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  1. I had a thought, while looking at a few teams, there are some teams that I found have alternates that are much better than the main jerseys they use. I also thought it might be an interesting topic on here.
  2. Rygi13

    Phoenix SC

    My concept for a Phoenix Soccer Club based off of the flags of Arizona and Phoenix, the badge also features an arrowhead shape.
  3. Hi again. This is my first soccer (or football) club rebrand attempt ever. I have chosen the capital's club, D.C. United, to get a major overhaul. Their current logo is mediocre at best, some would say it's a rather horrible and outdated look. Gone is the black-and-red color scheme. I can already hear people moan, saying "Not another red, white and blue team in D.C.!" Well, that's plausible on the one hand. But on the other hand I think no other major U.S. city sports teams suit better wearing this very color combo than the ones from Washington. Moreover, I will never become a fan of black and red. Therefore I decided to replace black with a very dark midnight navy that almost looks black – especially during games under the lights, so traditionalists wouldn't go completely crazy. Current primary logo Logo chart Primary logo on white background Primary logo on red background Primary logo on midnight navy background Secondary "Pentagon" logo Alternate logo Alternate logo Partial logo on different backgrounds Wordmark logos
  4. I know we have a lot of soccer fans on these boards, so I want to know- do you consider the MLS a pro major sports league in North America, like the NHL, MLB, NFL and NBA. In my opinion, yes, and it will become more and more popular as time goes on, especially with the expansion and more elite players coming to play here. So do you agree or disagree.
  5. Being a Chicago Fire fan myself, this team needs change. I know logos seem to get more and more "simplified" every year but something bothers me about the Fire's current logo. This is my fix. C&C welcome.
  6. So, I meant to post this a lot sooner but I have been in the middle of a move, just got back to my computer. Here are my redesigns for both MLS and the bundesliga, with the new raysox template. I'll start off with the MLS and then bundesliga, currently I am working on moving the budesliga into the new template. Please feel free to leave feedback and C&C. For MLS, I am including teams not yet in the league: atlanta, minnesota, lafc, and miami. I'll be including the newly promoted teams in the bundesliga as well. I'll post designs in alphabetical order. First up is Atlanta, gave them the name of AFC Rise. (Atlanta Football Club Rise), going with the rise/phoenix/burning of Atlanta theme that seems to be so popular. I gave them Coke as the sponsor, the atlanta soda giant is probably a good sponsor and the red colors go together. Home kit- two tone red kit, dark red sleeves, and shorts, red torso an socks. dark red stripe gradient, and yellow and white accents Away kit- all white kit with red and yellow accents and thin red horizontal stripes Third kit- Peach kit, peach color torso, and socks, with navy blue shorts and sleeves
  7. Hi guys. I have been a longtime lurker, and have finally created a concept. Like most people, I did not like where the MLS Rebrand went last year, and have created something that is hopefully better. I haven't made the MLS logo yet, but also had the idea for a word mark logo that could be applied for each team. I have made concepts for some of the teams so far, and I will continue to post the MLS logo. I modeled it after a scarf, since they are so prominent in soccer. This is my first concept, so please bare with me. C&C is greatly appreciated!
  8. To be able to work better and more freely my creativity, I decided to start this series of crossovers of NHL teams to football. I always enjoyed the visual identity of the NHL teams, and will do soccer jerseys, Home, Away and Third for each of them. The presentation that I will use is down here. This will be the template pattern for posting. Changes in the frame to fit alloy, and little change in the shirt template I usually use, the main one being the shift from "Victoria" to "Icestorm" shirt in the bar. The sleeve has the patch of the league, that just as the MLS, will change color depending on the team, and the font used on all shirts will be used by teams in real life. Well, I start with the series soon, and I hope you enjoy.
  9. I've been working on putting together some uniform concepts for the entire MLS, and now that some of the actual jerseys are leaking with some similar design ideas, I thought I better start posting them so I don't look like a total copycat. I'll post them in alphabetical order periodically, as I finish them. I'd welcome any feedback. Chicago Fire Colorado Rapids Columbus Crew DC United FC Dallas Houston Dynamo LA Galaxy Montreal Impact New England Revolution New York City FC New York Red Bulls Orlando City Philadelphia Union --- First off is the Chicago Fire. I wanted to return to a more traditional treatment of their kits, using the concaving chest stripe. I've taken cues from the Chicago flag to create a tonal pattern on both jerseys and the coloration of the away kit. While it's far from a unique idea (as evidence by their leaked away jersey for the upcoming season), I think it's the most iconic look they've ever had, and I anticipate it would continue to resonate with the civic pride of their fanbase.
  10. This is my first post to the CCSLC forums but believe me, I've been a lurker here for a looooong time. Anyway, lately I've been working on some signature designs for people to use here in the forums if they'd like. Any feedback or thoughts on these designs is much appreciated! I sort of envision myself making these for a bunch of different sports, but for now I'm starting with soccer and the first few completed designs are for MLS teams. Here are my first two: San Jose Earthquakes: New York City FC: I'll post more as I complete them, and of course if anyone is interested I can take requests of your favorite teams. In the mean time I'll work on getting through MLS.
  11. I started thinking about taking on a soccer league redesign, and this was my idea for an LA-based team. The Los Angeles Republic Football Club. I figured it would work as the 2017 MLS team also, so I decided to post it. About: The name LA Republic FC comes from the California Republic. The bear in the logo comes from the California state flag, with a few adjustments here and there. The grape and oranges on the side symbolizes California's citrus and wine industry, and came from the LA city seal. The zig-zags in the background mimicks the LA city flag. A circle with an LAFC monogram is present on the bottom, with a Latin motto for the team "Simul Ambulate," or "walk together" (reference to the bear walking forward.) Los Angeles Republic Football Club adorns the top of the crest. The crest is a very European-style, because I'm pretty fond of that type of crest. The team name follows in the recent trend of the MLS not having gimmicky nicknames and typically having FC at the end. I may put together uniforms for the crest also. Any actual C&C (not just "AWESOME!" is appreciated.) Enjoy!
  12. This is my part 2 of my MLS series (you can check out part 1 right here Part 2 starts out with homes and aways for the New England Revolution Home: Away:
  13. The news that the MLS is adding Minnesota United FC to the league effective 2018 made me very excited. I am assuming that they will use the same name and logo package that they are currently using in the NASL, and I really like that logo, but for the purposes of this concept I am giving them a new name. So here is Minnesota Gemini FC! Some things to note here: -We've got the constellation Gemini appearing with a soccer ball within the state of Minnesota. I like the usage of the constellation in this instance because it ties into another sports team in the area. -The star dotting the 'i' in 'Minnesota', appearing in the far northern part of the state, is meant to evoke Minnesota's status as the northernmost contiguous state in the US as well as its nickname of the North Star State. The constellation imagery is a continuation of this star theme. As of right now, this is a pretty rough sketch of what I have in mind; this is also my first concept wherein I create a logo from scratch so I would love to hear some C&C on this logo. Thanks in advance!
  14. Hello all, Today I have for you two MLS jersey concepts, my favorite MLS team, the New England Revolution, and the Colorado Rapids. I will not be doing the entire MLS it might just be a few teams here and there. A big thanks goes out to Raysox for sending me his soccer template. C&C is appreciated as always. First up is the New England Revolution: The Revs jerseys right now aren't horrible, but they could be much better. The home jersey is pretty standard for Adidas. It features a blue base with white shoulder stripes and a white chest stripe. The away jersey is white with red shoulder stripes, and a blue and red sash. Both jerseys include the New England flag the English Colonists used in the American Revolution. Next is the Colorado Rapids: The Colorado Rapids in my opinion have the blandest jerseys in all of the MLS. For them I paid homage to the Rocky Mountains in both the home and away jerseys. The home jersey features 2 stripes coming from the shoulder to a peak on the sublimated mountain on the bottom of the jersey. The away jersey feature the mountain that is fully visible. The mountain on the jersey is actually the mountain that is featured in the Rapids logo. On both the home and away jersey, the back collar has the number 96 on it. The 96 represents the year the Rapids were established, 1996.
  15. This will be my first big concept series Atlanta FC:
  16. Hey Guys! It's been a long time since I've posting something, so I hope you like this one.C&C More than welcome!
  17. First off, this is the first soccer concept I've ever made. Front design inspired by the Chicago flag.
  18. I've been kicking around a few ideas for a Rapids away kit, so I thought I'd share. Sky Blue/Onyx Stripes I thought the sky blue away jerseys from a few years back were pretty distinctive, but since KC's rebrand, the Rapids have moved away from them. Perhaps pairing them with their dark gray "onyx" color would be a nice way to implement the sky blue again. Plus, there's an added bonus of harking back to their black/blue striped kits of the the early-to-mid 00s. Topography Coloradans are pretty damned proud of our mountains, so I thought a subtle topographic pattern overlaid across a white to sky blue fade would be an interesting way to reference them. Onyx/Silver I've always been a sucker for their dark gray, and I thought contrasting some metallic silver against it would look especially good under flood lights. Echoing the mountain peak from the crest would be a good way to add some character to it, too. Caribous Redux The Rapids had a pretty awesome April Fool's Day gag with the old Caribous of Colorado kits last year, and it was pretty well received by the folks who knew their Denver soccer history. I thought it would be fun to explore a kit that paid homage to the old NASL franchise, minus any actual fringe. 20th Anniversary Kit As the Rapids prepare for their 20th season, I thought a kit that borrowed from their past identities would be a nice way to celebrate. I've taken green and waves from some of their earlier kits, and paired them with black and royal from their second identity.
  19. I wanted to play around with the new MLS logo, but use non-MLS teams. I started out with my 5 favorite teams. Trailblazers- Using the iconic "Rip City" with red and black variations. Oregon State- Probably my favorite ones (although I am in the minority of really liking their new logo). Seahawks- I played around a lot with these ones. The first one I incorporated the Space Needle and the "12th Man". The second one I took the Seahawks logo and brought it over the slash going through the crest and it turned out well I think. Red Sox- Very simple but I like how both of them turned out. Blackhawks- I messed around with these ones a lot and I couldn't really come up with something that I liked. I wanted to incorporate the two black stripes from the uniforms but I couldn't figure out how to get them just right. Suggestions?
  20. Figured we might as well start one up, this is for really North American soccer only, no European stuff as there is an International Soccer thread for that.
  21. I've been doodling around in class lately for a concept logo for a fictional New Orleans-based expansion franchise in MLS. This is what I've come up with so far. The name I chose is Riverside New Orleans. I was reading about the history of soccer in the area and in the late 1800s-early 1900s (can't remember exact dates) there was a successful club called simply "Riverside," so I thought it was unique and sounded good so I went with it. The gold siding is based off of street markers on Canal St. The stripes of red and white come directly from the city flag. The shape of the crest is just an elongated hexagon. The French Football Federation's logo is in a normal hexagon, so I felt it would be a nice touch to add that shape (sort of) as a nod to the French influence in the city. C&C appreciated. Thanks.
  23. Here is my first concept I have made I made this one for the boca juniors of Argentina Thanks to whoever made the template C&C would be most appreciated I don't know why it did it twice