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  1. It is amazing how different they all are and yet how most of them, except for Batman & Robin ( :censored:astic movie), symbolize batman rather well.
  2. Formerly the Fox Movies Channel
  3. Hi, I haven't posted any concepts on this forum before so here`s my first crack at it. I simply updated the Buffalo Sabres logo by fine-tuning all of the lines. I know that the actual Sabres sword is more popular and I will get working on that soon. But in the meantime let me know what you think. (I've posted the current Sabres logo for you to compare the difference)
  4. Hi folks I am a teacher/coach of a high school hockey team. We are looking for a re-design of our logo to something more unique. The school is called Maniwaki Woodland School....and the teams name is Trailblazers. Our schools logo is currently the Tennessee Titans T logo, but in our school colours, red, dark blue and white. So we need help for something different and unique..... Our home jerseys are the team Canada red jerseys (97 style) and our away are the dark blue team USA (99 I think). Thanks for the help!
  5. Just wanted to share a side project I did for fun: a logo concept and some graphics of my fav player. The original concept was to create a shield and connect that to Paul's defensive ability. His greatest asset IMO is his D. He's our first line of defense as he defends on the perimeter. The direction was to have something simple, edgy, and aggressive. The photo manipulation is supposed to represent his 'transformation' into being a star. Hope you guys dig it! PG24 http://arielaurellan.../portfolio/pg24 Paul George 24 Logo PG | 24 Logo Iterations TRNSFRMTN Nike Hyperdunk PE Apparel Thanks for checking out! More work @
  6. New here and I'm pretty much geeking out on all the awesomeness. I've seen some logo redesigns, and was wondering if anyone had ever approached a team with their redesign? anyone go there?
  7. First time submitting to sportslogos. This is a alternate logo design I had.
  8. lancealot

    koala logo

    here i have a koala logo i have been working on, im pretty happy with it at the moment but there is something that doesnt feel right. the team name is actually 'drop bears' a name for koalas us aussies use to scare tourists, and its for a football team. any c&c wold be awesome
  9. Wanted to create something different than the traditional Logos floating around out there, some might like it and some may hate it. I would like to see a more drastic change, the curent logo is outdated and cartoony.
  10. Hi!, I know this is also on the request sectionI am new to the fourm, and want to get good at making sports logos. I am trying to work on a team called the "Dover Dachshunds." The reason being I have a Dachshund! (: Anyways, here is the sketch. So... I guess its a start! Please edit it, to make it look better! Also, please line it. I have photoshop but can't figure out how to get sharp lines! Please Help! Thanks so Much! VolsBoy
  11. Hello everyone. This is my first post on here so be gentle.... So this year my high school lacrosse team is changing everything up. I designed the helmet graphics that were ordering, and now they want me to make the new logo. I came up with this sketch and im just looking for any feedback you guys might have. Also, some help with how to color the logo. Our colors are red yellow and white and our mascot is the flames. Here is the link to the sketch: Thanks guys.
  12. Hello CCSLC! Long time lurker, first time poster here. I'm not usually one to be drawing concepts, but after reading this thread about one of my favorite teams, the Oakland A's, and their seemingly never-ending saga over a new stadium in San Jose last March, I felt inspired to doodle/Photoshop some hypothetical A's logos. Born from that wave of spontaneous inspiration was a concept anniversary logo I created to commemorate the team's 50 years in Oakland, to be celebrated in 2018, provided that the team is still in town by then. But with recent news of the team's negotiations with Oakland Coliseum authorities on a 5-year lease extension that will keep the A's in Oakland until at least 2018, such an anniversary celebration in the near-future is now very much possible. With that, I felt compelled to finally post this logo, which has been collecting proverbial dust on my laptop, up on here for the enjoyment and scrutiny of CCSLC: I'm a sucker for logos that incorporate some aspect of local flair and ties to the community. I loved how the A's included a silhouette of the Oakland skyline in their 40th anniversary patch back in 2008; as a native Oaklander who is often reminded of the shadow that San Francisco casts on us from across the Bay, it was nice to see the hometown team (especially the A's, who have had quite a complicated and strained relationship with Oakland in recent years) show some love back to the community, as subtle as it may be. With this concept, I decided to run with that idea and make it the central theme of the logo. The logo is a stylized depiction of one of Oakland's most recognizable landmarks & symbols, the Tribune Tower. Its marquee reads, "SEASONS" as opposed to "YEARS"; I'm aware that technically, 2018 would mark the A's 51st season in Oakland, but I thought that "SEASONS" looked aesthetically more appealing than "YEARS". The four shooting stars in the background represent the four World Series titles the A's have won during their time in Oakland (though I personally hope to add a few more stars between now and then ). So, what do you all think? Comments and constructive criticism are welcome! I'm certainly no artist, and if anyone who has the talent and skills to do a better job than I did and wants to run with this concept, feel free to!
  13. My first post on here: A New York Jets logo I created a couple years ago, tell me what you guys think. Sorry for the bad quality, I only know how to use paint so far.
  14. Was surfing around Ebay, stumbled on this... Any ideas???
  15. When the Silverbacks announced that they would be holding a contest for their new logo, I was pretty hyped. I actually had this idea swimming around in my head for some time. Here's my idea for their new badge.. The colors are bright orange, the color of a peach, and navy blue. The mascot logo was hand-drawn my me. I was going for a vintage look, something that could become a classic. I think I drew the most inspiration from this old logo I found some time ago... It belongs to Barnsley FC, a team in the FL's Championship Division. Not sure if they're still using it anymore. Anyway, I need your most honest opinions about this, because I plan on submitting this on the contest. Thanks a lot!
  16. Ok, so this is something different foor me here on the boards. Up until now I've only posted my jersey concepts, but I like to make logos as well. A buddy of mine, and former hockey teammate, came up to me recently saying he was going to start playing in a Roller Hockey League and needed a team name and a logo. I left the name up to him and his teammates because these hockey guys can come up with great names.... My favorite being my floor hockey team from last Spring "THE CUNNING STUNTS"... He came to me a few days later saying they were going to be the "Eskimo Brothers" I'm assuming we all know what that means. After asking more questions and finding out what he had in mind for his teams logos and colors, he told me he wanted to go with an eskimo, obviously, standing back to back with another eskimo winking. Easy enough. He also stated he wanted University of Maine colors. Before he told me the colors I already had the Pittsburgh Penguins Winter Classic double blue and cream in mind, so that is what I used in these drafts. Any comments...concerns... additional ideas? I consider these almost done but since it's not my team I await my friends final judgements and anything that is brought to my attention here...
  17. Hey guys. I was doodling around in class earlier in the week and it eventually evolved into this. I was wondering what you guys thought, and where I could improve it before I end up putting it into inkscape.