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  1. (Am I posting too many threads? Oh well) What do you guys think is/are the best road grey jerseys in MLB right now? Dodgers, Cubs, and Giants grey alternates count (I have a feeling the cubs won't be on here). I nominate the Athletics
  2. I've done the Crosstown Classic...and there was clamoring for Dodgers-Giants. I've done the Subway Series...and there was clamoring for Dodgers-Giants. Now comes...Dodgers-Angels. And there will probably still be clamoring for Dodgers-Giants until I give you Dodgers-Giants. Poor Rangers and Astros. While you wait a bit longer for the rivalry set you actually wanna see, here goes a pair I think you'll like anyway. Leading off, the Halos... Initially, I was going to use what became the road design as the home whites, but then I figured this would be a good occasion to represent Orange County. I'd thought about putting together an OC as the cap logo, much like how the Ducks had an OC on one shoulder for their Stadium Series jersey, but in the end decided against it in favor of the normal cap, only with orange replacing red. The jersey is loosely based on the 95-96 California Angels alt, a personal favorite. The road uniform, which I otherwise would've also used as the home design, uses shoulder stripes, a loose cross of the 80s Angels BP jerseys and the late 50s PCL Angels, and traced the script from one I came across at Liebe, Montreal's I think (as I had a hell of a time finding pics of the jersey I was basing everything off of). and now, dem Bums For anyone wanting me to get on with it already and release Dodgers-Giants, for that series, the Dodgers are done already, I still need to work on the Giants...but I have a sinking feeling you'll wish this had been the set they faced the Giants in. Anyway, both of these unis are based on stuff the Hollywood Stars wore, if you couldn't figure out by the logo...the road is all blue with distinct sleeve striping I've only ever seen on that one Hollywood uniform. Turns out that jersey had the number over a star on the back, which I decided to allude to with essentially a watermark star here. As I needed a third color, powder blue makes a cameo appearance. The home whites...yes, they are basically a Dodgerfied version of the original shorts uniform, the one the Stars wore in the early 50s: crewneck tee instead of a button-down jersey, and pinstriped shorts despite the jersey lacking them.
  3. Good evening everyone! Just a quick Mets concept for 2015. I like this black uniform as a Friday or Saturday alternate. Pretty much the same uniform they had worn in the early 2000's up until a few years ago. Enjoy!
  4. I had promised an NFL series, but I got inspired for some MLB teams and decided to put that on hold and redesign the MLB. Before I show the first team, I have a few things I need to mention: Since I'm doing this in paint, I am depixelating every logo and I doubled the size of the template to make it as clean as possible.I am limiting every team to 5 jerseys and 3 capsI'm not going to create new logos, but I can use past logos and recolor any logo I see as needed.I'll be going division by divison, starting with the NL East through the AL West.Let's start this thing with the Atlanta Braves The Braves have very nice uniforms, so I didn't change much. The home and road are perfect, so I left them unchanged. The alternates, though, need some changes. The USA alternate feels very out of place. I replaced the USA script with a recolored version of the home script. The road alternate has the navy lettering replaced by red, and I removed throwback, though I am willing to bring them back if wanted. Overall they go mostly unchanged. The Marlins are next. NL East: Atlanta Braves | Miami Marlins
  5. What team has the best alternate jersey? I nominate the Twins retro off-white uniform (I'm not biased) It looks clean and brings back the some of the best years in franchise history. (Plus it looks really good with the regular TC hat)
  6. Just post what you think the currently worst on-field hat is. It can be regular, diamond era, or the sports knits I nominate the Atlanta braves road hat the Cincinnati reds alternate they never wear And the cleveland Indians road and de hats
  7. I thought I'd open up the floor while we're all enjoying a fine Sunday off (well, some of us anyway. I'm typing this from work) to a topic which has been lightly discussed and at varying intervals seems to fade in and out of sports sluglines. It's no secret that some athletes don't like the media. We got a faceful of that from Marshawn Lynch on media day as he plainly repeated the same answer to every question: "I'm here so I don't get fined." Today another press-weary athlete, Kevin Durant, told the media that they "don't know ," and has accepted that he can't escape them so he's simply learning to live with it. Are there legitimate gripes on behalf of the players? On the whole are the media too invasive, negative, and scrutinous? It's hard to say. I usually take the side of the player until the moment they say something they themselves know is stupid, such as: Your opinions are bogus because you're not a pro athlete like me You're all out to destroy me We all know your job is to be negativeI know that some really, really stupid people want the press to be this happy go lucky rah-rah entity, but that's thankfully the exception to the rule. Some coaches browbeat their players into creating an "Us vs. Them" mentality that breeds hostility regardless of the situation. It's stupid. Beat reporters generally aren't out to get people and their jobs require asking difficult questions. I also feel that professional athletes should have the self-awareness to accept their responsibilities that go along with their pay. Higher tiers of talent merit harder scrutiny and raised expectations. Deal with it. There are absolutely terrible writers out there whose joy apparently derives from a scorched earth writing style, but they aren't the norm, in my opinion. What happened? Sports media in yesteryear would often protect the players by not divulging the nasty truth they would often witness, wanting to paint them as heroes. Now it seems that the unyielding thirst to be first to a story coupled with a dying print medium that demands controversy to eke out another few years of existence has mated with social media to form an amorphous creature that drinks the blood of scandal. ...or is that a lot of crap and professional athletes need to keep their mouths shut? What's your take?
  8. With the World Series over ( congrats Giants), it's now time to talk about the off-season. The first big news story has been that the Cubs will be signing and announcing the hiring of Joe Maddon as Manager. This came after the club fired Rick Renteria. So discuss any news and signing's related to MLB.
  9. Hey Guys! It's been a long time since I've posting something, so I hope you like this one.C&C More than welcome!
  10. Texturized is the only word I can think to use for this. In jordyhazy's NBA Urban thread, he used photos from the cities in the backgrounds for the logos. I took this idea, and used it for the 4 major league logos (NHL, NBA, MLB, and NHL) but instead of photos of cities, I used different photos of elements from the sports, or textures, to replace the colors of the logo.
  11. These MLB Uniforms will be a mixture of simple tweaks, concepts and a little bit of past mixed with present. Hope you like them. C and C is always welcome.
  12. Although I first posted the Boson/New England Hybrid logos it all started off the with my hometown, Toronto. I needed/still needed to tweak of the logos but here they are anyway. Toronto Raptors (Blue Jays) Hybrid Logo. I red did the font and use the Blue Jays logos clean line for inspiration but still can't not totally happy with it. I kept the original Raptors colours but this logo also looks good with the Blue Jays colours (below). This one is still a work in progress. I've been having a hard time getting this one jusssst right. Thoughts? Here's the logo in the Blue Jays colours with a different mouth. Which colour way do you like best? Toronto Blue Jays (Raptors) Hybrid Logo. \ This is my personal favourite. Using the original Raptors logo as inspiration by keeping font, layout, the legs and head position and making The Blue Jay hold a baseball and wear a baseball uniform. I kept the Jay's colours minus the red. Toronto Maple Leafs (Argonauts) Hybrid Logo. As dull as the Argos and Leafs logos are I did have to do something. Here I used the current Argo's logo, changed the "A" to a "L" and added maples leaves to the border of the shield. Toronto Argos (Maple Leafs) Hybrid Logo. I didn't have much to work with the Leafs logo. I re-did the entire font since its not available anywhere to download. I turned the Leaf into a "A" and kept the side of the leaf design so it didn't just look like a boring "A". Toronto Maple Leafs (Argos Classic Logo) I prefer the old Argos logo to the current one so I had to do another Maple Leafs Hybrid Logo based on the old one. Instead of the Argo I replaced it with a hockey player holding a hockey stick and a shield (couldn't think of anything hockey-ish to replace the shield). The helmet is changed to a hockey helmet with a leaf branded on it. Stuck with the old Argo colours. The line work needs to be cleaned up a bit. Thoughts, praise and criticism is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Hello again everyone. I've decided to revisit my expansion project and New Orleans Idea. Using a suggestion another user in my last attempt gave me I decided to go with the New Orleans Krewe. The logo I came up with was a jesters hat. The far left part of the hat is shape as a crescent for New Orleans nickname being the Crescent City. I also used home plates as the design for the crown of the hat and clearly baseballs for the bells. Since this is baseball I also wanted to add a Roundel logo in the set as an alt. I was going to due a Fluer-de-Bat idea but I didnt realize The New Orleans Zephyrs use one as their primary. Next is the Workmark. All the text is custom I believe I used impact bold as the font, then added the spikes on the side. Next are the home uniforms. I wanted to do I couple of options here. First is the standard home uniform. Next is the Home alt. and the last is a Fauxback using a pullover and "stretchy" pants with an "older" version of the hat logo which I will post further down in the post. And also the last jersey shown is the Batting practice for both home and away. The hats go in order along with the jersey. The next set is the Away jerseys. First is just the standard greys. The alt away jersey is my favorite in the set. I wanted to do a home version of it but since the blue was a more dominate color than the gold. I thought it would look better with the grey pants. there is not alt hat. C&C is appreciated. and lastly like I said here is the fauxback logo. It's a little rough but that was my intention.
  14. Just re-did the Toronto Raptors x Toronto Blue Jays Hybrid Logo. Made sharper lines and re-did the font. My big issue is what colour way looks better? You be the judge! Classic Raptors colours? Classic Blue Jays colours?
  15. What teams do you think need a rebrand? (College has its own thread, so try to stick to pro teams)
  16. I've always had a fascination with sports and logos. As a kid, I would sketch re-imagine logos for teams from the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL. I always appreciate a good sport logos and strived to improve ones that were not so great (ie. Blue Jays T-Bird logo). I recently decided to go back to my logo loving roots. I thought, what it would look like if the Toronto Raptors logo looked like the Toronto Blue Jays logo and vice-vera? This is the birth of The Hybrid Logo Series. Check out more on my website
  17. After the success of my New York Mets concept, and Inkscape going back to normal, I decided to try another team. Behold, the Arizona Diamondbacks (No, not D-Backs) All right, so I showed the logo first because, as you can see, it's quite a bit changed. The color scheme is now green, brown, and sand. Since the Diamondbacks have used another color scheme - purple, green, and sand - with the same logo, I did some looking around for other ideas for the logo. I came across a green, brown, and sand logo made by Tim E O'Brien. Credit goes to him for thinking up the color scheme. Now, of course, the uniforms I think the Diamondbacks are a swing and miss with their uniforms. Their cap logo is bad, and they call themselves the D-Backs. My response is to eliminate all logo except for the A and the road wordmark. Brown and green is split evenly, right down the middle. Since sand is officially a color, I made the home set sand. It's also an accent color. I also recolored the logo on the green jersey to make it more visible. This was a fun one. Enjoy!
  18. I wanted to play around with the new MLS logo, but use non-MLS teams. I started out with my 5 favorite teams. Trailblazers- Using the iconic "Rip City" with red and black variations. Oregon State- Probably my favorite ones (although I am in the minority of really liking their new logo). Seahawks- I played around a lot with these ones. The first one I incorporated the Space Needle and the "12th Man". The second one I took the Seahawks logo and brought it over the slash going through the crest and it turned out well I think. Red Sox- Very simple but I like how both of them turned out. Blackhawks- I messed around with these ones a lot and I couldn't really come up with something that I liked. I wanted to incorporate the two black stripes from the uniforms but I couldn't figure out how to get them just right. Suggestions?
  19. I found a baseball template on these boards, so I threw together a Mets concept. It's a very easy template to use, I might add. The Mets have a nice look, but with a couple tweeks it could become one of the league's best. The home is pretty good, but cream doesn't make sense. The Mets have used 4 road wordmarks over their 52 year history. One is a match for a wordmark they used for a couple years (with the underline, ICYDK), one that is basically a recoloring of the Yankees road wordmark, the current one that matches the Red Sox wordmark font, and one that matches the current home wordmark, which is what I used. I also made the one and only cap orange-billed, but with the regular cap logo, and all unnecessary gray is removed. This is also my first baseball concept in Inkscape, so I'm not sure how well it came out, but I decided I would go ahead and come out with it. Enjoy!
  20. I've been doing concepts for quite a few years now off and on. Recently I've been playing around in AI more and more and my skills with have improved so I figured it was time that I expand from hockey concepts and move into the baseball world, with my own template with pieces from the template used on baseball uniforms. I understand why teams go with road gray uniforms, but it something I haven't always been a fan of. Because of this, I decided to start a series in which there are no more gray road uniforms (albeit one or two teams may be an exception, but we'll see). I decided to keep the gray pants to go with the road uniforms so there would be a little bit of difference between teams during games. American League East Baltimore Orioles - Home, Road, Alternate Boston Red Sox - Home, Road, Home Alternate, Road Alternate Central Chicago White Sox - Home, Road, Alternate, Road Alternate Cleveland Indians - Home, Road, Home Alternate Detroit Tigers - Home, Road West Anaheim Angels - Home, Road, Home Alternate, Alternate National League East Atlanta Braves - Home, Road, Alternate Central Chicago Cubs - Home, Road, Alternate Cincinnati Reds - Home, Road, Home Alternate, Alternate West Arizona Diamondbacks - Home, Road, Alternate Colorado Rockies - Home, Road, Alternate
  21. Been a while since you seen something outta me, ain't it?? Well, every now and then I can still do this stuff. So let's get on with this... ...Been a bit of chatter going on 'round the interwebs lately about a certain Major League Baseball team considering yet another identity update. Considering their past one was what, three or four years ago, suffice it to say this club might well be one of the most schizophrenic in all of American major pro sports. That said, whatever they do next, they really need to make sure it hits home and can actually last, so they can quit changing clothes more often than some of us change socks. Popular opinion holds that the San Diego Padres should revisit and return to the brown and yellow colors. For one, its a unique colorway in that no other major pro four sports teams use it, and for two, it actually has bona fide history behind it--henceforth, where the main idea of this concept set goes. You see, when many mention a return to brown and yellow, many also indirectly pine for a near-facsimile of something akin to the Padres' sets of the '70s or whatnot. Here's the other problem I've seen with the Padres over the years: to me, it seems they have no clear clue of what direction they want to take their identity. The former logo set emphasized more of the "beach", with colors to match (sky blue and sand). That's all and good...except baseball, as we all know, has overall the most tradition-laden visual appearance of all. So bearing all that in mind, here's the question I posed in my own brain: how can I set upon an angle no one's yet really tried, to concoct an identity that the people in, and even out of, San Diego can immediately connect to at first glance? THE BRAND As we all know, "padre" translates to "father". The original Pacific Coast League Padres got their name from the Spanish friars of the Franciscan Great Order, who founded the city way back in 1541. Of the four great orders, the Franciscans were distinguished by their brown robes and were sometimes known as "brown friars" (so now you know where the brown in the color scheme comes from). For the Catholics among us, you know that priests are sometimes referred to as "father"; hence the word, and this team's name, "Padres". I based this set around the brown as well, albeit a bit of a different shade, one I call, aptly enough, "mission brown". (For any of you who happen to work in the roofing business, that's also one of GAF Timberline's designer shingle colors...and as I currently work in the business, the color name stuck in my mind and as such here it is now. Don't know if they pulled that name from this same source or not, The secondary color is golden yellow, but instead of inserting orange, I mixed in a bit of another color prominent in the Catholic church, cardinal. These two colors also come directly from the San Diego city flag, so they fit perfectly. THE IDENTITY Some of you may have deduced by now that the direction of this set is heavily rooted in history, particularly that of San Diego. Some of those friars I mentioned last paragrpah built missions in and around California, such as this one, the Mission San Diego de Alcala. And see, that right there is exactly the place I went for this whole set. The primary logo features a caricature version of the belfry of this particular mission, with an updated version of the script from the original PCL Padres uniforms. I'm actually pretty proud of how that turned out, since I vehemently suck at trying to render baseball scripts. I also worked the arch forms of that belfry prominently into this concept, as seen on the main logo. It's also worked into the road script and jersey numbers, as well. Mixed in a bit of cardinal for depth, but not so much as to compete with the yellow. I kept the swinging friar around as an additional logo, along with a slightly edited version of the Padres' current cap logo. THE IMAGE This is what I hope you will see with where I tried to base this identity; if your emotional and sensory reactions match up with what I was trying to create, I'll know this was a success. Of course, there's only one way to know, so here they are... *Note: if for some reason these images are not working, you can also check this project out over in my corner of the dribbbleverse, as well as my personal portfolio over on Behance. Lemme know what y'all I said, it's been a long time. ~Buc
  22. Merry Christmas! Yesterday I was looking through some old baseball pictures, stuff mainly from the 50's and 60's. I thought "What if Majestic brought these back as throwbacks for teams to use as alternates?", and then "Or, if they made one day "Turn back the clock day?" My mind started cranking, and I came up with this as a start: The idea here is to use take one uniform used in the past by each team and use them each on the same day. These uniforms would be called "Diamond Classic" alternates (Yes, I got the idea from the NBA's "Hardwood Classic" alternates). Thanks for looking. Boston is next!
  23. As evidenced by the Whale thread, there are a lot of old jerseys we'd like to buy, but aren't available to purchase, or if you can buy them, it's only in heavy bidding wars on eBay. So, the question I ask is this; which jersey or jerseys would you like to see be made as a Hardwood Classic, Cooperstown Collection piece, NFL Throwback, NHL Vintage sweater, or Mitchell and Ness throwback? You can also post a jersey if it's already been reproduced if the reproduction isn't of the player you want (for example, even though there's a Earl Campbell Oilers jersey, you want a Warren Moon). I remember there being a thread like this before, but I'm pretty sure it was back when the Sonics were still in Seattle and nobody knew what a 2 Chainz was. For me, I'd have to go with a 90's Bullets jersey, a Blue Lakers Elgin Baylor, a 60s-70s Senators, a 2003 Tracy McGrady, a 91-02 Trail Blazers, and finally, a Tune Squad jersey, because all the kids I grew up with are getting engaged and I'm still wondering why aliens would have the pick of the NBA in 1996 and decide to take Shawn Bradley's talent.
  24. Who do they exist ? So :censored:ing annoying, does anyone like them ?
  25. Here are a few examples I made myself of football uniforms designed around old logos. I've never designed the whole uniform in PhotoShop; I find TeamBuilder so easy to use. Note: make sure you check the box on the page that says "Display Custom Logos," or you won't be able to view these. C&C welcome; also, does anyone else have anything similar? While it is a bit constraining in limiting one to pre-designed uniform styles, I love the ease of use that this tool provides. Most of the generic logos came from the Wayback Machine's archive of Another note: I have two separate accounts because I made so many teams, so these aren't all from the same account. NFL logos: (old Eagles logo) (old Falcons logo recolored) (old Jets logo) (old Broncos logo, but not much changed) (Packers logo recolored) (Bears roaring-bear face) (old Seahawks alt) (Saints recolor into a team of wimpy French Canadians) (Oilers, nothing much changed) (old Rams logo) (Lions, recolored to look like 1990s Falcons) Other pro-sports leagues' team logos: (logo of long-defunct NHL club Montreal Maroons) (recolor of even-longer-defunct NHL club Montreal Wanderers) (edits and [and slight recolor in one case] of turn-of-century Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds logos) (recolor and reshaping of Denver Nuggets alternate logo) (kind of forget where this logo came from, but I know I recolored it) (San Diego Padres' "friar" logo) (Atlanta Braves' script logo and old "Indian head" logo) (always wanted to see a uniform set designed around the Spurs' 1990s "fiesta" color scheme; here it is) (1990s Houston Rockets alternate) (Denver Nuggets' famous "rainbow skyline") (Houston Astros' 1990s logo) (Brooklyn Nets, with some dark blue added) (Tampa Bay Devil Rays' early logo) College and high school logos: (Western Washington University logo) (Rice Owls alternate logo) (Northeastern "N" logo recolored to original colors of "Buccaneer Bruce") (fictional Minnesota State Screaming Eagles from "Coach") (I think this Cardinal comes from some school, somewhere) (Chillicothe High School, Chillicothe, OH, my alma mater; reasonable fascimile of their current and past football uniforms) Corporate logo: (Boise College Big Red, featuring the logo of the pop brand) Generic/new logos but kinda cool: (Maine-based school, the Lobsters, with "Lobstahs" written on their jerseys) (recolor of logo that looks Purdue-ish) (Great Southwest Sidewinders) (Eastern Virginia Panthers) (in Kirtland, Ohio, and nearby towns, there's an old urban legend about "Melonheads"; this uses an illustration from one of the sites talking about them)