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  1. tiger13x

    MLB SuperCard

    Not sure if anyone plays the IOS apps NHL or WWE SuperCard, but I have always wanted to work on a project that would bring all the goodness of those games to my favorite sport, Major League Baseball! My friend and I had worked on a template to make "cards" for this planned game...which look like this... The template took a bit to make, but changing the players, logo and font around don't take that long. Around 10 player cards are done so far, I will post more later. Heres a little background on the planned internet game that would revolve around these cards; There are five tiers of cards Basic - the lowest level, your bench players, minor get the gist Rare - guys who aren't that bad, but maybe not all that good either Ultra Rare - the middle tier, there are some solid players in this group Epic - the really good players, consistent talents (the card pictured above is in this tier) Legendary - these guys are awesome, the stars of the game These cards are acquired for "playing" games, collecting cards, achieving new ranks and taking part in tournaments and contests! Then there are these numbers on the cards... CTL (control), BRK (break) and VEL (velocity) are the three stats that pitcher cards use to get the hitters out. Im not going to go into the actual formula for calculating, because this is a design board. I AM LOOKING FOR HELP WITH THIS PROJECT, IF YOUD BE INTERESTED IN HELPING ME MAKE CARDS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! The psd file is here Cheers!
  2. Decided to tackle a concept logo for the 2017 MLB All Star Game which will be in Miami. Had some ideas to make it glitzy with an over the top Miami-style. But eventually led to a simpler clean logo.
  3. Concept logo for the MLB All-Star Game in Washington, DC.
  4. A Just for fun topic on the iconic jerseys in any sport that you consider "must own" and that you would buy/already bought regardless if you like the team or not. Here are a few in my opinion: 1: Warriors "The City" gold unis. 2: NY Rangers Lady liberty 3: Astros tequila sunrise 4: Chargers powder blue 5: Any of the Hartford Whalers Jerseys Share yours below!
  5. What are your favorite logos or uniforms?Feel free to share them here!
  6. NFL: Best current helmet: Bengals (edging out Giants) Best current color set: Broncos orange (a lot of people will disagree with this, and that's okay; Packers, Chiefs, Raiders, and Vikings all very strong too) Best current white set: Giants white over grey (edging out Colts all-white) Best current non-throwback alternate: Texans red over white Best currently-worn throwback: Rams royal over yellow Best 2015 Color Rush: Rams yellow Worst current helmet: Jaguars (no other team in the same zip code) Worst current color set: A fierce competition for this dishonor. Buccaneers' red-over-pewter edges out the others. Jags' all-black just a stone's throw away. Worst current white set: Browns' white over brown; Browns' white over white comes in second Worst current non-throwback alternate: 49ers' all-black, easily Worst currently-worn throwback: Steelers' bumblebees Worst 2015 Color Rush: Jaguars' whatever-they-called-it Most blandly inoffensive and mediocre overall look: Dolphins MLB: Best current main cap: Giants' orange interlocking SF on black cap (edging out Yankees) Best current white set: Yankees Best current grey set: Cubs (hate the Cubs, but wish they'd wear grey more and the blue shirts less) Best current color set: Mariners' teal over white with navy blue caps Best current non-color alternate: Phillies' cream jerseys with blue caps Best currently-worn throwback: Either Phillies' cream jerseys (if it's eligible for both honors) or Brewers' ball-in-glove set Worst current main cap: Any of the Diamondbacks' gradient caps will do Worst current white set: Diamondbacks' teal-free main versions Worst current grey set: Not a lot of truly bad greys these days. Maybe the Twins or Brewers or (much as it pains me to say it) the Reds. Worst current color set: Marlins' black over grey (edging out Marlins' black over white) Worst current non-color alternate: Not a whole lot to choose from. Maybe Mets' non-pinstriped whites. Would pick the Angels' red-sleeved vests if they still wore them. Worst currently-worn throwback: Can't really find a bad one. I'll put this up for debate, I guess. Most blandly inoffensive and mediocre overall look: I'd have said Padres before their recent redesign. Now I'll have to go with the Rays, although I like their fauxback and their light-blue alternate. I'll put up my NBA and NHL picks later.
  7. As usual, feel free to critique this latest sports concept. On a special note, this project came about due to the feedback of the previous project I've worked on these very forums. The project in question? Miami SC/96 - MLS Design. Although I decided to continue with a turtle theme, I've decided to change the sport to baseball rather than work on another soccer team. Also, while I'll continue to work on the details for this personal project, the logo is for the most part finished since I'll be working on other art projects in the future.
  8. What are some of your favorite sports cards designs? Here are some of mine: NBA: 1. 1994-95 Fleer The base cards had the player's name in one team color against a splash of the team's other color. Very shiny. Players from the Hornets and Suns looked especially cool; here's one of Charlotte's Darrin Hancock: The inserts were also very well-designed. I'll post more images later. 2. 1991-92 Skybox Definitely the most abstract card designs I can think of. Want MJ? Here he is: How about Moses Malone? I'm in a hurry, but I'll get to more later.
  9. Any team uniform match up that was not an eye sore to people. I got one. My favorite was when the Rams played the Bills when the Bills had either White or Red helmets during the 1980's and 1990's. I think 2002's match up with the two stunk badly. But this one is far superior because both wearing Royal Blue, but one either wears Red or Yellow Gold! Gawd damn, the red socks and the blue socks with yellow trim is a sweet match up too. My all-time favorite was when the Rams during the late 1970's to 1980's used to face the Buccaneers when the Bucs don the Orange uniforms. Although the Rams like wearing White against the Buccaneers! Seeing Royal Blue and Yellow Gold vs Florida Orange and Red just looks too SWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEETTTTTTT!!! And one of the favorites was when the Pittsburgh Steelers wore their 1960's uniforms vs the Giants. I wish it was the Bills in their 2011 uniforms with the White helmets, but the Giants is a close contender to the Bills color palette, minus the grey pants. I love the Black and Yellow vs Red, White, and Blue theme. Fits even when the Steelers play the Giants or the Bills. Then finally my pick is the Jets 1980's look vs the Houston Oliers. I love when they face each other. The Columbia Blue, Red, and White clashing with the Kelly Green and White is another one of my favorite match ups. Just sweet looking. VERY SWEET! MAN, I USED TO HAVE A MAN CRUSH ON SEEING THIS COLOR COMBO MATCH UP! But when you look at the Los Angeles Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1970's look, New York Jets 1980's look, Buffalo Bills 1970's and 1980's look, and Pittsburgh Steelers 1960's look, it just makes the other teams colors look good sometimes. There are some eye sores that make those five I named stand out.
  10. The genesis of this actually came while I was working on a Hartford Whalers concept at work. I kept trying to play with the W to become a harpoon but I couldn't get the H right. Then I flipped the harpoon and got a trident and the rest as they say is history. The new Primary Logo brings back the Trident modified for a 2016 look. The Gold used is lifted straight from the 1977 Cap Logo, while the new shade of blue is 50% the classic royal blue and 50% the Mariners current shade of blue. The two letter set up for the primary logo got me thinking to have two different caps for home and road (and attached is a concept for the alt cap that uses the classic colors). Naturally S is on the road cap and the Trident-M is on the home. The Script logo is an updated version of the wordmark used from 1977-1979. The font used is called "Ravencroft" which I chose for mix of sharp points and wavy edges the letters (particularly how the middle of the M comes to a point and how the R and N mirror the I grabbed my attention even though playing with the M to make a trident didn't work) And last but not least are the wordmarks for the uniforms which I'm still working on. I adjusted the road grey color to be more blue compared to the current greys which have a green tint to them. There will be at least one alt jersey in royal or powder blue. As always C+C is always welcome and I hope you enjoy this rebrand as much as I did making it! Cap designs, uniforms and MLB Required Roundel Logo coming in due time!
  11. Saw this the other day. It sounds like something that has been talked about a lot here and could provide some insight as to an aesthetic direction the Brewers might be taking. Feel free to post any more that come up.
  12. I really like crossover series' such as these and it's been a while since I've seen one posted. I've been sitting on this topic for a while; working and tweaking jerseys over the past few months so that lose motivation halfway through. Each team already has a home, road, and at least 1 alternate set done with some exceptions for new or unusual number fonts. Some of the inspiration for these came from threads by McCarthy and Christian Legault so I want to thank them ahead of time if some aspects are similar. I'm a hockey fan first so some of the more traditional baseball elements might not be exactly right. Most teams take cues from local MLB teams while adding each NHL teams own spin on it. Without further ado, here is Anaheim to start off the Pacific Division. I will be adding new jerseys, like Anaheim's orange third, and throwbacks from time to time or at the end. C&C is encouraged if there is anything should be changed for this set or the league as a whole.
  13. In cities with more than 1 team, numbers are going to be shared by players. What is the best number worn in each city? It may not be the best players of all time, but some really good ones or fan favorites. For example, in Los Angeles, #32 seems to be worn by some of the best players to ever play for the Kings, Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, and Raiders. Jonathan Quick, Sandy Koufax, Magic Johnson, Blake Griffin, and Marcus Allen have won a combined 11 championships, 7 finals MVPs, 5 season MVPs, and 31 All-Star Appearances as well as many other league specific accolades.
  14. Noir

    Noir's MLB

    Here's my take on some primary logos for MLB. Some are mashups, tweaks and an overhaul.
  15. It's been a long long time since I've done this, but I've really been itching to get back at this stuff! I'll just get right into it with the rules: Rules: In my series, I'll be tweaking every MLB team, going alphabetically in the AL first, then the NL. The rules for each MLB team consist of the following: 1) 3 Caps 2) 1 pair of socks 3) 3 Pants 4) 1 Belt 5) 1 Long-sleeved undershirt 6) 3 Short-sleeved undershirts 7) 6 Non-buttoned "game vests" (3 for home, 3 for road) 8) 3 Logos Home uniforms feature white, off-white, or gray game vests. Road uniforms have colored game vests. Pants can be also be colored. Teams: 1) Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Orioles Background Image Credit: / ("") For the Orioles, I kept everything a hopefully balanced mix of modern and retro. I also wanted the two main colors to have about a 55% orange and 45% black color balance. The primary logo features the current bird perched upon the "Orioles" script. The secondary logo has the "O's" logo inside the classic roundel. The tertiary logo is a slightly tweaked version of the retro oriole head logo. Too lazy to describe the 6 uniforms. Just check em out and provide C&C if you want
  16. This is kind of a complex topic, and I've sort of tried to go over this before without much success, so bear with me here. Sometimes, when a team switches logos and brings out a whole new uniform set, you think, "Oh, well, the old one was dated, or they did everything they could with it, or there wasn't much they could've done with it that they didn't do." (For that last one, think of the current Rams set. Gold pants were nice, tried a metallic-gold jersey and it was bad, blue is too dark to do much with, overall it's a limited design and scheme.) Others, you feel like they could've changed things up a bit without changing the logo. So what are some directions you would've liked to see teams take had they not changed their logos? I'll give a few examples of mine: 1. NY Jets: Keep the kelly-green helmet with the black facemask. Add neon yellowish-green as an accent color. Maybe have a set that's kelly green jersey, neon pants. (Please don't stop reading because of this.) 2. Seattle Seahawks: I always felt they should have a green alternate with their original logo. They had such a classy look going and could've kept the same basic template but switched some colors around. 3. Montreal Expos: Seeing the thread about them made me think. If they were still in Montreal, you know they'd be bringing back the paneled caps, racing stripes, and powder-blue alts in some capacity, likely just as a throwback or alternate. Still, I feel like they could've found a way to make things interesting (they looked pretty dull by the end of their time in Montreal) without going backwards. Perhaps more prominent use of red? 4. Atlanta Falcons: Black 1990s helmet, red jersey, grey pants. 5. Florida Marlins: Teal alternate jersey, for crying out loud! It was criminal how much they de-emphasized teal in the ten years or so before the switch. 6. Arizona Diamondbacks: Get teal and copper more involved in color scheme; de-emphasize black a good bit and purple somewhat. 7. Utah Jazz (1996-2002-ish logo): Copper alternate jersey. 8. Denver Nuggets (1990s color scheme): Find some way to make the overall look less template-y and emphasize the unique color scheme. 9. "Motre Dame" Brewers: While the logo was generic, I always felt the color scheme and uniform set were underrated. They should've gone green-heavy with it IMO. Okay, that's enough of my rambling. Your rambling is sought, people.
  17. Looking at the new Diamondbacks uniforms, I couldn't help noticing that the light teal they use in their (non-throwback) alternates looks really cool, and would go great as a secondary color with their dark red should they eventually choose to go in that direction. Overall, though, the set looks awful---with striping that stops abruptly, and tacky-looking "sublimation" (actually mostly just bad gradients IMO). That got me thinking---what were other awful looks that had one super cool feature? Like, the Bengals' current unis look awful but their helmet's a classic. So, two-ish questions: 1. Do you agree with me about the Diamondbacks looking good in red, black, and teal? 1A. Would they look better demoting the black to tertiary and promoting the teal to primary? AND 2. What are some other examples of terrible sets with awesome (not redeeming, but still awesome) features? Mods, feel free to move this if there's already an appropriate thread for these musings.
  18. READ THIS IT IS IMPORTANT (ATLEAST TO ME): Before you request that I do your favorite MLB player, remember to post C&C. Not just A small 3 word post like "Nice concept, man!", but something that can help me make this concept series better. It doesn't have to be anthing super long, but it should be good enough to where it gets the point across clearly and will help me improve as a designer. Please be insightful on what you say, and if you see mistakes, point them out in a constructive manner. If you a harsh, that's fine, but please try to not be rude about it. And know what you're asking me when you request a player(unless I've already done the player). You are requesting that I take time out of my day, just for you, in order so you can feel entitled to more things on the boards. So know that if I don't get to you in an hour, don't get mad and quit looking at the concept or keep requesting until I post. That is not only a disservice to me, but yourself and the Concept forum as well. Now onto the concept: First up, Anthony Rizzo C&C​ APPRECIATED!
  19. What are the worst all-time games you can think of, uniform-wise? I can't imagine any worse than this, if you count preseason:
  20. A little over a year ago, I made a concept of the modern day Philadelphia Athletics. In the thread, I mentioned I wanted to do a series of an "alternate universe" featuring teams who had stayed instead of moves (Or moved instead of stayed). Unlike some alternate universe threads, I'm not going to follow my own alternate universe ideas, just ideas for teams who may have relocated (Or not relocated) Included as a teaser before I get very into this is the home uniform for the 1980s Tampa White Sox. The Tampa area was a much-rumored spot for relocation throughout the late 80s. The White Sox were one of the rumored teams.
  21. Mods, feel free to lock up until October 5th.
  22. Some uniform changes are the best thing ever, changing or fixing all the worst mistakes from before and make the team look amazing and professional, and then there's those changes just absolutely destroy the look of the team before and look completely unnecessary. Here's a couple examples The St. Louis Blues Good change To To bad change Back to good
  23. Like mgdmhl's Sports Font Database, this thread will host all team colors for major leagues, and other select minor leagues. The codes will go like this. Winnipeg Jets: Navy HEX 002E62 RGB 0, 46, 98 CMYK 100, 53 ,0 ,1 PMS 295 Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading! ECUFan25 MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks: Red HEX A71930 RGB 167, 25, 48 CMYK: 0, 85, 71, 34 PMS: 187 Black HEX 000000 RGB 0, 0, 0 PMS 30 Gold HEX DBCEAC RGB 219, 206, 172 CMYK 0, 5, 21, 14 PMS 5797 Atlanta Braves: Blue HEX 002F5F RGB 0, 97, 45 CMYK 100, 50, 0, 62 PMS 540 Red HEX B71234 RGB 183, 18, 52 CMYK 0, 90, 71, 28 PMS 193 Baltimore Orioles: Orange HEX ED4C09 RGB 237, 76, 9 CMYK 0, 67, 96, 9 PMS 172 Black HEX 000000 RGB 0, 0, 0 PMS 30 More to come soon!
  24. In 2015, MLB executives decided to place a team in Las Vegas. Ownership decided on the name Las Vegas Suns, an homage to the heat of Las Vegas, as well as the name of the local newspaper. On the logosheet, the "LV" is the hat logo, while the sun/poker chip is the primary. Here are the default home and away uniforms. and the alternates- home, away,Thanks for looking and C&C is appreciated. Font credit to Conrad and Typodermic fonts. Uniform template credit to Diamond uniforms.
  25. Hello everyone of CCSLC, I had a random idea for a thread. You know those logos that many MLB teams have on the back of their pitchers mounds? I have recently started noticing those more and more and thought many of them are really cool. So post any examples of those that you have seen and like. Here are some that I've seen from either posts on this site or elsewhere. Also--does anyone know how these are made? ]