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  1. PD13

    LA Chargers Logo

    Here's my take on an LA version of the Chargers, seeing as this scenario looks likely within the next few years. I'm not really a logo designer, so feedback would be appreciated!
  2. Hey guys, doing a project for a local bike relay. Its a contest and theres prize money to be won, so really let me have it! Cheers! KCIBR = Kluane Chilkat International Bike Relay. Still pretty rough stage but any feedback welcome
  3. does anyone know what logo this is? I would love to figure out how old this hat is. i thought it was part of the marlboro's / Leafs franchises but couldn't find it anywhere
  4. Hello once again forums, I'm having troubles with deciding which logo to use as a new logo, so please help. Option 1: Option 2:
  5. This is kind of a complex topic, and I've sort of tried to go over this before without much success, so bear with me here. Sometimes, when a team switches logos and brings out a whole new uniform set, you think, "Oh, well, the old one was dated, or they did everything they could with it, or there wasn't much they could've done with it that they didn't do." (For that last one, think of the current Rams set. Gold pants were nice, tried a metallic-gold jersey and it was bad, blue is too dark to do much with, overall it's a limited design and scheme.) Others, you feel like they could've changed things up a bit without changing the logo. So what are some directions you would've liked to see teams take had they not changed their logos? I'll give a few examples of mine: 1. NY Jets: Keep the kelly-green helmet with the black facemask. Add neon yellowish-green as an accent color. Maybe have a set that's kelly green jersey, neon pants. (Please don't stop reading because of this.) 2. Seattle Seahawks: I always felt they should have a green alternate with their original logo. They had such a classy look going and could've kept the same basic template but switched some colors around. 3. Montreal Expos: Seeing the thread about them made me think. If they were still in Montreal, you know they'd be bringing back the paneled caps, racing stripes, and powder-blue alts in some capacity, likely just as a throwback or alternate. Still, I feel like they could've found a way to make things interesting (they looked pretty dull by the end of their time in Montreal) without going backwards. Perhaps more prominent use of red? 4. Atlanta Falcons: Black 1990s helmet, red jersey, grey pants. 5. Florida Marlins: Teal alternate jersey, for crying out loud! It was criminal how much they de-emphasized teal in the ten years or so before the switch. 6. Arizona Diamondbacks: Get teal and copper more involved in color scheme; de-emphasize black a good bit and purple somewhat. 7. Utah Jazz (1996-2002-ish logo): Copper alternate jersey. 8. Denver Nuggets (1990s color scheme): Find some way to make the overall look less template-y and emphasize the unique color scheme. 9. "Motre Dame" Brewers: While the logo was generic, I always felt the color scheme and uniform set were underrated. They should've gone green-heavy with it IMO. Okay, that's enough of my rambling. Your rambling is sought, people.
  6. My alma-matter, graduating class of 2014. I'm particularly a Mason basketball fan; my freshmen year witnessed the Men's basketball Cinderella-story trip to the Final Four, in 2006. Unforgettable. The current look, adopted in 2004, is passable for now, but as an ever-growing university presence in America, Mason Nation is certainly due for a refreshed athletic aesthetic. See the link to a PDF below for a full presentation of the rebrand and its elements: On Behance:
  7. It's been quite a while since I posted a concept! Many aren't too excited about the new Clippers logo, so I thought I would take a stab at it. The clipper ship connection has been gone a long time so I wanted to at least try to bring that back in some way. There are a lot of great concepts out there showing ships, so I'm trying a different angle here. I am not sure I like the compass rose on the B version, but variants like a ship's wheel were not working at that size. I may put some sails, a la their old logo, but again, the small size might not help. I don't want to put a generic star or circle in place if I don't have to. Enjoy and give comments.
  8. The Indians, have been a team surrounded by controversy involving their iconic Chief Wahoo logo which has since been demoted to a secondary logo back in 2014 in favor of the very bland and unpopular Block C logo which adorns the road and alternate home caps. I've been a lifelong Tribe fan and I have always loved the Chief logo and I tend to use the hashtag #KeepTheChief on twitter at times but in honesty, the Tribe needs a new primary logo and that is the first thing you'll see in this series ranging from a rebranded logo to a new uniform design. (No I'm not going the route of the D-Backs if you're curious.) But with my concept logo, It will give the Tribe a logo that I'm sure both Pro Wahoo and Anti Wahoo fans can cope with so here it is below: Primary Logo: The logo is in a roundel form with red white and blue are represented that will be represented on the uniforms.In the roundel, the ball club's wordmark logo is used with a baseball seems in the background to add a little something to an already blank background.Baseball Club, the year the team was established and the years the Tribe won the World Series with the World Series trophy above are represented with additional years to be added if future titles are won.The logo would be used as a primary logo seen across Progressive (Jacobs) Field, team wear, team items and the Indians on deck circle.There are a few tweaks that I may need to make like for example, one of the seems overlapping I would need to fix at a later date, but overall I like how the logo turned out to be clean and classy and not as busy as my Cavs concept logo. Let me know what you think and would like to hear some feedback on possible improvements as I go on.
  9. Hey, so yeah, tried an oilers rebrand a little while ago, people said my idea is :censored:. And maybe it is, But i'd actually like DESIGN feedback, not concept feedback. So with that in mind, critique away. Otherwise, @#$% off.
  10. Hey Guys! It has been awhile but I am back with a new concept. The Hartford Wolfpack logo has always been out of place in the AHL for me, so I thought I can bring something new to the table. This logo I designed is very simplistic with a huge nod to their NHL affiliate, The New York Rangers. The classic shield has a little modernization with a Wolf in the center. I stuck with the current Wolfpack colors except I added Navy, to me, its a huge upgrade. As for the jerseys, I went with a very simple look, but still have that classic feel. I hope you Guys like this one! C&C Welcome!
  11. The current ‘Wolves branding is a slight fixer-upper of a logo that was originally introduced in 1996. As of late, their aesthetic has gone from a nice mix of green and blue, to looking more and more like the Orlando Magic (especially with their two primarily used wolf-head and howling wolf logos) and in their uniforms, utilizing only black, blue and silver. The current trees look like legos, and the yellow in the eyes are garish. The NBA has an overabundance of blue, and unique color schemes are few and far between. With such a unique name, that suits the area so well, the Wolves owe it to themselves to have a stand-out and cohesive brand. With a young, fresh, unique and star-studded line up including the likes of Karl Anthony-Towns, Andrew Wiggins, Ricky Rubio and Zach LaVine, the Wolves need a brand that reflects this new energy. A full-view PDF presentation with process, uniforms, court, apparel and more below. Short preview images below the link: I realize the color settings turned out a little muted in the PDF. It's never done that to me. Still trying to figure that out.
  12. I've been attempting for a proper answer to this in the forum and have only a few mentions here and there. I'm wanting to know the legal issues regarding the use of trademark logos that have since been either CANCELLED or DEAD according to the USPTO when it comes to selling merchandise that bear the logo. I understand that there are more than a few websites out there, such as, that have an inventory of shirts using logos from the USFL/WFL all the way to the smaller minor league teams that have since folded. Clearly someone commissioned and designed these logos in the first place and I understand your trademarks are protected under common law so I'm wondering why at least those who designed, for example the Pittsburgh Maulers logo, aren't sending a cease and desist letter to ThrowbackMax. Is it just a matter of they do not care or do they not have the proper legal backing in order to enforce a cease and desist letter? If the original trademark owner does not show continued use of the logo (one of the stipulations of common law) then does that mean the trademark has fallen into a weird grey area of public domain until someone reactivates the trademark with the USPTO. Throwback Max obviously doesn't own most if not all of these logo trademarks so does that mean he has zero legal grounds to prevent another t-shirt maker from using the same DEAD/CANCELLED trademark on an identical shirt. Also, if for example someone does reactive the Pittsburgh Maulers trademark well after ThrowbackMax (not trying to pick on them, just using them as an example of a merchandise maker who uses dead/cancelled logo trademarks) has begun to sell shirts with the Pittsburgh Maulers logo on it then does ThrowbackMax have any grounds to continue making the shirt or must they cease and desist that particular shirt. I know Classic Ink Inc a few years ago was found to have own an assortment of random defunct logos for teams like the Puerto Rico Coquis and Memphis Southmen of which ThrowbackMax still has shirts bearing these logos yet they enforced their trademarks successfully in court for the Chicago Sting and Tampa Bay Rowdies trademarks before the NASL bought them back. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  13. Hello. I have been a long-time sports logo enthusiast and long-time lurker of this website and I'm looking to start out on the right foot with my first ever official logo proposal. My former high school announced it is looking for a new logo after having used an exact copy (no changes to the color scheme) of the New England Patriots logo for its sports teams for as long as I can remember. I have dabbled in creating just basic logos, usually taking 2-3 letters and morphing them into an image of an animal ala Washington State, but I've never presented a logo to someone else before let alone competing against anyone else. While the school has been simply asking for a new primary logo for free, I want to treat this as professional job and put the a lot of effort into this not caring I wont be compensated because its my former school after all. I'm looking for help right now with regards to creating a checklist of every little thing a could possibly need on top of the basics like the primary logo, alternate logo, wordmark, and one-tone logo. I'm also looking for inspiration with regards to how my pdf presentation should look as well if any of you have links to logo proposal presentations. A little background on my school. The name of the school is Dwight D. Eisenhower HS (IKE in conversation) and the school's nickname is Cadets. The colors are red, blue, and white. I'll be sharing my progress regarding the logos and would very much appreciate your constructive criticism along the way. I'm a bit over zealous right now to the point of wanting to create 3-4 separate logo proposals lol. The deadline for submission is in mid-December.
  14. wquarton

    Marsh Lake SC

    Hey folks, was out at the cabin and was struck by some inspiration for a hypothetical team for the community it's in. Its pretty much in the bush and there is a swan haven near by. As always C/C welcome.
  15. I'm sure some of you have seen this image before, but if you haven't, there are some wordmarks on here that can't be found anywhere else, including The Dolphins, Chiefs, Giants and Falcons wordmarks being the rarest to find anywhere on the internet. The Dolphins and Giants not being easy to find surprise me because these were the wordmarks each team used for their respective Super Bowl appearances for VI, VII, XXI, and XXV. In working on many projects involving using older wordmarks and logos, I have been able to recreate the Giants and Falcons wordmarks in a higher resolution, and most recently, the Dolphins. I'm posting this so there will be a high res version of the Dolphins wordmark somewhere, for anyone interested in using it. Here are all possible color combinations (the very first is what they used for Super Bowl's VI and VII): **EDIT** I updated the dimensions
  16. I spent an little time this week working on a concept design for an update to a minor league basketball team logo and secondary mark. Let me know what you think. I'm sort of new to sports logo design, so any feedback is definitely welcome.
  17. So i'm pretty sure that we have a high school logo ripoff thread, and and original, but no multiple ripoff threads, for the ultra-stealers I'm gonna start it off with the Livonia HS orioles (Oregon, Iowa)
  18. So a few years ago my high school had copyright problems with their sports logo. Now there is no official sports logo for the school. Most sports we use just a block F or the ugly school logo. Many loved the concept of our last logo with a hawk head through an F. I decided to update that look that so many people loved. This is just a fun side project for now, but I may look to present it to the athletic department. Please leave any comments or criticism you may have. Thanks! Here are a few of my own questions/concerns you guys may be able to answer for me: I feel as if the logo may look too generic. Do i need more "flare"?I am not sure if i shaded it right. Also, is it a problem that i have white highlight on the F but not the hawk head?Does it look more like an eagle than a hawk?Should I add highlights to the hawk head?
  19. Hey guys, I was asked by someone in a fantasy football league I'm in to come up with a logo for them so I thought I would share what I came up with. The team is based in Waco, TX and the team owner said he wanted a Roman soldier theme to go with the name, which is the Warriors. Hope you all like, C&C is appreciated! The left side of the helmet would have the number of the player wearing it in Roman Numerals (the example is 75)
  20. Finally found some time to make concepts again and was playing around with a new tool I downloaded to mod my concept making software and came up with a Cincinnati Reds logo I thought looked worth sharing on here. It's a little simple and at first I thought it looked like a tourism poster or a secondary 2015 ASG logo. However, it is not in their actual colors, because I am planning to use it in my MLB redesign (which is NOT dead, just haven't had much time). Anyway, I'll stop blabbing and let the logo speak for itself. Thanks for reading!, ECUFan25
  21. So I had an idea in a history lecture to make an egyptian themed hockey logo and uniform set. I put the team in Las Vegas but the concept isn't really about the expansion. The logo is a representation of the Egyptian god of the sun "Ra". The name of the team is the Las Vegas Gods. C&C Appreciated!!
  22. Hey Guys! I know this is not a sports concept but I really wanted to share this with all the other designers on this forum. Vitorio Arts has a new logo and soon will have a brand new website! So since this is a big deal (to me) i wanted to give all of you an inside look to who I am and my company. My Name is Louie Vitorio, I have been doing graphic design since 2011. I started my own "company" called Louie Vitorio Design in 2012. When I went to college and met a bunch of talented people and together we formed Vitorio Arts in 2013. After a couple of hard months (and personal reasons) we abandoned Music Production, Photography, and (was in the works) a clothing line. So at the end of 2013, I was back to just doing Graphic Design. It was close to April in 2014 that I hired Matthew McElwee for Web design. And since then, we have been thriving as a company! So I'm proud to announce the new look for Vitorio Arts! Here is the Logo History. Thank you guys so much for all the great comments (and not so great) over the year I have been on this website, it has helped me grow into the designer I am today. And of course, C&C Welcome!
  23. If you frequent these boards you might recognize me from my MLB Combination of Eras Thread and other projects, but for "real life" I teach high school classes and coach baseball at a small K-12 school. We are called the Rams, and this is our logo: Yeah, yikes. My AD told me they found the logo on some embroidery website and paid $10 for unlimited use of it. Yes, we are operating on a very tight budget. I asked if he would be interested in having me try to come up with a new logo, and he was interested. Our school colors are navy, white, and silver/gray. He also expressed interest in adding another supporting color, so I wanted to make a logo that could introduce another color. That being said, most of the t-shirts we have printed are single color, so I want a logo that looks good in one color on a solid background. I wanted to keep the profile of the ram head rather than go with something completely different. Anyhow, this is what I currently have: Yes, I used the St. Louis Rams to help with this logo. Right now, I am afraid that it looks too close to their logo in some respects (especially the mouth, nose, and eye). This is my first logo and first time using Illustrator to do more than get vectors recolored, tweaking of logos, etc., so I am learning as I go. Here are some questions I have; I would love some feedback on what's working well and what could use some work yet. 1. I want to nail down head/horn shape first so that I can get a real outline down (right now it is just a stroke). I am happy with the shape of the head, but should I be? What about the horn: is it good or should I rework it? 2. I want some sort of detail/texture, but is what I have working? How can it be improved? 3. Do you have any good ideas of what to do with the mouth or eye to make it look a little less like St. Louis's logo? 4. Do you like the shape of the shading/alternate color? Should I add more shading (like around the jaw area)? In the end the light blue could end up becoming a different color, so I am most concerned right now with shape. We can work on color later. Obviously, if the eye shape changes, this shape will almost certainly change too. 5. Should I add an ear? Right now the top of the logo looks empty, but no ram head logo like this that I have found adds an ear. There has to be a reason for this. In my sketch I couldn't get anything down that I was happy with, but if the logo would be improved with it, I will see what I can do. Obviously, if you have any comments or critiques on anything else, please let me know.