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  1. Before I start, I have no idea where this should go, so if this isn't in the right place, please move it there. Ok... I think we all can agree on one thing - the Magic have played the post-Dwight Howard era horribly. Bad trade after worse trade, the franchise has been flailing around trying to get just a grip of success. Now, 5 years after the Howard trade, I'm going to try and set things right. (at least for the Magic) ORIGINAL 2012 TRADE Los Angeles receives: Dwight Howard (ORL), Chris Duhon (ORL), Earl Clark (ORL) Orlando receives: Nikola Vucevic (PHI), Arron Afflalo (DEN), Al Harrington (DEN), Maurice Harkless (PHI), Josh McRoberts (LAL), Christian Eyenga (LAL), 2013 Second Round (DEN), 2014 First Round (DEN), 2015 Conditional First Round (PHI), 2015 Conditional Second Round (LAL), 2018 Conditional First Round (LAL) Philadelphia receives: Andrew Bynum (LAL), Jason Richardson (ORL) Denver receives: Andre Igudola (PHI) REVISED 2012 TRADE Orlando receives: Nikola Vucevic (PHI), Arron Afflalo (DEN), Maurice Harkless (PHI), 2013 Second Round (DEN), 2014 First Round (DEN), 2015 First Round (PHI), 2015 First Round (LAL), 2016 Conditional First Round (LAL) Now, before anyone screams "ROBBERY!", let's think about the situation as if it were 2012. Dwight Howard is the best center in the league. He is now being paired with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and Steve Nash. This team is obviously going to be a perennial contender for years to come, and therefore the first rounders from LA would be considered at the time to be at the most mid-20s picks. Vooch still comes, Afflalo still comes, Harkless still comes. All the other scrubs we got are gone. I will be doing this in parts (so each post isn't so long), so the 2012 draft will be coming up next.
  2. Sidney

    NBA rebrand

    Hi lads, I've been working for days on few NBA teams, give me your feedbacks!
  3. The Orlando Magic have an incredibly stale uniform design where they've attempted to combine the past pinstriped 1990's look with a bold and modern font. It's a combination that just doesn't work. There is an insistence it seems by the team to keep that basketball with the trail as part of its identity. I attempted to clean up that element a bit and combine it in a new, perhaps more lasting way. All C&C is welcome and I'll update on any improvements worth pursuing. It's not great by any means but it's a start. Thanks guys.