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  1. Ok, so here's the deal. I absolutely hate the Homerun Derby/ All Star BP Jerseys. Besides the colors and patch, the uniforms have nothing to tie them to the Minnesota Twins. And of course they came out with those boring Homerun Derby hats just to make money. What I have done was take the layout of the jersey, and replace the script with one that doesn't overkill the stars, and also incorporates a font from the Minnesota Twins and gives them a hat to match it. S0 here is the NL Homerun Derby Team:
  2. Well, I'm back at it again. After my first thread went belly up due to my inactive posting, I overhauled my concepts. I improved the displays and ideas, creating an MLB that mixes tweaks of current sets, modernizations of classic looks, and some completely new designs. With that said, let's get started on the American League. AMERICAN LEAGUE Baltimore Orioles (this post) Boston Red Sox New York Yankees Tampa Bay Rays (the "Stingrays" original) Toronto Blue Jays Chicago White Sox Cleveland Indians Detroit Tigers Milwaukee Brewers Minnesota Twins Kansas City Royals Los Angeles Angels Oakland Athletics Seattle Mariners Texas Rangers NATIONAL LEAGUE Atlanta Braves Miami Marlins New York Mets Philadelphia Phillies Washington Nationals Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Reds Houston Astros (alternates update) Pittsburgh Pirates St. Louis Cardinals Arizona Diamondbacks (update) Colorado Rockies (update) Los Angeles Dodgers San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants (update) AL East Baltimore Orioles I've tried to merge the O's current look with their 1960's look, namely with the dirtier-looking scripts (I like the unpolished look of the old script logos over the current slick-looking scripts) and the return of the 60's striped socks (both in stirrup and solid form). I also restored the old primary logo, replaced the "O's" logo on the cartoon bird with the block "B" logo from the 60's, and made the 1954 bird a tertiary logo. I also removed the Maryland flag patch (I love the look of the Maryland flag, but it doesn't need to be placed in every Maryland-based team's logos). The alternates have also changed, with the orange alt's scripts receiving a color flip and the black alt's scripts getting white outlines. Home and Road: Alternates: Up next, Boston and New York!
  3. Since I'm new here, I would like to know everyone's opinion of the Minnesota Twins uniforms. Do you guys think they should switch to the cream/off-white uniform for home?
  4. I created a fictional baseball team for OOTP and started making uniforms and such! I started making the whole uniform history going back to the team's beginnings so maybe I'll post those later but first, here's what I came up with.... P.S. the coloring on the hats is supposed to be stitching, not extra piping
  5. Don't bring up the Mariners switching to cream unless you can confirm it, but any other rumors or leaks about teams changing things up?
  6. Just wondering everyone's opinion. Not gonna criticize anything this time. I might be biased, but I really enjoy everything for the 2014 game. The jerseys are cool, the logo has a clean design, and the hats are unique.
  7. In the big leagues, many teams have alternate or away caps, but don't have a batting helmet to match it, making for inconsistent headgear. I decided to make batting helmets concepts based off these hats. The template didn't really turn out the way I wanted it to, but the helmets don't look bad. My favorite concept is the orange Marlins helmet. Since these concepts aren't anything new, I'll put them all in a few posts. C & C would be greatly appreciated, as this is my first time doing anything other than hockey jerseys. Thanks!
  8. As I started in my last topic, I looked into the expansion of MLB baseball to bring it 32 teams in the league with my national league team the Carolina Hammerheads. Now after a few days of getting back at it, work can be a real B**** sometimes, I wanted to unveil my American League Team, The New Orleans Brass. I really find New Orleans could be a wonderful place to place for an MLB team and just thinking of what a beautiful ballpark they could have if they design one in the style of southern architecture and Bourbon street it would be a neat place to go see a game. Now with that being said I played more off of the color of brass than instruments so as you'll notice there are non in the logos/uniforms themselves. With the Uniforms obvious white for home and grey for black. But the alt can be worn at both and there is no specific cap the team would wear at home or away its what ever combo they would want to go out on the diamond in. And what would an NOLA team with a Fleur-de-lis in it. So as always please C&C and thank you. PLEASE CLICK THE IMAGE TO EXPAND IT, EASIER TO SEE OBVIOUSLY
  9. I will give advice and also ask for advice but now how would I make this logo look better
  10. JJHoser

    MLB Camo hats

    Ok so I know that these aren't the greatest designs, but the MLB has a hard on for camo hats on the holidays. So I figured I would do something with the current and recently released 2014 camo hats and make them a little more bearable. (P.S. These are not mean to be world class photoshop designs. Just simply drawn up concepts.) Here are the first two:
  11. Hi everyone, This is my first post on this forum. As we all know, the MLB has new Diamond Era BP Caps. I'm a huge fan of them and came of with some different designs for each team that I thought I'd share. Even though I know photoshop, I have limited access to it, so these are obviously done with minimal editing capabilities and look pretty bad, so please understand. Ill go through them division by division, starting with the American League Central. Positve/Contructive feedback would be appreciated! Chicago White Sox: Cleveland Indians: Detroit Tigers: Kansas City Royals: Minnesota Twins:
  12. I was bored, and I decided to make a cardinals logo with only the head. MY EDITS: ..Brightened red ..changed yellow a bit ..gave new eye (Louisville) ..bye navy, hello black! ..gave new wordmark (not sure about the font) Fell free to leave C/C!!
  13. Hello All! This is my first ever forum post! I've been on this site basically everyday at work to check out all the great ideas and concepts that have been posted. I've recently decided to take my fantasy baseball league and create uniforms and logos for each just as something fun to do. With the amount of time I spend on here, I thought maybe they would be worthy of a topic so others can check out what I did. Of course comments and criticism are welcomed! Now, some of the team names aren't the greatest but I feel my creativeness made up for them. If you think maybe color schemes should be changed or if its flat out the logo isn't that great and should be tweaked, please let me know. I hope you like! The Scrubs El Dorado Desperados I'm Keith Hernandez Most Interesting Man 516 Flatliners Murder Inc. Amazing Mess Skippy Cuban Missile Crisis Los Bravos
  14. Hi guys, I've lurked for a long time/posted under a different username I lost the password for a long time ago. But I wanted to share a rough concept I created for my portfolio to get your opinion and criticism on. It's for the Austin Armadillos, an expansion MLB franchise (let's say NL--three AL teams in Texas would be a headache for everyone). The name is fairly obvious: armadillos are everywhere in central Texas and it's one of the state's most popular symbols. But what sold me on it initially was the link to the Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin, a rock venue in the 70s that was the cradle for what became the Live Music Capitol of the World. I modified what is an excellent template created by BrandMooreArt for the uniforms. I appreciate any notes or criticism!
  15. After the FSU "leaked" logo got around,I thought I might share my favorite logos,unis,Ect. You can share your favorite logos,as I will like to get your interests in sport logos. I will be counting it up from 1 to 100. I will try to get an equal number of uniforms,logos per sport league. Hope you have fun!
  16. I'm back with another crossover series, but I will be more lenient on the NFL's rules regarding how many helmets/jerseys. So without further adieu, the Baltimore Orioles.
  17. Memorial Patches is one of my favorite parts of the uniform. Early patches were crepes and armbands. In 1973,The Pittsburgh Pirates created the standard when they had a patch commentating Roberto Clemente who died in a plane crash in 1972. Please share your favorite patches!
  18. I'm trying to get back into the concept funk. It seems like I've been a lurker almost for the past few months. Atlanta Braves uniform concept I wanted to give the Braves a new look, mainly because with their new "star spangled" jersey, the elimination of the regular Friday road reds and the continued existence of the all-blue road uniforms (which are always called "badass" and their "best uniforms!!" even though I despise them) I've begun to really hate the Braves look. For starters, I made the blue shirt a single piece that can be worn in select home or road games, simply as a day-to-day alternate for equipment life purposes. It's essentially a jersey version of the sherseys that the Braves have sold for years -- red script, tomahawk and numerals instead of the blue-on-blue. The iconic, simple red white and blue caps are the mainstay of the two regular home uniform options and now again part of the road look. I added a simple alternate road cap for when the team wears the blue shirts on the road to give it a different look--with a different cap and grey pants it will appear as a completely different uniform. As far as the regular home and road go, I made a very minor tweak, which was to tone down the piping from three bars to one, preserving the look and making the uniforms less busy. I've heard many people in the past actually say that the uniforms look too busy because of the piping, while others have complained about the tomahawk on the chest. While there's just as many who say the Braves uniforms are a modern classic, I figured I'd choose the medium between the two. The Sunday home alternate is something out there. I originally thought a throwback would suffice, but as I began working on it I decided "Why not make something interesting?" I'd hope the feathered cap would be a seller, while the sleeveless jerseys, designed under shirt and dark pants are a very progressive combination. In the regular would these probably wouldn't fly, but who knows how much the MLB's standards could once again change? Right?
  19. I am starting a thread for logos in sports that are really cool but are not commonly viewed as such. You people can post anything you think belongs here. I will not be posting Basketball but if you want to, That's Fine. (I just don't follow that kind of stuff.
  20. Here are a couple designs I've been sitting on for a while. The first is for the Milwaukee Brewers. A bit of a mashup, taking some of my favorite elements of some of the branding they've utilized over the years. The color palette and jersey lettering is from the current design, but I'm bringing back the classic "Ball and Glove MB" logo from the "Bambi's Bombers" era. The player number is a new font that I think is a much better compliment to the script "Brewers" than what is currently being used. The road uniform is a little more of a departure. Again, I'm using the "MB" logo and featuring it prominently on the left chest panel of the uniform with the player number on the right, using traditional piping as seen on the Tigers' classic home uni. I've tweaked the gray of the road color, adding a touch of blue to give it a distinctive tone among road grays across the league. Next, we have an Oakland A's design I've toyed with. I loved when the A's introduced their gold home alt uniform a couple years ago and would love to see them return to that design featuring "A's" on the left chest panel across the board. Here's what it might look like. This actually borrows heavily from an alt home uni they used from 1982-84. The road uniform follows the same construct, but I've inverted the green and gold on both the logo mark and the player number, which would give this a lot of pop off of the road gray. Also, I've also inverted the colors on the cap to pay homage to the batting helmet the team used in the late 1960s early 1970s, famously worn by Reggie Jackson when he hit the light tower at the old Tiger Stadium in the 1971 All Star game.
  21. I'm Dylan, and I have a bit of a passion for baseball uniforms. For a while I've been whipping up my own creations and I've decided to finally share them with you all. I'll be starting with the American League East and making my way West and back around East with the National League. Some teams are small tweaks, some are rehashes, and some are combinations of all the team's eras. We start in the AL East with the Baltimore Orioles. First, I added some Cardinals-esque stripes to their socks as an option. I added a "B" alternate hat to replace their "O's" hat, and also got rid of the orange brim (Because who needs two black and orange-brimmed hats?) They also wear their black bird hat at home as an alternate. The black jersey says "Baltimore" and has white outlines added to fit in with the rest of their uniform set. As for the orange alternate, I simple changed the piping on the sleeves and put the "O's" on the sleeve. Their white jersey gets the bird swinging the bat, which I feel is underused by the Orioles, especially now that they're back to using the cartoon bird. Comments & criticism is appreciated, of course.
  22. Using the logos and template that Chris has on this site, plus some of my own limited skills, I've been tweaking some MLB team uniforms. They've been posted to Uni-Watch before, but I thought I'd polish them up and share them here specifically as well. I'll start with my concept for the Anaheim Angels. A unique font for their numbers is good, and shaving the barbs from their current one made for a really good one. Their '76-'93 jerseys were cool, so I made a button down version sans the front number. Their cap logo from that era was also cool, so I kept the spirit of it around in red.
  23. Today marks the tenth anniversary that I joined the boards here at the CCSLC. I'd actually been a daily viewer/reader for a few months prior but had yet to post, as my membership was tied to this site's old home over on the boards at, as were most of the members who joined here in the site's early days. Actually, I should correctly say that it wasn't yet a site at all, but rather just message boards. The website of would come later. As I was joining this board, I had been bed-ridden for exactly a month, having been smashed head-on in a car accident by a car who was running from police after a bust on a crystal meth lab. He suffered a broken foot and was in and out of the E.R. in a few hours. I spent 3 days in I.C.U. and another 8 weeks at home recovering from a trip through my truck's windshield. During that time I obviously had plenty of time to lay around and play on the computer, and so I made the move from the dying Fanhome over to this site on March 4th, 2004. While I was already adept at illustrator I'd never really applied it outside of work applications (designing signs and billboards), so my first concepts here were actually done in MS Paint until I learned the in and outs of every illustrator tool that was NOT the text feature. I was blown away by some of the talent here and I knew I wanted to be a part of it, from the brilliance of Nitroseed, to the bizarre I-cant-look-away stylings of Discrimihater, to the MS Paint mastery of Steve-O and Against All Odds (later known as AAO), this board was where a sports fanatic artist like myself needed to be. Through 10 years I've amazing artists come along and shine and later pass the mantle down to others...guys like Nitroseed, AAO, PCGD, Buc, AndrewHarrington, Davidson...even myself for a short time, so it's amazing and fills me with joy to see guys like Conrad and ren69 reaping the praise currently. I've seen knotheads like Mojoto and JamesCraven mouth their way right out of here, and I've seen BringBackTheVet live up to the widely held belief that Philly sports fans are probably the most knowledgeable on the planet. Most importantly I've enjoyed the brethren and camaraderie that this fraternity has provided. It helped me recover from a life-threatening car wreck, and has helped me become a better artist both independently and commercially. Over the next few days I'm going to post a retrospective of my concepts through the years, from 2004 to 2014, not that any of them are any good, but most of them have been sitting locked away in photobucket for many years and just want to come out for some air again. With that said as I've said many times here...enjoy! This was my first concept here, originally done in paint and originally posted on the old Fanhomes board to no response (because the board was dead at this point). The Atlanta Falcons announced in training camp before the 2002 season that they would be changing things up for 2003, and this was my concept. I originally drew this concept in my sketchpad, before later doing a full "technical" rendering in full color on paper much like this one here, and also drawing Michael Vick in the uniform in action. Not knowing how pro sports teams actually go about selecting new logos and uniforms, I actually packaged this all up and sent it to the Falcons front office, and as you can imagine I never heard a response. A guy named James Craven, who would soon become a banned member here and never made concepts, posted a thread in the concepts forum asking for people to submit their concepts for the Falcons, Titans, Bills, and Bengals, which were the last 4 uniform hauls in the NFL at that time. Since I had this one sitting around I pulled it out here, and thus began my concept posting here on the CCSLC. A quick note: The custom font shown here is one that I have used many times in concepts since, and ironically is very, very similar to the current Arkansas Razorbacks font, though it pre-dates it by around 10 1/2 years. It should also be noted that I've re-used this jersey/pants template on several concepts as well.
  24. Welcome, this is my first ever concept, and I'm just getting my feet wet with concepts and coming fresh from a beginner's photoshop class at my high school. Anyways, I saw the NBA to NFL thread, and got inspired by that thread to make this crossover. SOME BASIC THINGS I WANT TO SAY: I haven't really watched or payed attention to baseball, so these may not look like traditional baseball jerseys.Most NBA logos can actually be replaced with a baseball, so I feel like I can get away with unmodified ones. Some, however (ex. Miami Primary) won't work at all, so I'll avoid ones like that.I've done a Home and a Road Jersey, and may come back to do Alternates.I'll try to post a West/East concept in every update.Updates may not be constant.‚Äč So first up, we have my Phoenix Suns. I wanted to put the Sunburst on their jerseys in, but thought it would be too weird. Should I have? Next up is the Orlando Magic. I like this one, because it reminds me more of a baseball jersey and is decent imo. So guys, any constructive criticism? Should I continue? Any team suggestions?
  25. I like the Tampa Bay Rays fauxback uniforms and I decided to try and create a new logo around that idea. Dunno what else to say but ask what your thoughts are?