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  1. Logo for the sign company I am starting just wanted to know what you all thought about it.. Thanks Tom
  2. I draw up this logo in my notebook when I was a sophomore in high school and i was really proud of it. Now i want to make it better i anyway possible. Give me some ideas on what should I improve.
  3. Here are my custom covers for NBA Live 14 (Xbox One and PS4):
  4. I recently started a series of logo redesigns, purely for fun, of local football/soccer teams. I've been posing them on dribbble but thought they'd be worth sharing over here too. Hamiton Olympic - very heavily based on Olympique de Marseille's current logo. Actual logo: Weston Workers Bears - bear was drawn from scratch, pretty happy with how it turned out. Actual logo: South Cardiff Gunners - used a combination of the current Arsenal cannon and the hexagonal shape used by Arsenal on FA Cup Final shirts during the 30s and 50s. Actual logo: Lambton Jaffas - Ditched the ManU style logo of their current logo, and only kept, albeit in a modified form, the laurel wreath in the middle. Also went for a yellow that is less 'canary' than what they currently use. Actual logo: Broadmeadow Magic - Style is based on the Juventus logo, tried to incorporate the Macedonian flag (club was originally founded as 'Newcastle Macedonia FC') although I think it maybe makes too busy, might have a second crack at this one later on. Acutal logo:
  5. Working on putting together the branding for my new business project. It's still in the early stages, so I don't want to give away too much information before I get all the legal stuff taken care of. But looking for some advice on where to go with a logo. I can tell you that the name of the business is forest/tree related. And I'm going for a minimalist look for the whole branding.
  6. In response to the announcement that the Mavs may be redesigning their uniforms, here's my first-draft attempt. - Brings green back into the color scheme - Side striping designed to resemble a horse's stirrups - Lone Star of Texas forms the notch in the shorts - Western typeface and styling evoke a more distinctively Texan identity HOME: AWAY: AWAY (alternative version if you don't want a third color in your color scheme): Any feedback is much appreciated. UPDATE: I've also been toying with an idea for a Mavs logo (unrelated to the above concept) for a while now, so I thought I'd see what you all thought about that as well. Obviously, this is far from a finished concept -- not only is it currently using a design recycled from another team's defunct logo (Detroit's), but the execution in general is still really sloppy. This is more a "proof of concept" thing, just to see if the idea might be worth refining some more. The basic idea is a horse's head that resembles the state of Texas when turned upside-down (the ambigram wordmark is just sort of an extra). It could be used as a secondary court logo or something. Thoughts?
  7. Hi, I present my latest logo prepared for the professional basketball player. Marcus Ginyard is an American professional basketball player from the University of North Carolina. Full presentation: Process: http://www.behance.n...ip/67905/271857 The logo consists of three elements: The old well (Chapel Hill, UNC) Dog tags - MG Tattoo MG initials Please, constructive criticism and evaluation.
  8. Hi everybody, new member here. Just thought I'd post this and see if anyone had any thoughts on it. (By the way, please forgive the poor image quality; this was a fairly quick-and-dirty effort.) To start, here's the Hawks' current look. Great lines and curves, but the red-white-and-blue color scheme has become a bit boring and generic now that five different NBA teams are using it. Here's my new color scheme concept, designed to sort of resemble the colors of an actual red-tailed hawk: Updated logos: New court design possibilities: Retro-style uniforms for throwback nights:
  9. Hey guys, I posted this in my hockey series thread, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to start a thread for this to get some C&C. Let me know what you guys think, and what I should change/modify. It was inspired by the 2001 ASG logo when it was in Denver
  10. Team Name: Cut Knife Condors Team Colours: Black, Yellow, Green, Orange The logo consists of a Condor with a volleyball etched on it's head. Kept the school colours *black, yellow, green, orange* Tell me what you think, and what I could improve on.
  11. So...that title was a bad attempt at parodying "Island in the Sun," but obviously it caught your attention! It does have something to do with this Phoenix Suns concept, though. While sitting through a marketing ethics symposium today (ugh) I came up with the idea of the Suns having shorts like the recent USF alternates (which are board short themed...island in the sun...yeah?) and a sun-based logo to match it. I thought it would look cool, obviously, but it also has a very southwestern feel to it, like the Hispanic striped blankets you see a lot in those countries and the southwestern states. For the font I expanded the custom font I made for my recent Vikings concept (shameless plug) and added some notches to the sides. This isn't supposed to be any sort of prediction or anything for next year, just a rebrand that makes me feel so fine I can't control my brain (Alright, enough Weezer, here's the concept.) Logos Home Road Alternate
  12. Hello everyone, I often use this site in my logo design for sports teams, and I saw that there is a section Roller Hockey International Logos. I realized the logo of a roller hockey in France and I would like to know if this logo could be added to your site? Here is the facebook logo and team: http://www.behance.n...ey-team/6884577 https://www.facebook.../Tigresdegarges And if you have some criticism to give? thank you
  13. Hockey logo designs, especially from NHL, have been my passion since childhood. I chose some franchises, which have great logo themes, but their current stylization could be more interesting. more here: http://www.behance.n...-part-1/8013305 I appreciate any constructive feedback, I want to hear some words from people, who have also passion in this stuff Feel free to share these concepts, you can also contact me, if you´re interested in my work.
  14. Hy all I'm an NBA2K video game series patcher and this forum is my favorite place where i get ideas and inspirations for fictional floors. So I'm decided to show U guys how I can implement your concept logos and ideas to this beautifull game ( I mean almost supersimulator ). I repeat!!! the logos are not mine are Yours, are collected from this forum. The court editing is my job. So if U guys like my works u can share NBA concept logos here at this topic and i will made a floor with them. Feel free to rate and comment my works, any suggestions are wellcomed and taked as a positive critic So here is a fictional floor for Los Angeles Clippers (the logo was made in 2005, I realy dont remember whos logo is this, anyway credits to him for this great center logo).
  15. I joined the site last night and accidentally posted this twice in the wrong section. So sorry if it seemed like I was spamming, didn't mean to do that at all! So I deleted those and am posting here in the correct section. Anyways, this is a logo & jersey concept for the Tennessee Titans that I came up with. A lot of feedback that I've gotten from it so far is that it looks too much like a spartan/knight, it looks like Marvin The Martian, the sword looks like it's going through the head, too cartoony, ect. So I would like to know what you all think, along with any critiques you may have or if I should just overhaul it altogether. Any thoughts are appreciated, and sorry again if it looked like I was spamming!
  16. It is amazing how different they all are and yet how most of them, except for Batman & Robin ( :censored:astic movie), symbolize batman rather well.
  17. Formerly the Fox Movies Channel
  18. Hi, I haven't posted any concepts on this forum before so here`s my first crack at it. I simply updated the Buffalo Sabres logo by fine-tuning all of the lines. I know that the actual Sabres sword is more popular and I will get working on that soon. But in the meantime let me know what you think. (I've posted the current Sabres logo for you to compare the difference)
  19. Hi folks I am a teacher/coach of a high school hockey team. We are looking for a re-design of our logo to something more unique. The school is called Maniwaki Woodland School....and the teams name is Trailblazers. Our schools logo is currently the Tennessee Titans T logo, but in our school colours, red, dark blue and white. So we need help for something different and unique..... Our home jerseys are the team Canada red jerseys (97 style) and our away are the dark blue team USA (99 I think). Thanks for the help!
  20. Just wanted to share a side project I did for fun: a logo concept and some graphics of my fav player. The original concept was to create a shield and connect that to Paul's defensive ability. His greatest asset IMO is his D. He's our first line of defense as he defends on the perimeter. The direction was to have something simple, edgy, and aggressive. The photo manipulation is supposed to represent his 'transformation' into being a star. Hope you guys dig it! PG24 http://arielaurellan.../portfolio/pg24 Paul George 24 Logo PG | 24 Logo Iterations TRNSFRMTN Nike Hyperdunk PE Apparel Thanks for checking out! More work @
  21. New here and I'm pretty much geeking out on all the awesomeness. I've seen some logo redesigns, and was wondering if anyone had ever approached a team with their redesign? anyone go there?
  22. First time submitting to sportslogos. This is a alternate logo design I had.
  23. lancealot

    koala logo

    here i have a koala logo i have been working on, im pretty happy with it at the moment but there is something that doesnt feel right. the team name is actually 'drop bears' a name for koalas us aussies use to scare tourists, and its for a football team. any c&c wold be awesome
  24. Wanted to create something different than the traditional Logos floating around out there, some might like it and some may hate it. I would like to see a more drastic change, the curent logo is outdated and cartoony.