowledge regarding buttons. Are they arbitrary? Are teams supposed to use specific ones? Why are some teams "customized" for the color of the jersey and others not? All three of these jerseys are made by Russell Athletic, so it's before Majestic took over. Thoughts?
  19. Not only are numbers there to differentiate players on the field, but when a player's legacy is cemented their number becomes a second identity. With that being said, anybody got the scoop on who's wearing what? Will edit teams/players/numbers into the post once it is revealed/confirmed.
  20. Hockey logo designs, especially from NHL, have been my passion since childhood. I chose some franchises, which have great logo themes, but their current stylization could be more interesting. more here: http://www.behance.n...-part-1/8013305 I appreciate any constructive feedback, I want to hear some words from people, who have also passion in this stuff Feel free to share these concepts, you can also contact me, if you´re interested in my work.
  21. This is a concept ive been workning on this past week hoping to get some c&c on it to see if these actually look good. I know some people dont like black on the lions as they perfer the more traditional look but i wanted to see what you guys had to say. I went with a black helmet with gradient stripes. On the uniform i tried to get the numbers to look like the material the ducks use.
  22. I joined the site last night and accidentally posted this twice in the wrong section. So sorry if it seemed like I was spamming, didn't mean to do that at all! So I deleted those and am posting here in the correct section. Anyways, this is a logo & jersey concept for the Tennessee Titans that I came up with. A lot of feedback that I've gotten from it so far is that it looks too much like a spartan/knight, it looks like Marvin The Martian, the sword looks like it's going through the head, too cartoony, ect. So I would like to know what you all think, along with any critiques you may have or if I should just overhaul it altogether. Any thoughts are appreciated, and sorry again if it looked like I was spamming!
  23. I know this id definitely the wrong location and probably the wrong board for this question. But seeing as I can't seem to get registered for jersey central I thought I'd ask here. Mods please move this to the proper location thank you. I was wondering if anyone has gotten a new Swingman jersey re-ettered and or re-numbered. A player was traded from my team and they discounted his HWC jersey to $40 in the team store. Wanted to redo the jersey completely, but would settle for re-lettering if that is possible.
  24. I will be posting desktop backgrounds similar to this and i can do NFL too, im looking for ideas for what else to put on the background....i made the number and letters too big on this one, so it mite now work out so well if u wanna use it...this is my first ever one (Click for full)
  25. Personally, not sure if I'm digging them or not, but anyway... (oops, missed these in the NBA mega-thread)