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  1. Hello everyone of CCSLC, I had a random idea for a thread. You know those logos that many MLB teams have on the back of their pitchers mounds? I have recently started noticing those more and more and thought many of them are really cool. So post any examples of those that you have seen and like. Here are some that I've seen from either posts on this site or elsewhere. Also--does anyone know how these are made? ]
  2. Finally found some time to make concepts again and was playing around with a new tool I downloaded to mod my concept making software and came up with a Cincinnati Reds logo I thought looked worth sharing on here. It's a little simple and at first I thought it looked like a tourism poster or a secondary 2015 ASG logo. However, it is not in their actual colors, because I am planning to use it in my MLB redesign (which is NOT dead, just haven't had much time). Anyway, I'll stop blabbing and let the logo speak for itself. Thanks for reading!, ECUFan25
  3. I have been hearing this so much lately especially since the Blackhawks have turned themselves around and become a force in the NHL. Which I love seeing and I wish my dad could have seen but he passed in 2003. Numerous times, I have heard and seen people talking in real life, posting on Facebook, Twitter, in chat rooms, talking during videos games that the Chicago Wolves should not put Chicago in their name because they are not playing in Chicago but Rosemont, Illinois. Most of which seem to be Blackhawks fans new or old fans I am not sure. Some may have even been Wolves fans when they were winning Turner Cups and Calder Cups and jumped off when the Hawks began their Dynasty in 2010. IT"S THE CHICAGOLAND AREA!!! IT"S CHICAGO!!!! I saw someone post on under the Wolves section "fun fact: they play in Rosemont which is NOT Chicago" I wont name his name. It's minor league hockey, yes, IHL when they began and AHL when they merged. But since the Thrashers took off to the Peg we have had the Canucks and now the Blues. I dont recall anyone having issues with this when we had the Thrashers prospects. Only now becuase we have had rival prospects on the team,it's the nature of the beast. Minor league hockey has this from time to time. The Canucks lost the Moose and we lost the Thrashers. The Jets owners also owned the Manitoba Moose and moved them to St. John's, Newfoundland making the Ice Caps and not the Wolves their AHL club and you need to have an affiliation to compete in the AHL. When the Blues lost the Rivermen, the Canucks bought the Rivermen and moved the team to Utica. Only team available was the Blues for an NHL parent team. HAPPENS! You gotta deal with the cards you were dealt. There are various reasons why teams play in another town or neighboring area. More than likely its just where the team needed to build their stadium or it was the only viable or suitable stadium for the team. With the Wolves it's Allstate arena formerly the Rosemont Horizon which at one point was home to the Chicago Rush the Chicago Sting, the Chicago Bruisers and is right now home to the Chicago Sky. The Wolves could have played at UIC Pavilion but I dont think they have an ice rink there anymore since they dropped the hockey program in the late 80's early 90's. Plus its a small arena for the University of Illinois at Chicago Flames. Allstate can have nearly 17,000 at the arena compared to UIC which is nearly 10,000. Average attendance for the Wolves is under 8,000 but have numerous times 12, 13, 14, 15, thousand people at a game throughout a season. Mostly Saturday nights which is a good amount of games. I don't know if there are other pro sports teams major, minor, European, baseball, hockey, soccer, football, basketball that have this same issue with people fans or not stating that a particular team should not call itself the "Such and Such Whatevers" because they don't play directly in "Such and Such" My question to others is this. Does it matter if the team doesnt play directly in the city limits of their namesake, for me it doesnt. You have the Bills, Cowboys, Jets, Giants, Redskins, Detroit Pistons all do 'not play in their city namesake. 2 don't even play in the same state for the city they represent. But, they ARE that city's team it is for the area and the fans in that area and across the country. I finally had to get this off of my chest and ask what others thought? I have been hearing this for 2 to 3 years now. And the guy who posted that the Wolves don't play in Chicago who has a Chicago Fire logo for his picture FUN FACT: the Fire play in Bridgeview, Illinois and not in Chicago. But they are a Chicago team and that is all that matters! Same for ANY TEAM that calls the Chicago area home!
  4. ESPN recently posted their 2015 rankings of the cities with the best looking uniforms. Most cities fall roughly where they should, but the way the jerseys rank seems a bit arbitrary. The Blues are only a 6.5 with the Penguins and Ducks? And how are the Kings only a 3.5?! Sorry, biased opinion. There's also a separate list for cities with only 2 teams.
  5. Hi, guys! This thread may seem familiar to some people, because I made a similar one about a year and a half ago. Unfortunately, I tend to have commitment issues on projects like these, and promptly went and completely forgot about this site. Cleaning out my computer I found the old templates, and thought: why not start anew and make it better than last time? And even better: Why not get around to actually finishing? (Ironically, I have even less time to do these then before..) So without further ado, I'm starting off with something simple: The Milwaukee Bucks: I'm a huge fan of their redesign, and thought it'd translate well to baseball, being simplistic and all that. They don't exactly have an alt uni yet, so I decided to make a throwback to those Ray-Allen 90's jerseys. As always, constructive criticism is welcome, and very appreciated.
  6. Inspired by the way that the Cardinals wear their blue hat when playing other teams that wear red, I came up with an alternate hat for each team for whenever they have a similar problem. Some are pretty straight forward, and some are hats that the teams already wear, but I took some creative license where I could. Before anyone asks, because the Padres current look is so boring and uninspiring, I just went ahead and assumed that their changing to navy and yellow next season. Any C+C is appreciated.
  7. A few examples: ---1990s teal: Original Grizzlies ---MLB light-blue road unis: Phillies or Expos (I actually like how that trend looked in general) ---NFL side panels: Broncos ---NFL piping: It all sucks. lol ---MLB/NBA roundel logo: Does the Celtics logo count? ---NCAAF BFBS: Washington Huskies ---NCAAF GFGS: Tennessee Volunteers (still prefer the orange) ---NCAABB BFBS: The vast majority suck so not sure. ---NCAABB GFGS: Maybe West Virginia ---NBA multicolored or gradient jersey: Kings half-and-half. Sorry, but the Raptors front-and-back annoyed the heck out of me and I was never enamored with the Hawks' mid-1990s look (though it has grown on me somewhat). ---NFL Nike rebrand: Seahawks
  8. I had a thought, while looking at a few teams, there are some teams that I found have alternates that are much better than the main jerseys they use. I also thought it might be an interesting topic on here.
  9. For the first time in probably three years (I just's been FOUR), I managed to find the time to do a concept. Anyway, I had an idea for the Rockies and decided to see what it'd look like worked out. The Rockies are a team that definitely could use an update, and the MLB could use a primarily purple team. That said, I eliminated black entirely. I did initially have a darker purple to replace the black but ultimately decided to stick with one shade of purple and add a lavender color to offset it with silver. For the primary, I didn't stray too far from the basic premise of the current logo. It's relatively simple, but I feel like a "Rockier" font works better than what they currently have. I used the Bradley University font as a base (please don't sue me, Nike) and angled some parts of the letters and added the spurs to spruce them up a bit. I'm not 100% sold on the baseball as the moon/sun effect, but I think I might toy with the laces to make that work a little better. I figured I'd post it as-is for some feedback while I'm working that a little more. I toyed with the Colorado flag as a basis for the cap logo (basically a Cubs-esque "C" with a baseball in the middle), and it just wasn't doing anything for me. Instead, I took the "C" from the font used in the primary, made it a little wider, and replaced the baseball with a mountain. Again, pretty simple, but I think simplicity works well on a baseball cap. I'm still working through the uniforms, but I figured I'd throw the wordmarks up here while I'm at it. Hit me up with whatever C&C you've got. Hopefully this is just the start of me doing some more concepts.
  10. Hey everyone I wanted to start a topic about how many MLB teams wear the same jersey but switch hats as an alternate or regularly. I for one like that teams do this. An example is how the Astros sometimes wear their orange hats with the home whites on Sunday instead of their navy caps which they usually pair with the home whites. What other teams do this or used to do this that you guys can think of?
  11. For the CFL I'm going with the classic Ottawa Rough Riders/Renegades/REDBLACKS and the Saskatchewan Roughriders. I've always like the way the Ottawa in black and Saskatchewan in white match up looked
  12. RZF

    MLB-AAA Realignment

    In 2015, many MLB teams changed affiliation with one another with their respective AAA teams. These changes were peculiar because the realignments forced teams to have a Triple-A team further than their previous. This should never be the case, as many roster changes on the daily happen between AAA and the MLB. It should be convenient for teams calling up or sending down a player. That way they can be there by whenever the next game is. This is my proposed realignment for 2016: Anaheim Angels - Las Vegas 51s Los Angeles Dodgers - Fresno Grizzlies San Diego Padres - El Paso Chihuahuas (no change) San Francisco Giants - Sacramento River Cats (no change) Oakland Athletics - Reno Aces Seattle Mariners - Tacoma Rainiers (no change) Arizona Diamondbacks - Albuquerque Isotopes Colorado Rockies - Salt Lake Bees Minnesota Twins - Colorado Springs Sky Sox Texas Rangers - Oklahoma City Redhawks (changing the name back after the Dodgers leave affiliation) Houston Astros - Round Rock Express Kansas City Royals - Omaha Storm Chasers (no change) St. Louis Cardinals - Memphis Redbirds (no change) Chicago Cubs - Iowa Cubs (no change) Tampa Bay Rays - New Orleans Zephyrs Cincinnati Reds - Nashville Sounds Milwaukee Brewers - Indianapolis Indians Detroit Tigers - Toledo Mud Hens (no change) Cleveland Indians - Columbus Clippers (no change) Chicago White Sox - Louisville Bats Atlanta Braves - Gwinnett Braves (no change) Miami Marlins - Charlotte Knights Washington Nationals - Durham Bulls Baltimore Orioles - Norfolk Tides (no change) New York Yankees - Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders (no change) New York Mets - Syracuse Chiefs Philadelphia Phillies - Lehigh Valley IronPigs (no change) Pittsburgh Pirates - Rochester Red Wings Boston Red Sox - Pawtucket Red Sox (no change) Toronto Blue Jays - Buffalo Bisons (no change) I apologize for being out of order. Comment if you have something better in mind.
  13. I believe the World Series logo was in the Umpires PDF Media Guide months ago. Anyway, these are official. Not bad, they are a BIG improvement from last year. (* Click for the super-sized image )
  14. I whipped these up after the Padres unveiled the 2016 All-Star Game logo, taking my cues from there. The uniforms are (obviously) blue and yellow with a bit of "battleship" grey and they borrow heavily from the 2004-11 look, just like the ASG logo does. That includes bringing back the old Friar. C&C is welcomed.
  15. Mocked up this concept for the 2016 All-Star Game logo. Not too excited about idea of Padres' new colors potentially being the navy, grey, and athletic gold that's seen in the official logo so mocked up this one in brown/orange colors and adding in the Friar logo. Big ass dap to my friend Leroy712 who came up w/ the idea of adding the Friar. Alternate color-up adding the gold to the brown/orange:
  16. What are your favorite color schemes? This doesn't necessarily mean how they integrate the schemes into the logos and/or uniforms, just the combinations of colors themselves. Here are a few of mine: NFL---Dolphins, Redskins, Packers, Broncos (1980s-1996) NBA---Hornets (original and current), Hornets (during their New Orleans time), Bucks (1980s "Irish Rainbow"), Nuggets (rainbow), Nuggets (current), Spurs (1990s "fiesta" color scheme; would've been great to see them do something with it on their uniforms), Mavericks (original), Suns (pre-2000s, loved when they had black to go with purple and orange) MLB---Phillies (one of the best red-white-and-blue combos, and if you consider cream part of it it's awesome), Giants/Orioles (black and orange look great in baseball), Diamondbacks (pre-2007), Padres (1970s-1980s, brown, yellow, and orange together), Royals, Athletics, Mariners NHL---Mighty Ducks (original), Islanders, Rangers, Wild, Blackhawks, Canucks (current), Flyers, Bruins (when they wore brown instead of black) College---Virginia Tech, Ohio State, Coastal Carolina, Florida Gulf Coast, Florida State, Temple (pre-black), Tulsa, Tulane, Clemson, Arizona (when you include copper), Central Michigan, Indiana, Indiana State (before they made their shade of blue more generic), Bowling Green
  17. Hey everybody, just got to making a baseball on Illustrator today. It turned out pretty well, so I decided to make a concept out of it. It looked like it would be best with the Reds, but this could go with many teams. Just did a quick logo set redesign for the Cincinnati Reds. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I'm not sure I like the font i'm using right now for the "open" roundel-style logos. Let me know as well if you have any font suggestions. This was just a spur-of-the-moment redesign, so I don't plan on making any uniforms (Plus, I know little about baseball.) Suggestions for improvement appreciated.
  18. Ah, that magical summer of 1976 when Chicago White Sox owner Bill Veeck thought it would be a good idea to put a team of grown men in softball shorts. Rumors that the White Sox will be throwing back to their '76 unis this month inspired me to explore what might have happened had those shorts actually caught on. The concepts below depict the three distinct White Sox looks post-1976 as softball uniforms. You'll notice that the '87-90 and '90-present uniforms are now pullovers. The concepts are hand-drawn onto a soccer uniform template to which I just added caps. C&C appreciated!
  19. One team has had one of baseball's most colorful uniform histories. The other is currently under the impression that it is a college team. I give you the Lone Star Series, 20 minutes into the past First, the Astros This is basically the 70s & 80s Rainbow Guts in black, brick and sand for the home set, and the 80s-93 Rainbow sleeves for the road. Even decided to echo their use of the lightest gray ever, and later cream, for the roads by using a lighter sand as the base color. Now, the Rangers Honestly, most of the good ideas I've ever had for the Rangers, I've already used. So here, I break out the 90s star and slap it on the left chest like a badge. The grays, I thought about what to do until I chose a decidedly 1900s direction: a big TX, one letter on each side of the chest. And not much else. Speak on it. Might as well make a list so you know what to Canada (Blue Jays vs Expos-90s) Texas (Astros vs Rangers-2000s) St. Louis (Cardinals vs Browns-40s) Philly (Phillies vs A's-30s or 40s) NYC (Dodgers vs Giants vs Yankees-50s) Beantown (Red Sox vs Braves-30s or 40s) I-94 (Brewers vs White Sox-70s...or 80s..or early 90s. Not sure yet.)
  20. Oops. Scumbag. Hope his last defenders are finally shamed into silence.
  21. I made this last summer, but never got around to posting it. The original idea was an identity refresh that would hopefully inspire the Royals to return to their winning ways. Obviously they handled that on their own, and the concept got buried on my computer. I recently revisited the file, made a few changes, and decided to share the finished product. Colors: A new shade of blue is used, similar to the original shade.The gold has been lightened as well. Logos: Revamped the primary logo, thickened the KC logo, and added a retro alternate. The word marks have also been altered slightly to better fit on the front of jerseys. Uniforms: The inspiration here was the uniforms of the 1980's. I used single piping around the sleeves and neck, and thick modified block numerals. Included in the uniform set are home, road (and alternate road cap), alternate, Sunday alternate, and batting practice uniforms. I know this isn't anything groundbreaking, but I would love to hear feedback. Thanks!
  22. Certain eras make good sports teams, and bad ones (ie: Edmonton Oilers), but wearing certain uniforms almost make a team better. Like the Avalanche in their Pre-edge jerseys, or the LA Kings in Black and white all time, just to name a few. What other ones have you found? Not like the championship game in white or dark colors, but the overall look... Like How the Devil Rays never did that well, but when they became the Rays, they were way better, or the Mighty Ducks only made the playoffs 4 times, but the Anaheim Ducks have only missed the playoffs twice since the switch.
  23. Hey guys, I made an alternate uniform for every AL team and I will make NL ones soon. These are just rough drafts but I thought I'd post them anyway. Here is the AL West first. Tell me what you think!
  24. zigzag

    Zigzag's MLB

    My MLB concepts. Starting with the Baltimore Orioles.