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  1. NicDB

    FC Wisconsin

    This is a very rough sketch of a project I hope to complete over the weekend. It started as my proposal for the new USL D3 club slated to start play in Madison, but they obviously wanted a Madison-centric identity. So I tweaked it to make it a bit more focused on Milwaukee, but in such a way that people throughout the state could support the club with pride. The badge draws from both the Milwaukee city and Wisconsin state flags. I plan to experiment with a few different color combos, but will lean heavily towards blue, gold, and possibly powder blue and/or white. The badge features two barley sprigs arranged in a laurel wreath; a nod to the region's most famous adult beverage which is enjoyed by many a soccer fan. The 1848 has a dual meaning. It is the year Wisconsin joined the union and the year Milwaukee saw its first significant wave of immigrants, the Forty-Eighters from Bavaria. The Forty-Eighters were imstrumental in shaping Milwaukee's early sporting culture, of which remants can still be found throughout the city (Most famously, the "discus man" logo outside Turner Hall in Downtown MKE).
  2. My beloved Camp Randall's most recent renovation added a beautiful new entrance to the student section, as well as an enormous new scoreboard. But, it also added yet another disconnected style to the stadium that has made many upgrades that never really felt connected to the rest. The Field House at the South end of the stadium is the crown jewel of the stadium, and is what the new North entrance looks to be most connected to. I wanted to fill in the blanks between the two and make the stadium feel like it was all built at the same time. A lot of this can be fixed by facades, while in other cases I took a more drastic route. I also added to the upper deck, increasing the student section capacity and adding North endzone suite.
  3. Here in Madison we've got a spectacular stadium, opened in 1926, called Breese Stevens Field. The field is a historic site, is owned by the city, and just recently went under the operations umbrella of the company that runs the Madison Mallards (at another city owned field). The Mallards updated Warner Park into a top of the line minor league stadium, and I've got fingers crossed they'll do the same at Breese. The idea is that the Mallards (who have made the Northwoods League into one of the best collegiate leagues in the nation, and the Mallards at the top of that list) can start a mid to upper level soccer club that can fill a 10,000+ seat stadium. The current stadium seats up to 4,000 and can hold ~7,500 for concerts. The concept would hold ~11,000 and ~13,000 for on field/concert events. This was my first Google Sketchup project, so I hope you enjoy. I did what I could to keep the current structure as untouched as possible, due to it being a registered historic site. New concourse: houses concessions as well as locker rooms. The raised open corners would have shrubbery/small trees because why not? New press box and box seating. View from the upper-deck beer garden. The Mallards have had great success with their "Duck Blind" beer garden in right field. The stadium borders are the same as the current borders, taking up one city block.