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  1. As evidenced by the Whale thread, there are a lot of old jerseys we'd like to buy, but aren't available to purchase, or if you can buy them, it's only in heavy bidding wars on eBay. So, the question I ask is this; which jersey or jerseys would you like to see be made as a Hardwood Classic, Cooperstown Collection piece, NFL Throwback, NHL Vintage sweater, or Mitchell and Ness throwback? You can also post a jersey if it's already been reproduced if the reproduction isn't of the player you want (for example, even though there's a Earl Campbell Oilers jersey, you want a Warren Moon). I remember there being a thread like this before, but I'm pretty sure it was back when the Sonics were still in Seattle and nobody knew what a 2 Chainz was. For me, I'd have to go with a 90's Bullets jersey, a Blue Lakers Elgin Baylor, a 60s-70s Senators, a 2003 Tracy McGrady, a 91-02 Trail Blazers, and finally, a Tune Squad jersey, because all the kids I grew up with are getting engaged and I'm still wondering why aliens would have the pick of the NBA in 1996 and decide to take Shawn Bradley's talent.
  2. Who do they exist ? So :censored:ing annoying, does anyone like them ?
  3. Here are a few examples I made myself of football uniforms designed around old logos. I've never designed the whole uniform in PhotoShop; I find TeamBuilder so easy to use. Note: make sure you check the box on the page that says "Display Custom Logos," or you won't be able to view these. C&C welcome; also, does anyone else have anything similar? While it is a bit constraining in limiting one to pre-designed uniform styles, I love the ease of use that this tool provides. Most of the generic logos came from the Wayback Machine's archive of Another note: I have two separate accounts because I made so many teams, so these aren't all from the same account. NFL logos: (old Eagles logo) (old Falcons logo recolored) (old Jets logo) (old Broncos logo, but not much changed) (Packers logo recolored) (Bears roaring-bear face) (old Seahawks alt) (Saints recolor into a team of wimpy French Canadians) (Oilers, nothing much changed) (old Rams logo) (Lions, recolored to look like 1990s Falcons) Other pro-sports leagues' team logos: (logo of long-defunct NHL club Montreal Maroons) (recolor of even-longer-defunct NHL club Montreal Wanderers) (edits and [and slight recolor in one case] of turn-of-century Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds logos) (recolor and reshaping of Denver Nuggets alternate logo) (kind of forget where this logo came from, but I know I recolored it) (San Diego Padres' "friar" logo) (Atlanta Braves' script logo and old "Indian head" logo) (always wanted to see a uniform set designed around the Spurs' 1990s "fiesta" color scheme; here it is) (1990s Houston Rockets alternate) (Denver Nuggets' famous "rainbow skyline") (Houston Astros' 1990s logo) (Brooklyn Nets, with some dark blue added) (Tampa Bay Devil Rays' early logo) College and high school logos: (Western Washington University logo) (Rice Owls alternate logo) (Northeastern "N" logo recolored to original colors of "Buccaneer Bruce") (fictional Minnesota State Screaming Eagles from "Coach") (I think this Cardinal comes from some school, somewhere) (Chillicothe High School, Chillicothe, OH, my alma mater; reasonable fascimile of their current and past football uniforms) Corporate logo: (Boise College Big Red, featuring the logo of the pop brand) Generic/new logos but kinda cool: (Maine-based school, the Lobsters, with "Lobstahs" written on their jerseys) (recolor of logo that looks Purdue-ish) (Great Southwest Sidewinders) (Eastern Virginia Panthers) (in Kirtland, Ohio, and nearby towns, there's an old urban legend about "Melonheads"; this uses an illustration from one of the sites talking about them)
  4. Hello, I've always been interested by the little scoreboards at the bottom of sports broadcasts. I decided to have a go at trying to recreate some of these scoreboards. Please leave C&C below P.S: Yes I know they're not all perfect, and they were made with paint Images Below
  5. This is about the best looking hats in MLB right now. History has nothing to do with anything. Which hat looks the best?
  6. Hey everyone! I've been a lurker on these forums for far too long, and I figured it's about time I make a post. I saw that now-viral post on reddit of a guy redesigning the NFL - so I thought I'd take a stab at the MLB. Here's what I've got so far. And yes, I'm aware the tiger looks like the Chicago Bear. I'll be revisiting it in the future. CC welcome!
  7. Most of all the marks / logos / "alternate marks" for the 2014 MLB Postseason. Going with a pretty simple design again.
  8. Hey Guys! This was a fun idea we had for the Kansas City Royals. Hope you like this one! C&C Welcome!
  9. I got a wild idea to tinker with the MLB logos a bit, just for fun, to create a consistent look that's nevertheless personalized to each team. So far I've gotten the AL East + Nationals + Rockies done, and I'll update this post as I finish the others. Here's an album of the first seven. They're definitely a tad rough around the edges, but overall I'm happy with how they came out. C and C is welcome!
  10. I've noticed that despite having gold in their primary logo the Royals don't have gold on any of their uniforms except the patch on the left sleeve. I decided to make some mockups on jayjackson3's template of what gold would look like on the Royals uniforms.
  11. I've decided to take some time off of my NFL thread, as I began getting inspired for MLB teams. In my MLB, every team has at least one throwback, no names (unless needed for historical accuracy in throwbacks, in which names will be replaced by city/state), and stirrups with high cuffs are mandatory. So without further adieu, the Oakland Athletics. From now on, I will only be displaying the home set with link to the team's imgur album so as not to clog up your computer. Links for teams: Oakland A's: New York Yankees: Chicago White Sox: Boston Red Sox: Toronto Blue Jays: Baltimore Orioles: Seattle Mariners: Houston Astros: Tampa Bay Rays: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Texas Rangers:
  12. I was thinking, instead of their current alt that is almost identical to the road, why not have something that could be used at home and on the road that isn't a royal blue jersey. The powder blue is taken from the Brooklyn dodgers uniforms from the forties I believe. With the Rockies bringing back their awful vests, I thought if a vest is well tailored they could actually look pretty good, like the a's did a couple of years ago. The number font needs to be fixed, but any c&c?
  13. It's Gary Bettman. He has caused nothing but problems to the league. He forced the players association into three lockouts. Including one the wiped out the whole 2004-05 season. Which is the main reason why the NHL sucks today. He has added a salary cap to each team, removed ties, changed Stanley Cup Presentations, added teams which have poor fan base, and changed up the rules after the 2004-05 season that should have not been changed. I understand that the owners wanted salary caps after teams went into bankruptcy, but's it's unnecessary to include one. He's so bad, that i have to agree with everything that Frank "Tank" Fleming (NJTANK) from Sports E-Cyclopedia said about him. He is the worst commissioner in sports history, and the dumbest man on the planet. The league should have kept John Ziegler until he decides to retire, then find a good commissioner. I don't care what the owners think after the 1992 players strike, they should have not forced John Ziegler to step down. The owners should have regreted on letting Ziegler go from the position. He was the greatest commissioner in NHL history. The NHL governors should have regreted on having Bettman as a commissioner. He should be gone by now after three lockouts that destroyed the league. Better yet, he should have been gone instantly after the third lockout. The NHL will never succeed until he steps down. But, history is history. Do you agree with me? Who do you think is the worst commissioner in sports history?
  14. I've started a new series on my blog dedicated to presenting historical RGB-optimized graphics for MLB franchises. First up, are the Kansas City Athletics; showing primary and secondary marks, along with cap marks and uniform scripts: I've gotten Arizona, the K.C. Royals and the Angels pretty much completed; I'll update this thread as I get more posted.
  15. Any good ideas that would improve a teams image? Only do MLB, NFL,NBA, and NHL teams please
  16. Ok so I love the 1970's to 1990's retro Phillies concept, so I made one of my own. I modernized the uniforms by getting rid of the shoulder/side stripes and replacing them with the triple stripes on the end of the sleeves... Advice? HOME HOME ALTERNATE ROAD ROAD ALTERNATE (1) ROAD ALTERNATE (2) I feel like something is missing... opinions, comments, complaints?
  17. Does anybody know what's up with Buck Showalter being the ONLY manager/coach/player that doesn't wear the same jackets as everybody else? He's always wearing a jacket that nobody else has... For instance tonight (July 5th @ Red Sox) he wore an all black windbreaker with an oriole head logo on the chest. No other teams seem to have these and just wear the Majestic jackets with the different colored sleeves...Anybody have any info on that?
  18. We all have thought about this at one time or another: Which uniforms from the past are better than those currently worn by a team? Whether it be from NIke-fying an entire league (see: NFL), forcing uniforms to fit a certain template (see: Reebok and the NHL), or just horrendous ownership decisions (see: Florida/Miami Marlins), there are just some poor decisions that need to be reversed. Some may be unpopular opinions (PhantomDreamer's obsession with weird pullover baseball jerseys) or completely popular opinions (wanting to completely get rid of the new Jacksonville Jaguars uniforms). Without further ado, my list as follows: 1. Vancouver Canucks 90s uniforms and color scheme vs. present uniforms and color scheme Perhaps my ultimate unpopular opinion next to my love of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks infamous "Wild Wing" jersey, I do not like the current Vancouver Canucks color scheme or their "Stick-in- rink" alternate jersey. I've heard both sides of the debate on the Orca logo, and I will admit bringing back the skate logo isn't the best idea. However, I like the color scheme of the Pavel Bure era uniforms as well as the jersey design from those days. The current uniform design is rather bland to me and the color scheme isn't that distinctive either. 2. Arizona Diamodbacks Purple an Teal vs. Red and Sand Pretty simple, I like the old Diamondbacks color scheme more than the old one. 3.Florida Marlins color scheme vs Miami Marlins color scheme I believe that the current Marlins logo would be solid without the rainbow of colors in it. In fact, the old Marlins logo is starting to look a bit outdated to me. I believe that if the Marlins brought back the teal and black and got rid of whatever multitude of colors they use now they'd have a pretty solid look. So what do you guys think? What uniform designs, logos, or color schemes are you clamoring to get back?
  19. Hello all, I've been a fan and reader of the forum for many years but I haven't done much posting, nor have I shared a concept until now: I thought I'd do a concept series a little different from the 'norm' and focus on the New Era bating practice caps we've all come to know and love hate since their presence in a team's brand has become relevant. 1. Arizona Diamondbacks- I created my own alternate logo for the D-Backs for their bating practice cap. The logo is a snake emerging from a baseball that takes obvious cues from the D-Backs 'D' logo. I've never really been a fan of their color change from purple/black/teal/copper to sedona red/sand so rather than wear the on-field cap, I wear a cap I like much better. As such I've inverted the logo's of the 'D' snake for my logo. Enjoy. Cap Logo BP Cap
  20. Here is a quick rebrand I did for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I wanted to give them a timeless look that represented the organization as a premier baseball franchise with rich history. Let me know what you think.
  21. This is a concept I've been working on rebranding the Tampa Bay Rays as the Tampa Rays. The reason behind the name change is that I've never been too big on naming a team after a body of water/region and I personally think Tampa Rays sounds better. Not too much to say about the logos/unis themselves, I was just really trying to step away from the generic identity the Rays currently use and design something that would be unique in the MLB. I'd love to get everyone's constructive criticism on the design.
  22. I know I said I would shut up, but I have an honest question, and I would like an honest answer. I saw on the twitter feed on the main site that the person who was gonna throw out the first pitch was wearing a tropical blue marlins jersey. I would like to know if the marlins have ever worn these, or if they ever will? And also, do they have a blue cap to match?
  23. So I have been looking at logos, teams, and batting practice hats around the MLB lately and have been thinking of ways that I think teams could better use the freedoms of batting practice hat design. So many teams had great opportunities to create a masterpiece when the new Diamond Era BP hats were being designed, but many of them dropped the ball. So for some teams I am suggesting a full on replacement, and others I am simply suggesting they use designs like mine as an alternate or road bp hat. First off let's start with the Tampa Bay Rays: This team wanted to be able to create an identity that the Fans could choose the meaning of when they changed from Devil Rays to just Rays. This could imply the Ray fish population found around Tampa, or it could suggest the golden rays of sunshine encountered daily in Florida. They already have the BP hats that feature the Sunray logo, but they barely use the Devil Ray fish logo. So, I designed a hat that could cater to the needs of fans like me who LOVE the Devil Ray. I suggest that this could replace the powder blue crown alternate hat, with the sunray on it, as the new alternate. It features an old Devil Rays logo that I edited to look modern and match the current uniform set.
  24. My Padres Concept if/when they change to Brown and Gold
  25. Hello All, You may remember me from the short lived NBA MLB crossover (Which kind of died because of inactive posting). That was a while ago, and got busy with other things. This time I am back to stay (I hope). I've always been interested in the signatures, below one users post. I thought it would be a good idea to start a series like this because, I have a lot of time on my hands over the summer, and this would keep me occupied. So basically, each team I will do will have its team name, date of establishment, logo timeline, and two popular logos on each side. I understand that this will be hard to do with some times (New York Yankees, Colorado Rockies), but I am sure I will make a few "edits" to get around this. Firstly I will start with 4 American league teams. NOTE: I am not a professional at any level, so don't expect anything out of this world. Los Angeles Angels: Minnesota Twins: Seattle Mariners: Cleveland Indians: Thanks to Fonts by Conrad C&C always welcome!