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  1. I saw about 1/2 the water bottles in the mini fridges at the grocery store had a different Aquafina logo on them What do you think?
  2. While im a big New England Patriots fan living in Rhode Island all my life its still nice to see that LA has finally got the Rams back where they belong. Here's a little concept I decided to make seeing as how the team will be switching uniforms in the 2019 season.
  3. The Rampage have a cool name but a lousy logo. I always thought of their logo as dull and it has no spunk... Here's my concept for a much needed update. Hope you all like!
  4. A womens hockey team I came up with... The Hollywood Starlets. The star on the state is where Hollywood is located and I went with a gold and black and white color scheme, and the font is the Hollywood hills sign. I'm going to make jerseys for this team soon and will post them on this thread. I have a few more teams in mind to go with this and will get to creating them soon enough.
  5. I create my logo concepts just for fun... Here's a fun idea I created for the Nordiques, I went more cartoonish with this logo style.
  6. This is a logo I created to brand the Vancouver Amazons…... (Their original logo is on their sweaters in the pictures) While the Amazons weren't the first women's ice hockey team to ever exist they were the first ever women's team out of Vancouver to compete in any type of cup in a tournament. Established in 1921... In 1922 they would go on to win the Alpine Club Cup. This is my first in a line of 1800's to early 1900's of women's hockey logos I will be creating and posting. These women are some of the forgotten pioneers of the sport of Hockey and should be remembered and honored. For more info on the women's teams of the late 1800's and early 1900's you should check out "Hockey, A People's History" documentary which tells the story of the beginning of Hockey in the 1800's (both men and women's hockey) all the way up to current hockey. I recommend any fan checks it out. I own it on dvd but the entire series is posted on Youtube in parts so you can watch the whole thing.
  7. It's about time for my beloved Falcons to get a new look. And by new look I mean go back to when our logo and helmet was the best thing going in the NFL even if our team wasn't.
  8. *Update added 3/16, still in progress* I don't think the Skins will go in this direction (nor should they necessarily), but I wanted to try something different from most Washington rebrand concepts. I wanted to create something military-themed with a few nods to the franchise lineage. I like the name "DC Soldiers," but "Washington Warriors" would probably work, too... this is a first draft & I do want to make this logo a bit less Archer-ish (especially the eyes), so any feedback would be great!
  9. old left, new right
  10. The Florida Panthers will be unveiling a completely new look for the 2016-17 NHL season. Some of the details of the uniforms have leaked, so I took a stab at what I think they may look like based off of the information provided. We know that it will feature a broad chest stripe - similar to the Montreal Canadiens' sweaters - with a gold-white-gold pattern on the home, and gold-red-gold pattern on the road. We also know that the use of blue has been minimized, with it only appearing in the crest, numbers, pants and gloves. And finally, we know that the main jersey crest will resemble the 101st Airborne Division (with a "mean" panther with red eyes as the center piece), and that the shouder patch is a stylized Floridian flag. The main, stand-alone panther was inspired by an unifinished sketch/concept by Ken Loh (1993), which was featured in a piece by Icethetics, as well as by some of the elements from the Jacksonville Jaguars main logo. As for the jerseys, I wanted to differentiate them enough from the Canadiens so that they are not a 100% carbon copy with the colors swapped. With the unique cuffs, coupled with the matching collar and hem styles, I think that this establishes enough of a difference between the Canadiens timeless look and the Panthers new style. Check out the project here on Behance, or follow along below C&C is always appreciated! ALSO, I know that there have been several Panthers concepts posted recently on here, and this is just a reminder that many of these will look somewhat similar.
  11. There's been rumours about the 2017 NHL Winter Classic maybe being played in St. Louis. I don't know how true those reports are, but when I heard the rumour, I thought of an idea for the logo. So I created a logo for next years Winter Classic, if it is to be played in St. Louis. I used aspects from the Busch Stadium logo, last year's Winter Classic logo, the St. Louis Blues alternate logo (the arch) as well as the Blues colour scheme. This concept was solely based on the potential of St. Louis getting the Winter Classic. If they don't, I might make another logo for the city that gets it. (Maybe Toronto) I had an idea for Toronto as well. I'm pretty new with designing new logos; I'm better at having an existing logo and redesigning uniforms and stuff, or tweaking existing logos, so don't be too harsh. That being said, any C&C is very much appreciated.
  12. Preview before the whole set What does everyone think?
  13. I decided to continue my previous Hybrid Logo Series on my hometown team, Toronto Raptors. Here are all 29 NBA teams mashed-up as a Raptors logo. You can catch a closer look via my instagram @mmmonggg or website LET'S GO RAPTORS
  14. I'm not a fan of my old high school using what is essentially the University of Virginia logo. I decided to try a new look for the athletics department. Let me know what you think.
  15. Subway appears to have gotten a new logo. It's essentially the same logo from 2002-2014, but instead of being half white/yellow, it's just green. They also seem to have gotten rid of their famous slogan "Eat Fresh" and replaced it with "Founded on Fresh". The reason for the question mark in the title is that it seems Subway has not made an announcement of a new logo, and still has the old logo on their website. Logopedia has it's Subway page updated: The logo also makes in appearance in a recent Subway ad:
  16. I've noticed TNT is starting to phase in a new logo. I've seen it on promos but not in the bottom corner yet. Makes sense coming around the same time as TBS, right before SAG Awards. Old: New:
  17. Hello, all! So an organization has contacted me to produce a logo for them, and I came up with this. The logo is for a political organization, and I know that may be bound to cause some fights, but I'd like to put aside the arguments and focus on the logo. I'm not getting paid for this, so you're not "doing my job" or whatever some may say. First, some inspirations from local landmarks and symbols, as well the Sanders Campaign's logo. Here it is, now rip it apart!
  18. Looking through my files from the past year I've noticed I created a good portion of concepts in the last 365 days. The other thing I've noticed is that the quality looks much better than previous years. So I thought I'd give CCSLC a look at what I've done over the past year. Most you've seen, but there are some that didn't fit with "sports logos" that I didn't post. We'll start off with the NBA concepts: Minnesota: Detroit: Chicago:
  19. Here are some logos I made for the 2016 NHL Stadium Series that try to be a little more adaptive to the home team. Rip 'em apart. Colorado: Minnesota:
  20. So there is a lot of speculation today about a few new NBA primary logos coming out. For the Utah Jazz, it is almost certain that they will simply move their "note" logo up to be the primary, get rid of the current "mountain" primary, and then create a new secondary logo. I took the liberty of designing what I thought was a neat concept. It plays off the geometry of the "note" logo and incorporates the U, J initials into the boxy state of Utah. It's very simple, but I think it goes well with what they have and the current direction of NBA logos in general. Let me know what you think!!
  21. Hello! This logo is a response to the fact that the South Florida Metro Area is once again, getting a Major League Soccer (MLS) team in the foreseeable future. As always, feel free to critique and I will answer questions when I have the time available. Also, here's a link to the project: Miami SC/96 - MLS Design
  22. As usual, feel free to critique this latest sports concept. On a special note, this project came about due to the feedback of the previous project I've worked on these very forums. The project in question? Miami SC/96 - MLS Design. Although I decided to continue with a turtle theme, I've decided to change the sport to baseball rather than work on another soccer team. Also, while I'll continue to work on the details for this personal project, the logo is for the most part finished since I'll be working on other art projects in the future.
  23. Hello, long time no see on the boards. Today I'm back with a new project I've been working on in my spare time. It's a logo for FC Bucuresti who have lost the legal battle for their historic name Steaua. The flower in the center is a Romanian national flower called Romanian Peony. Behind are the stripes in red and blue. Also added the gold because of the Romanian flag. I'd like some C/C because I want to upgrade my Behance page so I can expose myself a bit more.
  24. Here's a logo I created for a hockey team in Thunder Bay should a league ever decide to put a team there. Colors are navy, electric violet, and green. When doing this concept, I knew I wanted to utilize this shade purple/lavender/violet because it appears nowhere in sports and it's kind of the color you see with a lightning strike. I also went with a more realistic depiction of lightning because, well, lightning bolts look kind of dopey and cartoony to me. The landform underneath the storm is the Sleeping Giant, a prominent symbol in Thunder Bay which is featured on the city flag. Let me know what you think by dropping off some C&C, specifically what you think about the stormcloud.
  25. Here's an idea or rather my attempt at a refresh for the NRL team - Sydney Roosters - I think the current marks are dated and a bit rough to be honest. I thought it would be fun to make up a new set. I've created a chief logo (portrait), wordmark, shoulder/chest badge and landscape lockup. Let me know your thoughts! Cheers