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  1. Just a concept I whipped up a short while ago. What if the Athletics never packed their bags from the City of Brotherly Love? After all, they had a much more storied history in the city while the Phillies were always relegated to second-division status (Of course, financial problems and the Phillies new-found success did the A's in for their stay in Philly). So here's a concept for the 2014 Philly A's. Their home jerseys stay basically the same as they did for most of their existence, though they keep the gold from the 1950 Golden Anniversary uniforms. For the road jerseys I used a Philadelphia script I found on the internet, though I would love to one day be able to replicate the actual Athletics script into the word Philadelphia. The alternate uses the script that the team used in the late 80s, before the second serif was added. Let me know what you think, I might do one of those "alternate universe" threads where the A's stay and the Phillies move to another city, much like the A's did.
  2. Jvelleu

    MLB Fauxbacks

    Ever since the Rays came out with their fauxbacks last year, i've wanted to make 70s fauxbacks for the other expansion teams that weren't around in the 70s. I finally got around to it when I was inspired by JCRGraphics sweet 70s NHL concepts. I just love the horrifically beautiful aesthetics of the 70s. First up is Miami, racing stripes in full glory. (sorry about large images) I really wanted to make a super happy, poorly rendered 70s style logo, heavily inspired by pucky the whale.
  3. I always liked the old puple and teal look the dbacks had. I was disappointed when they went from a unique purple and teal, to red, a color already over-used in baseball and sports in general. They did, however get a few things right with their uniforms and the updated snake D logo. In this I took the aspects, that in my opinion, were the best from both eras. I'll first start out with the color scheme. As I said before, I always liked the purple and teal the dbacks had before, but I feel today that the purple and teal together with the gold looks a little too 90's. I used the teal, because with the rebrand of the marlins, there are no teal teams left in baseball. I kept the tan and black they are currently using because I think they go good together with the teal. Secondly the logos. I'm not sure how others feel about the font used by the dbacks currently, but I'm not a fan of it. It looks like it should be used for a minor league team called the "black widows" or something. I like the style they used in the original to make "diamondbacks" fit together, so used that and changed the font to a more professional look. For the primary and alternate logos, I just took the currents and changed the red parts to teal. Lastly the uniforms. The dbacks best home uniform in my opinion (and according to the ratings on this site) were the purple and teal with the A logo. The current home whites with "d-backs" is awful and bringing back the A on the primary home whites gives them a much cleaner look and avoids a stupid abbreviation like "d-backs." For the road grays I just changed the red to teal and replaced the font with my updated one. The black alternates are pretty much the same other than the teal and number font. The hats are more of the same except for the addition of an alternate A cap with a teal bill. I think the hats and jerseys could be worn in any combination, but my preferred combinations are the solid black A with the home whites, the teal D with the road grays, and the alternate A with teal bill with the alternate blacks. I'm relatively new with this so suggestions and feedback are welcome!
  4. I don't like how MLB/Baseball Writers' Association of America (BBWAA) chooses their MVPs, Cy Youngs, Golden Gloves, etc. and having winners in both the AL and NL. I think that MLB/BBWAA should choose only 1 winner for the MVP, 1 winner for the Cy Young, and 1 winner for each position for the Golden Golves for the entire Major League. I'm fine with each league having their own players of the week or month because no one really cares about those. But I think that it's more of an accomplishment if you win the MVP of the entire Major League(30 teams) than winning the AL or NL MVP(15 teams). I known baseball is all about tradition and unwillingness to change but now baseball is expanding instant replay, possibly banning home plate collisions, etc. so why not just add this to the list to change. So how do you think MLB/BBWAA should choose the award winners?
  5. Hi, everybody. I was looking at the Rays' road uniform, and I was thought, "Why doesn't it say 'Tampa Bay' on it?" So, I created my own concept for a new road uniform. Everything is pretty much the same, except for the socks and the wordmark on the front. I would happily accept your thoughts on the concept, whether they be positive or negative.
  6. The San Francisco Giants are adding Barry Bonds to the Spring Training staff as a Special Instructor. So what does every one think about adding PED user to their staff? Would you bring Alex Rodriguez back to the Yankees or Sammy Sosa back to the Cubs as Special Instructors or Hitting Coaches? I know Mark McGwire is the Hitting Coach with the Dodgers, and previously with the Cardinals, but he admitted to using PEDs and Bonds hasn't yet.
  7. It's been forever, several years actually, since I've posted a non-alternate universe concept on this board. Been wanting to do a rethinking of the Astros for a very long time, especially for the past two years since a uniform change to the old colors was announced. I figured instead of doing up the whole concept and unleashing it all at once, I'd instead post the individual elements as I go and allow for feedback and critique to steer it into territories that even I may not have conceived. So here it is, the modernized yet retro rethinking of the classic Houston Astros rainbows. Enjoy.
  8. Hi, everybody. I was looking at the Rays' road uniform, and I was thought, "Why doesn't it say 'Tampa Bay' on it?" So, I created my own concept for a new road uniform. Everything is pretty much the same, except for the socks and the wordmark on the front. I would happily accept your thoughts on the concept, whether they be positive or negative.
  9. Well, I just kinda had to. I wanted to see the current graphics and fonts with the classic rainbows on a button and belt uniform. I fully expect this to be roundly disliked, so have at it!
  10. Hey, everyone. I've been a member for a while now but have never tried my hand at posting anything. Recently I got an idea to do a concept for an MLB expansion team in Indianapolis (unrealistic maybe, but hey, seemed like a fun idea). I decided to try and do this by hand and see how it went. So, I present, the Indianapolis Thunderbirds. The team name and home uniform is inspired by my old high school, while the colors of red and black are inspired by the city's current AAA team. Indianapolis is a pretty traditional city, and this plays a pretty big role in its sports team's identities. The home jersey is white with red piping and trim, with black letters also trimmed in red, inspired by my alma mater's old unis. The away grey is pretty plain, with black piping and red lettering. The black alternate uses white letters with red trim. Also, I was inspired by TheGiantsFan to try and design a stadium. Please excuse by art skills and keep in mind these are still pretty early and unpolished designs. Just wanted to get some feedback and see what everyone thinks.
  11. Hey guys, I actually like the Rockies logo, except it looks a little dated (in my opinion.) I decided to cut the gray out of the logo, as it seemed unnecessary to me. Let me know what you think!
  12. The MLB is an interesting league, to say the least. This is a thread to talk about predictions, playoffs, standings, future seasons etc. Everything except A-Rod. So go wild I can't wait so see what you think!
  13. I was thinking about doing a modernization of retired teams of the MLB. Here are the Boston Americans: And here are the Classic Baltimore Orioles: Feedback please!
  14. I was thinking about doing a modernization of retired teams of the MLB.
  15. This is part observational and part opinion. Take a minute to look at the NBA's primary team logos page. Then flip over to NFL, NHL, and MLB. I notice a difference. Every NBA teams' primary logo (with the exception of the Pacers and Wizards who might have been grandfathered in) seem to adhere to standards that they must include the city and team name in their logo. This style is pretty heavily used in minor league sports as well. Meanwhile the other 3 sports tend to rely mainly on imagery and symbols. In the NFL and NHL, wording in primary logos is rare. In MLB, it seems like a mix of the two. My question is: Do you prefer the more basic logos of the NFL and NHL or the NBA-style logos with city and team name? Also consider: Should the NBA change its standards? What is more iconic?
  16. This is a concept series that I will be doing periodically over the next few months. Teams like the Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers have pretty vintage-looking uniforms. This can be attributed to their early establishment. Other teams, like Miami Marlins and Arizona Diamondbacks are the opposite, featuring more modernized looks. Which brings us to the Official MLB Random Year Expansion!!! In this series, I will be randomizing the year of expansion of major league teams, and displaying how their jerseys would've looked IN that year. I can use any year from 1869 to present. The only rule is that the team nickname must remain the same. I will be starting off with the American League, then going to the National League after. Teams will be posted by division, in no particular order. If you are new to this thread, I suggest just scrolling though to see all of the jerseys, and feedback from other members. Otherwise, you can use the quick links to get straight to the jersey of your choice! I hope you all enjoy! American League Quick Links: AL EAST: Baltimore Orioles 1997, Boston Red Sox 1978, New York Yankees 2005, Tampa Bay Rays 1905, Toronto Blue Jays 1942 AL CENTRAL: Chicago White Sox 1991, Cleveland Indians 2011, Detroit Tigers 2002, Kansas City Royals 1955, Minnesota Twins 1931 AL WEST: Houston Astros 2013, LA Angels of Anaheim 1948, Oakland Athletics 1870, Seattle Mariners 1913, Texas Rangers 1927 National League Quick Links: NL EAST: NL CENTRAL: NL WEST: Arizona Diamondbacks 1982, Colorado Rockies 1973, Los Angeles Dodgers 1994, San Diego Padres TBA, San Francisco Giants TBA
  17. So I've made a few concepts in the past for a fantasy football league, but this is the first I've posted here or anywhere else. I got bored so I decided to make the MLB into NFL teams. The first one I've made is the Astros. Please let me know what you think! TO VIEW MY FULL ALBUM, click here:
  18. Hello, First of all I am not a professional or anything, so don't expect a modern miracle. I have seen lots of sports crossovers before in the forums, so i thought i might take a crack at a NBA-MLB crossover. I have a Home, Away, Alternative, and Alternative 2 /throwback for each team. First up Atlanta Hawks.... Please let me know what you think!
  19. Read this interesting Sports Media Watch tweet: And he released a really interesting article about it that added more detail: I'm curious about your thoughts on this. Is there a remedy for the NBA or MLB to shake things up? Are their salary systems to blame? Or is it "just how it is."
  20. Didn't see a thread for the baseball playoffs, so here it is. Included is my bracket similar to the NHL playoffs I used last season, with a few additions. Updated 10/28/2013: Sorry been lacking on the updates, then was out of town. Anyway, bracket now updated. Red Sox one win away from being World Series Champions. Link
  21. So while the final game of the world series was going on I thought about making some wallpapers and this is what I came up with. Enjoy, and as always c&c is welcome! David Ortiz Yadier Molina
  22. I thought I'd share some of my own color palette proposals for some of the various teams in sports... Arizona Cardinals: Dallas Cowboys: Seattle Seahawks:
  23. Alright, here's the first episode of the new podcast by two-thirds of the Logocast, one-quarter of Basically a Sports Show, half of Off The Top Rope, whichever way you kind of want to look at it. It's nothing but baseball talk. In the first episode, we discuss who's a pretender and who's a contender, talk about the moves of the offseason and which have paid off the best so far, and even a little bit of fantasy baseball talk. We hope everybody digs this.
  24. Hi guys! I am in the middle of modifying a template for Photoshop. It is a new era hat template originally made by JayJaxon. Please go check his work he has amazing templates and I am just modifying this template. Features for this template include: JayJaxon's Original Layers: Crown, Bill, White FrontMy modifications include all current AL and NL primary and alt cap logosIncluded are a folder with layers for 9/11 American Flag and 2013 World Series and Postseason LogosAgain I do not own this template and only modifying it. Credits all to JayJaxon. Pictures to come soon. Format: PSD